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Corfu Town (Corfu, Greece)

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City: Corfu / Country: Greece / World Region: Europe

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    1 Review
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      26.07.2006 23:26
      Very helpful



      If you Stay in Corfu - Do Not Miss,

      When I go on holiday I just love to go exploring and when you are on an island such as Corfu which has a lot of history and culture I found it important to go to the capital of the island. Corfu Town is one big place and the centre of the island containing all of the culture, museums and castles you could want. I first heard about it just as I got off of the plane and our rep bought us a welcome pack and I saw a small section about museums and castles and had to visit. This is what I thought.


      First Impressions:

      Well the first time I passed through Corfu Town was as I had just got off the plane and was on the way to our resort. As we passed through I just noticed lots of shabby and rundown small shops and litter all over the streets. There were a lot of derelict buildings around and it didn’t seem busy at all which I thought was strange for a capital. To be fair though I was quite tired at the time so I just wanted some sleep.

      Perhaps my second first impression if that makes sense was when we decided to go and spend the day there which was a Wednesday morning. This time when we came past we saw the harbour which looked amazing and then passed right by one of the fortresses there. The whole place was extremely busy and car parking was a bit of a nightmare. I still think it looked quite dirty everywhere as there was so much litter but the actual scenery was stunning.


      Corfu Town:

      Corfu Town is actually the biggest capital in all of the Ionian islands and considering there are quite a few of them it shows it is a must visit if you can. The actual town is split into two with the new fortress and the old fortress. Around by the old fortress you can see all of the old architecture and the streets are cobbled so you feel like you have stepped back in time a little. By the new fortress is where you will find all of the shops and recent buildings.



      Corfu Town is ironically on the island of Corfu. It is on the east coast roughly in the middle of the island and boasts the harbour and airport. It is also signposted everywhere on the island so finding it is no problem.



      Corfu town is absolutely huge and to be honest I think you need to spend a couple of days there to truly appreciate all it has to offer. There is a lot of walking involved to get to places but considering how large it is you can find everything quite easily as places are signposted well.



      Ok now this is a bit of a strange one because it differs depending on where you are in the capital. Right by the old fortress I could not see any litter at all and everywhere looked spotless. As I walked through the capital though you do notice the litter and to be honest there were a lot of bins around so I cannot understand why there was so much. The main reason is obviously going to be because it is the most visited place on the island and many people pass through every day.



      Each resort in Corfu does not have many shops so if you are on the island and after a bit of shopping then get on down to Corfu Town. The shops here are fantastic ranging from the ones you see all over the island so your tacky souvenir shops and then up to designer wear.

      In the old part of the town you are more likely to stumble across small individual and unique shops which is where I saw some lovely jewellery but couldn’t afford it which was a shame. As you head into the new town it all becomes a lot more cosmopolitan and this is where you can really find some bargains. The designer shops here are a lot less expensive than those in Britain but also there are a lot of shops selling off copies of designer things and some of the shoes I saw on sale were amazing.

      The one thing to do in Corfu town though is to look down side streets and alleys because this is where you find shops which are completely different to any on the island and sell such things as small paintings that the shop owner has made which look great and are a great things to take home with you.



      As you can imagine in a capital Corfu town has a great selection of restaurants to choose from. The food ranges from Greek to English and whatever your tastes you should find somewhere. I particularly liked the look of a place called Venetian Well which was in the old part of town as it was a charming little bar and smelled so good from the outside. Unfortunately we did not go in but I would have if we had had more time.


      Things to do:

      Well as me and my fiancé do like to explore on holiday we did go to a couple of the highlight of Corfu town.

      Archaeological Museum;
      Me being into my relics and Dave being interested in interesting things basically we decided to head to the museum. It was located in a small side street but signposted well so we didn’t miss it. When we got in we were surprised to hear that the entrance fee was just €2 each so extremely cheap.

      While in the museum there is just one large floor full of things to look at ranging from extremely old coins to actual bones. The best thing for me was a room about the size of quarter of a football pitch and along the wall was this huge sculpture of Medusa. This looked amazing and I was just in awe that it had been created.

      We enjoyed the museum as there was an English translation for everything and we stayed for over an hour.

      The Old Fortress:
      I couldn’t resist taking a look in one of the fortresses and I thought the old one might be a bit more interesting so off we went. To get in it was just €4 each and considering we spent nearly two hours in there and could have spent more if we didn’t have to get back to the car, it was worth the money.

      When in there you can go into a lot of rooms which tell you the history of the castle and also show pictures of it throughout the ages which was quite interesting. Then you are free to wander around the castle exploring which we love. There is a lot of walking involved and a lot of step climbing to do but it is worth it to get to the top and look at the fantastic views across the whole of Corfu town.

      On the way back we did find a shop too so we were able to have a look at things to buy which included small replica coins and key rings.



      With amazing culture, lots of things to do and also some stunning scenery I think Corfu town is the place to visit. When we went it was quite busy and this was out of the holiday season and on a Wednesday so I am not sure what it would be like in the summer. The streets and parks were bustling and everywhere you went everyone seemed to be relaxed and having fun.

      The actual place is very interesting and the only bad thing I have to say is that car parking is quite hard so get there early. We had to park quite a walk away from it all as we went late but there is a lot of places to park so you shouldn’t really have too much of a problem, she says.

      In conclusion I have to give Corfu town a big thumbs up and five stars. It is an amazing capital and with far more to do than anywhere else on the island it is where I would return to.

      Thanks for reading.



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      Corfu, one of Greece's most beautiful islands boasts the largest capital of all the Ionian Islands with a total population of around 37,000. The town itself is divided into two parts, the old and the new areas. The old part of the town displays the elegant churches of various religions, the maze of cobbled streets, and also the Old Fortress that stands proudly, looking over the town. The new parts of the town hold the abundance of cosmopolitan shops that can satisfy everyone's tastes and demands.