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Weight Watchers Choc Top Desserts

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Brand: Weight Watchers / Type: Other Desserts

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    4 Reviews
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      04.08.2009 00:55
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      A tasty treat that doesn't make you feel guilty.

      If you're looking for a yummy treat that doesn't make you feel guilty about eating loads of calories then this is defiantly for you. This weight watchers dessert comes in a cardboard box of two with a picture of the dessert on the front and the distinctive weight watchers purple area where the name is stated.

      This is a frozen dessert that takes five minutes to defrost. There is a thick layer of white vanilla mouse that has a nice creamy flavour. This is also contains little chocolate chips that provides a crunchy surprise and to top it off there is a layer of chocolate on top! All in all it tastes delicious.

      As its Weight Watchers it is low in calories - 162 calories to be exact. If you are counting Weight Watchers points it's worth three and a half points so you don't have to feel guilty eating this yummy treat.

      One pack usually costs around £1.50 however there are sometimes deals on in supermarkets, for example in Sainsbury's at the moment you can get two packs for two pounds. Bargain!!


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        15.07.2009 19:28
        Very helpful




        Weight watchers are a diet company who supply products suitable for the WeightWatchers diet. One of their products are the choc top desserts.

        They can be found in all supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, Waitrose etc as well as being able to be ordered from Weight Watchers themselves either online or over the phone. Often they can be found in little newsagents and petrol stations however not very often. They are part of a large range of WW cakes and pastries.

        They come in a box of 2 and each cake weighs roughly 75g. For a diet product, especially a dessert I think that this is quite a good weight and doesn't seem like its skimping too much. The box of 2 costs £1.33 which works out at around 66p per dessert. This is quite expensive but not too bad considering something like a McFlurry from McDonald's will cost you around £1 or now a days maybe even more.

        The puddings come in a box which is made of cardboard. Considering the amount inside the box, it is quite a big. I felt that this was a waste of packaging. On the back is all the usual nutrition information and ingredients and on the front is the brand name and a product description. My favourite part of the front of the box though is the delicious looking pictures. There is an imagine of the delicious dessert. They do look scrumptious and make it even more tempting. They look quite naughty though and I was a bit doubtful as to whether a diet product could look this amazing. Around the picture of the main dessert were images of pieces of chocolate. This was really appealing and made you wonder how on earth a diet product could be containing fatty, sugary foods like this. The box is mainly purple in colour which is typical of WW products however there is a white colour theme to the dessert too!

        The box is easy to open and inside each dessert is in its own little pot. There is a plastic lid on the top of them too. There is no smell at all to these but this is because the lid is on! This was a bit annoying as I like to be tempted and lured in to eating by a wonderful smell. Oh well! You are recommended to leave these out for 10 minutes so I did just that. On one of the other WW puddings I accidentally left it out a bit too long but nothing really happened and it was still great! Not to worry if you do forget about it for a while! When I removed the lid I did actually get a lovely vanilla smell. The first thing I thought about these was, was how unusual they looked. The bottom of the dessert was all white and actually looked really strange. It slightly resembled a white chocolate mousse but it also looked like white angel delight! I couldn't wait to dig in!

        The dessert was actually quite nice despite my worries over its appearance. Around three quarters of the dessert was a vanilla mousse. The taste of vanilla was fairly strong however it definitely had a slight white chocolate taste to it too. This was fabulous though. It had a nice light texture and just the right amount of density to it too. It was fairly thick but didn't clog up your throat like some desserts tend to do. Throughout the mousse were delicious little chocolate pieces. There actually seemed to be an awful lot of them and although they tasted delicious, they did tend to get a bit annoying as I prefer something that is smooth, to be completely smooth. On top of the mousse was a lovely layer of milk chocolate. It wasn't overly thick but it wasn't thin either. It tasted quite like lovely milk chocolate and was very sweet however there was a mild creaminess to it too.

        They were delicious so I was worried about the nutrition. I was slightly miffed when I found out that each dessert had 166 calories and 8.6g of fat in it. Calorie wise this is about right but I found the fat content was a little bit too high for my liking!


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        08.07.2009 12:29
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        Distinctly average dessert

        I popped into my local corner shop & Monday to get some milk & noticed these in the freezer. As I'd not tried them before & I thought that they'd probably be available on dooyoo to review I thought I'd give them a whirl.......


        The box is predominantly purple, as you'd expect a Weightwatchers product to be. There's a picture of the dessert on the front, along with the name & a "now with more chocolate" blurb. The back of the box contains the usual information: ingredients, nutritional information, some stuff about Weight Watchers etc along with the defrost instructions:-

        "Remove film seal. Allow to stand at room temperature for five minutes".

        There's also a picture of Weight Watchers Banoffee Dessers. Why not try some?!

        The box contains 2 of these desserts. The picture on the front of the box has the dessert standing on it's own. However the back of the box advises:-"For best results eat from pot"

        You can visit www.heinz.co.uk to find out more about Heinz, to comment & to receive information about their offers & promotions.

        Nutritional Information per dessert {per 100g in brackets}

        Energy kJ: 678kJ {904kJ}
        kcal: 162kcal {216kcal}
        Protein: 3.2g {4.2g}
        Carbohydrate: 22.0g {29.3g}
        of which sugars: 15.4g {20.35g}
        Fat: 7.4g {9.9g}
        (of which saturates): 5.1g {6.8g}
        Fibre: 2.1g {2.8g}
        Sodium: <0.1g {<0.1g}
        Salt equivalent: <0.2g {0.2g}

        Allergy information: contains gluten, wheat, milk, soya. May contain traces of peanuts, nuts & egg
        These desserts contain no artificial colours.

        For those of you on the Weight watchers diet each dessert has a value of 3 1/2 points.

        The dessert:
        The dessert is "housed" in a plastic pot. At the top there's a thinnish shell of milk chocolate which covers the "rich & creamy vanilla mousse with crunchy chocolate crispies"

        The chocolate shell is actually rather nice, which is a bit of a surprise considering that this is meant to be diet food. It doesn't taste at all cheap & it doesn't crumble away into bits as soon as you pierce it with your spoon. Then we come to the mousse which is a bit odd. Mousse, of course, is a staple dessert of any childhood & you expect it to be lighter than Angel Delight. Not so with this Weight Watchers mousse. It's much thicker in consistency & you can stand your spoon up in it with no problem at all. This makes for a dessert that feels a little more heavy that what you'd expect from a mousse & some people make not like that. The taste of the actual mousse was fairly pleasant, but nothing special. The cripsy bits were a nice addition. Thankfully Weight Watchers had got the amount of crispy bits just about right, not so few that you're wondering where they actually are & not so many that it feels like you spilled a load of rice krispies into your dessert.

        At the time of writing, I paid 99p for one box of these in my local corner shop.

        I didn't think that these were anything special at all. The outer chocolate shell was the nicest part of the dessert but was nothing spectacular as chocolate goes. The mousse will probably be something you dislike or feel fairly ambivalent about. It's hard to see how anyone could think it's a great dessert. But then, I suppose, you do have to remember that this is diet food and you're not meant to derive massive amounts of enjoyment from it!.......

        * The title comes from the 1958 UK number one hit "Hoots Mon!" by Lord Rockingham's XI, ~ just in case you were wondering!


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          27.01.2009 19:15
          Very helpful



          See review.

          Another review and another diet food as it's subject. In previous reviews I may have mentioned that at the moment Asda have a special offer happening. This being that instead of the usual £1.20ish per weight watchers dessert, these are all being sold "3 for £2.00".
          I'm sorry but that is more than exceptional, so of course I have filled my freezer up with all the delights that are on offer.

          The product I will now review is - "Weight Watchers, chocolate top desserts"

          The box is the obligatory colour scheme, this being the weight watchers burgundy. On the front there is all the usual information you would expect, this being the brand name, product name and brief description, nutritional information, best before and points value per pot.
          Under this is delightful looking picture of the dessert, de-potted and slightly oozing with the statement that this now contains "more chocolate!", yeah well we will see about that!

          The recommended way of eating these is to leave them to defrost for around 15 minutes, as this dessert is supposed to be the consistency of a mousse with a solid chocolate layer on the top.
          I'm sorry but I can never wait that long so eat mine as if it is an ice-cream dessert.

          There are two pots of dessert in a box and even though you are probably only supposed to eat them one at a time, I'm afraid I again eat both, yes I know this is probably why I have a weight problem in the first place!

          Now the picture is slightly deceiving on the front of the box, not some much in the appearance of the dessert itself, this is surprisingly exactly the same as the picture, but more the fact that the dessert on the box is out of the pot and still in one piece, that is just not achievable I'm afraid, not without some serious smooshing of the dessert!

          The basic premise of the pudding is a creamy moussy base, filled with a generous portion of chocolate chips, and finally covered with a 1cm thick layer of chocolate.

          I dig and find that the chocolate is actually chocolate, rather than being some thinner substitute that I find weight watchers desserts normally have in them, this is delicious but of course not Cadburys, but this is supposed to be diet food!

          The mousse looks delicious less of a mousse and more the consistency of a cheesecake base, thick and creamy, I'm afraid the taste leaves a lot to be desired.
          Well actually it's not so much the taste rather than the texture, the taste is ok, edible I should say, but nothing to write home about but the texture turns my stomach.

          I am one of those anal people that if I find a bone, or a gristly bit in my dinner, I have to throw the entire thing away, this dessert has that effect on me.

          The mousse is grainy and gritty on your tongue, the grainy part lingers on even after the mousse has dissolved, not nice at all.
          As I mentioned earlier the mousse part also contains chocolate chips, I'm afraid that I don't remember these, as after I had discovered the grainy bit's the only way I could swallow it, was to almost swallow the spoonful whole, I then obviously didn't eat anymore!

          The nutritional information is as follows -
          Per dessert pot,

          162 kcal
          3.2g protein
          22.0g carbohydrate
          15.4g of which sugars
          7.4g fat
          5.1g of which saturates

          This product states that each dessert has a points value of 3 ½ points. That is the good thing about buying these, no having to work out points values before actually getting to each them!

          There are some allergy advice warnings on this product, these being that they contain gluten, wheat, milk and soya.
          These may also contain traces of nuts, peanuts and egg.

          For more information on the products available in the range visit - www.asda.co.uk

          I'm sorry but I don't recommend these at all, usually I quite like these desserts as a stop gap between diet food and starvation! (LOL), but even these I wouldn't bother with again.

          Thanks for reading x


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