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Weight Watchers Banoffee Flavour Dessert Whip

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6 Reviews

Brand: Weight Watchers / Type: Other Desserts

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    6 Reviews
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      10.02.2012 20:18
      Very helpful



      a low calorie dessert from weight watchers that definitely does not deliver a good taste

      I have a bit of a sweet tooth and I like to have something sweet in my kitchen cupboard for when I get a craving. I'm a big fan of angel delight though for just one person the packet is a bit too large and I usually end up scoffing the lot in 1 or 2 sittings when it should probably serve about 4, oops.

      I spotted these weight watchers whip desserts in the supermarket next to the angel delight packets, the packet size looked ideal for one person (although it does say it serves 2) I have tried a variety of weight watchers desserts in the past and liked them, so I thought I'd give them a go.

      The packet the dessert comes in is quite small (about the same size as an individual hot chocolate packet) so can be easily stored without taking up much room. Preparation of the dessert is simple, pretty much the same as angel delight, and the instructions are printed on the back of the packet. All you need to do to make the dessert is to empty the entire packet into a bowl, add some skimmed milk (I'm sure it would work the same with semi-skimmed or even whole milk, but skimmed is better for those watching their calorie intake) and whisk until fluffy. Once you've whisked up a frenzy you pop the dessert into the fridge and leave to set. For all you weight watcher dieters one serving of this dessert (half a packet) is worth 1 point, or is 47 calories (only if made up with skimmed milk of course), which is pretty reasonable.

      After preparing my dessert according to the packet instructions and setting it in the fridge for around an hour it was ready to eat and so I tucked in. Unfortunately I found this dessert to be almost uneatable :(

      I imagined something light and fluffy with a banoffee flavour, as one would expect from the product name, what I ended up with was something light and fluffy but with a horrible taste I can only describe as bitter and soapy....

      I was really really disappointed with this dessert, I didn't expect something amazing as low calorie foods are generally not as good as equivalent full fat versions, but I did expect something at least edible. I'm afraid the remains of my dessert ended up in the bin and I was left to raid my cupboards for something to take the taste away. I will definitely not be buying this again.


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      08.02.2010 21:03
      Very helpful



      Great or sweet tooths

      I have a sweet tooth and while trying to kerb my cravings I needed something that would do that. This whip is perfect for a quick pudding or a treat after dinner.

      How to make******
      Take a sachet of Weight Watchers Banoffee Whip, whisk in skimmed milk and within a few minutes you'll have a fluffy pudding.

      ****Benefits & taste
      This is only 1 point per serving and tastes absolutly gorgeous. It has a light airey taste and the texture is smooth and creamy. You can really taste the banana in these and combined with the toffee it is sweet but not too much.

      Ingredients & nutritional information*****
      With Sweeteners and Sugars.

      Typical values per 100g/ml Per 69g Serving
      Energy 298kj 206kj
      Energy 71kcal 49kcal
      Protein 3.1g 2.1g
      Carbohydrate 10.5g 7.2g
      of which sugars 5.7g 3.9g
      Fat 1.8g 1.2g
      of which saturates 1.3g 0.9g
      Fibre 0.5g 0.3g
      Sodium 0.2g 0.14g

      This is suitable for Coeliacs and vegetarians but not vegans. May contain nuts.

      This is normally 39p for 12g's but you can get this on offer in Boots and collect aadvantage card points to.

      Store in a cool dry place. You can serve 2 but I would only say it serves 1 comfortably.

      If you are looking for something a bit different then look at the Weight Watchers Strawberry & Raspberry, Orange & Peach and Apple & Blackcurrant Jellies. They are easy to make and they have 0 points!


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      08.11.2009 23:18
      Very helpful
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      Low points - but big treat.

      When it comes to Weight Watchers products, Asda beats Tesco hands down, and I have to make a monthly pilgramige to Asda to stock up in order that I can sample abit of variety. This involves studiously trawling the aisles to find the weight watchers logo - and it was whilst doing this I found the Weight Watchers banoffee flavour dessert whip (thats like Angel Delight to you and me).

      This dessert comprises a single serving of the dessert which amounts too 1 point in total! OK so 1 point is good but really too be good at 1 point it has to feel more than one point lest it feels soul destroying like the mini victoria sponges.

      So I am now happy to report I have had two of these desserts, one bannoffee and one strawberry flavour. Both are made up using 125ml of milk (I used skimmed) which is mixed with the contents of the sachet. I use by electic whisk for this to save on aching arms, so the mix takes about 60 - 90 seconds to raise into peaks. Then transfer to a dish and refrigerate for 10-20 minutes and then serve.

      What's great - simple to make and you can lick the spoon (after all its part of the 1 point so don't waste it).

      The contents fill a small fruit salad type bowl which you would want for a pudding of this nature - which is a good indicator of the 1 point value - you are not getting a half portion size in order to achieve the low point value.

      The taste is rich and unstinting - truly delicious (as long as you like banoffee - if not try the alternates).

      And most surprisingly the dessert was filling - I'm not entirely sure why it should be so, the consistency, the milk - who knows but it was.

      This pudding rockets to the top of my list. Its 38p per sachet (Nov/09 price).

      As an idea weight watchers also has some indivdual sachet jellies at 0 points per sachet (and this sachet makes a handsome sized jelly for one) why not combine these two - to get a really nice sized pud for once.


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        05.07.2009 18:15
        Very helpful



        Brilliant instant dessert to keep in the store cupboard.

        I am doing Slimming World at the moment and am missing creamy puddings really badly.

        I noticed this on a shelf in Asda by all of the ready made jellies; it comes in slim sachets that you tear open then, if you follow their instructions, add 125ml milk, whisk till frothy, then leave in the fridge to set for a short while. Each sachet serves 2 people.

        Whips and mousses don't really fill me up and satisfy me like thicker textured cream puddings, so I didn't bother following the instructions on the packet.

        I use Quark for several types of puddings and ice creams and make up my own desserts using it as a base for other flavourings and ingredients. I was sure that this whip would be great to add to a tub of Quark - and I was right. Quark is a free food on both original and green days on SW and it is really filling and has an indulgent texture when whipped with a little milk and other flavourings.

        I added the whole sachet of Banana and toffee whip to a tub of Quark and added a couple of tablespoons of skimmed milk to loosen the mixture a little. The aroma is amazing, really like banoffee pie! You could eat this thick, creamy dessert just as it is, but it could taste a little dry, so I added a sliced banana which made all the difference and transformed it into a really tasty dessert that was very filling and also felt very indulgent. I made 2 portions out of this mixture and although I am not really sure of the syn value, based on the ingredients, I believe it to be very low indeed.

        I miss my cheesecakes and creme brulee type puddings, so this is just what I need. I will be trying the other flavours in the same way soon, substituting fresh strawberries for the banana in the strawberry and cream whip. At 4 for £1 at Asda, they are also a true bargain.


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        07.06.2009 17:37
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        a delicious pudding that everyone will enjoy.

        I was walking around Asda a few weeks ago looking for a pud which looked tasty and appealing but at the same time not calorific. (not an easy thing to find!). I saw this Weightwatchers 'dessert whip' and noticed it said 1 point per serving. Having done WW before I know this is very good. Also, doing Slimming World now, I figured it wouldn't be many 'syns'. I was right as when I did my research I found it to be 1/2 syn per portion. I thought 'I'll give it a whirl'. I put it in my cupboard and forgot about it until this morning, when I saw it lurking there, looking very rejected. I thought 'Ok, today I'll try you'. I am so glad I did. Want to know why ? Then read on...

        What is the product ?
        Weightwatchers Banoffee Flavour Dessert Whip.

        The packaging ?
        Bit wierd.
        It comes in a foil sachet about 1 inch across and about 6 inches in length.
        It has a picture of the ready to eat whip in a serving glass on the front with the WW name and flavour stated. It also states it is 1 WW point per serving. This is useful to those on WW.

        The Price ?
        An unbelievable 26p
        There are two servings per pack, so it works out at 13p per portion.
        (you do have to add milk, but even so, I doubt the price would top 20p per portion).

        Nutritional Information ?
        Yes, it's all there in clear, easy to read print.
        (Although if you are following the WW diet all you need to know is that it is 1 point per portion, and that is stated on the front of the pack.)

        Are the instructions easy to follow ?
        Extremely !
        Basically, place the contents of the sachet into a mixing bowl, add 125ml of milk and whisk.
        Using an electric whisk it took me about two minutes to get a fluffy consistancy.
        Place in serving dishes and leave in the fridge for 5 - 10 minutes.
        Hey Presto !
        Serve and enjoy.

        But is is good ?
        It is scrummy.
        As soon as I opened the sachet there was this amazing aroma of bananas and toffee (those with a certain amount of knowledge about these matters call this Banoffee).
        Without thinking I let out a " oooh, this is lovely ".
        I tipped the powder into the waiting milk and the milk instantly started changing into a yellowy/creamy beige colour.
        The smell of bananas was unmistakable. I was licking my lips at this point, wondering if it really was necessary to chill for 5 minutes or would it be okay to eat it straight away as I didn't want to wait. I used the electric whisk as stated but guess a hand held one would do the same job, it would just take a bit longer. The mixture was fluffy within seconds. The powder mixes beautifully into the milk. There are no lumps at all. The mixture now was a beige colour and after about two minutes of whisking was airy, fluffy, light, smooth, creamy and the smell was mouth wateringly tempting.

        What about the portion size ?
        It makes two generous portions. If you wanted a larger dessert or more than just mousse, you could maybe add some sliced banana.

        And the flavour ?
        Oh, what can I say.
        It does exactly what it says on the sachet.
        It is Banoffee through and through.
        It has the most delicious creamy banoffee taste.
        Just scrumptious.
        If you like banoffee then this is one for you.

        So, you would recommend it then ?
        In a flash.
        It is already on my shopping list for next week.
        It is great if you are on a diet but, you could give it to anyone and they would not know that it was a low fat/low cal dessert (I know, because I did and they didn't - they also didn't believe me when I told them it was WW).
        Great for children too as it is a flavour they would enjoy (other flavours are available too).
        It says on the packet you can freeze it but it didn't last long enough for me to try.

        I give this product 9 out of 10
        (it would be 10 out of 10 but the slimness of the packaging means that it is tricky to find on the supermarket shelves. I saw it quite by chance).


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          08.10.2008 22:20
          Very helpful



          tastes good

          ****Weight watchers Banoffee Flavour Whip****

          I found this in the back of my cupboard one day and since it was still in date decided to give it a try.

          About weight watchers
          Weight watchers is a company that people can pay to join and it is supposed to help them loose weight by offering them advice etc.They have a point system and most people are around 20 points a day.

          where to buy
          I got mine from Tescos but is is not on the website for some reason and when i checked the other day it was still in the shops.Also available from asdas and most other supermarkets.

          Basically all you do is Pour 125 ml of skimmed milk into a bowl
          and then you add contents of packet-this was basically a fine powder.
          and whisk using an electronic whisk -a manual one does just fine .how lazy do they think people are? From the powder you could smell the banoffee.
          refrigerate for 5-10 minutes.the packet makes 2 servings and each contain 1 point or 49 calories to normal people-it took longer to chill i left it in for about 20 minutes.

          It is also suitable for vegetarians.
          Apparently this product can help slimming or weight control as part of a calorre controled diet.well duh so could mars bars if that was all you ate.
          I would get it again as it has less calories than normal angel delight and it is cheaper.It also has a really lovely banoffee taste.A must try for people who are trying to lose weight but do not want to give up their favourite foods.

          This is also quite cheap.


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