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Tesco Sweet Shop Lollies

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Ice Cream

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    1 Review
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      29.04.2011 11:26
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      sweetshop flavoured lollies

      Single ice lollies are getting so expensive nowadays. When I were a lass you could get a Mr Man lolly for 15 p. Now you are lucky to find many lollies under a pound. Nowadays I tend to have the multipacks in the freezer at home fready or when I want to chill with a nice cold lolly after a hard day at work. So when this unusually hot weather for April started I headed straight to Tesco's freezer cabinets to see what I could find and I ended up purchasing a brand spanking new product Tesco's Sweetshop lollies.

      Like a Kid in a Sweet Shop

      When shopping for ice lollies in the hot weather I prefer something quite simple. I do like a choc ice occasionally but do not find them refreshing enough in hot weather. I was looking for something more exciting than the usual orange, black currant or strawberry flavours so these Sweet Shop lollies really appealed. As the name suggests the flavours are drawn from a good old fashioned sweet shop lined with glass jars ready to be brought down so a quarter of sweets can be weighed out into a paper bag. Thus the three flavours represented are rhubarb and custard, lemon sherbet and fruit salad. They are the type of flavours to tempt both children and big kids at heart. The sweet shop theme was conveyed nicely on the box with the names of the flavours designed to look like labels of the aforementioned jars with the specific sweets surrounding these "labels", There's eight lollies in a box so you are guaranteed at least tow of each flavour. I thought that at a pound a box (so that's 12.5 pence per lolly) these were excellent value for money.

      Lickety Lick.

      The lollies are long and cylindrical thus a similar to a Mini Milk. They are not the biggest lolly going but in the words of the old Cadbury's Fudge advert "Just enough to give yourself a treat". The wrappers are plain cellophane which is slightly annoying due to the fruit salad and rhubarb an custard lollies looking very similar. It would have been nice to have had some writing or a small logo just to easily distinguish between the flavours. The sticks were also plain wooden ones and I missed the corny joke on the stick which was such an integral part of the lolly experience growing up.

      Something Fruity

      First up was the fruit salad lolly. I was never a big fan of the fruit salad chews always preferring the tongue staining blackjacks. Its a deep reddish pink lolly and when I remove the wrapper I get a waft of the sickly sweet scent of fruit salad chews. After a couple of licks I can confirm they also taste identical to the raspberry and pineapple sweets of yore. They are quite sweet with a hint of sour. The raspberry is not that evident and is overpowered by the stickiness of the fake pineapple flavour. Like the others this is quite a simple water ice and is very fruity and tangy.

      Fizz whiz

      The lemon sherbet lolly was more to my taste. This pale yellow lolly had that nice refreshing lemon taste that was not face pullingly sour combined with the light sweetness of the sherbet element. Its a shame this was not a dual layer lolly with real sherbet blended into the lemon or perhaps ion the centre for a secret surprise. However this might make it a tad sickly or messy. As it is the lemon sherbet one was the best flavour for a scorcher of a day as it was so light and refreshing

      Rhubarb Rhubarb

      I was saving the best to last with the rhubarb and custard flavour lolly, as I am a big fan of rhubarb. Its an underrated flavour so anything rhubarb flavour gets my vote. Its similar in appearance to the fruit salad one but perhaps slightly more red than pink. A pleasant smell of rhubarb emits from the wrapper and again I am not disappointed with the taste. The rhubarb taste both tangy and sweet like my mum's stewed rhubarb predominates the lolly. To be honest I can't taste the custard flavour. at all perhaps there is a subtle hint of vanilla but if there is its very weak. Perhaps like the lemon sherbet one it would be better as a dual layered lolly perhaps half rhubarb half custard but I am not sure how that would work!

      The lollies would be suitable for a number of people. They are vegetarian and also ultra low in calories and fat. Each lolly has less than a gram of fat and around about 35 calorie so would be ideal for a dieter who fancies a cold, sweet treat. The one thing that lets them down is the lack of fruit juices in the lolly. There may not be any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives but looking at the ingredients they have been nowhere near Tescos fruit aisle. They seem to be made up of sugar, water and glucose syrup with flavours and colours.
      I would not hesitate to buy Tesco's Sweetshop lollies again. they were excellent value for money and the interesting flavours took me back to my childhood.


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