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Tesco Choc and Nut Cones

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2 Reviews
  • Cheaper than cornetto
  • Not quite so nice
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    2 Reviews
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      26.09.2014 15:59
      Very helpful


      • "Cheaper than cornetto"


      • "Not quite so nice"

      A nice ice at a comfortable price.

      With summer just recently gone, well on the way out, so passes the season when we all look forward to a nice ice old ice cream to help us all stay cool.
      Manufacturers have realised that customers are willing to pay for decent ice cream, and so in recent years have upped the prices accordingly. These cornetto-style cones from Tesco offer a less costly alternative to premium brands, but how do they match up?
      Well, I am happy to say that pretty well actually. Coming in different flavours that include vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter and mint chocolate, they are also considerably cheaper than their more expensive competitors and can often be found on offer during the summer months.
      My favourite are the peanut butter ones, though they are not peanutty enough for me, but the strawberry and vanilla ones go down a treat with my wife and daughter.
      Flavourwise - well, all the real flavour is on the top, so when that's gone you're left with a pretty standard ice cream. The cones are nice however, and not like dome cheaper brands where I have found the cones to be soft, even after being in the freezer, and sometimes almost stale tasting.
      The chocolate and nut variety, as seen in the picture, are about the best of the bunch, but I am happy to say that there isn't one of these products that doesn't hit the spot - and trust me, either a young daughter, we have tried them all. This is mainly due to the nice, thick chocolate waiting for you hidden in the base of the cone!

      The ice cream cones come in boxes of six, and each is approx 100ml in weight. My only complaint - they are eaten too soon. Maybe a slightly bigger size would be nice.

      Certainly value for money and I would buy them again for definite.


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      30.05.2010 15:53
      Very helpful



      High quality ice creams from Tesco

      As it seems that the good old British summer is upon us, I've decided to review Tesco Chocolate and Nut Cones.

      These have to be one of the tastiest ice creams I've ever eaten and I'm quite naughty at the moment, as I've bought a box every week for the past month or so!! The cones come in a box of six with an enticing image on the front showing two unwrapped ice creams covered in delicious-looking chocolate and nuts.

      The Tesco logo is situated in the right hand corner and whilst my box is cream and not blue like the picture shown, the remainder is almost identical. The word "6 Chocolate and Nut Cones" are located underneath and Tesco describe the cones as "vanilla flavour dairy ice cream rippled with chocolate flavoured sauce in a crisp biscuit cone, finished with chocolate flavoured topping and hazelnuts".

      The lower part of the box lists the nutritional information, which I will provide for you at the end of the review. There is also a large "V" sign with the word "vegetarian" written underneath.

      The cones are each 100ml in weight and are individually wrapped in foil with a circular piece of cardboard on top. There is a pull tag on the wrapping, which enables it to be removed effortlessly with one tug and the cardboard is simply lifted off to reveal the delicious ice cream.

      The actual ice cream resembles exactly that of the image on the front of the box. There are plenty of chopped hazelnuts and lashings of chocolate resting on the top.

      Now the most important part - the taste. Yum! The vanilla ice cream is extremely creamy; something which pleasantly surprised me, particularly with a shop's own brand. The hazelnuts were both tasty and crunchy and the chocolate simply melted in my mouth.

      The upper edge of the cone has a delicate layer of chocolate the whole of the way around the ice cream. The biscuit cone is simply delicious; it is slightly sweet, but not over sweet and is very crunchy and tastes quite expensive to me. There are lashings of chocolate throughout the whole of the ice cream and not simply a blob here and there.

      What surprised me with this the most is when I got to the base of the ice cream. As most of you know from eating brand name ice creams there is a small amount of solid chocolate in the base of the biscuit cone. However, I was thrilled to suddenly find myself biting into a huge chunk of mouth-watering milk chocolate!! It was simply delicious!!

      These ice creams beat the brand name ice creams by far and unfortunately are now an essential item in my freezer!!

      Whilst we all know ice cream is fattening, it's essential we have some treats, as otherwise life would be simply so boring!! The nutritional information for each 63g cone is, as follows:-

      Energy 805kJ, 195kcal
      Protein 2.8g
      Carbohydrates 25.3g
      Of which sugars 12.2g
      Fat 8.8g
      Of which saturates 5.9g
      Mono-saturates 2.1g
      Polyunsaturates 0.4g
      Fibre 0.1g
      Sodium 0.1g
      Salt equivalent 0.1g

      The great thing about these cones is that they're considerably larger than the brand name equivalent as they contain an additional 10ml of ice cream.

      The packaging can be recycled after use.

      Tesco advise that the cones contain milk, wheat, gluten and soya. They also state these ice creams are not suitable for small children who can choke on the nuts.

      Tesco Choc n Nut Cones are available in most Tesco stores and currently retail at £1.38 for a box of 6. However, until 14 June 2010 you can pick up two boxes for £2.

      I would highly recommend these cones and would award them 6 stars if I could!

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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