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Yoplait Wildlife Choobs yoghurts

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Brand: Yoplait / Type: Yoghurts

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    2 Reviews
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      15.10.2011 09:19
      Very helpful



      A fantastic snack for the lunch box

      Yoplait Wildlife Choobs
      My kids can't get enough of these yogurts/fromage frais. They take them to school in their lunch boxes. I think they are a healthy snack to eat for them.
      My kids are at a young age and find it difficult to open some yogurt pots but with these tubes they have found them easy to open as there is a slit at the top of each tube that is easy to pull open. You just suck the contents out so there is no need to use a spoon. Unlike some of the bigger pots of yogurts, they have just the right amount so that the kids eat all of the contents of each tube and do not waste any. I have eaten them a few times and I think they are delicious. The only problem is there's not quite enough in each tube to satisfy me, so I tend to eat a few of them that's why I save them for the kids!.

      As they enjoy them so much it's just as well that they are only £1 per pack. You can buy these in most super markets.

      Each tube has an interesting wild fact about animals written on it, which the kids love to hear.

      Each pack contains six tubes. Each tube contains 100g of fromage frays in three different delicious flavours. The flavours are 2 strawberry 2 raspberry and 2 apricots, apricot being there favourite.
      Calories per 100g -106 celeries.

      There are also small pots of fromage frais available. Which sometimes contain fridge magnets to collect with animals and letters on them.

      Written on each packet
      On the packet it says source of calcium and vitamin
      ideal for lunchboxes
      no colourings
      no artificial sweeteners
      suitable for vegetarians
      no fruit bits

      Thanks for reading


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        21.07.2010 16:52
        Very helpful



        A great cheap tubed yogurt

        Wildlife Choobs are something which I found when shopping a few months ago. I thought they looked nicer than the standard yogurt and the big thing which made me buy them was that I thought they would be easier for lunch boxes and would make less mess, my boys loved to put a half eaten yogurt pot back in their lunch box so by the time they got home from school the whole inside of their lunch box was covered in yogurt. These are slightly smaller than a yogurt pot size so are more manageable for younger children to eat in one sitting.


        The choobs come in a plastic bag which is mainly red in colour. There is a very appealing picture of a gorilla surrounded in strawberries and the product name and Wildlife logo in green lettering across the top. The back of the packet has all of the details about the choobs and what they contain and storage and best before details.

        The choobs are in thick plastic tubes inside the bag and there are 6. Each tube is again mainly red in colour and has an animal picture at the bottom. The product name can also be found on the individual tubes. Each tube either contains an animal fact or jungle joke and this is appealing to my boys and goes down a hit at dinner time. There are no ingredients or details apart from the best before date on the tubes.


        The pack of choobs which I am reviewing is the Strawberry ones, you can buy these with different flavours but my boys mainly like the strawberry ones so I tend to manly buy this flavour. The tubes are easy to open and to do this you pull the top of the tube which is already slit to remove the corner and allow the yogurt to be sucked out. On occasion my youngest who is 3 has had problems doing this so I have had to use scissors to snip the corner off but my 6 and 8 year old have found this easy to open.

        There is a faint smell when the tube is opened and this is of strawberry and remind me of milkshake. It is not overly strong and quite pleasant. The yogurt is not too thick which means it comes out of the tube easily and it does taste very good. It tastes a lot like normal fromage fraises yogurts but a little smoother. There are no bits in the yogurt and it really is refreshing to eat especially when just taken out of the fridge.

        It is strange to describe this at first as the first time I had one I felt it seemed more like a drink than a yogurt but once I got used to the different way of eating these then I started to feel as if it was indeed a yogurt but a much creamier and tastier one. The lack of bits means that all of it can be got out of the tube, the tube is to be squeezed for this to happen but this is easy for children to do and after one or two they will be experts in eating these.

        My boys have all enjoyed the days when they have had these slipped into their lunch boxes and so have I as it means no mess left inside the box and no spoons to wash!


        These Choobs have been made by Yoplait and they are suitable for home freezing, I have not froze any of mine as I am a bit dubious about freezing dairy products so I cannot comment on any taste difference after being frozen. The individual tubes are 40g which makes a good sized portion for children. There are 6 tubes in total.

        The ingredients for those wishing to know are:-

        Fromage Frais, Sugar (13.4%), Water, Strawberry Puree From Concentrate (5%), Saccharose Syrup (0.6%), Modified Maixe Starch, Flavourings, Stabiliser: Guar Gum, Preservatives: Potassium Sorbate: Acidity Regulators: Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate; Vitamin D

        The nutritional values for 100g are:-

        Energy - 105 Kcal
        Protein - 5.0g
        Carbohydrate - 14.9g
        Of which sugars - 14.6g
        Fat - 2.8g
        Of which saturates - 1.9g
        Fibre - 0.1g
        Sodium - 0.05g
        Vitamin D - 0.95ug (19% RDA)
        Calcium - 150mg (18.8% RDA)

        The packaging for the choobs claims that these are a good source of Vitamin D and Calcium, Freezable, Ideal for Lunch boxes, have no artificial sweeteners, no colourings, suitable for vegetarians and they have no bits. I can confirm from using these for a few moths now and reading the packaging that I agree with their claims.

        The recipe does contain milk so allergy sufferers should be cautious.


        I initially found these whilst browsing in my local Asda store and managed to find a price marked pack for £1. Since then I have noticed that Tesco do now stock these and the variety pack and they are now always prced at £1. I think this is good value for money even thought 6 yogurt pots can be bought for around 50p as these are handy to have to slip into lunch boxes and are by far less messy. They can be found in the chillier isles next to the normal yogurts.


        These choobs get the full 5 stars from both me and my boys. They taste great and are a fun way of getting extra calcium and Vitamin D into my boys without them realising. They are a good price and I think with picnic season approaching then they are worth trying!

        Jungle Joke:- How Do Flees Travel? They Itch-Hike!


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