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Tesco Light & Fruity Raspberry Trifles

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Type: Trifle

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    2 Reviews
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      10.08.2009 12:11
      Very helpful



      Well worth £1.70 for unexpected guests!

      I usually try and make my own desserts, be it a crumble, pie or trifle, but sometimes when on short notice when someones popping over it isn't always possible. I did have a nice chocolate cake in the freezer, but I wouldn't have enough time for it to defrost. I'm lucky enough to have a small Tesco's quite
      close by. So I popped over to it and went to the fresh cream cakes counter and sitting there looking quite inviting was this "Tesco Light and Fruity Tempting Raspberry Trifle" ( unlike the ones in the picture on dooyoo this is a large one and not individuall ones, but just the same anyway!).

      I've never got a shop trifle before so this would be interesting to try and the
      guinea pigs for the day were my son and his girlfriend. This trifle comes in a large round plastic bowl, it looks very tasty as you can see the different layers and colours. From the sponge bottom then the lovely red raspberries,
      thick custard and whipped cream.

      On removing the cardboard sleeve and film from the top it is ready to serve
      It has a lovely smell and just glides onto the spoon. It was delicous and went down a treat. The sponge and the fruit jelly are perfect and the raspberries are plenty, the custard and cream are just right without being to sweet.( I did only try a tiny amount as I'm not a great dessert lover give me cheese anyday!)but my son and his girlfriend thought it was great and
      when they left they popped into Tesco's to get one to take back home with them!

      I would say this would give 4 good servings and at only £1.70 it's not to bad a price.This trifle comes in a 600g bowl. It is suitable for vegetarians and contains milk, wheat, gluton and egg. Once you have opened it you must eat it within 24 hours, but I don't think it will be around that long!

      One Quarter of this trifle contains:


      This trifle contains no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.
      There is 12% raspberries and 23% whipped cream in this tifle.It also states
      that there are no nuts in this product but cannot guarantee that it is nut free.

      So from now on when I'm in a hurry or get unexpected guests drop by, I will definitly be popping into Tesco's to grab one of these delicous trifles, the only problem is I wish they had a longer sell by date so I could buy in advance ( mind you I would have to hide them in the fridge otherwise
      they would dissappear in the middle of the night I'm sure!)


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        05.04.2008 19:15
        Very helpful



        A great tasting trifle treat!

        My husband currently works in Glasgow on a contract basis so he leaves home on Sunday afternoon and returns on Friday evening each week. When he goes he takes his little fridge with him packed with goodies to last the week. Amongst said goodies there are always three raspberry trifles.

        The ones in question are always Tesco Light & Fruity Raspberry Trifles and now I know why! He had to return home early this week and hadn't eaten his trifles so I tried one - oh yummy!

        Each trifle is 150g and is about the size of a pot of yoghurt. It is in a clear plastic container with a clear plastic peel off lid. So it's all recycleable then!

        I peeled off the lid and lusted after the contents. The top was whipped cream with a layer of custard beneath and raspberries and sponge in raspberry jelly beneath that. This was of course all visible through the side of the container.

        The anticipation was building ................

        The smell was lovely - it was a really fruity raspberry smell - I was looking forward to this ...........

        I took my spoon and inserted it into the trifle with a satisfying slurp - you know the sort of trifle sound that I mean don't you? That sound you get as you take the first spoonful out of a full bowl of trifle.

        I wanted to reach down through all the layers so that I got the full effect of the trifle's taste and what a taste it was!

        The raspberries, jelly and sponge were nice and tangy and really fruity. The custard is sweet but not sickly and very creamy in both taste and texture. The whipped cream on the top was just sweet enough to make the whole thing a dream to eat.

        It reminded me of the classic taste of a trifle - similar to the Birds Trifles I remember from my childhood.

        The whole thing, being only 150g, was just the right size for me to enjoy without it being too much or too sweet and sickly.

        The trifles are sold in packs of three wrapped in a cardboard sleeve (recycleable again!) and cost £1.59 per pack. They are found in the chiller cabinet with the yoghurts and mousses. There are three flavours available namely raspberry, strawberry and fruit cocktail. I have only tried the raspberry version but hubby tells me that this one is easily the best of the three.

        He has also tried the Tesco Finest version too but he says that these are too rich and the Light & Fruity version is much nicer.

        Each trifle contains the following:
        200 calories
        2.6g of protein
        28.8g of carbohydrate
        Of which 23.7g are sugars
        8.3g of fat
        Of which saturates 5.8g
        2.1g of fibre
        0.5g of salt

        They are suitable for vegetarians and not suitable for home freezing (the trifles not the vegetarians!).


        Tesco Stores Ltd
        EN8 9SL

        In conclusion I can recommend these trifles for an occasional treat - they are gorgeous!


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