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Tesco Finest Devonshire Style Fudge Yoghurt

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6 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Yoghurts

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    6 Reviews
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      18.10.2009 16:13
      Very helpful



      A special treat for yoghurt fans - or even those who don't normally like yoghurt!

      I'm a little paranoid about not getting enough calcium in my diet (I hardly have any milk in tea and coffee, and don't tend to drink it on its own either), so I always make a point of making sure I eat plenty of dairy products.

      Unfortunately, I'm not mad on traditional yoghurts, which is a shame as having a pot as part of my breakfast every day would be an ideal way to up my calcium intake.

      A couple of years ago, however, I saw a special offer on Tesco Finest yoghurts and noticed that they had some very tempting-looking flavours in the range. I decided to give them a go, and have never looked back!

      Like all the yoghurts in this range, the Devonshire Style Fudge flavour is attractively packed in a recyclable cardboard pot bearing an enticing close up photo, in this case of pieces of delicious fudge!

      The yoghurt itself is extremely thick, smooth and creamy, and really does taste of good-quality fudge, with more than a hint of vanilla. It contains small pieces of chewy fudge, which are lovely but do tend to get stuck in my teeth - you definitely need to keep a toothbrush on hand for when you've finished eating.

      This is really more like a creamy fudge dessert than a yoghurt, which is great for people like me who don't much care for ordinary yoghurts (well, they can be a bit...erm...yoghurty sometimes, can't they?). At over 250 calories per pot it's not really for the dieters among us, and if you don't like rich desserts you might find it a bit much as well, but personally I love it and am always glad when my partner goes off to Tesco for the food shop (we only shop there around once a month as it's a bit further away than other supermarkets).

      This is certainly not one of the cheaper yoghurts available, although I've found that this range is frequently on special offer, but in my opinion it is well worth the money, especially if you feel you deserve a treat.


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        03.10.2009 00:30
        Very helpful



        I Don't Like Yogurt Much But This One Is Wicked

        I don't eat many yogurts but every now and then I buy a few of the dear ones so when I saw Tesco Finest yogurts are on special offer 6 for £3.00 I treated myself to a selection of them because they cost 60p each so you're saving quite a bit.

        I've wanted to try this Fudge one for ages but never have so it was the first one I picked up and I'm glad I did because it's the best yogurt I've ever had.

        It's thick and very creamy, the colour of it is a rich toffee colour and it just looks proper appetising. It doesn't smell as sweet as I hoped it would but I can smell the toffee in it even though it just smells like yogurt underneath like any other flavour.

        In the yogurt are loads of small pieces of toffee and that was a nice surprise because I thought it was going to be a smooth yogurt. The toffee pieces are brill though because it has a bit of a buttery texture and tastes like proper toffee like you'd eat as a sweet. I thought the yogurt had a very good fudge flavour all the way through it and was surprised at how natural it tasted because normally fudge and caramel yourts are disappointing and taste dead fake.

        It is a very sweet yogurt and is more of a pudding yogurt than 1 you'd eat for breakfast. Even as sweet as it is though I was shocked when I read the pot and saw it had 270 calories in this pot that is 150g. It's got 12% whipping cream in it so no wonder it's so high in calories but it tastes so rich and smooth that I'm not bothered about the nutrition because it tastes sooooo good!

        I think it's a lovely yogurt and proper filling because of the thick and very creamy consistancy of it. It says on the pot not to freeze it but my mum reckons she's froze one of these before then ate it as a frozen yogurt and she said it was nice. She did say she poured it into a plastic pot though so it might be that the cardboard pot doesn't freeze well and not the yogurt.


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          26.06.2009 11:21
          Very helpful



          A lovely yogurt for special occasions....

          Review of Tesco Finest Devonshire Style Fudge Yogurt

          Tesco introduced their 'Finest' range at around the same time as other supermarkets also produced superior own brand goods. This yogurt is part of the range and includes foods, drinks and other items.

          My partner and I decided to treat ourselves to a couple of these yogurts on impulse and I felt that they are worthy of a review!

          **The product**
          Packaging, Taste, Texture and Appearance

          A luxurious combination of yogurt and whipped cream, blended with pieces of chewy Devonshire style fudge.
          The yogurt is presented in a recyclable cardboard oval pot with a foil peel off lid. The pot bears of picture of sumptuous looking fudge pieces against a deep turquoise background. The lower part of the pot is in silver with the product description and brief nutritional values on the front and ingredients, dietary advice and manufacturer information on the reverse.

          On peeling back the foil lid, you are immediately aware of a rich 'fudgy' aroma. It reminds me of standing in my Uncle's Bakery and Confectioners shop when I was a little girl, hoping for a taster or an unsellable 'miss-shapen' sweetie! The yogurt smells sweet and almost warm, I would imagine that will be from the vanilla in the fudge.
          The yogurt is a pale creamy brown in colour and has a slightly lumpy texture from the fudge pieces.

          The yogurt is thick and clings to the spoon with no annoying wasteful drips! The first taste sensation is of vanilla fudge, followed by a creamy after taste. It is sweet as one would expect from a fudge yogurt but not cloyingly so. It is rich and mellow in flavour and has no unpleasant saccharin after taste, the way some brands of yogurt do.
          The yogurt itself is smooth and creamy on the tongue and the pieces of fudge have enough resistance to the bite to be chewy, yet not hard. The fudge is absolutely gorgeous, just how old fashioned fudge used to taste, none of this artificial plastic-like texture that is often found in fudge.

          Nutritional Values, Dietary Advice and Cost
          This is the downside of this product. My advice is to take a big gulp and read quickly!
          Per 150g pot

          Calories 270
          Sugars 29.9g
          Fats 12.8g
          Saturates 8g
          Salt 0.2g
          It is certainly not a yogurt for the diet conscious as you can see!
          I won't bore readers with a list of ingredients, obviously a fudge yogurt will contain sugars, butter, cream and so on.

          The product is suitable for vegetarians, it contains milk and soya should consumers need to be wary of these ingredients. The recipe is nut free, the yogurt is produced in a nut free area of the factory, but nuts are used elsewhere in the factory.
          The yogurt should be stored in the refrigerator, but should not be frozen, it is produced in the UK for Tesco.
          This yogurt currently costs 68p for a 150g pot and at the moment Tesco are running a 4 for £2 deal on the range. There are other flavours to chose from, but I won't go into these here as the review is about the Devonshire fudge version!
          Tesco Information

          Tesco state on their product packaging that they will refund any product purchased that proves to be faulty or unsatisfactory and they can be contacted by post, phone or online.
          Tesco Stores Ltd.
          EN8 9SL
          Freephone: 0800 50 55 55 (Mon-Sat 9am-6pm)
          My Thoughts and Conclusion

          A very good yogurt indeed and worth every calorie! Tasty, filling and very rich. Seriously, I wouldn't buy these regularly as the price and calorie content are rather too high for my purse and waistline, however as an occasional treat they are fine.
          Please note:-
          Dooyoo's photograph is a little out of date, there are minor differences in colour now. Had I not thrown away the pot before I realised this, I'd have taken a photo!

          Thank you for reading.
          ©brittle1906 June 2009
          (This review is also posted on ciao.co.uk)


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            27.01.2009 20:52
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            I loved the taste and texture of the actual yoghurt but found the fudge pieces just wrong.

            I am not usually much of a yoghurty person, more a chocolately/fudge type but when I saw this yoghurt, I just had to have it. The pot looks absolutely gorgeous! It has the classic black and silver labelling of tesco finest products and then an image of big, yummy looking chunks of fudge.

            The yoghurt is fudge favoured with little chunks of fudge in it which I thought sounded very appealling indeed. When I peeled off the lid, I wasn't disappointed by the look and smell of it. It looked very thick and creamy, there was no runny wateryness on the top of it like you get with some yoghurts and the smell hit your straight away! It smelt like you had just opened a bag of fudge and poured thick, clotted cream all over it. Simply divine!

            Now to the taste! Well, it tasted absolutely gorgeous and very fudgelike indeed. I often find with yoghurts that they don't actually taste very like the flavour they have written on them but this was certainly not the case here. It tasted like a really expensive fudge had been liquidised and mixed with cream, very naughty but at the same time very nice!

            There was one disappointing aspect of this yoghurt for me however and that was the little chunks of fudge. Not only were they very, very little, I also didn't really like the texture of them. They were kind of half way between being a smooth fudge and a crumbly fudge and it just felt a bit weird when I was eating it. I'm quite fussy when it comes to the texture of food and it could just be me, but it made me feel as though I was eating out of date fudge. I thought the yoghurt would have been better off without the fudge pieces as rather than adding to the experience, for me, they made it not quite as good as it could have been.

            These yoghurts ain't cheap, I think they are 70p'ish although they are usually on offer if you buy a few. I would certainly recommend this to others and I will probably try it again as the weird textured fudge may have just been a one off.


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              28.10.2008 22:16
              Very helpful



              save for a treat


              Tesco's finest Devonshire fudge yogurt comes in a 150g pot made with a type of waterproof cardboard and a thin sheet plastic lid. The design of the pot is mainly black with a silver bar running near the top of the pot under the Tesco finest logo. Underneath the product name there is a little blurb about the product stating 'West Country Yogurt blended with Channel Island Cream. Rich and chewy Devonshire style fudge pieces'. A vegetarian logo can be seen next to the quick glance nutritional information. There is a picture of chunks of fudge on the bottom of the pot.


              The lid easily peels off revealing a toffee coloured creamy looking yogurt with small pieces of fudge. It smells creamy with a hint of the fudge. The yogurt is quite thick, creamy and looks very appetizing. The yogurt tastes very good and very sinful, you can first taste tem creamy fudge flavored yogurt and then your left with the most mouth watering light creamy chewy fudge which melts on your tongue. You easy can eat this one serving pot without realizing it and you certainly will want more. The only downside with this is its quite calorific and at 70 pence a pot it is quite expensive as a one serving yogurt.

              Nutritional information
              Per pot

              Calories - 255
              Sugar - 27.9g
              Fat -12.9g
              Saturated fat - 7.6g
              Salt 0.3g


              Channel Island Whipping Cream
              Whipping Cream
              Fudge Pieces
              Condensed Skimmed Milk
              Rice Starch
              Natural Flavouring
              Caramelized Sugar Syrup
              Acidity Regulator
              Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)

              Allergy advice
              Contains milk and soya. Does not contain nuts, made in a nut free area, but in the same factory what uses nuts.


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              04.05.2008 22:30
              Very helpful



              Very very tasty

              Tesco Finest Devonshire Style Fudge Yoghurt

              This is AMAZING!! I like yoghurt but not my most favourite food but this is just great. My mouth is watering thinking about it. I would have this yoghurt instead of a desert (even chocolate) anytime!

              The yoghurt comes in an attractive expensive looking silver carboard pot with an easy peel lid that causes no mess.
              The product contains only the finest ingredients and you can tell by the taste. This is the creamiest, smoothest yoghurt I have ever tasted and is packed full of small fudge pieces. The sweet subtle smell of fudge meets you when you peel the lid back.

              The last purchase I madecwas a few months ago and at that time the yoghurts were priced at 69p each which is expensive, especially if you are feeding a family but are good as a treat or for special occasions.

              Each pot contains 150 grams and contains far more fat and calories than the average yoghurt (shows in the taste).

              Each pot contains-
              281 calories and 13.8grams of fat (thats one fat yoghurt)

              Overall- very very tasty


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