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City: Lardos / Country: Greece / World Region: Europe

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    2 Reviews
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      07.01.2013 09:08



      large village in Rhodes, amazing restaurants, well worth a vist

      Lardos is in Rhodes. It is a most beautiful large village, by the sea - which remains mostly uncommercial. Tourists will visit the village as there are quite a few very nice restaurants, however one glimpse at the streets nearby and you can tell that this area is still inhabitated by locals, which makes it even more charming.
      Greek Grandfathers walking up and down the pavement, proudly pushing prams - chatting to various other grandfathers - a charming sight.
      Stray cats and dogs a-plenty, which is typical of Greek Islands, however these strays are not cruely treated at all, as they are in some countries and often youwill see large bowls of dried cat food and water placed out for them.
      There is a regular bus service from Lardos which actually goes all the way to Rhodes town, stopping at the resort of Pefkos and the beautiful, historical Lindos.
      Would I suggest Lardos itself as a holiday destination? Possibly not, it has a couple hotels on the outskirts and a few restaurants in the town/village itself, but if you were looking for nightlife etc then this would not be the place for you - although it would be perfect as a base for your holiday.
      If you are feeling brave then I would suggest a hire car, which isn't too dear, many companies offering 3 days for the price of 2 etc, for around 80 Euros.
      Lardos is an absolutely charming place to go for an evening walk and a lovely meal, we stayed in a hotel called Elvita, which seems to be classed as being in Lardos, but I wold actually say is nearer Pefkos, around 8 miles away.

      Rhodes is the most stunning island and the Lardos area in my opinion is the nicest part..


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      16.09.2009 17:57
      Very helpful



      A warm Greek welcome in the lovely village of Lardos!

      We visited the town of Lardos in Rhodes while staying at the Cosmos Maris Apratments (see separate review) in the area in May this year. First off I will say - absolutely not the place to go for a party holiday! Lardos is a small village in Rhodes - small is the key word. This, however, is no bad thing at all!

      The village square, which is the main area will be the focus of this review. It is a truly beautiful place. It's lost none of its traditional greek chram to the tourist hordes. I'd say there was around four or five restaurants, a couple of bars and a handful of shops including a couple of decently stocked supermarkets.

      Firstly the restaurant. Here I had some of the most beautiful food I have ever eaten. The restaurants serve dominantly traditional Greek food, with nohing on offer on the fish n chips or burgers front! All the better in my opinion! Valentinas was my favourite - the setting is superb looking out over the square and the food was exquisite. However, we ate at a few of the restaurants and never had a bad meal! The prices were very reasonable - four of us had two courses and drinks for under 40 Euros which compared to neighbouring Lindos is an absolute steal.

      The two bars which were open there were both very similar in style - cocktail bars serving every drink imaginable of the type you will find in any European resort. The difference in Lardos here is that the clientele includes local Greek people, who offer the warmest welcome possible. One night we stayed late enough to miss a taxi home and were offered a lift by the bar's owner. Above and beyond the call of duty! The drinks were excellent and well priced considering the lack of competition.

      We were in Lardos early in the season and so when we were there it was very quiet. However, my parents went in peak season last year and it was much busier, meaning you had to book restaurants to eat at a reasonable hour.

      Overall, Lardos is a lovely place. It is almost unspoilt by tourism. The welcome from local people is the best you could find and you can truly feel at home in a culture so different to ours.


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    Small town on the Greek island of Rhodes.

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