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Tesco Value Chocolate Sponge Pudding

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Puddings

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    2 Reviews
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      25.03.2010 01:54
      Very helpful



      See review

      Tescos value Chocolate Flavour Sponge Pudding.

      I was feeling really hungry after coming home from work tonight, I had just a snack as mum wasnt home so had to fend for myself, (yes I can do it when I have too.

      Was feeling really peckish and was looking in the larder and spotted a can of this Chocolate Sponge Pudding, looks and sounds really lovely, so ill give it a go cant be that hard to make and with a can of ready made custard a desert made in heaven.

      This is suitable for Vegetarians too.

      This comes in a can, and once openned you can cook two different ways, firstly you can cook this in the microwave, or you can cook on the hob.

      Being a bit lazy and tired from working all day, I put mine into the microwave.

      I put it onto a dish that was suitable for the microwave and heated it on full power it only took a few minutes, cant be bad im thinking then did the same with my custard to go on top of it.

      What a nice desert, well more like a kind of pudding that you would enjoy on a cold evening, after a long hard day at work, and it is so filling, guess you are suppossed to share this with others but well im in by myself so ill just have to eat the whole lot, waste not want not . well i mean.

      This is a great tasting sponge pudding, and the chocolate sauce whilst pipping hot, melts and runs down the sponge, it looks too lovely to eat.

      Now for the taste.

      Not bad, quite a nice chocolately sponge pudding, the chocolate sauce lovely really nice, not too chocolately but just right I think.

      Yes ive enjoyed that and it has left me feeling totally stuffed, not bad sponge pudding, quite chocolately and lovely chocolately sauce.

      Calories well 246 thats for a third of a pudding, opps well ive eaten the lot so thats a lot of calories, oh well im not counting.

      Total sugars are 25.7 grams, saturated fats are 4.1grams.salt 0.5grams.

      If you have an alergic reaction to milk, or eggs wheat gluten or soya avoid this like the plague.

      Overall I would advise you to try this it is a really nice tasting pudding, and will ask my mum, to get some more of these in, good for Tesco they taste great.

      will give 5/5 for this.


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        12.06.2009 11:48
        Very helpful



        Not Recommended

        Tesco Value Chocolate Sponge Pudding is another value product that's pretending to be good value for money when actually it isn't. It costs 54p for a 300g tin, and isn't even worth 20p in my opinion!

        This seems like it should be a good idea. It's easy enough to prepare, just open up the tin, tip the contents into a bowl, and stick it in the microwave for a few minutes. Once heated through, it's ready to eat. In theory, this should be a nice convenient dessert.

        In practice, there are a few problems with this. Firstly, half of it sticks to the bottom of the tin, meaning you have to scrape it out in clumps which rather ruins the appearance and appeal of this dessert. Secondly, it tastes pretty bad. It's not as bad as the syrup sponge version is, but it's really quite close.

        The sponge they've used does taste a little bit chocolatey, but it also tastes like powder, with a texture akin to crumbled up stale bread. The taste of the pudding isn't too awful actually, but the cheap, dodgy texture makes this a really unpleasant experience.

        The only saving grace is that the chocolate sauce is relatively nice. It's not particularly good quality, and it's more of a chocolate custard than a chocolate sauce, but it isn't too bad taste wise. It's quite sugary and sweet, but it's also got a rich cocoa taste to it with a slightly creamy texture.

        A 300g can of this isn't all that big, and if you ate the whole thing yourself, you'd be consuming 750 calories, 27g of fat and 75g of sugar. That's not as horrific as the syrup version - but pretty close.


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