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Tesco Lemon Cheesecake

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4 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Cheesecake

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    4 Reviews
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      24.03.2011 09:42
      Very helpful



      Even my sweet toothed other half felt this was far too sweet!

      When it comes to desserts they are something that I very rarely purchase in my weekly shop...unless my sweet toothed boyfriend is coming to stay that is! He rarely eats anything but sweet stuff in fact and I'm sick of eating chocolate based stuff ALL OF THE TIME pudding wise and so when I spotted this in my local Tesco store for a pound for a cheesecake meant to serve 5 people I felt that it was really worth a punt!

      The Packaging:

      The cheesecake comes within a yellow cardboard, square box with a photograph of the cheesecake on the the front of it and we are told that it is Tesco Lemon Cheesecake 'A deliciously creamy cheesecake with a digestive biscuit base, topped with a swirl of lemon sauce' and that it contains no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours, that it is suitable for Vegetarians and for defrosting (so it is freezable by the way), there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown and we are told that it serves 5 people (as I have mentioned already of course). On the back of the box other information listed includes ingredients, allergy advice and a full nutritional chart being shown, the weight is stated which is 450g and contact details for Tesco are given. Inside the box the cheesecake comes in a silver, foil tray and all in all this is nice enough and informative enough packaging.

      The Cheesecake Itself:

      What you get is a rather generous cheesecake in size to be fair to it and it looks lovely with a slight creamy fragrance to it. The base is made from crunchy digestives though I found these to be a little gritty in my teeth as they were very dry and flaky indeed and large chunks were within it. For me the digestive base was simply dried up and not moist and/or buttery enough. The cheesecake itself was sweet, slightly creamy and well set and thick. I didn't find this to be gloopy or stodgy but it was rather plain and sweet in flavour. The only thing that really saved this flavourwise for me was the large swirls of lemon sauce swirled prettily over the top of it. These swirls did add a sweet flavour of lemon that was slightly tangy to the cheesecake it really needed.

      For me this was a bit dry based and plain. The lemon sauce was ok but nothing amazing and could have done with being a little more zesty and although we are told on the box that this should serve 5 people I think more like 6 people or more as it really is very sweet after a couple of mouthfuls and you really do need a drink on standby if consuming this. This isn't an awful cheesecake but you get what you pay for and this is adequately priced in my humble opinion!

      Nutritional Information Per 1/5 Of Cheesecake:

      calories: 290
      Sugar: 21.7g
      Fat: 14.3g
      Saturates: 4.9g
      Salt: 0.4g

      Only available in Tesco stores.


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      10.03.2011 18:06
      Very helpful



      Delicious and tempting!

      Usually I have quite a savory tooth and hardly eat puddings atall. Myself and my best friend both went shopping to Tesco and thought we'd try this out.

      The packaging~

      Comes in a yellow box with Tesco at the top in white lettering. There is a picture of a very tempting Cheese cake on the front of the box.The weight of the product is 450g. Contains no artificial preservatives colours or flavours.

      The cheese cake~

      The cheese cake's base is made from digestive biscuit with a creamy cheesecake topped with lemon sauce. I'm not a huge fan of cheese cake but I thought this was fantastic! For all you cheesecake fans out there this is really worth buying at only £1.00 box.

      Myself eating it~

      This cheese cake is the nicest I've ever tasted before. When I bought it I thought it wouldn't be very good because of the price, however I was pleasently suprised just how nice it was. It isn't to lemony like some cheese cakes I've tryed in the past, its lovely and creamy and has plenty of base which I think makes a huge difference as ones I've tryed can be sloppy and horrible! This is fantastic served with cream.

      Additional information~

      Remove all packaging and place on a plate and defrost at room temperature for 2 1/2 hours or in the fridge for 4-5 hours. Them consume within 24 hours storing it in the friidge. tesco are happy to refund or replace the product if it doesn't meet your high standard.

      Allergy Advice~

      Contains Gluten, egg milk and wheat.

      Available from all Tesco stores for the bargain price of £1.00.


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        10.06.2010 16:00
        Very helpful



        Not worth it at all, I prefer the Tesco Value vanilla cheesecakes

        This is not one of Tesco's better products. I usually buy all of my grocery shopping from Tesco's and often choose Tesco branded items over named products, as they're cheaper, of good quality and a lot of the time I actually prefer them. This is one of the Finest items and I these are usually better than their other ranges - however not in this case! Available at a price of £3 for 539g, so not too expensive in comparison to similar items.

        It doesn't look particularly appetising, and has a rather plain appearance. A golden layer of biscuit crumble at the bottom, creamy white cheese layer in the middle, and bright yellow lemon flavoured topping. Very simple and no attention to detail or garnish used here.

        There is a thick layer of lemon puree sauce on top, which is extremely sour and sharp. It's runny and gooey and gives an unpleasant feeling as it sticks to the inside of your mouth. I ended up scraping away most of this layer and throwing it away, and it was still providing an overpowering flavour with only a little bit left. The cheese layer is soft, thick and creamy, and brings the whole thing together. The biscuit layer is sweet and crumbly and provides a nice crunchy texture which is a good contrast to the soft top layers.

        This would have been so much nicer without the lemon topping! I'll be avoiding it in the future. It tastes really cheap and the flavours are far too harsh. It's a sad day when you discover a cheesecake that tastes bad - not a happy treat and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

        The cardboard box and tin packaging can both be recycled after use. Sorry I had already recycled the box before doing the review & can't find the nutritional info online, however it's probably safe to say that this is an unhealthy, sugary dessert and not best for anyone who's watching their waistline.


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          21.03.2010 14:38
          Very helpful



          A refreshing change from usual cheesecake flavours. Recommended to lemon lovers

          Browsing the dessert section of the frozen cabinets in Tesco recently, I spotted this cheesecake and, being partial to lemon flavoured products, thought for £1 this product was worth a try.

          This is not a 'Tesco value' item, which surprised me a little because of the price. The manufacturer describes the product as 'A deliciously creamy cheesecake with a digestive biscuit base; topped with a swirl of lemon sauce'.

          What have I got to say?


          The item is packaged in a card box approximately 6.5" square and 2" deep and inside the box is an aluminium foil dish of slightly lesser depth and diameter. This dish contains the cheesecake. The box is a deep yellow (shade of Bird's custard powder) with a cut cheesecake illustrated on the front. The packaging is 100% recyclable and appears to protect the cheesecake well for storage and transporting home without squashing the product on route. I have included some more information about the packaging under 'Defrost' later.


          Sugar, Yogurt, Vegetable Margarine, Low Fat Soft Cheese (13%), Cream, Wheat Flour, Egg, Wheat Starch, Glucose Syrup, Wheatgerm, Maize Starch, Water, Dried Skimmed Milk, Flavouring, Dried Egg White, Invert Sugar Syrup, Salt, Raising Agent (sodium bicarb), Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Potassium Citrate), Whey Powder, Thickeners (pectin, Guar Gum), Dried Egg Yolk, Emulsifier (mono- and Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids), Concentrated Lemon Juice, Colour (Lutein).

          ##General Nutritional value and Allergy Advice##

          *Allergy advice - The manufacturer states the equipment in the factory was previously used to make products containing nuts. There is no guarantee that the ingredients are nut free, but there are no nuts in the recipe. The product contains milk, wheat, gluten and egg.

          *Nutrition - (How many kilos of weight gain from eating this product )

          Per One-fifth of a cheesecake (90g) contains

          Calories 290 (ouch)
          Protein 5.0g
          Carbohydrate 34.9g of which
          ~(sugars 21.7g, fat 14.3g)
          Salt 0.4g

          ##Defrost (waiting time before devouring)##

          You can either leave for approx 2.5 hours at room temperature, or approx 4-5 hours in the refrigerator. The recommendation is to remove all packaging beforehand and place onto a plate or serving tray. Actually, I left the whole thing intact in the sealed box and forgot about it. Remembering, three hours later, that it is best to remove when frozen, I was pleasantly surprised to find the whole cheesecake nevertheless came out of the foil dish without breakage. I also noted it came away from the sides of the dish, in its thawed state, without any sticking. This is not the usual case with cheesecakes in my experience - yes, I have forgotten to remove when frozen a number of times now, but never with such pleasing results! What I would say, however, is that frozen or thawed, it would be easier to remove the cheesecake from the foil dish if the dish came in two parts with a push-up base. This is not a major issue though but it would improve the product slightly.

          The cake had thawed perfectly in the time suggested by Tesco.

          ##Taste and Texture (munch, and yum factor)##

          ~The biscuit base (bottom layer)~

          I found this easy to cut through, without bending the cutlery, or needing to exert any force, and the same can be said for the children managing this task. This is not to say it was too soft, because it wasn't, but nor was it so hard that it needed fighting. The base is firm, not buttery, and there is a tendency for it to crumb slightly more than other cheesecakes I have tried. There is a slight grittiness to the biscuit, presumably, from the sugar. Overall I found the base quite tasty and not cloddy.

          ~The cheesy lemon part (top layer)~

          The texture of the top section (there is no third fruit layer) is smooth and creamy. The lemon sauce, although only swirled through, and not layered on the top, is quite strong, but not overpoweringly so. Having said that, the whole of the top part of the cheesecake takes on the lemon flavour. I found it difficult to tell if just the swirls were lemon, and if not, could not separate the flavour from the rest of the top layer as I usually can. This was not unpleasant, as much as unexpected. Compared with other cheesecakes I found it made it different, and liked it. I found the top layer to be sweet lemon. I would prefer, however, this to be more tangy and tart, but that is based on my personal taste.

          The lemon sauce is of a consistency of lemon curd and of similar sweetness. Although there are not huge amounts of the sauce in this cheesecake, I found the balance about right.

          Although quite a rich dessert, I think this one makes a good 'afters' to a spic, but not too heavy main meal.

          ##Size, serving and value for money##

          The actual depth of the cheesecake is just over 1" which doesn't sound much but is adequate, and the diameter of the cake is about 6". Tesco suggest the cake serves 5, but I cut it into 4 pieces for three reasons. Firstly, it is a bit of a fiddle cutting a circle into an odd number. Even numbers are so much easier! Secondly, there was not a fifth person present and I did not want to refrigerate the surplus piece and go through the debate and election of the lucky recipient of the last piece. Thirdly, there are too many calories in one-fifth of this cheesecake to sneak the extra serving when no-one is looking and polish it off myself!

          Overall, I found the size adequate for four/five people, and the cheesecake represented excellent value for money at just £1.

          This cheesecake was produced in Germany and is suitable for vegetarians.

          There are no artifical preservatives, flavours or colours in this cheesecake.


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