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Yeo Valley Organic Fat Free Blueberry Yoghurt

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Brand: Yeo Valley / Type: Yoghurts / Food quality: Organic food

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    1 Review
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      12.07.2009 14:39
      Very helpful



      A great alternative to fat free and low fat yoghurts with artificial sweeteners.


      Muller Light yoghurt used to be a fridge staple in my household, but having woken up to the risks of products laden with artificial sweeteners, I decided to replace my usual fat free yoghurt with more natural alternatives.

      Perusing the yoghurt selection at my local Tesco, I came across the Yeo Valley Organic Fat Free range (currently available in strawberry, vanilla and blueberry) and decided to give it a try, mainly on the strength that they don't contain any artificial sweeteners.

      I am quite partial to blueberry, which is well known for its many healthy properties (it is a powerful antioxidant and is often referred to as nature's "atom bomb" against "free radicals"), and was keen to try it in a yoghurt.


      The Yeo Valley product comes in a 450g pot, with a plastic, replaceable lid. Underneath is a pull off foil seal which also has the sell-by date printed on it. The plastic packaging is fully recyclable, as is the cardboard outer sleeve, which can be separated easily from the container with the handy "zip" provided - ostensibly to enable you to separate the two media if your local council collects them separately.

      Yeo Valley is a British, family owned, independent business and the yoghurt is made at their West Country (Somerset) dairy. The product contains prebiotic live yoghurt cultures containing "friendly" bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidabacterium) and is certified organic.

      All of the milk used to make the yoghurt is supplied by the Organic Milk Supplier's Cooperative. It is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians (no word on suitability for vegans) but is packed in a dairy that "handles nut ingredients".


      One sticking point with organic products is that the usually carry a fairly hefty premium. For comparison, a 200g pot of Muller Light costs around 53p. The Yeo Valley product costs £1.39 for a 450g pot - which gives an equivalent cost of around 62p for the same size as Muller Light. However, Tesco are currently running a 2 for £2 promotion across the Yeo valley range, which makes it even better value.


      Ingredients are few and healthy. The product consists of almost 85% organic fat free yoghurt, 7% organic blueberries, organic sugar, tapioca starch as a thickener, and organic concentrated lemon juice for balance. It also contains "natural flavouring" - an ingredient I have never got my head around. I wish they could be more specific.

      A single serving of 100g will set you back only 73 calories, 12.9 grams of carbohydrate (of which almost all is sugars), 5.1 grams of protein and a negligible amount of fat (less than 0.1g). The serving size also contains 180 milligrams of calcium, which represents around 23% of your RDA.


      On opening the lid, you may find the yoghurt slightly watery, but a robust stir will soon put paid to this. The product is an inviting velvety, rich pale purple (and ever so slightly pink) colour and is studded with small bits of blueberry fruit. The initial aroma is unmistakably blueberry with only the barest hint of sweetness. It is a very pleasant, fresh, if slightly acidic scent.

      The yoghurt is very creamy and feels luxurious in the mouth. There are larger chunks of blueberry floating around, but this doesn't spoil the overall texture. The yoghurt looks sweeter than it actually is. Despite the colours, the blueberry is subtle and not at all overpowering. The creaminess of the yoghurt is nicely offset by the acidity of the lemon juice. I found it very more-ish and managed to demolish half a pot without realising it!


      I am very pleased with this product. Having also tried the other two fat free varieties in the range, I think I have found a perfect replacement for aspartame loaded Muller Light's. The good news is that this yoghurt is also "free" on the Slimming World plan which I am following.

      Although there is a premium to pay for its pedigree and organic credentials, I prefer to pay the price from my wallet rather than in terms of my long term health. As such, for taste, quality and value, I would be happy to recommend this product.

      © Hishyeness 2009


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