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Canal D'Amour (Corfu)

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Country: Greece / World Region: Europe

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    3 Reviews
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      23.08.2010 16:00



      Go there and see what a wonderful place it is like i have!

      The village is peaceful compared to "main" Sidari at night although not far to walk if you enjoy a night out ( 5 minute walk) It is about 25 miles to Corfu town

      The scenery is absolutely amazing! The sandstone cliffs and magnificent views just make the place come to life!

      Before I went on holiday to canal D'amour the reviews for the beaches were terrible compared to the praise they truly deserve. There not muddy, in fact they are very clean and i think many have been awarded the blue flag. The river that runs into the sea does smell but it doesn't have sewage in like you may expect. It is only where the water hasn't been moving AND this is proven by the amount of fish living in the river. Sunset beach is well worth a visit!!

      Eating out
      Cheap to what we expected. The 3 of us webnt out to dinner one night and for drinks and main courses we were only charged 20 euros!

      Sidari is very english, so, don't go there then if you are lookin for something greek! We found plenty of small family run greek tavernas up the road from us in the small village peroulades (is that how you spell it?) and the people were very welcoming.

      Advice: if you like a busy night out travel to sidari. Walking through we saw rod stewart and lady Gaga tributes, cocktail bars, clubs, restarants and all sorts!
      If you prefer something a little quieter stay in canal D'amour and eat in the restaurants by the cliffs (recommended) although on wednesdays watch out for greek plate smashing and fire dancing!


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      21.01.2009 09:24



      well, what can I say apart from Fantastic place. This year will be my 3rd year in Corfu stopping in the Canal D Amour area, it is beautiful. It can be a little smelly but I have not come across a holiday resort that hasn't had a smell of some sort, bins etc. The heat is a factor.Lovely place, great food, fantastic scenery, extremely friendly locals who go out of their way to make you feel welcome. I have not yet found a nicer place to spend my summer holiday and I have been on a few! You will have to go a long way to find somewhere as special. It certainly gets 5 stars from me! But, it does depend what you expect from a holiday!


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      15.06.2006 21:20
      Very helpful



      Visit but Don't Stay.

      I can remember that exactly a week ago now I was sitting at work and thinking to myself I cannot wait until I am on holiday on Friday. Me and my boyfriend Dave were extremely excited because we were staying in a resort called Canal D’amour which we think sounded so beautiful and romantic and we could not wait to get there. We did our research so that we knew we were going somewhere decent and read so many great reviews about the place that it excited us more. When we got there on the Friday though our eyes told us different than what are hearts wanted to believe the place was like and by the end of the holiday we were glad to get out of there and this is why.

      First Impressions:
      When the coach was driving us down Canal D’amour we were a bit scared that everything looked so poor and the place looked more like a shanty town than an actual holiday resort. We did see a beach on the way which gave us hope but the fact that we kept seeing derelict houses and smashed up cars everywhere we did not think much of the place on first glances. Me and Dave are not the type of people to judge though so we decided to give the place the benefit of the doubt.

      Canal D’amour:
      When you say that name out loud we thought immediately of the translation which would be something like the canal of love. Because of this reason we wondered around the place looking for a canal and when we found it there was no fountains and heart shaped path but instead something we were not expecting at all. The canal was actually sewage from the resort so it made us feel a bit sick knowing what was in that canal. As well as the green and brown lumpy water that there was, we could also see where the canal was leading which was straight into the sea.

      When you walked over the canal as it ran under quite a large bridge you could actually smell the sewage really badly and on several occasions it actually made me feel so sick that I started gagging. One night when I had eaten a nasty meal just the smell of the canal tipped me over the edge and I was sick. The smell did follow you for the whole of that side of Canal D’amour so we were put off eating there and going in some of the shops in that area.

      Location in Corfu:
      The location of the resort in Corfu was quite good as it is right up in the North of the island and a short walk away from the busier resort of Sidari. There was a main road leading out of the Sidari resort so when we rented the car it was easy to get around and also find our way back as Canal D’amour was basically on just one stretch of road that went round which made it impossible to get lost.

      With regards to size Canal D’amour is not actually that big although it does have quite a few restaurants, bars, supermarkets and shops there which was quite useful.

      I thought it would be worth mentioning that as far as we could see Canal D’amour did not have a litter problem at all apart from on the beach. When I had an ice-cream and wanted to throw away the wrapper I managed to find a bin easily so I was glad I did not have to take a plastic bag out and pick up litter which is what I do in many places.

      This is where I got annoyed because I am a girl and I do love shopping and I was disappointed at the lack of decent shops in this resort but as it was extremely small I do not think that shops were their main concern and more like bars. There were loads of shops but many of them are your typical holiday shops so you know the ones selling novelty lighters and crockery that have beach pictures on them. Now I don’t like these shops as nothing is quite my taste so I avoid them usually.

      There were though two particularly nice shops. The first was a small glass shop and I have always been fascinated with what you can make out of glass. We went in here and there was so much glass jewellery and also glass frames and bowls and then the lady who owned the shop had made lots of sculptures of animals using wood and glass which looked quite impressive. The second shop was a small wooden one which sold lots of things like bookmarks and boxes for children but it also sold some quite interesting sculptures of animals and candle holders and chess boards and things like that.

      There are quite a few restaurants in Canal D’amour which are actually very nice but if you are after a true Greek feeling then you will not find one as many we ate in actually have English waiters. We ate in a place called the Village which was the only bad place we ate in Canal D’amour as they had no dishes that we wanted and then when we asked what was in the dish they couldn’t even tell us which was a bit worrying as they were cooking our food. Unfortunately I cannot think of the one other place we ate in there but it was really nice and I had this great Mexican rice which was fantastic and the place looked great.

      The thing with all of the restaurants is that they look impressive and although all of the menus are basically the same it is going to the one that looks the better place. There was one called Face which looked lovely and I wish we had gone into. All of the prices in all of the restaurants was pretty cheap so no problems with money there.

      Canal D’amour is essentially Britain abroad so imagine lots of British bars with the football on and extremely loud music and that is what you get here. The good thing is that if you like you’re TV then you can usually find what you want on as you walk around as we found Big Brother which we watch and then all the soaps were on too. Many of the bars show the latest movies to hit our cinema screens which are quite cool. Our favourite bar was Amadeus which was right by our apartments and was not too loud, had cheap cocktails and also had a great pool table which we liked.

      Unfortunately this place does have a problem with stray animals and although the whole of Corfu seems to, it did seem to be slightly worse here. I am a big animal lover so I hated it and everyone I saw I just wanted to bring home with me but the locals told me that they all had fleas so I didn’t even like to stroke them. This is worth noting if you do take children here as I know how much they like to touch animals but and the dogs and cast here do come bounding over to you if you give them eye contact so be careful.

      Now the beaches were one thing we were looking forward to especially when we found out that one was only 120m from our apartments. However after seeing the sewage from the canal going straight into the sea we were put off going on the big beach but the sand was dark and had lots of rubbish in it anyway so that was nothing to miss. We found the one near us which was tiny and had the same problems and had this black mushy stuff all over the beach which I couldn’t think what it was so we did not stay there. The third and final beach we found had the same problem and the sea was so green and murky that it just did not look sanitary at all.

      Now this is the one thing that I absolutely loved so much about Canal D’amour as the scenery was the most amazing I have seen in a long time. The actual place is famous for its sandstone cliffs and yes they do look great. On our first night we sat in a small restaurant looking out onto the cliffs and watching the sun go down and the scene was just like something you would see on a postcard.

      The next day as we were walking around by the nasty beaches and looking out into the sea you can seriously not imagine how great it looks. You can see cliffs all around you and then because Corfu is not a flat island there are hills everywhere and as long as you ignore the colour of the sea by the beach it looks so blue and inviting as you look out. The sandstone formations are even in the sea at places and they made for interesting pictures when we got them developed and everybody who has seen them has said how amazing the place looks. Over the coast you can see the rocky country of Albania which also looks quite amazing especially if you can catch it at sunset.

      To be honest I wish we had not stayed in Canal D’amour as it is a horrible place because when I go abroad I like to get a true feeling of where I am and with so many English bars and English people working there I could have just been at home. The beaches were a huge disappointment as we had wanted a beach holiday so the fact I could not wear my bikini really got on my nerves as it was so dirty that I would not even sit on the beaches.

      The type of holiday this place would suit is a lively one and to be honest I think younger people would probably like it more. If I had a family I would not bring them here as I would be scared of the children stroking all of the stray animals and also going anywhere near the beach. The place was ok for us as there is just the two of us but to be honest we only spent one full day there and that was enough for us as we did not like it and drove other places while we were there.

      Canal D’amour gets three stars from me but this is purely down to the fact that the restaurants all serve such good food and the scenery you get is so amazing. The fact that this is where I got engaged looking out on the top of a cliff at sunset is why I will always think about this place. With regards to ever staying there again though I would say no but if you are ever in Corfu then try and make a bit of time just to visit as it is worth it for half an hour but seriously that is all you need.

      Thanks for reading.



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