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The Fabulous Bakin' Boys Limited Edition Cup Cakes

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Type: Other Desserts

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    6 Reviews
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      27.06.2010 05:52
      Very helpful



      Nice, little handy cakes!

      When my boyfriend announced he was able to pack in work for a few days and come to visit me for the first time in my new flat (we have a long distance relationship at the moment) my first feeling actually was one of pure terror. He is a really, really fussy eater and barely eats anything at all and lives on what I refer to as crap....junk food to everybody else lol!

      I try to eat healthy for the majority of the time but he is the type to say there is no food in the house just because he's eaten all the sweets, biscuits and cakes! So to stop him moaning and groaning at me and knowing after quite a few years that I can't change his attitude to food I went to Asda and filled a trolley with as much unhealthy food as possible and stuck to things that were value for money and these were so I got 2 boxes for about a pound!

      The Packaging:

      Dark blue box and on the front of it I am told that they are The Fabulous Bakin' Boys 6 Assorted Cupcakes and that they are individually wrapped and contain no artificial colours or flavours and that they are freshly baked in the heart of Oxfordshire and that they are lunchbox friendly and there is a photograph of each one of the flavoured cupcakes on there too and there is a small cut out triangle window there as well so you can see the top of one of the cakes. Other information on the box tells me a bit about the product, ingredients and an at a glance nutritional chart are on there (as well as a full rundown chart), the weight is stated which in this case per box of 6 cupcakes is 192g and contact details for the Fabulous Bakin' boys are given. It's a nice tidy looking box which is informative as it needs to be and of course each cupcake is individually wrapped inside to seal in freshness and and great for popping in a lunchbox, work-bag, handbag....whatever really!

      The Cupcakes:

      Nowhere on the box does it say the flavours you get interestingly enough and it's not until I looked at the ingredients used within these I did see stated what flavours each cupcake is!

      What you get is 3 different flavours (2 of each one) and the flavours are chocolate, lemon and raspberry!

      Round and reasonably thick, you get half of the cupcake being a light fluffy and airy sponge that is a creamy colour and rather creamy and slightly sweet in taste and then the other half of the cake is the smooth and slightly hard icing which is incredibly sweet and flavoured with of course chocolate (brown icing), lemon (pale yellow icing) and raspberry (a light pink icing).

      I rather enjoyed these and so did my boyfriend. We like the sponge not being too sweet and although the whole of the cupcakes are of course sweet due to the icing you could still detect the creamy and lightness of the sponge and for a ready made sponge to me it did taste rather like a home made one!

      The toppings on these are rather heavy and incredibly sweet though they all tasted as I expected them to. The chocolate tasted of milk chocolate, the lemon cupcake was slightly zesty and the raspberry one.....well tasted lightly of raspberries but only just though it was fruity tasting.

      They are very easy to digest...for that I do suggest you watch you don't eat a box (which I did) as they are not filling due to the size and lightness of them and all in all I liked them well enough though I have had better!

      Nutritional Information Per Cupcake:

      Sugars: 10.2g
      Fat: 8.5g
      Saturates: 3.8g
      Salt: 0.3g

      Available in all good supermarkets and if not on offer expect to pay around a pound a box.


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      12.03.2010 10:15
      Very helpful



      We loved them.

      It was my childrens house party at school, they are in St Davids house so celebrate with a party on his feast day. They are asked to bring in specific things, my son had to bring in 12 cup cakes. So I visited the cake aisle of Sainsburys on my next trip and found this pack of six cupcakes on a buy one get one free offer. They looked great and a bargain to boot - sorted.
      After the party, my little boy said how delicious the cakes were and how everyone loved them and please, please, please, please can I buy some for us at home next time. I did and this is what I thought of them . . . .

      Packaging - The cakes come in a bright blue box with a picture of the three assorted cakes on the front. It also has a little clear window so you can see the actual cakes you are buying.
      On the back of the box there is a little poem by Peter David Lewis - Fab Bakin Bard. Also a big clear box giving contact details if you have a problem. On the side there is the nutritional information box.

      In the box - You get six individually wrapped cup cakes, two chocolate, two lemon and two raspberry. I love the fact that they are individually wrapped perfect for popping into lunch boxes or bags. Great for picnics and traveling. It also means you can open the packet, eat one of them and the others retain their freshness.

      Taste test - The cakes look so delicious, when you open the packet you get the instant aroma of the flavour, this is especially true with the lemon cake.
      All the cakes have the same vanilla sponge base, then they are topped with the flavoured icing, although it doesn't taste like 'normal' icing, it is solid and has a strong taste.
      Each of the cakes (I had to taste them all for the purpose of this review) has a strong distinct flavour. The chocolate one is very chocolaty, in fact I found it a bit too sweet and rich. The lemon is gorgeous it tastes like that lemon drizzle cake you can buy. The raspberry flavour is the weakest of the trio. It is still undoubtedly raspberry but whilst the others are very strong flavours this is more subtle and I think it is nice this way.
      The sponge is moist and has that homebaked taste to it, rather than the manufactured 'false' taste some of these ready made fairy cakes have.

      Where can I get them - You can buy these cakes from most supermarkets, they retail at £1.29 for a box of six but if you hurry down to Sainsburys you might just catch the bogof deal.

      Other information - I won't list the ingredients but important facts,
      All the cakes are made in a nut free zone, they contain gluten, eggs, soya and milk products. Each cake provides 149 calories, 10.2g of sugar, 8.5g of fat and 0.3g of salt.

      We loved them.


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        19.09.2009 01:05
        Very helpful




        I've never been a huge fan of cakes. At birthday parties I usually passed up the offer of a slice of birthday cake, especially if it was chocolate cake. I've always been partial to sponge cake though, particularly if it's a delicious home made victoria sponge sandwiched with butter cream and sweet raspberry jam! Cupcakes and fairy cakes have always been a guilty pleasure of mine, especially, again the ones iced with delicious butter cream or laced with a caramel topping.
        So when I was waltzing down the bakery and cake aisle in Tesco the other week, and spotted this product on special offer, I decided that it was too good an opportunity and threw a packet, well gently placed, a packet into my trolley.

        The Fabulous Bakin' Boys have been around for 11 years, producing delicious cakes for everybody to enjoy. The company specialise mainly in cupcakes however do make an assortment of confectionary products such as flapjack, muffins and other cakes.

        In Tesco at the moment, there are two types of the Bakin' Boys cupcakes on offer. These are the chocolate version, and the Assorted Cupcakes. As I am not overly keen on chocolate muffins and the fact that I'd tried them before, I opted for the assorted cupcakes. These came in a box of 6. Normally, the pack of 6 cupcakes would set you back £1.25, however at the moment there is a special offer on, and you can get the packet for £1. This works out at 17p per cake which does seem marginally better than the 21p! I personally feel, for a branded name, this is a pretty good price however any more money and I would grudge paying it a little.

        The packaging was fairly attractive and did stand out on the shelf. However I personally prefer it when you can properly see the product through the packet and this is how I normally make my decisions. With this particular product however it is only possible to catch a glimpse of the product inside, through a small triangular see through window at the bottom corner of the box. Even then you don't properly get to see the product, however it is just enough to tempt you in! the box is a nice royal blue in colour and does give the impression of a good, top quality product. The usual information is stated on the box, and some delicious looking pictures of the products are printed too. There is a nice fun feel to the packet however it also gives some information such as nutrition ,stating that it contains "no hydrogenated fats". this is appealing to me as I do worry a bit about nutritional values these days. The back of the pack is home to all ingredients, allergy and nutritional information, much the same to any other packaging you get these days.

        The box is easy to open and simply requires a tear at the end. Once opened, it cannot be fully sealed again however we used a special box seal and this did the trick. Inside, the cakes are kept on a thin plastic tray each sat in their own little compartment. I thought this was quite cute. In the box, there were two raspberry cupcakes, two lemon and two chocolate. They didn't look overly big in size however they were definitely a step up from say a "Mini" cake. They were easy to remove from the packaging and because each one was in its own little cake case, they weren't sticky at all.

        The first one I tried was the chocolate one. This is because I was positive it would be my least favourite and therefore wanted to get it over and done with. I wasn't displeased with though and it was fairly tasty. There was no chocolate smell coming from the cake but there was a delicious cake aroma. The cake on the bottom was a nice pale colour and the chocolate section on the top was nice and thick. Biting in the first thing I detected was in fact the strong chocolate flavour. It tasted really sweet and not very creamy at all. It wasn't bitter though and was definitely milk chocolate rather than dark. The cake on the bottom was fairly nice however it is not the nicest cake I've tasted. It was nice and soft and had a rich buttery taste to it too.

        Moving on, I tried the lemon. This was much similar in appearance however instead of a brown colour on the top it was a lovely pale lemon colour. There was a sweet lemon smell coming from the cupcake however it was only very subtle indeed. The cake on the bottom was infact almost the same colour and the top layer. The lemon was instantly recognisable as I sank in my teeth. It seemed slightly softer than the chocolate topping, with less of a crunch. This may be due to the fact it had been out in room temperature longer though. It was a fairly strong lemon flavour but it wasn't too sour and had a nice subtle tang to it. The cake on the bottom tasted more vanilla like that the chocolate one. Together the combination was lovely and I was thoroughly enjoyed with this cake.

        The raspberry cake was a bit of a let down. I was expecting a delicious fruity topping bursting with the taste of fresh raspberries however instead I was given a minor fruity taste. It did taste slightly of raspberries but not overly so and it could have passed for strawberries. It had a slight taste of a fruity chewy sweet too such as starburst which I found unusual. The cake was gorgeous though and was delicious vanilla like. It wasn't an unpleasant eating experience by any means however it was just not as fruity as I'd have expected.

        With cakes and such like you can never really tell what the nutritional values are going to be like. One cupcake in this case will cost you a rather large 147 calories. For a cake it isn't too bad, however for the size of these cakes it is! I was expecting nearer 100! The fat content is pretty high too at a staggering 8g. Again for the size of these cakes, I wasn't too impressed. The cakes contain 11g of sugar too, however this is just what you can expect from such a sugary treat. All in all, I feel these are ok to have for just a treat now and again and would be perfect to serve up at a buffet parties however for everyday "use" , they aren't ideal.
        Allergy wise, these cakes are not suitable for those allergic to wheat, gluten, milk or whey. And although they do not directly contain nuts, there may be traces so be careful if you do have a nut allergy.

        Overall I would recommend these cakes. They are of a very high quality and do taste delicious. They arent the best I've ever had however for a party or such like, and when on special offer as they are at the moment, they are definitely worth a shot!


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        08.03.2009 02:32
        Very helpful



        Would buy again, but not too often.

        These 'The Fabulous Bakin' Boys Cupcakes' (bit of a mouthful to say, but nice size to eat, especially for a child), were a real bargain today when I paid £l.25 for a pack of 6 plus get a pack free. The normal retail price for a pack of 6 of these tasty little buns is £2.00 per box (or at least they were before Christmas). The price has taken a real tumble in the last couple of months and they are a really fantastic bargain.

        Each little iced cake is individually wrapped. Nice if for taking to work, or for a child to pop into lunchbox (along with something healthy like a banana I hope). They can be purchased in three flavours, either in a box of all chocolate or a box containing lemon, raspberry and chocolate.

        They have no artificial flavours or colourings added. Imperative for the wellbeing of children (and adults if it comes to it). Which means, as it says on the box, 'Totally grumpy free!'

        Another asset to add to its plus side is that they are also baked in a totally nut free zone. Now this is important. Especially to parents who have children with nut allergies.

        The cupcakes are described as 'A Moist Vanilla Sponge with a Chocolate (or lemon, or strawberry depending which you purchased) flavour topping.


        Chocolate flavour topping 31% , Sugar, Vegetable oil, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Wheat flour, Whey powder (from milk), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin, Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate), Natural flavour, Wheat flour, Humectant (vegetable glycerol), whole egg powder, maize starch, dextrose, salt, raising agents (E541, E500, E341) Emulsifiers (E477,E471 Preservative (Potassium sorbate), Citric Acid, Stabilizer (Xanthan Gum.)

        These are not only baked in a nut free zone but are suitable for vegetarians and the packaging is totally recyclable)

        The total pack weight is l92g and each cupcake contains:-

        Sugars- l0g

        Fat - 7g

        Saturates -3g


        The above is out of an average adults Guideline Daily Amount, based on a diet of 2000 kcal.

        I must admit these little cakes are very tasty, although I feel one is enough as they could tend to be a little sweet and sickly if you overindulged.

        At the time of writing there is a promotion on the back of the pack that offers 50% off family holidays at Haven, enabling a family to have a short break for only £99. It is unclear on the box what connection this has with The Fabulous Bakin Boys Cupcakes it just says to phone 0871 230 1912 or visit haven.com/fab. There are tokens on the packs that just say FAB points www.fabpoints.co.uk. Its quite unclear what one has to do in order to get the 50% discount on the Haven family holiday

        Oddly they have an 'its good to talk' site @ www.bakinboys.co.uk where it says 'Problems or praise or if you just need a shoulder to cry on (all very sweet and all that but we're talking about a pack of cakes here, hardly a crying matter!) it continues:- 'if you want to talk put pen to paper and write to, The Fabulous BakinBoys, Avenue 2, Station Lane, Witney OX28 4YT. I am actually tempted to write to see just what the heck is going on with this.

        Anyway, its not a bad little cake. Not a bad little price, but a bit of a dippy company by the sounds of it!


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          14.12.2008 20:51
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          uninteresting cupcakes - have the regular chocolate ones instead!

          I ended up on one of those late night "bung everything in the trolley, whether you need it or not" shopping trips to Tesco on Friday night. One of the things I threw in the trolley was a pack of limited edition "winter white" cupcakes from Bakin boys.

          We have had the chocolate ones on occasion and have enjoyed them, so to try the white chocolate ones seemed to be a good idea. I have also had their muffins and flapjacks and have always quite enjoyed them.

          Like all bakin boys cupcakes, they are individually wrapped with no articficial colours or flavours and don't have the dreaded hydrogenated fats. They are usually in the region of £1.30 a box, but these were half price in Tesco, at just 67p for a box of six.

          I was a little disappointed - the white chocolate has far less flavour than the darker chocolate, and because these cupcakes are very light, they didn't really touch the side - I had two in quick succession, but could probably have finished the whole box and still not felt as though I had eaten a lot of cake.......

          Each cupcake has 146 calories, and 7.5grammes of fat which, for something that is gone in a mouthful (almost) and which doesn't leave you feeling satisfied, is rather a lot. For double the number of calories I could have had a decent sized cake!

          I am glad I bought these on offer - as at about 10p a cake I suppose it was about right. But if I was paying 20-25p a cake, I would have been very disappointed.

          I wouldn't rush to buy these again - when compared to the "real" chocolate ones, the white ones would lose out every time.


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            23.09.2008 18:39
            Very helpful



            Not the greatest boxed cakes I've ever tasted, but I'd buy them again


            Normal Cost (in Sainsbury's @ 23.9.08): £2.00 for 6
            (currently Sainsbury's are running a "Buy 2 for £2.00" offer, and it isn't clear when this offer ends)

            NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per cake):

            Calories: 147
            Kj: 615
            Protein: 1g
            Carbohydrates: 18g
            - of which sugars: 11g
            Fat: 8g
            - of which saturates: 3g
            Fibre: 1g
            Sodium: 0.1g


            Free from artificial colour
            Free from artificial flavours
            Made in a nut-free environment
            Suitable for vegetarians
            Contains milk products, soya and wheat gluten


            Vanilla flavoured sponge: Wheat flour, sugar, rapeseed oil, water, humectant (vegetable glycerol), whole egg powder, modified maize starch, dextrose, salt, raising agents (E541, E550, E341), emulsifier (E477, E471), preservative (potassium sorbate), natural flavour, acidity regulator (citric acid), stabiliser (xanthan gum)

            Chocolate flavour topping (30%): Sugar, vegetable fat, fat reduced coca powder, whey powder, stabiliser (E492), emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural flavour

            Lemon flavour topping (30%): Sugar, vegetable fat, whey powder, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, E475), stabiliser (E492), natural flavour, colour (lutein)

            Raspberry flavour topping (30%): Sugar, vegetable fat, whey powder, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, E475), stabiliser (E492), natural flavour, colour (beetroot extract)


            The Fabulous Bakin' Boys, Station Lane, Witney, OX28 4YT
            - www.bakinboys.co.uk


            Fabulous Bakin' Boys Cupcakes (which I shall hereafter refer to as FBBC) come in a dark blue, rectangular-shaped cardboard box. On the front of the box is the FBBC logo, a picture of one yellow topped cake, one pink topped cake and one chocolate topped cake, together with three smiley faces. Next to these three smiley faces and in pink & white writing, are the statements "no artificial colours or flavours", "no hydrogenated fats" and "totally grumpy free!". There is a white, purple-outlined circle with a picture of a nut in the middle, and the nut has a diagonal purple line crossed through it - printed in purple around the outer edge of the white circle, are the words "baked in a nut free zone".

            The rear of the box gives all the nutritional information together with details on how to contact the manufacturer, storage instructions and a claim that the box is made from 85% recycled material. There is also a gold coloured circle with dark blue and white writing, bearing the words "Know someone who's grumpy? visit www.grumpyfree.co.uk to sort them out", and the words "Grumpy free bakin' " circling around a gold smiley face.

            Details appear on the box informing that it is "The Boys £10 million birthday reward giveaway" in celebration of the company's 10th birthday. For their birthday "The Boys" are giving away £10 million worth of prizes such as days out, free downloads (it doesn't state downloads of what!), DVD rentals, holiday vouchers, exclusive competitions and much more. At the bottom of the rear of the box is a cut-off panel which when removed, reveals your unique birthday reward code. For this birthday "celebration", you are instructed to log onto www.fabpoints.co.uk - register to create an account, enter your personal code, then claim your FAB rewards. The more codes you collect (which obviously means buying more packets of Fabulous Bakin' Boys products), the more birthday rewards you receive. It appears to work on a system whereby each personal code you enter onto the site, is worth at least £1 towards a FAB reward. I shan't be doing this, as it's highly unlikely that I will buy enough packs of these cakes to make it worthwhile.

            Birthday celebrations aside, what are the actual cakes like?

            On opening the box, there are two cakes of each flavour (raspberry, lemon and chocolate) inside. Each cake is in a fluted paper case, and individually wrapped in cellophane bags, which easily undo at the top.

            The raspberry flavoured topping is a pale pink that bears little resemblance to the real colour of raspberries - the lemon topping is a pale, banana-type yellow that bears little resemblance to the real colour of lemons, and the chocolate topping is authentic in colour, looking as if it is a circle of real chocolate.

            The base of each cake is an incredibly light and fluffy, pale yellow-coloured sponge, and on peeling the paper case away from the sides of each cake, they manage to stay in one piece very well, despite the very soft texture of the sponge.

            On sampling the cakes, it is immediately clear that the toppings aren't (as in most, if not all other brands of cupcakes) made of buttercream. I'm not sure what these toppings are made of - but you have to bite into them, and they are firm, with a slight brittleness. These strange toppings are rather weird in taste....the raspberry doesn't taste in the slightest like raspberries, the lemon bears virtually no resemblance to lemons, but the chocolate does have a very vague, slight chocolate taste. Have you ever bought a product which claims to be not real chocolate, but "chocolate flavour"? That's what the chocolate on FBBC tastes like. This topping, when crunched up, feels strange inside your mouth...a little like hardened grease, and initially is not very pleasant.

            The sponge cake base is incredibly soft, and has a reasonably good vanilla flavour which isn't enhanced by taking a bite of the topping and the cake together. This sponge is so very soft, that it in no way even remotely resembles something home-made, or that of other brands of manufactured boxed sponge cake(s). It is nice, but has both a synthetic taste and feel.

            In the first stages of sampling one of the cupcakes, there is no "rush" of exciting, or strong/rich flavour - but as you continue to chew, something rather nice happens. All of the synthetic flavours seem to blend together and create another flavour which is impossible to describe, due to it being unique, but is decidedly wonderful. This rather delayed pleasant sensation makes you want to unwrap another cake and devour it, then another, then another, and continue until the box is empty - then sit and cry rivers because you only bought one box of them!

            I'd say these cakes are an acquired taste, bear no resemblance at all to anything "real", but once you get stuck in, are very more-ish. I do feel though that they are over-packed, and that the individual cellophane wrappers inside the box are unnecessary.

            I wouldn't say they are worth the normal full price of £2.00 for six cakes, but if you can take advantage of Sainsbury's current "buy two for £2.00" offer, then I'd recommend dashing out and stocking up, as they certainly are worth £1.00 per box.

            Overall, though FBBC don't score full points, I probably would buy them again - but only when they are on special offer.

            NB: The box shown in the picture above doesn't have the 10th birthday £10 million reward information on it, but the one I have taken my information from does.

            Thanks for reading!


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