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    1 Review
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      23.11.2009 15:39
      Very helpful



      Great city-improving day by day

      Whooo, I found Szeged on Dooyoo! I'm Hungarian and from a city 20 km away from Szeged but studied and own property there so know the city very well indeed. Due to the high number of sunshine hours annually, Szeged is often called City of Sunshine (a name she shares with another Hungarian city, Debrecen.)

      Szeged is the fourth largest city of Hungary, the regional centre of South_Eastern Hungary and the capital of the county of Csongrad.The name Szeged might come from an old Hungarian word for corner (szeg) because of the turn of the river Tisza there. Others say it derives from the Hungarian word sziget which means "island". Others still contend that szeg means "dark blond" (sötétszőkés) - a reference to the colour of the water where the rivers Tisza and Maros merge.

      As of 2001, there are 168,273 people residing in the city.

      Szeged is known as the home of paprika, a spice made from dried, powdered capsicum vegetables, Szeged is also famous for Szekelygulyas, a goulash made with pork, sauerkraut and sour cream.(Loving it!)

      Today the inner city of Szeged has beautiful buildings and wide avenues. This is mainly due to the great flood of 1879, which literally wiped away the whole town (only 265 of the 5723 houses remained and 165 people died).

      Szeged is an important university town and a popular tourist attraction., the famous Open Air Plays of Szeged (first held in 1931) are one of the main attractions; they are held every summer- we go there every year with my partner who has no trouble of understanding the words as 2 huge screens are translating everything into English.

      The city of Szeged has 62 nurseries, 32 elementary schools, 18 high schools and a university and is the higher education centre of southern Hungary. So many people don't know but Szeged has lots of twin cities, for example:

      Cambridge, United Kingdom
      Darmstadt, Germany
      Nice, France
      Odessa, Ukraine
      Rakhiv, Ukraine
      Parma, Italy
      Liège, Belgium
      Kotor, Montenegro
      Rotterdam, Netherlands
      Târgu Mureş, Romania
      Subotica, Serbia
      Timişoara, Romania
      Toledo, United States
      Turku, Finland
      Łódź, Poland
      Weinan, China
      Larnaca, Cyprus
      Pula, Croatia
      Varna, Bulgaria

      Szeged has great connection with Budapest, the capital of Hungary, there is a motorway, and intercity trains are running every hour (takes 2 hours). Szeged is an improving city, property prices are rising, an average 1 bedroom flat costs 10.500.000Ft which is about 36.000 pounds. Many foreigners are buying properties in Szeged as it is affordable, and the rent gives you a good 5% interest.

      Overall Szeged is a beautiful city divided by the River Tisza, it's schools are the best in the country and has plenty of going on to entertain people.


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