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Tesco Finest Wild Blueberry Yoghurt

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Yoghurts

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    1 Review
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      10.05.2010 17:33
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      Absolutely georgous yoghurt that's really special and makes a great desert.

      I've mentioned this Tesco finest range of yoghurts before, and also how well they suit my criteria for yoghurt. I don't like thin watery yoghurts, and these aren't like that at all, they're thick, creamy tasting and lovely. At 65p or 68p depending on the flavour they're pretty expensive though, so I don't buy them unless they're on special offer. Luckily for me they do put them on special offer quite regularly, and when they do, they're usually either 6 for £3 or 6 for £2. At 6 for £2 that's 33p each and that's a really good price for a yoghurt like this!

      I like to buy a variety of flavours when I get these because if you're going to buy 6 then you might as well get a selection eh. This wild blueberry flavour is one that I am particularly fond of, and blueberries are one of those fruits which are supposed to be very good for you, but are not often found in many things in our shops these days.

      This flavour contains slightly less cream than most as it has just 12% whipping cream in it, rather than the 14% that most of this range have. I think this is more because it also has quite a lot of fruit - 18% blueberries - which means that there's just less space for everything else. 210 calories and 11.3g of fat per 150g pot however don't make it healthy if you're on a diet though I'd say it's got to be better for you as a desert than something full of sugar and lots of artificial sweeteners and flavours and things. I should mention here that this whole range is free from artificial things and contains natural flavourings rather than chemically created ones.

      Served up in cardboard pots not plastic ones, these are somewhat better for the environment too which I am a big fan of, and I do really like that they're not full of lots of chemicals too. For me food should taste good, but not in an artificial way if you know what I mean.

      I should really mention the flavour here shouldn't I. It's blueberry - really good strong blueberry flavour, but at the same time, the yoghurt is rich and creamy and thick and delightfully indulgent to eat. I love that there are whole blueberries in this. It's not just bits either, it's proper whole fruits, and yet somehow, there's something really wonderful about eating a mouthful of just the yoghurt without any fruit in it too. It's only then, without anything else to get in the way that you get the full creaminess of this coming through.

      We like to indulge in these when they're on special offer, and as they generally have a good 10 days before their best before date, they keep pretty well too which means I can buy 12 of them at a time and none get wasted even with us just having 1 each every day or two.


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