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Weight Watchers Chocolate & Toffee Swirl Minipots

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Brand: Weight Watchers / Type: Ice Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      19.10.2013 00:35
      Very helpful



      Love 'em!

      As many of you will know, I am currently doing the Weight Watcher's diet. I have to say that at times it can be quite difficult as I do like my naughty treats. It's not all bad though, especially when I found these Weight Watchers' Chocolate and Toffee Swirl Minipots at just 2 points each per point!!

      The chocolate one is definitely my favourite - it's so smooth and luxurious. If I did not know beforehand that it was a 'diet' product then no way would I have guessed because the ice cream is just so chocolate-y that it feels and tastes naughty. I love the chocolate-y pieces.

      The toffee one is quite sweet; you can smell the sweetness as soon as you peel back the lid. I do like this one, although it is very sweet and so you may find that this does get a little bit sickly after a while. I love the toffee pieces and the toffee sauce as it just adds to the flavour of the ice cream and also creates a nice texture. I do find that for me they are the right amount, as I do find that they do get a bit too sickly towards the bottom. I think if there was more in the pot I probably wouldn't be able to finish the whole pot.

      I love these deserts! They are just so tasty and do not taste like a low fat product. They are lovely and light yet at the same time quite filling; there's a good amount in each pot which lasts a while which is good as I had expected them to be smaller.

      All in all, I would definitely recommend these! They are a lovely treat, whether you are on a diet or not!

      Thanks for reading!
      October 2013


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      26.07.2010 17:19
      Very helpful



      A delightful little desert

      My partner and I decided to try these Weight Watchers Swirl pots after realising they are a lot less in points value than some other low fat deserts. They are an impressive points value of 1.5 per pot.
      There are 4 mini pots in the box, 2 chocolate and 2 toffee. Both have great flavour to them, with actual fudge and chocolate pieces inside (which is a bonus for us dieters!)
      The pot size is quite small but enough to satisfy any hunger or sweet urges, with roughly one scoop of ice-cream to each pot.

      In terms of value for money, they are priced between £2.20-£2.40 per box of 4 mini pots.
      The ice-cream taste is of good quality, with a great consistency. They easily rival the main ice-cream brands. The chocolate pots are pure chocolate heaven, tasting like good quality chocolate not a cheap version. The chocolate swirl sauce tastes quite delightful, even better as you know it's low fat!

      Personally I prefer the chocolate pots, being the chocoholic I am, but the toffee pots are pretty good too. The toffee pots have real fudge pieces and a toffee sauce swirled through the pot. The flavour is very sweet but yummy!

      Both flavours are great for a pudding or simply a snack. I would definitely recommend!


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      18.02.2010 01:25
      Very helpful



      Four little pots of heaven - try them.

      Having purchased and reviewed the Weight Watchers Chocolate Mini Sticks this week. I am now reviewing the mini pots of ice cream that I bought at the same time in a 2 for £4.00 offer (usual retail price is £2.20).

      What you receive is a square box which is now mainly brown in colour. I must admit I preferred the packaging shown above, it looks fresher, and more appealing to me somehow, anyway I digress.

      The box contains four little pots of reduced fat ice cream. Two of chocolate and two of toffee flavour. They are described on the front of the box as: Chocolate flavour iced dessert with chocolate covered honeycomb pieces and a chocolate flavoured sauce swirl. Sounds divine! The toffee is described as: Toffee flavoured iced dessert with fudge pieces and a caramel flavoured sauce swirl. Yummy indeed!

      Before I go on to the best bit - the taste, I need to inform you of a few bits and pieces regarding the nutritional information. These pots are 1 and a half Weight Watchers points each. Have two - I do!

      The Chocolate variety contains per pot:
      89 calories
      2.0g protein
      16.9g carbohydrate
      14.3g of which are sugars
      2.2g of fat
      1.5g of which are saturates (most important when following a weight watcher plan)

      The toffee variety is much the same, per pot:
      88 calories
      1.5g protein
      18.3g carbohydrates
      13.1 of which are sugars
      1.9g fat
      1.5g of saturates.

      Allergy advice: contains milk, soya and barley, and may also contain traces of nuts!!!

      Right, now that's the boring bit out of the way! These little pots are individual portions (ie. one scoop) of pure heavenly delight, oops I mean ice cream. The come rather like the little pots of cornish ice cream you can purchase from ice cream vans and vendors and they supply you with a little scoop to eat it with. These are just like those but very definitely only one scoop sized.

      The chocolate one, mmmm, is rich and thick and luxurious. You would never know it was reduced fat etc. Usually with a diet product whatever it may be, you reduce the fat, reduce the sugar, and also reduce the taste, but not with these. This one is chocolatey and velvety and scrumptious. The chocolate coated honeycomb adds another dimension to the treat. It's wonderfully crunchy, but not too much, neither is there an awful lot in there, there's just enough. For me it's just perfect.

      Onto the toffee, lifting the lid and revealing the contents, you are greeted with the sugary smell of toffee. This too, has a wonderful texture, creamy without being heavy. The fudge pieces are just right. There are just enough of them in there to taste them, and provide another texture. If it was purely ice cream this would just slip down a treat, but the added fudge and toffee sauce make this feel indulgent. Mmmm.

      Considering this is a diet product, healthy eating aid, call it what you will, there is no discernable difference between these little pots and those made by Ben and Jerry's or Hagen Daz whatever it's called. I have happily eaten both pots (for reviewing purposes) and have loved them immensely. I shall definitely be buying them again.

      Five out of five. Another premium Weight Watchers product.


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