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Holiday Resorts in Hammamet (Tunisia)

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City: Hammamet / Country: Tunisia / World Region: Africa

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    2 Reviews
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      05.03.2013 19:03
      Very helpful
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      Overall a great holiday destination - so pack your case and away we go

      Holidays in Hammamet
      Hammamet is located in Tunisia, most companies now fly into Enfida, which was opened about 18 months ago, and this is located closer to Hammamet than the previous airport used which was Monastir. The transfer time is approximately 45mins to 1hr 30 minutes, depending on the resort, amount of drop offs and how quick they can arrange drop offs.

      There is 2 parts to Hammamet, the original Hammamet, which became a tourist resort from the 1960s onwards and the newer part Yasmine Hammamet, which is a purpose built resort with a marina.

      I personally prefer Hammamet than the newer area, but again this is personal choice, with the odd exception, (Phenicia and Les Oranges Hotel) these have been completely knocked down and started again, a lot of the hotels are of an older build but have been modernised over the years.
      In the central area of Hammamet is the Medina, this is the local market, and parts date back to the 12th century, there is also a small shopping area, a good selection of restaurants and cafes. The hotels are to the North of the Medina include Sol Azur and Bel Azur, to the south of the market hotels include Les Oranges, Phenicia and Paradis. This is just a small selection of the hotels available.

      A lot of the hotels have beach front access, and those that don't are generally within 500 metres of the beach and the hotels do generally have their own stretch of the beach.

      Yasmine Hammamet
      This is a purpose built resort, and was built from late 1990s onwards. The hotels here are generally 4 and 5 star hotels, larger build hotels. Although the downside to this is very few are actually beach front, depending on the location of your hotel you could have a 15 minute walk to the beach.

      The beach is well kept and sweeps around to the Marina, where the boats are amazing, and there are restaurants and cafes in this area.

      Yasmine also has a purpose built medina, this was built within the last 10 years, the medina is a mix of old and new styling, from large open square with restaurants and cafes, to off shots which look like a mini street with high rise ceilings and a selection of shops.

      Just by the Medina there is Aqualand, which is a large water park, as well as Carthage Land which is a funfair based attraction, this was all newly built along with the Medina.

      There is two entrances to the medina, the main one, which is by Carthage land, this has restaurants by it, the last time we were out there, we went to the restaurant and had a full roast Dinner, the plate was heaving, it was very good value. Digressing thou, this entrance to the medina there is set of 3 flights of stairs to get to the medina, but if you carry on walking past this entrance as though you're heading towards the beach, at the end of the road, turn right and about 20 yards to the right there is a level entrance to the medina.

      Some of the hotels that are not all inclusive, you can pop in and have a coffee, the medina is facing a strip of hotels so it is worth having a look at the design features, and grabbing a break.

      There is large shopping complexes, a mini Carrefour supermarket, and also Blue Ice, which is an Ice skating rink.

      It is easy to get between Hammamet and Yasmine Hammamet, this can be taxi, which is around 7 dinars (exchange rate 40p to 1 dinar = £2.80) or you can go on the Noddy train which is a tourist train and fun to go on, as you see the sights from memory it is about 5 dinars (£2.00) per person, as well as the local buses.

      There are many attractions within the area, from horse riding, taking a trip on a camel to a local village, a round or two of golf, further afield by 20 minutes you have Nabeul, which has a large weekly market on a Friday and is a defiantly worth a visit.

      Best Buys
      Gold, although do make sure that you are buying from a jewellers, as some local stalls will sell you base metal saying its 14ct gold, pottery, whether that is a tile, a ashtray or a tangine pot and leather, from coats, handbags, purses, shoes, there are many bargains to be had.

      There is no copyright laws in Tunisia, so you do find that you can buy copies of famous bags, clothing, trainers, socks, you name it, there is bound to be a copy of it.

      Would I recommend
      Yes I would recommend Hammamet, everyone is friendly, the temperature is warm and the prices are generally good.

      The currency in Tunisia is a closed currency, you cannot take it in or out of the country, you can change the dinars (notes only) at the airport, but this is subject to conditions including keeping all the receipts from when you change your money, and you can only change 30% back. I would suggest changing little and often, so that you don't end up losing the money.


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        06.02.2009 12:02
        Very helpful



        The perfect holidaying location!

        I travelled to Tunisia in July 2008. We stayed at Hammamet Yasmine which is the most recently developed/most popular resort in Tunisia at the moment. It is located just south of Hammamet, and is made up of predominantly four and five star luxury hotels which are built in a traditional architectural style, yet have unique and modern designs. The apartments within this location are the epitome of luxury and comfort and surround magnificent swimming pools.

        Hammamet Yasmine is a man-made resort with a lovely stretch of golden sand beach. It is the perfect location for a holiday. You can relax in the beach (most hotels have their own private section of the beach) or enjoy the water sports activities such as power boat, water skiing. I would recommend the El-Mouradi hotel - the hotel's standard and service are first class. Families can enjoy a day out to Carthage Land which is a theme park with thrilling rides, and the Blue Ice, which is the only ice rink in Tunisia. There are many other activities i.e. golf courses, horse carriage rides, local open air tram ride etc. It is the perfect location as your right bang in the middle of everything - so you have easy access to go wherever you want whether it may be with a taxi or by walking. You'll also find loads of reps in the area who will organise activities for you - quadbiking, pirate ship adventure etc.

        There is also a sophisticated new medina (which is a man-made replica of the old medina in old Hammamet town). It has luxurious boutiques, souvenir arts and crafts shops, cafés and restaurants, theatres and museums and a fabulous residential complex. It's great for shopping as they literally have everything you would need; however the prices can be quite inflated here (compared to the old medina in hammamet) as this medina has been built in this resort primarily for tourists - but it's definitely worth making a visit there. At night they have live entertainment (singing, acrobatics, dancing etc) which is nice.. the atmosphere is tends to be most lively in the evenings so I'd definitely recommend making a trip and joining in on the fun.


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        Hammament, Tunisia.

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