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    2 Reviews
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      28.11.2015 12:11


      • "Stunning city"


      • "Horrid people"

      Oh Alla!

      Wars, like earthquakes, rumble up wherever the tectonic plates grind together the most, the Middle East a particular hotspot. Its one big Machiavellian board game of Snakes & Ladders down there and you have to play if you want to secure your oil and influence in the world. It’s in such constant flux you can not afford not to have a counter on the board. Blair decided to swoosh his lead pipe an arrogant ten places up the ladder with his insane war in Iraq and it was go back to the start with 7/7 two years later, 52 dead Londoners. The suicide bombers told the camera they did it to revenge Iraq but the establishment refused to let us debate that. The immense frustrations for British Muslims around Israel and our foreign policy remains, some even locked up for just debating it. Over 100,000 people have been denied access to the UK since the Iraq War for having ‘negative’ views on our foreign policy. That is a 7.5 earthquake waiting to happen until we let them have their say. They had their day in Paris. France chose to take their counter off the board all together in 2003 and relatively untouched, until now. They are back on the board by bombing Syria and have just been hit with their 7/7, 121 dead. Spain backed the war in Iraq and Madrid Station 2004 saw 191 blown to pieces. Three days later the general election threw out the right wing party and they left Iraq and no trouble since under a left wing party.

      Make no mistake guys, if there was no oil in the Middle East none of this would be happening and the region desolate and irrelevant like Central Africa. It’s game with no rules, a start, or a finish. 70% of the world’s oil is there and so everyone is up to everything to get results, some of it disgusting, some of it needed - many Arab leaders duplicitous to say the least. The Sunni Emirates and Saudi are surreptitiously funding and sustaining ISIS to keep it all going to appease their fanatical Muslim populations yet we fawn over those sheiks in London to buy up our country with those petrochem sheckles, their spoilt sons getting drunk and high racing their Lamborghinis around Westminster, actions that you go to jail for in Saudi. The hypocrisy here is unreal. Only this Friday the Saudis cut off 50 heads for various misdemeanors. Saudi Arabia funded, staffed and planned 911 yet it was Iraq and Afghanistan who had to take the blame to send a message. Why, because they were the most defenseless Arabs at the time and we simply don’t have the bottle or will to tame Saudi. But as long as NIMBYS don’t want shale gas and wind turbines spoiling their second home views the slaughter will continue over oil.

      I don’t buy into this idea that Muslim terrorists do this stuff to get their place in paradise. Some of them are stupid enough to believe that a righteous God would incite mass murder to please him but most do it because they are alienated morons who fester in the immigrant ghettos and don’t want to better themselves. I think their anger to do such terrible acts is more about our racism towards them and the alienation and humiliation of being a brown skinned second-class citizen in the white west. It’s hard not to sympathize over that aspect, but to actually pull the trigger you have to detest the people you are killing. In my experience the underclass gate nothing more than to be humiliated and belittled. They hold a grudge and violence is great leveler against those who have money and security. This is the only way the poor can hurt and humiliate the rich.

      In Paris the mostly North African immigrants targeted a heavy metal gig not a rap night. They hit two Jewish owned restaurants full of middle-class French people, rather than fast food joints on the wrong side of town. They bombed a football stadium instead of a black comedy night in Paris. They killed mostly white people because they feel like dirt to them. They blame the ruling classes for pushing them out to the urban slums on the edge of town. If you have lived in France you will know how unbearable French people can be. The Belgium suburb of Molenbeck where many of the attackers came from is 90% Moroccan immigrant. It has 35% unemployment rate. It’s the same on the fringes of Paris, ghetto after ghetto packed with scroungers and the disaffected. White France can snort the LA MARSEILLAISE from their flared nostrils and spout about freedom land liberty all they like but the fact is 27% of the country voted for right wing parties at the last election and the country more racially divided than ever. If you bear in mind that 20% of France is non white then that 27& is a high number of the white voters. The immigrant underclass just attacked them. The killers were not bearded Muslim believers.

      I don’t think its any real surprise European leaders are using the Paris attacks to clampdown on immigration. That apocalyptic train of people strung out across Eastern Europe is effectively a dole queue starting in Damascus. Whether you like to hear that or not over two thirds of asylum seekers and refugees remain on the dole one year after being given citizenship and the right to work. Its 50% after five years. Its Europe’s welfare bill that’s weighing down growth, having to mage up money in their banks to pay for it all, hence the credit crunch.

      Germany couldn’t turn them away as they didn’t want to be seen cramming immigrants on to trains and buses on to camps with numbers on their wrist. That Holocaust guilt will never go away. Cameron’s tactic is to let them rot near French ports, the images of that on the world media the ultimate deterrent to come here. It’s working. Sweden, which has the best welfare system in Europe, has thankfully deflected away that stream of people towards Scandinavia. I fear Gothenburg is next for the terrorists. They have taken in huge numbers of Muslim immigrants, the conflict free Arctic Circle more appealing than the Arabic equator for their anger and frustrations.

      The timing of the attacks couldn’t be better. In fact the attacks were remarkably useful for all concerned. Firstly it boosted ISIS, and the Russian airliner coming down helped Russia look the victims over supporting Assad and Syria, and Cameron got to push through his controversial surveillance legislation. Most importantly European leaders can now lockdown their borders to stop that more damaging immigrant flow to maintain the integrity of Europe. You can’t blame them. But now Cameroon has to again engineer a situation to avoid bombing Syria. He skillfully did it last time by deferring a leadership decision saying he was ‘listening to the people’, who didn’t want war. A war would not have got him reelected. If we join in he knows that puts an even bigger target on London’s back. But he has a big problem. The lefty Labor leader has said he doesn’t want to go to war and his party hates him that much they are going to vote to go to war this time to spite Corbyn, the votes Cameron needs to get military action. The caveat on the vote this time around is he will only hold a vote when he thinks he has enough support to avoid losing again. The difference is he and most of the MPs wanted to lose last time. I still think they want to lose this time. We don’t need any more airpower down there blowing up pick up trucks. More planes will still carry out the same amounts it missions. Troops on the ground is the only way to end ISIS and that isn’t going to happen. The Arab countries are sitting back and leaving it to the West, even though we sell them all the latest kit, and that’s all you need to know where there thoughts are on sustaining ISIS. The invasion of Iraq simply created this blowback caliphate which is being run by Saddams old Baathist generals and regional Sunni tribes. Some of those tribes are fighting each other now over petty squabbles. There are 81 different factions in Syria alone. There are 23 in Libya.

      The name AL-Qaeda was created by the West to group all Muslim extremist groups under one umbrella so the west felt they had the mandate to attack any Muslim country where terror acts happened. Now you don’t hear that word and it’s all ISIS. I think this is because once the Arab Spring hit a lot of repellent leaders we support down there needed to be deposed on the same moral grounds Saddam was so we needed to back off. Al Qaeda was no more. The fact is the West was pretty content with Assad in Syria and one of the more moderate guys down there. ISIS, of course, are completely unacceptable and will have to go. But it won’t be the west who achieves that but the people funding them, Saudi Arabia – or a nuke, the way we sorted the hateful Japanese for good.


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      11.08.2012 13:16
      Very helpful



      Better learn some French!

      OK so two weeks ago I went to Paris for a few days, but due to starting work the day after I got back, hadn't been able to sort/load my photos and write a review about it so here is my delayed post!

      So, we basically visited all the major tourist attractions and museums (Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe...) but what I liked about this trip was the less so popular places and the hidden gems that they possessed.

      I climbed the Eiffel Tower for the first time (I've been to Paris before when I was younger but never ascended) and it is much taller than you think it is when you're at the top. Studying architecture and having learnt about it briefly with the Great Exhibition, you can appreciate the structure and the advance of material and technology. And also, when I was in the green space, it reminded me of that scene in Jane by Design when Jane goes to Paris :P hehehe

      I've always wanted to see the 4D cube at La Defense (filming location for one of the Bourne films), but did not realise that the plaza contained many artworks, sculptures and architecture, so was pleasantly surprised when we finally got to go and spent around 30 minutes there when we only planned to stay for 5.

      Another delight is the Science museum in Parc de Villette (a sculpture park just on the edge of the city). The beautiful metallic mirror facade was so alluring especially at sunset when we went- I wish I could've stayed longer but we wanted to also go to another park... also, they had a public film screening (open air cinema) during the Summer, and the atmosphere was buzzing, a hip and youthful place to be.

      Although we did ALOT of walking, it makes seeing the attractions just that more worthwhile and you know, you get to see more of Paris by walking and absorbing the atmosphere- plus it was a 'good' leg workout after sitting around at home for a month just watching movies and whatnot.

      The food was as expected, ridiculously expensive and I found that it wasn't that great, but we probably picked too touristy restaurants and didn't really go for the local stuff... but I was happy with trying pate for the first time as well as going to the Parisian restaurant with great atmosphere which reminded me of the style seen in 'Midnight in Paris'. Also, the crepe I had was indulgent yet divine.

      Overall, I had a great trip and it was fantastic to revisit Paris as I hadn't been in a long time- visiting locations from film and TV-and I managed to take some great photos around the city. Also below is a rough guide of what we did in the few days we were there so you can use it if you decide to visit Paris!

      DAY 1
      Eiffel Tower
      Jardins du Trocadero
      La Grand Palais
      Pont Alexandre III bridge
      Les Invalides
      Champs Elysee
      Arc De Triomphe

      DAY 2
      Louvre Museum
      Saint Chapelle
      Notre Dame
      Paris Palace of Justice
      Pompidou Art Gallery
      Arab Institute
      Palais Opera

      DAY 3
      La Defense
      Sacre Ceur
      Parc de Villettes
      Louvre at Night

      DAY 4


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