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Weight Watchers Strawberry & Cream Whip

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4 Reviews

Brand: Weight Watchers / Type: Other Desserts

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    4 Reviews
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      29.01.2010 20:27
      Very helpful



      you will lose weight eating this as there is only a small amount and tastes bad!!

      I have been on weight watchers for a few weeks now but am finding I miss my puddings to much, so when I was shopping I came across Weight Watchers Strawberries and Cream flavoured dessert whip, which is like an Angel Delight, I picked it up straight away and what was even better was it was only 35p and 1 point.


      This comes in a small sachet like what you get hot chocolate in, so is very handy to take to work with you if you have a fridge. The sachet is bright pink in colour so stands out on the shelf. It is easy to open and also gives you the 1 points value on the front.
      They also have a Banoffee flavour.


      This was very easy to make you just pour the sachet into 125ml of skimmed milk and whisk until all the lumps go and the consistency becomes light and fluffy. You then just place it into the fridge for only 10 minutes before eating.

      Nutrition Information

      44 calories
      2.1g Protein
      6.3g Carbohydrate
      1.0g sat fat
      1.2g fibre
      0.14g sodium

      My opinion

      Firstly I do not feel that the portion is enough when I mixed the mixture in the bowl there was only a fist size portion at the most at the bottom of the bowl which when I had a closer look at the packet this serving is for two!!

      When mixing the smell is delicious it really smells like a strawberry milkshake and actually looks appetising although there doesn't look much. It was a light shade of pink and looked nice and fluffy I couldn't wait to dive in.

      When I had my first mouthful it tasted nice, I could taste the strawberry but then came the horrible nasty after taste. This was that bad that I couldn't finish my bowl which is unheard of for me.!

      I will not be buying this again no matter how bad my sweet tooth cravings become. Really not worth the point I would rather have two rich tea lights!


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        10.06.2009 23:02
        Very helpful



        nice ...but not all that !

        I happened to find this dessert completely by chance. i am trying to be good at the moment, so ,although I wasn't particularly looking for a weight watchers product I thought i would try it. Want to know what I thought ? Then read on ...

        What is the product ?
        A low calorie / low fat dessert. It is made by weight watchers
        This one is strawberry and cream flavour (they do make other flavours)

        Do I have to be on a diet then to try this product ?
        Oh, no, of course not, anyone can eat this product.

        The packaging ?
        Well, I think it's a bit peculiar really. It is a foil sachet about an inch in width and about six inches in length. It holds two servings, but unless you enjoy fiddling about with powder mixes, you are forced to make the two servings at the same time. I would prefer a sachet or packet whereby I could just make one serving at a time. Or simply to have a single serving in the sachet would be a better idea.
        It does state 1 point per serving if you sre following the WW diet. (I am doing Slimming World and itis 1/2 syn per portion.

        The Price ?
        35p for a sachet. Each sachet gives you two servings.
        Excelent value, and a trusted brand.

        The product ?
        As soon as I opened the sachet I had a whiff of the most amazing strawberry and cream aroma. I thought ' hey, this is nice, I'm going to enjoy this'.
        The powder mix itself is a light pink colour which is very appealing to the eye, and mixed with the delicious aroma, this seems a mouth watering dessert.

        Easy to make ?
        Oh, yeah,
        Tip the contents of the sachet into a mixing bowl. add 125 ml of milk and mix.
        Using an electric whisk it took only 2 or 3 minutes for this to be transformed into a thick and creamy looking desert.
        All the time this was being whisked the colour was becoming slightly deeper. The aroma was superb and I was licking my lips whilst whisking.

        Then what happenes ?
        After about 2 minutes you have an airy dessert.
        I transfered it into two serving dishes.
        These were both placed in the fridge.

        The taste test ?
        After ten minutes, I took one serving from the fridge and settled down to enjoy it. The colour was a pale pink colour, it smelt faintly of strawberry and cream. It was a perfect mousse- smooth,light and airy, without lumps.
        I was looking forward to diving into this pale pink ball of fluff.
        Mmmm, the taste buds were ready for action.
        It certainly tastes of strawberry and cream but the taste is very delicate.
        I was a little disappointed, as I expected a more intense flavour.

        The extra serving ?
        I left this in the fridge for 24 hours.
        After that time it was still a mousse, although it had hardened slightly.
        I wouldn't really recomend that you leave this more than 24 hours.
        (A down side of having a two serving sachet ).

        The final verdict.
        I am glad that I tried this product but as the flavour is so delicate and the fact that you really have to make up the two servings at the same time, I don't think that I will be having this dessert again.

        I give this product 7 out of 10.


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        27.03.2009 10:26
        Very helpful



        I won't be buying this again, it's nice enough but nothing I can see myself eating again.

        In Morrisons the other day I noticed a new addition to the Weight Watchers food range, their Strawberry & Cream Whip which was on the shelf with the Angel Delight desserts. I like to share a bowl of Angel Delight with my granddaughters' and thought this would make a lower calorie treat, the flavour appealed to me as I love the different strawberry instant whip desserts.

        It comes in a little stick packet like a bigger version of the individual servings of Options hot chocolate, you just tip the powder into 125ml of skimmed milk and give it a good stir. I used my hand blender as I always make Angel Delight this way to give it a lighter consistency, following the instructions I chilled the desserts for 10 minutes before having one. I was a little disappointed to discover than the sachet actually gave two small servings rather than one large one, each serving contains 1 Weight Watchers point which would have been great for eating the whole sachet but not so good now I know I've got to double the points!

        The dessert smells lovely, really summery with a strong aroma of strawberries. I thought it was perhaps a little synthetic smelling but not unlike the No Added Sugar Strawberry Angel Delight.

        Disappointingly the smell doesn't translate well to taste. Although this dessert has a lovely consistency the flavour is very bland and uninspired. While there is a weak flavouring of very synthetic and plastic strawberry, there is absolutely nothing of the cream whatsoever. I just found this rather insipid and dull, I hadn't been expecting miracles but there is nothing to it at all. I could even taste the milk through the flavouring sometimes which wasn't nice as I am not a fan of skimmed milk in the slightest.

        I shall certainly not buy these again, they only cost 35p which isn't bad for two small desserts but flavourwise they simply do not compare with others of this type. Personally next time I fancy something like this I'll buy the Angel Delight No Added Sugar which admittedly contains more calories but is a tastier and much more fun to eat.


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          05.10.2008 20:38
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Worth a try at 1 point a serving / 2 for the sachet, but it is not something I will buy again.

          I spotted this a few weeks ago in Sainsburys at only 35p and popped it into my trolley. It is 1 point per serving when made with skimmed milk and each sachet contains 2 servings.

          Per serving;
          44 calories
          2.1g protein
          6.3g carbohydrate - 3.9 of which is sugars
          1.1g fat - 1.0g saturated fat.
          1.2g fibre
          0.14g sodium

          Only problem with that breakdown is it is per serving and find that to be a really small serving so have the whole sachet and then its double all that, but still only 2 points for a sweet treat! (No wonder I am in WW!!!)

          To make it you add 125ml of skimmed milk into a bowl, add the contents and whisk thoroughly it says with an electric whisk but I have done it with a hand whisk too, I found it to be a better when done with an electric whisk as it seems to get more whippy-ish! When the mixture is light and creamy put it into a fridge for 5-10 minutes, also mentions it can be frozen.

          Once taken out of the fridge it is a nice consistency, it looks fairly thick and doesn't move when you give it a little shake!

          You can smell the strawberry flavour almost more than you can taste it! I was a bit disappointed with this desert as I usually find wight watchers foods to have a great flavour and not feel like I am missing out on anything.

          This lacked flavour when compared to angel delight that you do for the kids then just happen to have a few spoon fulls yourself!! Also when compared to say half a sachet of no added sugar angel delight at just 3 points I would rather have the angel delight.

          I am finding it difficult to really describe the flavour to give a fuller review, I find it to be quite subtle in strawberry flavour and taste like I haven't added enough of the mixture to the milk or added too much milk perhaps?!

          I will keep an eye out for future reviews of this product to see how others have found it to.

          I think if you see it at the shops for the 35p price tag it is worth the money and few minutes it takes to prepare it to give it a go and see if it can fill your sweet cravings.


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