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Yeo Valley Organic Yoghurt

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yeo Valley / Type: Yoghurts / Food quality: Organic food

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    2 Reviews
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      07.03.2011 21:23
      Very helpful



      great creamy thick yoghurt in a variety of good flavours

      Lemon Curd yoghurt - ok so it may not seem the most appealing to all, but I tend to like things that are a little different.

      Lemon curd is the new flavour from Yeo Valley organic range. This is a probiotic yoghurt which comes in a large 450gram pot size. This pot cost me £1.35 from Waitrose, but they can be found in most supermarkets and often on 3 for 2 deals.

      The pot is a quite a thin plastic tub which can be recycled as can the plastic lid on top. Under the lid is a peel off seal, so that you can see your yoghurt has not been tampered with.
      This flavour label is a dark green with lemons on the front and the Yeo Valley symbol. Around to the back is a wealth of information upon the product itself.
      They give you a detailed nutrional information section for both 100g and 150g and a slightly larger small section with the fat, sugar, saturates, salt and calories on - which is what most people are interested in. It would have been more useful to have the 100g and perhaps a content for the whole pot especially as you can use it for cooking, rather than 150g as the two are so similar it seems quite irrelivant.

      The ingredients list is comprehensive with most items having organic infront which is very apppealing. They also inform you the factory does produce items with nuts (although not in this), that it is gluten free, vegetarian and has probiotic live cultures.
      A particularly nice touch is the bit that tells you about where the product is from. A family run business in Somerset and has the Yeo river running by, which is where they thought of the name. Something else I like is the little symbols that they have achieved for there product stamped on the label - soil assocciation organic, EU/Non EU Agriculture and osmsco (organic milk co-operative).

      If you unzip the label from the plastic pot inside you find a neat little surprise. A reciepe! in mine it is a reciepe for moroccan chicken in which you can use your lemon curd yoghurt.
      The yoghurt itself is a pale cream with a very slight hint of yellow. When you taste the yoghurt you are not disappointed, the taste is very rich and creamy and the lemon curd flavour is subtule but definate. I thought the curd flavouring might be to sour and overpowering but I was wrong, it works well with the yoghurt flavour. I have not tried it in cooking but enjoy it with fruit and on it's own.


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        15.10.2009 14:12
        Very helpful



        Very Rich Natural Yogurt

        Having tried Onken last week I spotted this Yeo Valley Organic Yogurt on the shelf at Morrisons and thought I'd give it a try. As luck would have it Dooyoo didn't have it listed in their catalogue so after duly registering it as a suggestion here we are, less than a week later, with the review.


        The yogurt comes in a large paper pot which is predominantly green and cream. The pot is covered with a soft plastic lid with a picture of some strawberries and blackberries on it and this in turn is covered with a hard see through plastic lid. The pot tells us that it weighs 450g that it contains "millions of live bacteria that help aid digestion and general well being".

        Yeo Valley is a family owned business with strong organic values

        You can visit their website at:- www.yeovalleyorganic.co.uk

        The ingredients for this flavour are: Organic Wholemilk Yogurt (80%), Water, Organic Sugar, Organic Strawberry Puree (3%), Organic Blackberry Puree (2%), Organic Raspberry Puree (2%), Organic Tapioca Starch, Natural Flavouring, Organic Concentrated Lemon Juice

        Nutritional Information per 100g

        Energy kJ: 471kJ
        kcal: 112kcal
        Protein: 5.0g
        Carbohydrate: 13.2g
        of which total sugars: 12.7g
        Fat: 4.3g
        (of which saturates): 2.7g
        Fibre: 0.3g
        Sodium: 0.07g
        Calcium: 179mg

        Allergy Information:
        Contains: Organic Milk
        The yogurt is gluten free and is suitable for vegetarians. It contains probiotic live cultures


        At time of writing Morrisons are charging £1.00 for a pot of this.

        Taste and Opinion:

        After reading the ingredients and the blurb on the outside of the pot I'm rather looking forward to this. The main attractions for me are the fact that everything in this is organic and the fact that there are no added sweeteners listed in the ingredients. No sucralose, no aspartame etc. Hurrah! Of course, what it will taste like is another question!
        I pull off the plastic lid, followed by the foil lid and gaze into the pot. Strangely enough the yogurt is a pale pink colour which I'm quite surprised at. I was expecting it to be darker given that it contains blackberries. The yogurt looks thick and smooth. The blurb on the outside of the pot has already told me that it doesn't contain any fruit pieces.

        I take a smell of the yogurt and find that it doesn't smell like any of the other yogurts I've tried. It smells more natural, with more dairy like although I can detect a faint aroma of something fruity. It's not strong any to make out any sort of individual fruit though.

        I push my spoon in and find that this yogurt has, without doubt, the thickest consistency of any yogurt I've ever tried. Forget Muller, Ski, Onken or any of the other brands on the market, this yogurt leaves them all standing on the thickness front. So, if you like your yogurt thin and runny then this definitely isn't for you. If, however, you find most regular yogurts a little thin for your taste then the Yeo Valley flavours may be worth investigating.

        I take a taste and find my taste buds assaulted. There's certainly a whole lot more taste here than there is in any of the other brands such as Muller Light and Ski. You can really taste the milk and the fruit. There is, however, one major problem:- this is incredibly rich indeed.

        I wonder whether it's just me? I'm not overly fond of rich food and this usually influences my choices of food whenever we eat out, particularly in terms of desserts. I decide that a second opinion is in order. Boyfriend is quite happy to eat rich foods and once I've told him that there aren't any bits in this yogurt and that there's no orange, apple or pear he's more than happy to sample a spoonful and provide me with a second opinion.

        I watch him swallow the spoonful and wait for the verdict.
        "Nice?" I ask.
        He nods.
        "Do you want some more?" I ask.
        I ask why not.
        "It's too rich" he replies. "You couldn't eat much of it at once, could you?"

        Pleased that he's confirmed my own opinion I take the pot back to the fridge and come back to the computer to continue with this review. Due to the richness of this product I shouldn't think we'll be purchasing it again. With just two of us, I don't even know whether we'd actually finish the whole pot within 3 days as it's not a product you can east lots of spoonfuls of in a sitting.

        On a theoretical level I can overlook the sugar and fat levels purely because this product is organic, it contains no aspartame or other sweeteners and it provides you with 22% of your Recommended Daily Amount of calcium. However, on the taste level it's just too rich, not only for my taste, but for those of Boyfriend as well. Those of you that can deal with the richness will probably love the fact that this is a natural product but, unfortunately, I won't be purchasing it again.


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