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Weight Watchers Caramel Crunch Dessert

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Brand: Weight Watchers / Type: Other Desserts

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    9 Reviews
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      12.01.2011 22:02
      Very helpful



      Heaven in a Weight-Watchers Box!

      A life-long weight-watcher, but on a low points level, I never really paid any attention to Weight-Watchers dessert range- with just 18 old points a day a 3 point dessert was never really an option. However, new year, and pro-points have allowed this product to come into my life, and boy am I thankful!!

      I found these on offer in Sainsbury's at 2 for £3 (so 4 desserts). Put into pro-points these account for 5 pro points as opposed to the 3 old points that remains printed on most packaging at the moment.

      This dessert is a fairly good frozen dessert option for someone on the go because unlike the cheesecake, this dessert requires just 10 minutes out of the freezer (perfect whilst you eat your main course). It does defrost quite quickly at room temperature. The plastic bowel it is in does appear to be deeper than those of mainy other weight watchers desserts. I didn't attempt to take it out of the tub, to be perfectly honest I cannot imagine it is physically possible to get the dessert out and it still look like that pictured on the box. So it isn't a dessert I would recommend for a dinner party, but hey, once you have tasted it I don't think you will want to share it with any friends!

      It has a buscuity base, i'm not really sure how to describe it, it isn't like digestive base of a cheese cake, but it isn't a ponge base either, it is a soft buscuity base. It is then a creamy dessert with rich running caramel through it. The creamy dessert I would liken to Mr.Whippy sort of texture. Finally, the best part, the crunchy caramel balls that top it (becareful to save some of these for the end, it is very tempting to eat them all first but they really are the best part!). It is a large dessert for weight watchers, very sweet and very filling.

      It is no exaggeration that this dessert is one of my favourite desserts of all time, being weight watchers is a bonus! I highly recommend it!


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      18.08.2010 08:20
      Very helpful



      tasty desserts

      I can't help it I love something 'sweety' after my meals in the evenings, I'm not too fussy as to what I just like to cure the sweet tooth. The other day I bought a box of weightwatchers caramel crunch desserts, I hadn't tried them before but I like most of the foods in the weightwatchers range so figured these would probably go down a sweet treat to.

      The caramel crunch desserts come in your deep purple weight watchers box, there are 2 desserts inside and there is a picture of one on the front of the box which does look rather appetising. The box informs us that these are 'Rich Caramel Mousse and Creamy Custard on a moist toffee sponge with sweet toffee sauce sprinkled with caramel crunch.

      If you are following the weightwatchers plan, one of these desserts counts as 3 points.

      One dessert contains 174 calories
      2.9% fat
      23.5g sugars
      1.6g saturates

      You will find these in the freezer section of any supermarket that sells them, before eating one though the box advises you remove the seal, leave to stand for 10 minutes and then indulge in the pot provided.

      Each dessert comes in a see through plastic pot, quite a deep one in fact which is good. You are met firstly by caramel crunchy pieces scattered along the top. They add a very slight sweet crunch but they are not the best bit. You soon sink down into the light, fluffy and frothy creamy custard. It has a lovely light and airy feeling when eating it but it's the next two layers which provide the most flavour. The rich caramel mousse and creamy custard do taste sweet, indulgent yet not heavy and hearty either. They have a light sweetness, rich and tasty, made even more tasty by the soft and moist toffee sponge at the very bottom of the dessert. The desserts provide a lot of sweetness and flavour yet they are not sickly and too sugary either which is really welcoming in a dessert. They can cure a sweet tooth yet not make you feel like you've over indulged either, and you can still feel satisfied from a tasty and delicious dessert.


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      03.09.2009 10:03
      Very helpful
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      Definitely one of the best frozen desserts in the range :)

      I am not a Weight Watcher but my mum is so we have loads of their desserts in as they are generally lovely!

      One such pudding is their 'Caramel Crunch' from Heinz which comes boxed in two for around £1.39 unless on special offer.

      Each dessert weighs 89g and comes in a little plastic pot with a sealed film lids on it.

      These sweets are taken straight from the freezer to defrost for at room temperature for 20 minutes and then you can tuck in!

      Containing 3 points or 174 calories each for those who are counting, this includes a hefty 23.5g of sugar but a lot less 2.6g of fats per one. You can understand why they are so glucose sweet when you eat one and they are very appealing for a sweet-toothed person like me :)

      Described as 'Rich caramel mousse and creamy custard on a moist toffee sponge with sweet toffee sauce sprinkled with caramel crunch' don't these sound as lovely as they taste?!

      With a best before date of June 10 on ours they've already gone but not forgotten, lol!

      For allergists these include gluten, wheat, eggs, milk, soya and may contain traces of nuts...

      There are no artificial colours of hydrogenated fats (the bad ones for our hearts) either.

      The dessert includes 13% toffee sauce, 4% caramel pieces and 2% whipping cream - all very tasty indeed!

      The top of each pudding is sprinkled with tiny hard caramel balls which taste a lot like Crunchie to me. Next comes the frothy whipped cream which is really light and fluffy hiding a creamy layer of custard that tastes very natural of vanilla.

      The delicious toffee sauce is spread around the outside of the dessert layers inside the container; it looks really attractive as if it has been drizzled there. The sauce is quite runny and sticky and very gloopy too.

      Underneath this is a more solid sponge disc at the bottom of the carton which is my favourite bit! It is about half and inch thick and really chewy and full of toffee flavour, really moreish and satisfying!

      The thing I love about this particular dessert is all the layers that compliment each other so well and the different textures from sponge through to a really cream custard sauce then the soft cream topped with crunchy crisp pieces - it all really works well together.

      Five stars from me even though I'm not on a diet I love these tasty sweets so much! :)


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        15.07.2009 19:19
        Very helpful
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        Weight watchers are a diet company who supply products suitable for the WeightWatchers diet. One of their products are the caramel crunch desserts.

        They can be found in all supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, Waitrose etc as well as being able to be ordered from Weight Watchers themselves either online or over the phone. Often they can be found in little newsagents and petrol stations however not very often. They are part of a large range of WW cakes and pastries.

        They come in a box of 2 and each cake weighs roughly 85g. For a diet product, especially a dessert I think that this is quite a good weight and doesn't seem like its skimping too much. The box of 2 costs £1.34 which works out at around 67p per dessert. This is quite expensive but not too bad considering something like a McFlurry from McDonald's will cost you around £1 or now a days maybe even more.

        The puddings come in a box which is made of cardboard. Considering the amount inside the box, it is quite a big. I felt that this was a waste of packaging. On the back is all the usual nutrition information and ingredients and on the front is the brand name and a product description. My favourite part of the front of the box though is the delicious looking pictures. There is an imagine of the delicious dessert. They do look scrumptious and make it even more tempting. They look quite naughty though and I was a bit doubtful as to whether a diet product could look this amazing. Around the picture of the main dessert were images of pieces of had toffee. This was really appealing and made you wonder how on earth a diet product could be containing fatty, sugary foods like this. The box is mainly purple in colour which is typical of WW products.

        The box is easy to open and inside each dessert is in its own little pot. There is a plastic lid on the top of them too. There is no smell at all to these but this is because the lid is on! This was a bit annoying as I like to be tempted and lured in to eating by a wonderful smell. Oh well! You are recommended to leave these out for 10 minutes so I did just that. On one of the other WW puddings I accidentally left it out a bit too long but nothing really happened and it was still great! Not to worry if you do forget about it for a while! When I removed the lid I did actually get a lovely toffee smell! It smelled really sweet and very tempting.

        The dessert was absolutely amazing and the taste was really delicious. The textures were really amazing too and each part of the pudding brought something different. The first thing I tried were the little caramel crunch bits on the top of the dessert. The word "crunch" is no exaggeration. These are actually really, really hard and require a big bite. They made a loud noise too and I felt for my poor teeth. There was a nice amount of these on top of the dessert too. The next thing I had was the toffee mousse. It was actually quite dense but not as dense as it had been in a few of the other WW puddings. It was whipped so smooth and glided down your throat easily. The taste was really caramel ish and tasted slightly like the caramel drinks you get from Starbucks. The custard resembled custard slightly but not 100%. It was really creamy and had a lovely smooth ,but gloopy texture too. The toffee sauce was incredibly sweet and almost sickly. There was a lovely amount of it too! The sponge was lovely. At one point I actually thought it tasted of biscuit but I was wrong I think. The sponge had a lovely caramel taste to it too. Overall the taste of this dessert was gorgeous but I think I broke my teeth on the crunchy bits.

        They were delicious so I was worried about the nutrition. I was slightly miffed when I found out that each dessert had 175 calories and 4.4g of fat in it. I'd have much preferred it to be nearer the 150 mark. Still they are part of the WW diet and make up only 3 points!


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          14.07.2009 12:40
          Very helpful



          Not one I'm eager to eat again.

          I got these from my local corner shop at the weekend along with another dessert which doesn't appear to be listed on dooyoo yet. Still, I've put it forward as a suggestion so it may get reviewed at some point in the future.........


          The box is predominantly purple, as you'd expect a Weightwatchers product to be. There's a picture of the dessert on the front along with the name. The back of the box contains the usual information: ingredients, nutritional information, some stuff about Weight Watchers etc along with the defrost instructions:-

          "Remove film seal. Allow to stand at room temperature for ten minutes".

          The product is described as:- Rich caramel mousse and creamy custard on a moist toffee sponge with sweet toffee sauce sprinkled with caramel crunch". Sounds quite nice, doesn't it?

          There's also a picture of Weight Watchers Banoffee Desserts. Why not try some?!

          The box contains 2 of these desserts. The picture on the front of the box has the dessert standing on it's own. However the back of the box advises:-"For best results eat from pot"

          You can visit www.heinz.co.uk to find out more about Heinz, to comment & to receive information about their offers & promotions.

          Nutritional Information per dessert {per 100g in brackets}

          Energy kJ: 739kJ {830kJ}
          kcal: 174kcal {196kcal}
          Protein: 4.1g {4.6g}
          Carbohydrate: 33.7g {37.9g}
          of which sugars: 23.5g {26.4g}
          Fat: 2.6g {2.9g}
          (of which saturates):1.6g {1.8g}
          Fibre: 1.5g {1.7g}
          Sodium: 0.2g {0.2g}
          Salt equivalent: 0.5g {0.6g}

          Allergy information: contains gluten, wheat, barley, egg, milk, soya. May contain traces of nuts.
          These desserts contain no artificial colours & no hydrogenated fat.

          For those of you on the Weight watchers diet each dessert has a value of 3 points.

          The dessert:
          The dessert is "housed" in a plastic pot. On opening the pot you can see a sprinkling of the caramel crunch atop the mousse. If you look at the side of the pot you can see small "pockets" of the caramel sauce whilst at the bottom you can see the toffee sponge. The dessert measures around 5cm in depth with the bottom 3/4 cm or so taken up by the sponge.

          The caramel crunch sprinkling at the top of the dessert is actually rather nice. I personally would have preferred a little more of it, but at least Weight Watchers didn't completely cover the the whole of the top of the dessert with the stuff. The mousse didn't taste very much of anything & neither did the custard layer beneath it. In fact, from a taste point of view you couldn't really tell where one ended & the other began! The caramel sauce was nice, just verging on the border of being a little too sweet but there was very little of it. As I mentioned, you can see "pockets" of it around the edge of the pot & this is as far as it goes. It's a very thin layer indeed. Then, at the bottom there was the "moist toffee sponge". Moist is erring on the generous side as it felt more like slightly soggy to me. To be fair, it had more taste to it than either the mousse or the custard but I didn't find the texture at all pleasant.


          At the time of writing, I paid 99p for one box of these in my local corner shop.

          The best thing about this was the caramel sauce & the caramel crunch. The toffee sponge was too soogy, despite being left for longer than the stated 10 minutes to defrost, & the mousse & custards layers were rather nondescript. That's not to say that this is a bad dessert ~ it's not vile by any stretch of the imagination ~ but the two most tasty components are in rather meagre supply. Perhaps if you jammed your spoon in & mixed it all up together it would taste better? Now there's a thought for the remaining pot......


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            25.05.2009 14:30
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great low fat treat, one to keep in the freezer on standby!

            I recently bought a box of these desserts while they were on special offer in Asda at £1 a box. The picture on the box was what caught my eye, I have a real sweet tooth where anything caramel is concerned and these looked deliciously dripping in caramel and very tasty. As they were 3 points per dessert I figured that these would be a nice, indulgent treat when I have had a day of particularly harsh point counting.

            For non weight watchers the nutritional info away from the points content is 174 calories and 1.6g of saturated fat per pot so either way this is a much healthier dessert than a standard bowl of ice cream for example.

            The desserts require about half an hour defrosting, on the box it actually suggests they only need about 10 mins but I found there was still cystals of ice on mine when I only left it this long (maybe I need to turn my freezer down!). After half an hour they have defrosted into a smooth, ice cream consitency.

            I have the say the taste really blew me away, I always expect low fat desserts to taste somewhat synthetic but these really dont, in fact I would not have known it was a WW or low fat product if it had been served to me without my knowledge.

            The caramel sauce is very good and has the unmistakable sweetness that you expect, the sponge on the base is very light and the custard in between is lovely, smooth and tasty. The whole dessert is really very good and the only downside is that the portion is not very big - but then thats the trick of losing weight I guess, portion control!! It is enough of a sweet hit to make you feel you have had a treat and a proper dessert though and I would suggest that if you ever want to reach for something sweet or are having a bad diet day you could do far worse than reaching for one of these.

            I will definitely buy these again and intend to keep them in the freezer for the times when I need a treat, a great, tasty product from the weight watchers brand, especially good value as the price (even when not on special offer) is only £1.39.


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              17.01.2009 18:54
              Very helpful



              See review.

              As with most of the population I am now on a "health kick", this is fancy talk for getting rid of my muffin top that now obscures the fly on my jeans!

              The problem with this is the fact that I have an obscenely sweet tooth, teeth.... Well the whole bloody mouth in fact!

              My diet of choice happens to be Weight Watchers, no particular reason for this bar the fact that I have been doing it for so many years now it is second nature to me. Also the fact that you can get pre done and pointed meals makes evening meals, after being at work all day, so much easier and more convenient.

              There has always been a nice, if somewhat small, selection of puddings in this range, all of which I have tried and enjoyed at some point.

              Upon a recent trip to Asda I did notice that there are a few new additions to the range, the one I will now review being one of them.

              The desert I will now review is - "Weight Watchers caramel crunch dessert"

              The packaging is the obligatory purple colour with plenty of information on the front. There is the obligatory brand name, product name and description, points value per pot, calorific content per pot and the fat content per pot. There is then finally a very delicious looking picture of the dessert, out of the plastic pot it comes in, and melted just enough for the caramel sauce to ooze seductively down the side of the plate.

              Per box there are two pots in there, both frozen. The recommended defrost time for a dessert is around 10 minutes firstly removing the film seal on the top.
              Ok, even in a warm room 10 minutes is being to ambitious, more like 15 - 20 minutes, though it is very rare I leave them to defrost at all, I prefer to eat them as an ice cream dessert.

              The picture on the front of the box is slightly deceiving. Not as much in the actual look of the dessert, unusually it is pretty spot on, but more the fact that you can't actually get the dessert out of the pot without spooning it out, thus spoiling the overall effect!

              Once you have either easily spooned some out or chiselled some out, depending whether you could be arsed to wait the tasting is next!

              I have to be honest, this dessert is by no means unpleasant, but it is not full of flavour like so many of the other desserts available in this range.

              On the top of the dessert there is a generous sprinkling of crunchy caramel balls, these are delicious and stay crunchy even when defrosted, (I had to take my husbands word on that one, he is more patient than me!). Next is a layer of caramel mousse sitting on top of a custard flavoured mousse, this is where I was a little disappointed, there seemed to be a very weak flavour to these, neither tasting of caramel or custard. Finally there is a very thin layer of moist toffee sponge with an even thinner layer of toffee sauce on the top of that, this was more flavourful, but as these are, I suppose, more difficult to replicate as these are mostly sugar, there is not going to be a generous layer of these!

              The nutritional information, per pot, is as follows -

              174 kcal
              4.1g protein
              33.7g carbohydrate
              23.5g of which sugars
              2.6g fat
              1.6g of which saturates

              That makes these 3 Weight Watchers points each, as with all the other desserts this pretty good going, and really gives you a sweet hit when you need the most..... When your dieting!

              There are some nutritional warnings though, these being that these desserts contain gluten, wheat, barley, egg, soya and may contain traces of nuts.
              These don't contain artificial colours and hydrogenated fat.

              All parts, apart from the film lids that seal the pots, is recyclable, with pots actually coming in quite useful if you have children who are quite crafty, these hold the perfect amount of glitter and sequins!

              There are quite a few desserts in the W.W range now, for more information on these and the wide range of meals and snacks also visit - www.weightwatchers.co.uk

              These are enjoyable, and lets be honest, when you are deprived of all your favourite treaty bits these would more than do, these are not however the best in the range.

              At the moment the majority of the W.W desserts are available for purchase from Asda for £1.00, for more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

              Thanks for reading x


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                01.11.2008 21:27
                Very helpful



                A gorgeous dessert.

                Hubby and I have been chopping wood for our log burner this morning and needed something quick for lunch that we could just pop into the oven. I grabbed oven chips, Kiev's for Dave and crispy pancakes for me out of the freezer and noticed that there was a box of Weight Watchers desserts lurking beneath. I figured that we had done enough work to deserve them so I fetched them out to defrost.

                The item in question is Weight Watchers from Heinz Caramel Crunch Desserts.

                I had purchased these when I last did my shopping in Asda and they cost me £1.37 for a box containing two individual desserts so that's 68.5p per dessert. You can tell I'm an accountant can't you? LOL!


                The box is purple with the Weight Watchers from Heinz logo in the top left hand corner. On the right hand side of the box front is a picture of the dessert looking very appealing indeed! There is also all the usual information about nutrition and ingredients and for those of you following the Weight Watchers diet there is also a note of the points value. The bit that really excited me was the large red circle with words 'now with more toffee sauce'.

                First Impressions

                I read the instructions on the side of the packet which told me to remove the desserts and let them defrost at room temperature for 10 minutes before eating. It also advises you to eat them out of the plastic containers that you will find them in.

                I opened the cardboard box and found two generous sized plastic pots with cellophane over the tops. I peeled back the cellophane to find peaks of cream with little crunchy balls (ooer missus!) scattered over the top. I was very impressed with the look of these. As I said the desserts were of a generous size which I find isn't always the case. Many a time I have bought a decent sized box to find a small amount of food inside!
                Incidentally the desserts did actually look the same as the picture on the box.

                What is in it?

                The description on the back of the box is 'creamy layers of custard, toffee sauce and caramel mousse on a toffee sponge topped with crunchy caramel pieces'.

                The Taste Test

                I took my spoon and tried just a bit of the cream topping and I have to admit that on its own it tasted just a bit synthetic. So I tried another spoonful taking in a mixture of the layers. Now we're talking! Absolutely delicious! I loved the blend of toffee and caramel - mind you I always do! The toffee sponge on the bottom was nice and moist and very tasty. The whole thing really worked well with the flavours and textures both blending together perfectly. There was plenty to eat as well - sometimes these sorts of desserts leave me wanting more but not with this one.

                The Nutritional Value

                The value per dessert, which is slightly less than 100g, is as follows:

                Calories 174
                Protein 4.1g
                Carbohydrates 33.7g
                Of which sugars 23.5g
                Fat 2.6g
                Of which saturated 1.6g
                Fibre 1.5g
                Salt 0.5g

                In Conclusion

                These desserts were brilliant - both hubby and I really enjoyed them. There was just enough to eat and the flavours and textures combined perfectly. So would I buy it again? You bet!!!!


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                  06.07.2008 15:55
                  Very helpful




                  My mum bought these when she was on a diet but after trying one decided that she didnt like them so I tried it and have been buying them ever since despite not really watching what i eat.

                  The Packaging:
                  These desserts come in packs of two, each in there own little plastic pot with a plastic lid on. The outer carton is purple with the weightwatchers logo on and a picture of the dessert itself.

                  What are they?:
                  Basically the dessert is a mousse type one. It has little balls of crunchy caramel on the very top. Then there is a light mousse bit and finally a light biscuity spongy base. Down the side of this dessert is my favourite bit - caramel sauce.

                  The Taste:
                  These desserts come frozen which means that they have to be left out for about 10 mins before you eat them. Once they have been fully defrosted they are absolutely gorgeous! Just the right size and just the right amount of everything in the pot. They are not too sickly either.

                  The Content:
                  This one has 3 points per pot. Im not sure what that means but it has 175 cals per pot which is more my lingo!

                  The Price:
                  These are often on special offer for 2 for £2. Otherwise in most supermarkets they are about £1.37.

                  The Verdict:
                  I really enjoy these and it means i can have a snack without feeling too guilty. They are light but filling and have an overall great taste.


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