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Walls Magnum Temptations

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3 Reviews

Brand: Walls / Type: Ice Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      14.07.2009 22:04
      Very helpful




      I've been in a bit of an ice cream mood recently and one of the flavours I've been sampling all different versions of is the good old, traditional chocolate! Not only have I been trying regular chocolate ice creams but I've also been trying various different cones and lollies. One version I have tried is Magnum Temptation!

      These ice cream products can be found in all supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda however it can also be found in petrol stations as well as some newsagents. It can always be found in the freezer section alongside the other Haagen Dazs ice creams. Often this is in amongst other branded ice creams such as Walls and Haagen Dazs. There are two types of Temptations, the plain chocolate version and the caramel version. I first tried the caramel ones.

      The magnum's come in a box which contains 3 ice creams. The box costs £3.45 normally or there about. However often there are offers on where you can get it a bit cheaper or get an offer where you can buy one and get one free. Sadly at the moment there are no offers on though. This price is pretty high and I almost grudged paying it. This worked out as £1.15p per ice cream. This is just as much as you would pay for a Magnum singly in a shop, if not a little bit more. Very expensive!!

      The box is very attractive and stands out in the freezers. It is made out of a cardboard similar to all other boxes. The main colour scheme is a luxurious, very "fudgy" looking brown. It is swirled with different shades of brown and looks velvety and gorgeous. On the front is the classic magnum logo as well as the product name which in this case is caramel and almonds. There also is a gorgeous looking picture of the treats inside which just tempt you even more!

      When you open the lid you can see the products individually. They each come wrapped in a brown packet much similar to the pattern of the main outer cardboard box. It is easy to open and simply requires ripping the end. Once out of the packaging they look even more delicious. It is a dark brown in colour but not as dark as dark chocolate.

      The magnum was really quite delicious. The chocolate coating was very thick and had a nice frozen crunch to it. It tasted very creamy and was a delicious milk chocolate. It coated the back of my throat and made it very thick. The vanilla ice cream was creamy and tasted really quite similar to a caramel ice cream. The caramel sauce was thick and evenly distributed and tasted very similar to the stuff you get to pour over sauce. It was deliciously sweet. The almonds didn't add much to the taste, only a slight aftertaste. For me this was great though.

      I would thoroughly recommend however the price Is extortionate.


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      25.04.2009 19:56
      Very helpful



      Not as amazing as id hope but still a good ice cream!


      Like yourselves I saw the advert and when I saw it for the first time I thought what is this going to advertise... yet another product from Magnum. I do like the magnum products, since the product was launched in 1987, I like how they think out of the box and try and come up with something different and something that you cant already buy, such as the double caramel and the range "7 sins" . I must admit though, despite all the flavours I do like the simple white one, however even since this was launched it has been relaunched now with a M stamped in the chocolate, and my least favourite is the Ecuador, I am not a fan of dark chocolate!

      The new product range

      Now we move onto the newest product of magnum... Magnum Temptation, choose from two flavours, Temptation chocolate and temptation caramel and almond. This particular review is about the Temptation chocolate, but don't you worry I shall be trying the other temptation product also, it sounds yummy!

      The temptation chocolate, as I said at the beginning, drew me in because of the advert, I thought what a great idea, brownie and chocolate pieces in an already great ice cream! So I went on the hunt last Sunday for one, much to my disappointment I had to have a bit of a drive and I was lucky in the 3rd shop I tried but I couldn't by them singularly, I don't know whether that's the case with most of their products to see how successful they are before they are sold on their own, but I had to buy a box of 3 which was £3.69, which worked out £1.23 each, which isn't bad for a magnum considering some places the original ones are £1.50-£2.00.


      As I opened the box I found that each magnum was wrapped individually, but not in a foil wrapper, a box! It made it look very luxurious and I thought this is going to be good! But I personally didn't see the need for it, considering it just goes in the recycle box, id rather the money they spent on the packaging came off the price of the product, it did though on the flip side make me think were they hiding a not so good product behind some great packaging....


      I was slightly disappointed when I pulled it out of its box, it appeared smaller than normal magnums but that may just of been me! There was nothing amazing about it to look at, and I kind of expected it after the box.. It was on its usual magnum wooden stick.
      The layer of chocolate is just as thick as the other magnum products and has that crunch as you bite into it and it didn't all crack! You can see the light chocolate ice cream, but nothing spectacular yet, another bite and you begin to taste the chocolate sauce, I didn't find it too strong, still disappointed that I had not come across any brownies yet, in the advert they were bursting out! Then I came across a piece of white chocolate, which before then I did not realise there were chunks of chocolate in there as well, so that was pleasing and then finally some brownie, but if it wasn't for the soft consistency you wouldn't tell that was what it was.

      Nutritional facts

      Now each magnum is 240 calories with 10g of fat which saturates (for those weight watcher followers out there this is 6 points! A definite treat if you have been good in the week!) but you have to appreciate an ice cream with all these components wont be healthy so you put that behind you!

      I was disappointed with magnum's 2009 product, it wasn't as nice as, a) the advert portrayed and b) the packaging made you think. I recommend you try it as you have to try all the new magnum products they launch but id still choose the white classic over the not so luxurious temptation chocolate.


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      24.04.2009 18:21
      Very helpful



      A masterpiece by Walls.

      Walls Magnum, even the name sounds impressive doesn't it?
      A few years ago when the Magnum was introduced to the market there must have been someone sitting in an office swirling about on their swivel chair, chewing the end of a pencil trying to think up a name that was good enough for this up market and adult choc ice on a stick.
      Magnum, a bottle containing two-fifths of a gallon of liquor or Magnum the gun cartridge that is extra powerful? I am going for the gun cartridge theory, the ice cream makes its presence known, it looks and sounds convincing and commanding.
      Magnum P I - I can just see Tom Selleck on a beach in Hawaii wearing a pair of thongs and slurping on a Magnum. Hmmm..

      Although the Magnum comes in a few different flavours I generally err on the side of caution and buy the classic version. I have to confess that I am not overly fond of the white chocolate Magnum, it is just too sweet.
      The Magnum classic is the ultimate experience, the rich thick layer of chocolate covering the super creamy ice cream. If you look at the size of the ice cream and compare it against the price that you pay you could be forgiven for thinking that it works out a bit expensive. But Walls have their reasons for making the Magnum range a mite smaller, the combination of the rich ice cream and thick chocolate is very filling and enough to satisfy most people.

      Just to give the population of Great Britain a special treat Walls have created their 2009 model, the Magnum Temptation.
      The new product has been advertised well and after seeing it on a television advert I had put it on my list of things that had to be done by the end of the week.
      The packaging is superb! An elegant box that would look good anywhere, imagine making a single ice cream and packing it into a box like it were a precious jewel.
      When you take the Magnum Temptation out of it's luxury dark brown and silver penthouse it looks much like any other Magnum.
      OH, slight disappointment kicking in here now.
      The usual short wide wooden stick bearing the Magnum logo and on closer inspection the thick dark layer of chocolate that coats the temptation has an artistic swirl running the length of it.

      How can you possibly mess about with a Magnum? You have to cut to the chase, so my first step was to bite the top off so that I could further my investigations.
      The layer of dark chocolate that covers the Magnum is certainly as thick as the others in the same range and when the top has been removed then that gives you a clearer picture of what lays ahead.
      Inside you can see the lighter milk chocolate ice cream and another bite deeper reveals some white interlopers. By now my tongue has encountered the rich and slightly heavy chocolate sauce and as an interloper makes it way through the chocolate sauce I realise that I am enjoying a chunk of crunchy white chocolate!
      But it seems that it's not over yet, as the sweet milk chocolate ice cream flirts along with the rich chocolate sauce and plays with the nuggets of crunchy white chocolate an unexpected chunk of chewy chocolate Brownie turns up to join the party.

      Inside of that dark chocolate casing there is so much going on, all thoughts of zillions of calories are pushed to the back of your mind as you try and live through the explosion that is taking place on your taste buds. (Explosion- Magnum- Cartridge- Got it now!)

      The opulent ice cream is the perfect size, any larger and the death defying richness would be far too indulgent. Walls have created a masterpiece for their 2009 collection.
      If I had to make one criticism it would refer to the rich chocolate sauce that runs through the veins of the Magnum, maybe a touch less sauce in exchange for another few of those chewy Brownie pieces.

      The Magnum Temptations were on offer at Asda at £2 for a box of three.
      Although they are more than gorgeous I can foresee that many people may either wait until they can buy them in the discount stores or just simply choose something that offers a little more value for money.

      One Magnum Temptation contains 240 calories, given the contents I though that it may have been more.


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