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Weight Watchers Mint Top Desserts

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Type: Other Desserts

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    2 Reviews
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      17.02.2010 14:23
      Very helpful



      Great Dessert

      Well what can I say these desserts are wonderful :) I have been healthy eating now for over a year and as I have a sweet tooth I have been trying to find low calorie and low fat treats that actually fulfil that sweet tooth. Needless to say I have struggled the only thing I could find were Curly Wurlies and I soon got bored of them.

      I have tried several Weight Watchers desserts and have to say I really haven't been keen on most of them. The strawberry cheesecake isn't too bad but it is very small and in my opinion isn't worth the calories and to be honest that is what a lot of the WW desserts are like. Well that is what I thout until I found their mint dessert.

      It is so nice and DOESNT taste low fat and comes in a bit bigger pot than what most their desserts come in. It consists of mint choc chip ice cream with a fairly thick milk chocolate crisp top, the minute you break through the chocolate to get to the ice cream you know it is going to be good :)

      It takes you quite a while to eat it which is good as it makes you feel like you have had more than what you have and it does taste like a real naughty treat and for 161 calories you can't go wrong.

      You just have to take them out the freezer when you fancy one, no need for defrosting which is another bonus.

      nutrient per 100g per dessert
      Energy kCal 214 kCal 161 kCal
      Energy kJ 898 kJ 673 kJ
      Protein 4.0 g 3.0 g
      Carbohydrate 31.4 g 23.6 g
      of which sugars 18.8g 14.1 g
      Fat 9.2 g 6.9 g
      of which saturates 6.1 g 4.6 g

      These desserts contain Milk, Soya, Nuts, Gluten, Wheat and Egg, also it may contain traces of peanuts.

      For anyone who is counting WW points they are 3.5 points per dessert.

      They are £1.33 for two from Tesco but you can get them on offer quite a lot for £1.00 so that is a bargain for two desserts. The pack weight is 150g.

      This is a great product and will be getting five stars from me.


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      13.11.2009 15:15
      Very helpful



      Definitely worth anyone trying whether healthy eating or not!

      I don't know why there isn't a picture here, I suppose I put in the wrong digity things they needed. It's such a shame as you would be able to see just how gorgeous these look before even trying one!!

      Now with Daughter and Myself trying to be "healthy" ( I don't like the word diet!) we decided to treat ourselves to a treat as we had spent the good part of an afternoon sorting my Sons bedroom out ready for him to move back into now his knee is better. What do they collect and store, is no ones business what a load of old junk we chucked out especially the mags ( not those sort!!).

      Now these desserts really call you to the freezer as if you love anything minty the colour of the mint mousse on this box is very inviting with its thick chocolate lid sitting on top.

      These come in packs of two, and boy are they big. It was such a surprise to see the size of each pot, with each pot being about two and half inches deep and about four inches across the top getting slighlty narrower at the bottom.

      Each pot is made from plastic and has a silver foil lid that has to be peeled back. There is no need to put into a dish as you can just eat it as it is in it's own pot, firstly there is a thick chocolate lid on the top. Then as you break through into the green minty mousse you will be met with tiny pieces of chocolate coated peppermint chips!

      Now I do love cold chocolate and the taste together of the cold thick chocolate and the soft very minty mousse with the tiny bits of peppermint in is just heaven to eat!!..... WHO WOULD THINK THAT THIS IS A WEIGHTWATCHERS DESSERT!

      Now it does have three and half points I know, but as a treat it is really yummy

      It looks like Heinz have come up with yet another winner in this range of foods for WeightWatchers and I shall be trying some more from now on. Next on the list is the Banoffee Dessert, but I would be really surprised if it could beat this one though!

      For people who are not counting points here are some nutrition information;

      ~~~Calories 161~~~
      ~~~Protein 3.0g~~~
      ~~~Carb 23.6g~~~
      ~~~of which sugars 14.1g~~~
      ~~~Fat 6.9g~~~
      ~~~of which sats 4.6g~~
      ~~~Sodium 0.1g~~~
      ~~~Salt Equiv 0.2g~~~

      This desserts contains Milk, Soya, Nuts, Gluten, Wheat and Egg, also it may contain traces of peanuts.

      These are kept in the freezer until you wish to eat one, then just get out how many you need, then lift the lid off and allow to stand at room temperature for about 5 minutes then get stuck in YUM!

      These cost me £1.00 from Tesco's for a pack of two on special the usual price is £1.28 and the total weight is 150g.

      So these will be getting a very well earnt 5 stars for both the chocolate and the minty mousse!


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    Type: Desserts / Brand: Heinz

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