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Weight Watchers Taste Temptations Triple Chocolate Delight

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Type: Other Desserts

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    2 Reviews
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      11.07.2008 20:25
      Very helpful



      A good choice for chocolate lovers

      I was in the supermarket the other day looking for a dessert I could have that was not too big but, nice and chocolaty as I do like my desserts to be sweet and normally have things like fudge cake or chocolate cheesecake. Whilst looking I spotted these. I wasn't sure if they would be much good being a 'diet' food as I call them but decided to try as it worked out I could then have two days desserts from it as it was a packet of two.

      The weight watchers range includes a variety of food stuffs that are designed to be used whilst on the weight watchers plan. They help with slimming by giving dieters a points allowance per day. These desserts are 3 points each so it would make a nice option for those who do need to have some kind of chocolate whilst doing the weight watchers programme! For those who go by the calorie content there is 183 in each cake.

      The packaging:
      Obviously this was what had caught my eye in the first place as the box displays one of the desserts which is shown with a small section taken out as if a piece has just been eaten. The box is the usual weight watchers purple with their logo on the right hand side and there is also a red strip in the top right of each side of the box stating that the dessert is a 'new' variety in the range.

      The cost:
      The desserts cost me £1.99 for the packet of two in Tesco - normally I wouldn't pay this kind of cost out for a dessert of this size as would usually buy a cake that could be cut up into at least 4 portions for roughly the same price but I figured as they are a healthy option then it's not too bad.

      The dessert:
      The cake is a small individual portion and comes in a round plastic pot. The top layer is a white chocolate, the second a milk chocolate with a chocolate sauce and the final bottom layer is a brownie type sponge. The top has a sprinkling of white and milk chocolate drops on it.

      The Taste:
      The all important taste! I thought these were gorgeous and they well exceeded my expectations! The chocolate is very sweet and also very soft and the combination of all three layers together is simply divine! The chocolate drops add that extra touch to it to make it a true chocolate lovers delight to eat. The two chocolate layers are in fact so soft that they blend in together as you start eating it almost like a melting ice cream!

      Overall opinion:
      I thought these were truly gorgeous and perfect for those following the weight watchers plan who NEED to have chocolate! I was hesitant to pay for these at first at the price they were but now I've tried them I would pay it without thinking twice about it.


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        10.04.2008 13:54
        Very helpful



        A great pudding for chocolate lovers.

        On Monday evening I found myself in Tesco doing the weekly shop and as the freezer was running pretty low on supplies I found myself in the dessert section when I noticed these delightful desserts which I had not come across previously.

        Priced at £1.99 they are a little bit more expensive that the other desserts but looked really really appealing so into the trolley they went and last night I decided to have them as a treat.

        *~*What is Weight Watchers all about?*~*

        To help understand what weight watchers is about I thought it relevant to explain a little.

        Weight watchers is a healthy eating programme that is designed around 2 eating plans, points and core.
        The points plan means that you are limited to portion sizes and a number of points per day this is calculated on your age, height, how active you are and your current weight.
        The core plan is different and can be compared to Slimming World whereby you have 3 meals a day consisting of foods from a specific list which is meats, dairy, grains, fruit and vegetables and you have a weekly points allowance as opposed to a daily points allowance.

        *~*Triple Chocolate Delight*~*

        Described by Weightwatchers from Heinz as "Indulgent milk and white chocolate settled on a rich chocolate brownie with truly oozing chocolate sauce".

        Sounds lovely as I love white chocolate, in fact I love all kinds of chocolate which may explain why I am in fact over weight!!!

        The desserts are easy to recognise as they are contained within a purple cardboard box and within the box are two individual desserts at 3 points per pudding that is good even for someone on a low points value.

        These desserts are from the new Taste Temptations range which generally mean they are a step up from the standard range of meals and slightly more indulgent.

        To eat the pudding you should remove from the freezer approximately 30 minutes before you want to eat it this allows it to defrost a little making it even more enjoyable. You can eat it straight from the freezer but I would definately recomment waiting the extra 30 minutes as it will be more enjoyable.

        To the top of the dessert are white and milk chocolate chips which are sooo tasty combined with the white chocolate mousse which although there is a sweet taste to the mousse it is not necessarily easliy recognised as white chocolate but still tasty all the time and as I hit the chocolate sauce my tastebuds are truly flowing with the sweetness of the dessert and the delectable chocolate taste. Yummy. The next layer is the chocolate mousse which although does not taste as good as full fat chocolate mousse it is a really good substitute at a fraction of the points value.

        The chocolate brownie is at the bottom of the dessert and is much tastier compared to other desserts that are similar as it is a lot more spongier and resembles the brownie rather than tasting like a polysterene disc at the bottom of the dessert.

        Overall this product is really enjoyable and I will be purchasing this again as the combination of flavours really works well together without proving to be too sickly.

        Water, Skimmed Milk Powder, Glucose - Fructose Syrup, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Fat reduced Cocoa Powder, Flavouring, Emulsifier- Soya Lecithin, Glucose Powder, Wheat Flour, White Chocolate, Vegetable Oil form the basis of the ingredients but there is a long list of other ingredients that I will not list as it will take up the remainder of my review.

        The product contains Gluten, Wheat, Barley, Egg, Milk, Soya nad may contain traces of nuts.

        A member mentioned that it would be useful to advise of the sugar content for diabetics but unfortunately the packaging is not very clear on this.

        *~*Nutritional Information*~*

        This is provided per dessert.

        Energy 183kcal
        Protein 5.4g
        Carbohydrates 33.9g
        of which sugars 24.0g
        Fat 2.9g
        Of which saturates 1.7g
        Fibre 2.9g
        Sodium 0.1g
        Salt equivilant 0.3g

        This is definately one of the better pudding available to those on the weight loss diet and is very satisfying after a main meal and would be ideal if you are eating at a friends to take with you to avoid temptation eating a more fattening dessert.


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