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Yoplait Original Yogurt

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Type: Yoghurts

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    1 Review
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      20.05.2008 19:01
      Very helpful



      you should try it

      Eating yogurt feels like I am having a little dessert, but also make the hunger go away, when you don't have an extra time to eat your breakfast. I believe breakfast are the most important meal of the day, because that's the time when your body is starting to work after long night rest and need some energy for new day. But I don't have always time or just simply taste for big breakfast and in that case I will just reach after yogurt. My most favorites are chocolate, cappuccino and all the sweet tastes. It is interesting that I don't prefer those with fruit flavor, although I love fruits.

      Recently I was looking to the commercial newspaper from my local store and seen picture of the Yoplait yogurt with chocolate flavor. Hmmm, I though yummy. You should see my big eyes, because here in USA it can be really hard to find some good chocolate yogurt. I guess people probably prefer those with fruits, or those chocolate ones are sold very fast. Coming from Europe, where you have so many different brands with so many flavors, I really miss my sweet tasty yogurt.
      So next day I went to Shoppers to look for my chocolate Yoplait, but they didn't have it. I decide to try those other ones with fruits.

      I have bought Yoplait original 99% fat free with red raspberry and one with cherry orchard. The yogurt are packed in those little oval containers with aluminium cap on the top. The container can be a little bit confusing and you might think it is yogurt drink.
      Container has a dark pink color with name of the company and saying what kind of product it is and then you can see picture of the fruit with name of the flavor. I have to say I like the packing, because in some other brands you have problem to find what kind of flavor it is , but in Yoplait you just look on those delicious looking images and know which one you want or not.

      *****Nutrition facts*****
      When you turn the container, you can see what vitamins are added. Turn the container little bit more and there is barcode and list of ingredients with nutrition facts. Yoplait yogurt has a 170 calories per serving with 3% per total fat. But what i would really like to mention is vitamins in this yogurt.
      Vitamin A 15%
      Vitamin D 20%

      It also has 20% of calcium.

      ****How does it Taste?*****
      I have so far tried only red raspberry and cherry orchard, but both of them were delicious. They are sweet but still refreshing and make your tummy full if you are hungry. Althoug you might be hungry again after hour or so, that's why those yoplait yogurt are good as a quick snack or dessert.

      Cherry orchard:
      To be more specific about this flavor, I have to say, I was really surprised with this one. I love cherries, but only fresh one and I was pleasantly surprised when I find pieces of cherries in this yogurt and they tasted delicious. Actually they tasted like fresh one and I will buy cherry orchard yogurt again.

      Red Raspberry:
      The taste of this one is sweet and fruity, but still refreshing. You can't find any pieces of fruit in this one, but one negative thing you can find is, those little seads from raspberry. But anyway I would still recommend to try it

      *****Where you can find it and prices*****

      I can't remember exact price, but I believe it was about 35 cents for one. I have find mine in Shoppers and also have seen them in Walmart. But I think they will be much more easier to find in Europe and I believe you can find them in any bigger supermarket.

      I have to say the Yoplait yogurts are sometimes hard to find where I live, but they are one of the best I have find in usa. I will stick to them and try more flavors, because they are worth to try all of them.

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    • Product Details

      99% fat free Yogurt. Brand: Yoplait.

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