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The Skinny Cow Cookies 'n Cream Ice Cream

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Type: Sorbets & Ice Cream

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    5 Reviews
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      10.01.2009 15:45
      Very helpful



      A frozen dessert that's no substitute for the real deal

      Let's get the first issue out of the way - this is not a review about Skinny Cow Cookies 'n Cream Ice Cream. Why? Because Skinny Cow don't make ice cream, they make frozen desserts. Nowhere on their packaging or website will you see a mention that their products are ice cream and there is, of course, a good reason for that.

      To be termed an ice cream a product has to be made with full milk whilst Skinny Cow products are made with partially reconstructed skimmed milk.

      So what? You may say. Well that one difference in ingredients sets the tone for the other ingredients which follow. Full milk has a high fat content and fat gives food 'mouthfeel' - high fat foods taste richer, 'fuller' and give you a more satisfied feeling...its the reason most people hove straight for a pizza, chocolate, chips and other high fat treats when they are feeling hungry.

      We associate ice cream with being smooth, rich, indulgent and that all comes from the milk used. Skinny Cow have had to replicate that 'mouthfeel' artificially which is why, when you read the ingredients you will find lots of stabilisers, emulsifiers and gums. Naturally a big list of artificial ingredients doesn't market too well...which brings us on to packaging and market positioning.

      I found Skinny Cow in the Luxury Ice Cream shelf of my local supermarket alongside offerings from Haagan Daaz and Ben & Jerry's. That is interesting product placement as the other two companies trade on natural ingredients. Now on to the packaging; it's no coincidence that the packaging has more than a passing resemblence to Ben & Jerry's. Both sets of packaging feature the famous Fresian Cow, both use stylistically similar graphics and bold fonts on block colour background. Skinny Cow's marketing department are trying to give the consumer the impression that this is a premium, home-style ice cream.

      So to the taste. Well all the additives have given it smoothness and 'mouthfeel', however they have also given it a nasty plastic taste on the backend. Once a mouthful has gone you are left with an aftertaste a bit like cheap frozen mousse. Cookie pieces don't have any richness or buttery qualities, but are frozen tasteless lumps.

      The best that can be said about this product is that if you are on a diet and crave something cold and vaguely 'ice creamy' it will do at a pinch, though frankly you'd be better off buying some fruit and a tub of low-fat creme faiche and making your own frozen treat.


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        13.04.2007 19:47
        1 Comment




        I went to Asda to day with my son,he's the one that gets all the treats. I was wanting something different to make my taste-buds sing and i came accross these smoothies. ive just eaten one and now i'm gonna have another cos when i looked at the wrapper and it said less than1% fat well that great!! i may eat them all anyway.I know when i go shopping next week i will be buying every flavour.


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          11.05.2006 20:24
          Not Helpful



          Skinny cow ice-cream is definately the way forward!

          I have just read the review saying that the cookies and cream flavour skinny cow ice-cream tasted disgusting,frankly, im shocked. Its delicious!!

          I will however point out that if said ice-creams melt, and you re-freeze them, they do taste bad. If they defrost you should definately chuck them out.

          My world revolves around them. Being on weight watchers limits me to what I can and cant eat. These little beauties are only 1.5 points. All my friends have tried them, and they all love them.


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            09.06.2005 17:47
            Very helpful



            Skinny cow cookies and cream sticks:
            I must apologise to the manufacturer of these new ice cream lollies. I am sorry if the following opinion offends you but I am writing this review being open and honest. I also apologise to the other writers of Skinny Cow Ice Cream whom seem to praise this item up. Sorry, but I’m not with you on this one. However much I tried to like them, I couldn’t.
            There’s no point in me praising up something so vile and disgusting, especially as I have wasted nearly £4 with this purchase of two packets of lollie sticks.

            So what is Skinny Cow?
            It’s a new variety of ice cream for people on a low calorie diet, though my husband tried one and he has a smaller rear end than me, so enough said there. However he is an expert on ice cream and he binned his after two licks.

            Skinny Cow is reduced fat ice cream and comes in a small variety of flavours, very berry and chocolate fudge and of course chocolate chip cookie being the one I bought today. It’s a new concept so I presume they aim to expand the range of flavours. They come in tubs and lollies. The tubs resemble Ben and Jerries ice cream but no where as good.
            I haven’t and probably will not try the others so cannot comment on how they taste.

            Let’s rewind to the beginning:
            I bought this box of four lollies from Asda today. I’m on a diet having joined Slimming World last week and I just need that sweet fix each day to get me through. I saw the advert for Skinny Cow products in one of my weekly mags and made a mental note of trying them.
            I did a large internet shop from Tesco last night and they didn’t list Skinny Cow on their ice cream list. So in desperation for something chocolaty I took a quick drive to Asda and bought a pack of four for £1.98. Infact Asda had a lot of the ice cream there which surprised me, a whole freezer shelf to be exact.

            The journey home:
            Well today of all days its hot. The 15 minutes it took from the checkout to my front door and all eight sticks were a mangled mess. I put them back in the freezer (not sure if I was supposed to but took a chance) and three hours later they were solid again but all an odd shape.

            The wrapper:
            The wrapper is black and white with Friesians all over the place, very easy to open. Not sure if the wrapper is made from re-cyclable materials though, it doesn’t say it is.

            First Appearances:
            A bit smaller than a Feast. Looks like a naked skinny Magnum. Good sized stick, enough to grip with without getting sticky fingers.

            The First Bite:
            Very soft and the texture felt like cotton wool. There is no chocolate covering so don’t expect that “magnum” moment when you bite into it. Your teeth sink in quite easily but then you ate left with what feels like a wedge of A4 paper shoved up to the roof of your mouth. It even tastes like paper and the aroma ( Im being polite here) passes up through to your nostrils. It’s revolting.
            As for the cookies n cream bit, forget it, more like fragments of pencil when you have just done some sharpening.
            It looks synthetic and with a taste to match.
            I was expecting something like Hagen Daz Cookies n Cream which is just orgasmic on the tongue and taste buds. Yes I know the calories are just a fraction of Hagen Daz but the reason is because you can’t finish it. You take one bite, bin it in disgust and consume only 25 calories. Great ice cream!

            What is the claim?
            Less than 2% fat and 89 calories a stick.

            Who makes it?
            Manufactured under licence by Richmond Ice Cream Ltd.

            Skinny Cow
            Richmond Ice Cream
            Manston Lane
            Leeds LS15 8SX


            What’s inside?
            Skimmed Milk Powder (more like babies SMA )
            Cookie Pieces (I find that hard to believe and even harder to digest)
            Cocoa Powder
            Wheat Flour
            And a host of chemicals I cant even pronounce. However I didn’t see the dreaded word “Aspartame” which is a bonus.

            The ingredient list is so small that I didn’t think about reading it before I bought the ice cream. All I had in my mind was devouring this delicious low fat ice cream stick. I’m not one for additives and wouldn’t have even picked the box up if I knew beforehand what was in it.

            If you are still willing to give it a try, then it does contain traces of nuts, so be careful if you have a nut allergy.

            As Paul Daniels would say “Not a lot”. Here’s a few facts and figures.
            Energy – 89 k cals
            Protein - 3.2 g
            Fibre – 1.0g
            Sodium – 0.06g
            Carbs – 16.9 g t

            These are all based on one lollie stick, not eating the box!

            Well sorry Richmond Ice Creams, I will not be buying this ever again. I am angry that I wasted £4 when I could have had two packets of chocolate hob nobs. Walls don’t panic, this company won’t be putting you out of business.
            Out of the seven sticks eaten here , I rate it 1/10, my mum gives it –3/10, my son aged 7 said errrrrh and binned it after one lick, my middle child aged 5 didn’t even bother taking it out of the wrapper, my hubby with a smaller waist than me gives it 1/10 because he liked the wrapper and my baby threw hers. Enough said.

            Take care X


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              03.04.2004 04:25
              Very helpful



              I was at Asda today just for a change from Tesco as hubby wanted to go for a wee drive (and we always seem to end up at a supermarket) I have been really bad with the junk food the last few weeks and I really need to cut down again. To cut down not on the amount of food but the quality well! I mean less fattening things. I always start off great but I love my ice cream and that?s where I always go wrong Well anyway I found something brilliant Ice cream, which is brilliant AND it?s also low calorie It is made by a company called The Skinny Cow. There are three different kinds but I?ll tell you about this one tonight There are four in the box . They are roughly the same size as a magnum The box is yellow with a picture of a cow (a skinny cow) lying down with a tape measure round its waist. There?s a picture of the lollie on the front too. This one is COOKIES? N CREAM They taste brilliant, The ice cream itself is lovely and soft and creamy not a white ice cream more a cream colour and it has hundreds of tiny pieces of chocolate cookie in it not just the odd one. When you take a bite the ice cream is so smooth and gorgeous but it melt away and you are left with cake in your mouth the cake is lovely and soft like it was fresh baked and not hard as I imagined it would be. (And don?t forget it?s low calorie) it feels really sinful with the chocolate cake in it. On the back of the box it says they have been making low fat products since 1992 but this is the first time I have come across the brand name. It also says quote? I would love to what you think so contact me at www.theskinnycow.co.uk? and I will be doing so and telling them what I think They have a free phone number 08
              08 100 56 56 It may contain nut traces Suitable for vegetarians Only 1½-weight watchers points Per 110ml lollie 89 cal 3.2g proteins 16.9g carbohydrates 1.0g fat What have I found Ice cream that?s low cal And really gorgeous That?ll do for this Gal It?s made buy a company called? The Skinny Cow? Why do I need this Well! I?ll tell you right now All during Christmas I just didn?t stop Eating all the sweeties from Santa I got But now I am starting all over again To stay on my diet and it won?t be a pain As I can eat this ice cream It?s called cookies and cream And then I?ll be the slimmest That I?ve ever been I have just logged on to their website and it gives you a list of all the Asda stores who stock "The Skinny Cow " products and all the information you require too Http;//www.skinnycow.co.uk I hope you enjoyed the read Margaretxxx


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