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Woodlands Organic Sheeps Milk Blackcurrant Yogurt

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Brand: Woodlands / Type: Yoghurts / Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2009 10:43
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      A beautiful yogurt which is one of my favourites.

      For many of you who know me well from my reviews it will come as no surprise that I am reviewing this sheep milk yogurt since I have a passion for sheep! Loving nothing more than a view of a field of them munching away in the sunshine -that's me!

      So lurking in my fridge I always have a few pots of my favourite yogurt made by Woodlands. This company make goat and sheep milk products, and these yogurts I am reviewing also have the benefit of being made from organic milk. What this means is that the sheep are fed a natural diet, and have the best life they can. They have been making these yogurts since the 1960's.

      Richard and Rieta Murray took over the business in 1987 which is based in the heart of rural Dorset. They have won countless awards at many shows all over the UK for their excellent produce.

      I purchase mine from www.goodnessdirect.co.uk and a pot will cost £1.04, so it really is an expensive item due to the fact that it is organic, and of course due to the fact that it is produced in small batches; and sheep of course simply do not yield the same amounts as cows do, so their milk is at a premium.

      Further research about this price has revealed some fascinating facts. I came across an article written in The Telegraph about one of the farms which supply Woodlands with sheep milk. Apparently sheep only produce a litre a day each, as opposed to the 20 litres expected from a cow. Furthermore this is increased if they are played pop music all day in the fields, and if women rather than men attend to their milking needs! When men milk them yields fall!

      Pop music doesn't entirely suprise me as my daughter used to play it to sheep when she delivered difficult lambs in her work as a vet student.I was never really sure who this was for- her or them, as she used to have 300 or so to care for at night in a cosy barn!

      I don't eat these yogurts on a daily basis, just now and again for a treat, but my goodness they are a treat. Beautifully packaged in a cardboard sleeve, and on opening these you immediately recognise the home made look to them, this is reminiscent of the era when I used to make my own.

      They have a beautifully creamy texture, but the best part is the organic blackcurrants which are bursting with flavour making this a tangy and fruit filled yogurt. It is generously endowed with blackcurrants, and is the best yogurt I have tasted in many years.

      The fantastic news for dieting is that it is less than 5% fat, though it does have 105 calories per 100g (the pot is 150g) as it has some organic sugar, which they add just enough to counteract the very sharp nature of the blackcurrants which otherwise would overwhelm the yogurt. It only has 3 ingredients organic sheep milk, organic blackcurrants and organic sugar.

      This yogurt is really suitable for anyone who is allergic to cows' milk and is suitable for pregnant ladies and children as it is fully pasteurised.

      You can purchase plain varieties of their yogurts in major supermarkets, but the flavoured ones are mainly sold in farm shops and online.

      They also make three other delicious flavours including apricot, strawberry and cranberry and raspberry -I love all these but none of them outshines the blackcurrant in my opinion but all lovely to ring the changes.



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