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Brand: Walls / Type: Yoghurts

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    3 Reviews
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      03.09.2010 22:10
      Very helpful



      A lovely pudding with a bit of a twist.

      I spotted Walls Frusi in the local cheap frozen food place with my sister. She said she had bought some before and they were nice and an absolute bargain, so i picked some up as an alternative pudding for myself and my family to try.

      Seeing it was made by Walls, i was expecting them to be well made and tasty. They are never going to replace ice cream, but they are nice in their own way, and we all like eating them.

      They come in a plastic pot with a see through lid with the Walls logo in pink, a picture of a green leaf with a couple of pink flowers, and Frusi written in white text on the leaf. There are 2 pots then further packaged in cardboard. Although i am not a fan of too much packaging, i am not sure how else they could present these, and the pot and cardboard are recyclable so it is not too bad.

      All the nutritional information is on the cardboard. The ones i bought were made with mango and raspberry. This pot has 108 calories and only 2.4g of fat, so it is a fairly healthy choice. There are 2 other flavours - fruits of the forest have 110 calories, and peach and apricot comes in at 110 calories too. I have not tried the other 2 flavours, so my review will concentrate on the mango and raspberry version.

      When the pot is removed from the cardboard sleeve, you can see what you are about to eat through the tub and through the lid. It kind of reminds me of cheesecake in that it comes in layers. The bottom layer is cereal which looks like the bisuit layer. You can then see a very white creamy layer which is actually yoghurt, but looks very thick and tasty. You can then see the top layer of very appetising looking chunks of fruit. The berries are actually broken up a bit. Probably wise as berries can go very soft and unappealing when frozen. The chunks of mango are a decent size and look really succulent.

      Moving on to taste.
      It is probably best to leave it a couple of minutes once you take it out the freezer so it softens a little, especially if giving it to a small child. My 3 year old stuck his spoon in today and the whole pot contents came out in one go and he was trying to eat it like that. Not a huge problem until it starts to defrost as the contents aren't really designed to firmly stick together.

      If you allow it to soften, you can get a mix of all the different flavours together. You get a hit of tang from the raspberries, which is then sweetened by the mango and the cereal at the bottom. The main thing i can identify in the cereal layer is porridge oats, and they are very sweet. All i can say is my normal bag of porridge oats don't taste like this layer, and it is probably a good job, or i might as well start neighing as i would eat them from the bag. It is strange at first but very nice. The yoghurt doesn't have its own particularly strong taste. It is quite ice-cream like in texture, though obviously not in calories and i find it really pleasant.

      They are definitely something that will regularly appear as a treat in my freezer providing the price is right. I have seen that they have been on sale at £1.50 for 2 and i am not willing to go as high in price as this, but i guess it all depends what you are used to spending on desserts. If it were just me on a diet i probably would pay it, but when my kids could scoff a couple each in one sitting it is out of our budget.

      I would say definitely one to try if you like a pudding.


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        02.09.2008 22:24
        Very helpful



        A healthy frozen dessert.

        Frusi is a frozen yoghurt dessert made by Walls, perhaps best known for their ice-creams. I first sampled Frusis (I'm assuming that's the plural of Frusi) about a year ago when the product first came on the market. I'm a sucker when it comes to new and different items in the supermarket and was suckered in by a £1 promotional price. The average price when not on offer is £1.49 for a pack of two Frusi and I hadn't bought them in months until I recently spotted them in Farmfoods for the bargain price of 39p.

        Frusi is available in 3 varieties, Pineapple and Raspberry, Raspberry and Mango and
        Fruits of the Forest. They are a frozen dessert that can be eaten straight from the freezer and they are made with yoghurt, real fruit pieces (not sure how you would make fake fruit) and wholegrain cereals. For those of you counting calories, each pot contains 107 calories, 15g of sugar and 2.3g of fat but you can cancel out the fat and sugar content by taking into consideration the fact that each dessert contains 50% of your RDA of vitamin C.

        Each Frusi comes in a small tub with a plastic lid, similar to a yoghurt pot. One you peel back the clear lid, you can have a closer nosey at the frozen fruit on top. Tonight, I'm devouring a Pineapple and Raspberry flavour Frusi which has a generous thick topping of chopped pineapple and raspberries. The fruit is sweet with the added tartness you'd expect from fresh raspberries. Underneath is the frozen yoghurt which has a sweet vanilla flavour to it and at the base is a layer of the wholegrain cereals which looks and tastes like muesli without any nuts or raisins. That would probably just be the oats then! Together, the favours work really well together and the layered textures reminds me of a healthier version of a cheesecake.

        You can eat this straight out of the freezer or, if you prefer, you can allow it defrost for 10-15 minutes to enjoy a softer consistency. Now, I can't say I prefer this to Ben and Jerry's, but it is a sweet and tasty alternative to ice-cream whether your dieting or just generally healthier than I am. At the usual shop price of £1.49 I do feel it's a bit dear for two desserts but if you see it in Farmfoods for 39p, it's definitely worth grabbing a packet or two.


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          02.10.2007 13:44
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          A delicious treat that isn't too sinful to the figure.

          As I try to stick to my diet in preparation for my forthcoming wedding, desserts have been off the menu for a while, until I saw an advertisement in my Slimming World magazine for Frusi a new frozen dessert from Walls and there was also a 50p off voucher, they sounded delicious and I remembered to look out for them next time I was at the supermarket.

          Fast forward a month and whilst browsing the freezer aisles in Asda I spotted them at the end of the aisle on promotion for £1 a pack, I popped some in the trolley and carried on shopping.

          *~*What is Frusi?*~*
          Frusi is made by Walls who have produced its famous ice-cream in the UK for over 80 years. Frusi is a frozen dessert with a difference as it contains no preservatives or colours and contains 50% of the daily vitamin C requirement.
          The dessert has a wholegrain oats and caramelised cashew nut base which is followed by a layer of whole milk yogurt and topped off with a delicious fruit topping.
          Each pack contains 2 individual pots held together in a cardboard outer wrapper displaying the name frusi and the flavour.

          *~*Nutritional Information and Ingredients*~*
          Each 136g pot contains the following:-

          107 Kcals
          15g Sugar
          23g Fat
          1.2g saturates
          0.038g salt

          Fructose syrup, acerola cherry juice, lemon juice, emulsifier, stabiliser, whole milk yougurt, sugar, reconstituted skimmed milk, cream, glucose-fructose syrup and muesli (whole grain oat flakes, cashew nuts, wheatflour, palm oil, cane sugar, cinnamon powder,honey)
          Each flavour contains different amounts of fruit and this varies on each flavour.

          There is a note on the packaging stating that there may be traces of peanuts however this is not very clear on the packaging which is not ideal for those with a nut allergy.

          The dessert is stored in the freezer and is eaten whilst frozen, however I find it more enjoyable to remove from the freezer approximately 5-10 minutes before consuming as it softens the fruit a little.

          There are currently 3 flavours available:
          Pineapple and Raspberry
          Raspberry and Mango
          Fruits of the Forest (Raspberry, Blackberry, Balckcurrants, Redcurrants)

          I have tried all 3 flavours and my favourite has to be the Pineapple and Raspberry.
          Fruits of the forest is a little too sour for my liking, and the other two flavours a more enjoyable as they are a little sweeter.

          Each flavour has a real fruit taste and is much tastier than other frozen fruit desserts I have ever had such as Cheesecakes and frozen berries as the consistency of the fruit does not become mushy.
          As you take the first mouthful the sweet fruit taste hits the taste buds, the consistency is somewhat similar to a sorbet but with real fruit pieces, as you get to the next layer the frozen yoghurt has a nice creamy consistency that is not overly sweet so the fruit does complement this well not making it taste too sickly. The final layer is the wholegrain oats which tastes a little like a flapjack with the honey and caramelised cashew nuts this really is a tasty dessert.

          I have since bought more of these desserts whilst they are on the promotional price of £1 per pack, the recommended retail price is £1.49 which still isn't overly expensive for this dessert.
          My partner had been moaning that he missed having tasty desserts since we had both kicked into healthy eating mode and when I asked him to give this a try he said he really enjoyed it, he also agrred that the fruits of the forest was a little sour so I know that there was nothing wrong with my taste buds!

          For those on the slimming world diet these work out at 5.5 syns per pot which is much lower than any other desserts I have so far come across and I would imagine that on Weightwatchers they would work out a similar amount of points making them suitable for anyone on a weightloss programme.
          If you like fruit and like frozen desserts then I would recommend trying these whilst they are on offer.


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        • Product Details

          "Frusì – it's a tasty snack made with fruit (frozen to help seal in the goodness), creamy yoghurt, and wholegrain cereals. Frusì is packed with fruit, which can be a natural source of vitamin C (50% of your Recommended Daily Allowance in a single Frusì pot); and wholegrain cereals which provide natural fibre (and we all know what that helps)."

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