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Tesco Tangy Lemon Dessert

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Other Desserts

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2009 17:25
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      Nothing short of appaling

      When I look to spend 325 of my daily calorie allowance on a lemon pudding there are certain things that I expect and I'll make no bones about it where lemon anything is concerned it has to be nothing short of excellent. It's my chocolate equivalent, my indulgence, my delight to which I measure all other sweet things by.

      Now I have recently written a review about the sheer and unparralled delight of Sainsburys Lemon Fool - unfortuntely it is not on Doo Yoo as a prouct and I can't even find a link to be able to submit it for a suggestion (they only have Goosberry and Strawberry as options online)- so I am saying here that if you're looking for a fine lemon hit then head to Sainsburys because this "Tangy Lemon Pie Dessert" from Tesco's has been weighed and measured and found wanting in the extreme!

      ...and so I move on to the product at hand.

      Before me I have a nice sized, individual plastic pot with a removable lid. The best before date and and nice lemon picture are on the lid and through the clear plastic I can see biscuit, deep yellow lemon sauce, cake pieces and an abundance of cream- my tastebuds are juicing up at the thought!

      The description reads "a biscuit crumb based topped with tangy lemon sauce, lemon sponge pieces, a smooth cream mousse finished with Belgian white chocolate shavings." Oh dear God yes I think to myself.

      I note that I am not allergic to any of the ingredients in this 120g pud, it contains milk, wheat, gluten, egg, soya and that it's not guranteed nut free. I also try to bypass the fact that this pudding contains 28.9g of sugar, 22.8g of fat of which 13.3g are saturates and 0.5g of salt which is 5% of my daily allowance.

      Now the taste test..

      I pop off the lid and am greeted by a generous sprinkling of large white chocolate shavings but sadly it's no milky bar. Belgian chocolate it may be, but I'm sure it's of the lowest possible grade.

      The cream mousse tastes plastic-y like it's absorbed the flavour of the packaging around it. It's artificially sweet and simply nasty. It's is very thick like overwhipped shiny cream.

      The lemon sponge is horribly dense, it's stale almost and rubbery. It does taste very lemony but it's so claggy. With a lemon sponge I want light, melt in the mouth and delicate, this is so far the opposite of that it's disgusting.

      The lemon sauce is simply bitter and unpleasant, like the cheapest nastiest lemon curd I have ever had. It's thick and browny colour rather than golden yellow, it is nothing short of foul.

      This is followed by what I simply feel are Tesco's value digestives crumbled in the bottom with no butter to gel them together. These digestives can just about cut it as a pudding base so long as you mix them with melted butter like a cheescake base but this hasn't been done. This a really terrible bottom to a totally revoulting pudding.

      Final Thoughts...

      I think you would have to go a long way to find a more disgusting dessert that this one. I can't tell you the dissapointment I felt at spending 99p and 325 calories on this pitiful excuse for luxury.

      I consider myself truly lucky that I can cook a fantastic lemon meringue pie, a to die for lemon mousse and the most heavenly oozy lemon sponge so I know what great tastes like. Yet I'm busy and so like most people I do enjoy buying a good dessert.

      I'm seriously passionate about Lemon Desserts above all and I personally think that Tesco's need to pull this product for reassessment it's that bad. These are strong words but I stand by them because this a seriously unpleasant experience that I wouldn't wish upon anyone - it's a one star from me and that's being kind.


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