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Tesco Incredibly Fruity Strawberry Low Fat Yoghurt

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Yoghurts

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    2 Reviews
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      16.03.2009 14:07
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      Fruitier than Graham Norton

      In an effort to reduce the amount of 'bad' food I eat I've slowly been making my way through some of the 'low fat' type foods available in th supermarket. Some have been great, some good, more than a few have been terrible. This morning I bought some 'Incredibly Fruity Strawberry Low Fat Yogurt' from Tesco.

      Normally 44 pence each, these were on offer, three for a pound. As offers go, thats not bad. Even at 44 pence though, I would say these were awesome value. You get 150g in each pot, about average size for a yogurt I guess. The pot itself is white and light blue with a picture of a huge red strawberry occupying the front. The lid is bright red. Very attractive packaging as far as I'm concerned.

      The yogurt itself is not too thick, it has just the right consistency, and tastes sweet. It certainly lives up to its name, there is alot of fruit packed in here. I encountered a few large chunks of strawberry that tasted lovely. Very good stuff.

      Now for the boring bits. Each pot contains 130 calories, 0.9g of saturated fat and 20.9g of carbohydrate sugars. Its not really as great as you would expect but, in comparison to some others on the market, its pretty good. As I say, there is a fair bit if fruit packed in so that will probably increase some of those nutritional values too.


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        27.04.2008 20:48
        Very helpful



        A nice one for a change!

        Ok so I have done reviews on two of the three yoghurts I bought from Tesco's recently and now here is what you've all been waiting for - it is number three - strawberry!!

        I hadn't seen this particular range before I bought these and when I saw them on offer - 3 for £1 - I decided I would try them. I figured that they would be good for a review or two at least! LOL! Does anyone else find themselves thinking about writing reviews when they're shopping or is it just me?

        Anyway the yoghurts in this particular range are all called either incredibly nutty or incredibly fruity depending on whether the yoghurt contains nuts or fruit - stunning logic there then!

        They were priced at 37p for each 150g pot or three for £1. I know it only saved me 11p on the three that I bought but every little helps as they say at Tesco's

        I chose the 'nutty' Brazil nut, 'fruity' peach and nectarine and 'fruity' strawberry. I have already tried the Brazil nut one and the peach and nectarine so the only one left was the strawberry one.

        I do enjoy the fruit flavoured yoghurts although I tend to prefer peach or nectarine over strawberry. Still the other two had been really nice so I was looking forward to this.

        The pot looks very classy in pale blue with a picture of a luscious looking strawberry covering the front together with the words 'Tesco Incredibly Fruity Strawberry Low Fat Yoghurt'. There is also the now familiar information giving the amount of sugar, fat, calories, saturates and salt in the pot and expressed as a percentage of the recommended daily allowance of each.

        On the back of the pot is a more detailed list of information on the nutritional values of the yoghurt expressed per 100g and per pot.

        There is also allergy advice - it contains milk - there's a surprise! It says 'no nuts' and then on the next line 'cannot guarantee nut free. I have seen this on a lot of products recently. It is as though they are saying well there aren't any nuts but we'll say that there might be just in case anyone chooses to sue us!

        As I said in the previous reviews I was quite surprised to find that the pot is made from cardboard and so is recycleable which is important to me. The peel off lid is bright red plastic and just has the name of the yoghurt and the sell by date on it.

        I peeled off the lid and licked it (naturally!) and the lovely fruity smell of the yoghurt wafted up to greet me! Inside the pot was lovely pink, creamy yoghurt with small pieces of fruit.

        I grabbed my spoon and in I went. The yoghurt was creamy and tasted quite sweet but was not sickly. The fruit pieces were juicy and the taste of strawberry was very natural. Strawberries are usually slightly tart in their taste (yes, OK, strawberry tart!) and often this sort of product is over sweetened to compensate for that. This one has a more normal strawberry taste.

        The added ingredients in the yoghurt are as follows:
        Strawberry (11%)
        Rice Starch
        Concentrated Blackcurrant Juice
        Concentrated Lemon Juice
        Natural Flavouring

        The nutritional information per 150g pot is as follows:
        Calories 130 so it is slightly higher than the Peach and Nectarine one at 125 but lower than the Brazil nut one which was 170.

        Oh dear I am becoming a yoghurt bore aren't I? I promise I won't buy any more of these - at least if I do I will resist the temptation to tell you about them!

        Anyway back to the nutrition for now:

        Protein 6g
        Carbohydrate 23g
        Of which sugars 20g
        Fat 1.5g
        Of which saturates 0.9g
        Fibre 0.6g
        Salt 0.2g

        Incidentally according the recommended daily allowance information on the front of the pack one pot of this yoghurt contains 23% of your recommended daily sugar allowance!

        Note to self - 'low fat' does not necessarily mean 'low sugar' - oops!

        In conclusion, although I enjoyed this yoghurt, it is high in sugar for me so I would only buy it as an occasional treat and would rather stick to the low fat, low sugar versions for regular consumption!

        This review may get posted on Ciao in the fullness of time.


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