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Puerto de la Cruz (Spain)

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    2 Reviews
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      20.07.2009 13:36
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      A nice relaxing resort with plenty to keep you entertained

      Puerto de la Cruz is a resort in the north of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

      Most of the tourist resorts in Tenerife such as Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos are in the south of the island near the main airport.

      One downside to being in the North is that it is approximately a 1 1/2 hour drive to the resort, however I think it is well worth this journey time.

      The south of the island is filled with high rise hotels, English restaurants and English tourists. If you are looking for England with sunshine (as lots of people are) then the resorts in southern Tenerife are perfect, but personally I prefer the much more Spanish feeling in the north of the island.

      Puerto de la Cruz is a good sized resort with plenty of hotels, shops, bars and restaurants. The sea front is lined with restaurants and shops and it's really enjoyable to stroll along there in the evening.

      There are a couple of small shopping centres in the town, and also a large mall which is just outside the resort, and costs around £5 in a taxi to get to.

      One of the highlights of the resort is Loro Parque, a wildlife park on the outskirts of the resort. They run a free bus in and out of town throughout the day to take people to the park.

      The park is amazing, and houses penguins, gorillas, dolphins, parrots, sea lions, tigers and the most recent addition, killer whales. All of these animals are very well looked after, and all have either been rescued, so if the park hadn't have taken them in they would have died, or have come from other wildlife parks.

      The resort also benefits from the beautiful Canarian sunshine all year round, although the north is a little cooler, and greener than the south. This is definitely a good thing in the hot summer months where its temperature is around the early 30s.

      The resort isn't a big clubbing one and there isn't a big "bar street" that you often find in holiday resorts. However, there are places to go out if you want to go clubbing, but it's not in your face, so you can easily avoid that scene altogether if you wish.

      Puerto de la Cruz is a lovely place to relax and enjoy the sunshine, as well as taking in a few sites and seeing the Canarian way of life.


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      15.08.2006 01:25



      tenerife is an island much more than sunbathing and clubbing

      The start of any holiday always begins in the airport , what with delays and all the hustle and bustle, and as a nervous flyer its the bit every year that i dread.

      Flying is absolutly boring unless you have some amazing scenery, and as you approach tenerife you have the most amazing view of mount tiede. It is absolutly breathtaking!.

      Puerto de la cruz has one of the most amazing black sand beaches, which really burns your feet when the sand heats up.
      For the golden sand beachese you need to head for the south of the island to los cristianos and play de las americas.
      Most younger people go to tenerife to go to playa de las americas, but your not seeing the island for what it is there.That area of tenerife is over priced and very over commercialised!

      Tenerife has alot of exciting things to do other than laying on a beach all day and going out clubbing in the evening.

      Mount tiede is probably the best daytrip. The views from the top on the volcano are amazing,on a clear day you can see all of the canary islands.
      You can choose to get the cable car up to the top or you can actually walk up if you like! i took the cable car as walking seemed like just a bit to much of an effort.

      Loro parque is the most amazing animal park with gorillas,dolphins,penguins,aligators and a whole lot more. I had the most amazing time there. The dolphin show was my favourite as the dolphins actually looked like they were enjoying themselfs rather than doing there act for a meal.

      There is so much to do on the island of tenerife. You really have to hire a car so you can explore thd island yourselfs without the ols coach and tour operator scenerios.

      My last strong recommendation is to jump in your hire car when you want a meal and head out of the tourist areas and find a nice locally ran place to eat. I had the most amazing food at this little place in the mountains and it was so cheap and all came with free red wine as much as you can drink.

      Lastly if your going to tenerife make sure you get out of the big tourist areas and be friendly to the people of tenerife.
      Many canary people believe that all british people are thugs and this is why we recieve a hostile reception by local people. So before you go to tenerife or any of the canary islands why not take the time learn a little bit of spainish and actually use it whilst your there.
      Here are a few.....

      hello: ola
      goodbye : adios
      thankyou: gracias
      many thanks: muchas gracias


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