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Wall's Cornetto Love Chocolate

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3 Reviews

Brand: Wall's / Type: Ice Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      09.09.2009 12:39
      Very helpful




      I'm slightly unware as to why I've avoided eating a Cornetto for so many years. Maybe it's because of the white ice cream they include which I always thought tasted of nothing. However after waiting for one for so long I finally tried this Love Chocolate option. I did have to pay 75p for a single one but this was from my local post office. I do believe you can get an 8 box pack for £1.87 from Sainsburys although they are smaller in size.

      This is basically a 3 way style chocolate ice cream. You have a mixture of dark, milk and white flavours which is completely ideal for me as I do enjoy a bit of all of them. The cornet is also a chocolate flavour, although I couldn't actually pick up on that particular taste although this was probably down to the ice cream itself.

      The inside cone is coated with a layer of chocolate right the way down to the tip and appears to get thicker the further you go. So you have one third dark chocolate, one third milk and the remaining third as white going to about the half way part but with a good amount on top before you actually get to the cone. On top of that you have triple chocolate curls sprinkled on the top which provide a bit of extra crunch.

      All of these flavours mingle together to give a nice taste of chocolate, as the dark variety is less bitter thanks to the two other flavours giving it the right amount of sweetness without it being overbearing.

      One cones equals 125ml, giving you a calorie intake of 230, 14g of fat and 0.05 of salt. Making it not exactly all that healthy although the way I see it is that it's a treat you can have from time to time, not something you should eat one after the other.

      Coming in a cardboard packaging which covers the icecream to stop the cone from going soft is very easy to remove and it also has a cardboard circular lid to hide away the top of the icecream so the chocolate curls don't fall off. The actual cone is obviously going to be cold and it does have a tendancy to go a bit soft if you take too long when eating but that is only a tiny problem.

      Overall this is a tastey thing to eat from time to time, especially for those chocolate lovers. You don't even need to wait for warmer weather to eat these, it's not as if they are going to really cool you down when it's hot.


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        03.09.2009 18:03
        Very helpful



        A delicious combination of three chocolate ice creams in a divine cone.

        I have always Loved ice cream and infact as a little girl my Love of ice cream led to my sister meeting her husband ~ one day after constant mithering she gave in, took me out to the ice cream van, her eyes met the cheeky eyes selling the cornets, a whirlwind romance ensued and now they have been married for approx 39 years with 3 children. Just shows you little sisters can come in useful sometimes! As you can imagine Dad was really impressed with her marrying an ice cream man.

        Anyway browsing the freezers in Tesco I spotted Cornettos latest offering, as they were on special offer ~ Box of 6 ~ £2.00 instead of £2.98, straight into my basket they went.

        Packaging ~

        A brown and cream box with a delicious looking cornetto on the front, it states ~" NEW ~ Love Chocolate ~ Dark, Milk and White Chocolate."
        "True Love Exsists "~ I Love ice cream but this is a tad too smarmy for me.

        Wait the smarm gets worse ~

        "Every Cornetto is made with Love and contains..."
        What? Wonder if they kiss each individually wrapped cone before putting it in the box? Come on Walls get a grip! It's an ice cream cornet.

        Anyways lets get back to what they have "Lovingly" put in each cornetto

        Ingredients ~

        Reconstituted skimmed milk, sugar, vegetable fat, wheat flour, glucose fructose syrup, fat reduced cocoa powder, white chocolate whey solids, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk and dark chocolate, cocoa powder, wheat starch, emulsifiers, soya lecithin natural flavourings, butteroil, fruit and vegetable concentrates(lemon, safflower, carrot), invert sugar, citric acid.

        6 cornettos in each box ~ each is ~ 60g/90ml

        Per Cornetto ~

        Energy ~ 190 kcal
        Protein ~ 2.5g
        Carbs ~ 20g
        Sugars ~ 15g
        Fat ~ 11g
        Saturates ~ 10g
        Fibre ~ 1.5g
        Sodium ~ 0.04g

        I bought mine as I stated in Tesco for £2.00 per box of 6 full price £2.98.
        www.LoveIceCream.com will give you any more details you may need.

        Billed as ~ "A delicious combination of white, milk and dark chocolate ice cream with a unique chocolate wafer cone coated inside with a chocolate flavour layer."

        Taste ~

        Upon unwrapping my cornetto, I was half expecting romantic music to ensue, thank goodness they didn't go that far. Im immediately hit with a delicious chocolate aroma, the ice cream is split into thirds ~ white, milk and dark with tiny chocolate curls in the three corresponding chocolates and dark chocolate dripped over all the icecreams, the cone is very dark brown and I wonder is it going to taste bitter?

        It tastes divine, absolutely gorgeous! What a fabulous combination, the rich white chocolate ice cream is offset by the almost bitter taste of the dark chocolate ice cream and the milk compliments them both. The cone is very crisp with a strong dark chocolate flavour but again the bitterness is counteracted by the sweeter chocolate coating on the inside, oh yes Walls have thought of every thing.

        Im very pleased to say they have even included the "solid chocolate tip". So I can indulge in my usual routine of biting the bottom off the cone and scooping the remaining ice cream on top of the solid chocolate tip ~ Hey Presto I've got a teeny weeny Cornetto. I know but it keeps me happy, we all have our little foibles.....

        The ice cream is definitely of the expensive variety as you would expect to suit the palate of " The Ice Cream Connoisseur" but doesn't appear as rich simply because of the clever combination of the three chocolate varieties and I can honestly say I haven't tasted a cone as delicious as this before, it's lush, but yet still retains it's malty flavour, satisfiying an ice cream craving perfectly, Im not left wanting more even though the cones are smaller than the single cornettos ~ approx 125 ml it's most definitely enough.

        I can't think of any improvements or disadvantages to these Cornettos except of course eradicating all the fat and calories but I think Im asking too much there.

        They are awarded an outstanding 5 stars from me, well done Walls you have exceeded yourselves.

        If you Love chocolate ice cream give them a try I don't think you will be disappointed. I will certainly not hesitate to buy them again even at full price.


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          11.05.2009 23:44
          Very helpful



          Would buy again

          I bought these because they were on a half price offer at Morrisons, making them £1.50 for a box of 6, and they looked interesting.

          When I opened the box I did think that they looked quite small, but then I suppose it is to be expected from a 'luxury' ice-cream, where they should make up for a lack of size with a fantastic taste.

          They have dark chocolate around the edge of the top, and milk and white chocolate curls sprinkled on top. These are all really smooth, creamy, melt in the mouth chocolate, which tastes lovely when you take a bite into the ice-cream. The ice cream is split 3 ways, with dark, milk and white chocolate flavours. It's all very creamy, luxurious, quality tasting ice-cream, not sugary candy type flavours that you get with cheaper ice-creams.

          The dark chocolate is not too bitter but still nice and rich, whilst the milk and white chocolate flavours are very creamy and not too sweet. The flavours all together make for a very nice combination and work really well together. The cone is lined on the inside with a thin layer of dark chocolate and has more rich creamy chocolate in the bottom. The cone itself is very crunchy and has a lovely taste which is not too sweet.

          These are altogether a very nice ice-cream, with all the elements working very well together to make a great luxury sweet treat for chocolate lovers. They leave me feeling satisfied and I don't feel like I need another one straight after finishing one. The ice-cream doesn't melt too quickly so you have time to savour and enjoy it.

          Each cone gives you 230 calories, 21.1g of sugar, and 14g of fat (11g of which is saturates), so it's a very unhealthy treat, but I think as long as you don't have them too often, and only eat them as part of a healthy diet then they're not too bad. I would definietely buy them again to enjoy as an occasional treat.


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