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Tesco Finest Toffee Sundae

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Other Desserts

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2011 16:51
      Very helpful



      A lovely Toffee sundae dessert but a bit too rich

      I'm always on the lookout for goodies.... chocolates, cakes , new sweet things etc (even though I shouldn't be!) I went into Tesco a few days ago and at first was going to buy a cheesecake. However, as I was walking around the store I went to the chilled cabinets and spotted this Toffee Sundae. It looked absolutely delicious. Along side it was also a Raspberry sundae and a few smaller desserts.

      I called my partner over and told him I wanted to treat him to a nice pudding.. I asked him which one he wanted. We were both looking at all the lovely puddings... Greedy me, saw the size of this one and how it looked. Originally I was going to get the Raspberry sundae but my partner decided he would have the Toffee one. Now I love Toffee/caramel and am in to that sort of pudding at the moment so I thought I'd have the same as him (thinking I would perhaps prefer it to the Raspberry).

      The Tesco finest Toffee Sundae is in a quite large see through plastic dessert pot with a lid. It is narrow at the bottom and fills out towards the top. As it is see through, i'm pretty sure the intention is for consumers to be tempted by looking at all the contents! You can see alot of toffee/caramel//custard/sponge/cream, partly in layers and partly sort of mixed together.. It looks incredibly tempting! Unfortunately its quite expensive and to be honest I wouldn't usually pay such a price for a one person dessert from a supermarket. Its £2.00 for a 215g pot! In saying that though, there really is alot in this pot.

      Tesco describe this dessert as 'sweet, creamy toffee and vanilla flavoured mousses, hand decorated with fresh cream' You can see pieces of toffee on the packaging label.


      The taste is lovely; there is a mixture and layers of toffee flavour custard, cream, vanilla flavours, toffee/ flavour sponge/ vanilla flavour mousse and 2 small sticks of milk and white chocolate curls (these are delicious!) . Most of the ingredients go really well together and compliment each other. However, I do have a few little gripes. There is too much toffee flavour/caramel sauce and there are also tiny pieces of butterscotch which I think would be best left out of this sundae. Besides this, towards the bottom of the sundae there is a lot of the sponge but not really enough cream/custard to go with it in this last part of the pudding. The sundae is quite rich and how I finished it all I do not know!! I really did enjoy it though, but started to wonder why I ate the hole thing as it was getting a bit sickly towards the end due to all the toffee/caramel sauce content.

      I think personally that I would have been better off getting the Raspberry flavour sundae and I don't think it would have been as rich as this Toffee one.


      There are a lot of ingredients in this pudding. I am giving details of the main ones.

      Layers of toffee flavoured custard (28%)
      Sponge & mousse (13%)
      Vanilla flavoured mousse, caramel sauce (11%)
      Butterscotch pieces (3.5%)
      Stabilised whipped cream & milk & white chocolate curls and caramel flavour drops

      ~~~Calorie Content ~~~

      Wait for it....... There are a massive 580 kcals in this sundae pudding!!! When you taste it though and realise how much there is, you can understand why.

      ~~~Allergy Advice~~~

      Contains milk, wheat, gluten, egg, Soya. There are no nuts in the product but it cannot be guaranteed to be nut free. It is suitable for vegetarians.

      There are no artificial colours or preservatives in this pudding.

      I will recommend this sundae for those who like rich puddings, but for me, whilst I enjoyed it, it was slightly sickly. Therefore, it gets 3 stars from me.


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        18.08.2010 00:00
        Very helpful



        Buy this, NOW! :D

        We all need to treat ourselves now and again to make ourselves feel good. When it comes to picking out a treat - I always plump for whatever looks the most luxurious and naughty. Being on a diet is difficult, but at the end of the week having grafted and eaten well, after I've had my Weigh In I treat myself to acknowledge just how good I've been. Picking out the treat is the hardest part, but when I saw this 'Teco Finest Toffee Sundae' sitting on the shelf, calling my name, I knew I had to have it - no matter how bad it was for me!

        "Tesco Finest Toffee Sundae" is, obviously, only available in Tesco stores. You won't find this product anywhere else, so don't waste your time trying haha. The toffee sundae is a chilled dessert product that can be found in the aisle which houses the yogurts/milk. Chilled single serving desserts are generally all grouped together and sit along side the yogurts in the chiller cabinets, so they're not difficult to find at all.

        This "Tesco Finest Toffee Sundae" is priced at £1.99. This does seem rather pricey in comparison to other similar products availabe on the nearby shelves, however I promise you this sundae is worth every penny. Tesco 'Finest' products are always more largely priced than their regular products, but as they are purely meant for special occasions I don't mind paying the little extra every once in a while to treat myself (and you shouldn't either!).

        Although this product is from the 'Finest' range, I wouldn't say the packaging itself lived up to this superior name. This "Tesco Finest Toffee Sundae" sits packaged in a tall lidded cup made from transparent plastic. This allows you to see the product within, which is it's strongest selling point as it looks absolutely delicious with its layers of heavenly ingredients. There is an opaque cardboard sleeve that wraps around the plastic contained vertically, but still allows you to see the product from either side. The front side of the outer cardboard sleeve states the product name with the 'Tesco Finest' logo at the top. There's a brief description of what can be found inside the pot, and a 'nutritional information at a glance' panel. The rest of the cardboard sleeve is made up of an image of the layers of fillings. The back of the outer cardboard sleeve holds more information, with a more indepth description of the product, and a full ingredients list. The full information table can be found on the back, along with the contact details for the manufacturer.

        To look at, this "Tesco Finest Toffee Sundae" is every bit the charmer even from the outside of the pot. Being able to see the delicious looking layers before you purchase the product is enough to sell this sundae all by itself. Each layer looks just as inviting as the next, and the idea of eating all those wonderfully different flavours and textures in one dessert is enough to blow your mind. Surely a dessert with so many different fillings, all layered up to create pure heaven in a pot, can't be a let down, can it? The only way to find out is to give into the temptation of those wonderfully sinful looking rich brown and cream and caramel coloured layers and dig in!

        Upon opening the lid on this "Tesco Finest Toffee Sundae", the sinfully sweet aroma that was released is enough to make those without a sweet tooth quake in their boots. I imagine that spending too long inhailing the sugary sweet fumes that escape the pot would end in sweet, sickly headaches and be enough to put inches on your waist alone! That said, I'm a lover of all things sweet and delicious, so the deliciously rich and sinful smell of this sundae was enough to put my tastebuds into overdrive and make my mouth water in anticipation. There is a wonderfully strong smell of rich, toffee and the whipped cream ontop gives off a wonderully fresh and creamy aroma.

        This "Tesco Finest Toffee Sundae" is made up of various layers of different heavenly ingredients, and is a complete and utter joy to devour! I'm generally a quick eater (which I need to work on) but this chilled dessert is one of the few things that manages to tempt me into taking my time and enjoying every mouthful to the max. The first layer of this sundae is made up of a layer of freshly whipped cream, which is garnished with caramel flavoured mini drops and two milk and white chocolate swirled straws. I always give the chocolate straws to my girlfriend, but she reassures me that these are delicious. The fresh whipped cream layer is absolutely divine, being so sweet and thick, it is the perfect way to begin this dessert as it readies the tastebuds for the sugar rush to come. The caramel mini drops have a wonderfully rich and creamy taste and texture, mingling well with the fresh cream layer.

        Below the fresh cream, you are met with intertwined layers of toffee and vanilla flavour mousses. The toffee mousse definitely carries that distinctive toffee taste, being the perfect mix of both sweet and rich, creamy and delicious. The vanilla mousse helps to break up the richness, adding a wonderfully light and soothing flavour into the blend. So far so good!

        These two flavours of mousse are accompanied by thick and delicious layers of toffee flavoured custard. These layers are described as custard, but do not carry the 'custard' taste, only the texture. This element to the sundae is almost like devouring mouthfuls of thick, smooth and sweet toffee flavoured cream. This is definitely something I could never turn down. The custard is firm enough to hold itself, yet smooth enough to melt in the mouth and coat the tastebuds in all its rich, toffee flavoured glory.

        Amongst the mousses and custard you will hit a layer of toffee flavoured sponge cake which has been broken up into generous size chunks and dispersed throughout the layers. The sponge is moist and heavily infused with a very sweet toffee flavour that probably could be the breaking point for those that don't have a severe sweet tooth like I. At this point, I should probably be asking myself whether all this is a little too much, but I say NO! The toffee sponge chunks are paired with butterscotch pieces that are scattered ontop, below, and throughout the chunks of sponge and add a completely new texture in the form of sinfully sweet crunchiness.With all this going on, you'd think that surely there wouldn't be enough room for anymore. But that is where you're wrong! Amongst the layers of mousse, sponge, chrunchy bits and custardy creams, there lives the ruler of all the toffee sundae land - the king that is a ridiculously thick, almost tooth ache worthy toffee caramel sauce that is enough to push even the most sweetest of tooths to their limit of sugar intake. Heavenly!

        Below the sponge, you are met with more layers of mousse, and custard which acts as a buffer for the finale. To think this dessert couldn't get any better, you thought wrong. Remember that sickly sweet and oh so thick toffee caramel sauce swirl that was lingering around between the layers? Well it's back, and it wants revenge! The bottom layer, the last spoonfuls of sheer heaven, is made up of around an inch tall layer of that thick, sugar laden, caramel toffee sauce that is almost too much, and yet just enough. This final layer almost killed my girlfriend off, and she couldn't finish it (coward!), but I take this layer in my stride. Although I can almost feel my teeth rotting and my arteries furring up as I suck the incredibly dense and gooey sauce from my spoon, I am filled with a satisfaction that no other store bought, chilled dessert has ever given me. Oh yes!

        In my opinion, this "Tesco Finest Toffee Sundae" ticks all the right boxes, if you overlook the box that says 'bad for your health, teeth, arteries and stamina' haha. This sundae chilled treat is so very decedant and luxurious and definitely every bit naughty. It's certainly not something to have on a daily basis (or every-other-day basis either), but makes a wonderfully sinful treat for those moments when you deserve to give in to your sugary requirements, or simply feel like you need a comforting little something sweet. Each single part of the sundae itself is a delicious dream, and to combine them in one package and put them on a shelf for sale is like potting up a little scoop of heaven and making it available to the masses. The rich, creamy and wonderfully sweet flavour of this sundae may be too much for some, but my severely sweet tooth basks in all the sugary sweet glory provided by this luxurious treat. Okay, looking at the nutritional information (see below) this "Tesco Finest Toffee Sundae" isn't exactly 'great' for you, but treating yourself every now and then is good for the mind and soul (well, I think so..) and so this is definitely something to consider the next time you're fancying something temptingly sweet and naughty. Did someone say 'toffee flavoured orgasm topped with whipped cream?' - that's mine!

        Skimmed milk, milk, sugar, caramel sauce, cream, stabilised whipped cream, wheat flour, egg, vegetable oil, butterscotch pieces, maize starch, milk and white chocolate curls, dried skimmed milk, caramelised sugar syrup, caramel flavoured drops, stabiliser (pectin), whey solids, emulsifiers (lactic acid esters of mono-and di-glycerides of fatty acids, soya lecithins), wheat gluten, water, salt, flavouring, colour (beta-carotene), dried egg.

        Caramel sauce contains: sucrose syrup, butter, condensed skimmed milk, glucose-fructose syrup, partially inverted refiners syrup, water, gelling agent, (pectin).

        Stabilised whipped cream contains: whipping cream, dextrose, stabiliser (sodium alginate).

        Butterscotch pieces contain: sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable oil, vegetable fat, butter, water, condensed skimmed milk, salt, emulsifier (soya lecithins), flavouring.

        Milk and white chocolate curls contain: sugar, cocoa butter, dried whole milk, cocoa mass, milk, sugar, whey powder, emulsifier (soya lecithins), flavouring.

        Caramel flavoured drops contain: sugar, cocoa butter, dried whole milk, milk, sugar, whey powder, cocoa mass, flavouring, emulsifier (soya lecithins), colour (paprika extract).

        Nutritional Information (per 100g):
        Energy: 1130kj / 270kcal
        Protein: 3.7g
        Carbohydrate: 34.1g
        Of which sugars: 20.2g
        Fat: 13.1g
        Of which saturates: 7.4g
        Mono-unsaturates: 4.5g
        Polyunsaturates: 1.1g
        Fibre: 0.4g
        Sodium: 0.2g
        Salt equivalent: 0.5g

        Allergy advice: contains milk, wheat, gluten, egg, soya. May contain traces of nut.

        Dietry advice: suitable or vegetarians.

        Weight Watchers Points per sundae: 19.5


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