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The Las Vegas Strip (Nevada, USA)

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City: Las Vegas / Country: USA / World Region: North America

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    5 Reviews
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      01.05.2012 23:50
      Very helpful



      You can be any age and still enjoy the life in Vegas

      I've been lucky to visit Las Vegas twice. The first trip was amazing and was awe struck at everything we did. The second visit was just as amazing as the last visit.
      I went last year with my brother, both of us love America and Las Vegas was a place where we thought we could see more of.
      It isn't just the Strip itself you go to see, but the sightseeing trips are well worth going on.
      We did various trips and the biggest highlight of course, was the Grand Canyon.
      I have to say, it is a few hours drive on the bus, but well worth the journey.
      Our trip took us to West Rim and Eagles Point, which i have to say, is the main tourist area of the Canyon. You literaly stand right on the edge of the Canyon and look down. We were surprised that there were no safety barriers, but, that didn't stop us having a look!!
      On the West Rim, you can go up onto the observation deck and walk right over the Canyon. This is a walkway which circles around over it. It isn't for the faint hearted, as the floor is clear and the feeling is, you are walking on air! No photography is allowed and full security is in force.
      I sneaked a bit of the Canyon rock into my rucksack, just something to remember!!

      A trip out to Death Valley is a long day and you are pretty exhausted by the end of it. An early start and loads and loads of stops en route. Places that stick out for me, are Devils Golf Course, where you walk on the salt plains, Badwater Basin, a massive area dried up under sea level which you walk on. Ryolite Ghost town. Basically you are in the Mojave Desert, surrounded by Cactuses, sand dunes and vast areas of fabulous views.
      An amazing day out, one to remember forever.

      A helecoptor flight over the strip is a must, especially at night, that is when you get to appreciate how magnificent the place is. This isn't cheap, but worth it for the views.

      There are so many hotels you can stay in. Though i wouldn't recommend staying in the Circus Circus, The location isn't perfect, as it is on the far end of the strip and it is a long ride on the bus in order to get to the main attractions. Also the hotel is a little tacky, despite having lots to do there. The rooms are a little outdated and could do with a bit of deco, but for the cheapest hotel on the strip, it is probably worth the money. That is why we stayed there. Our view was, we are only going to sleep here, so why fork out on loads of money.

      Each hotel has their own attraction and you can spend days going around each one.
      The Venetian Hotel is set out like Venice and has a canal leading from the outside in, with Gondolas you can ride in and be serenaded by the Gondaleers.
      The dancing fountains are well worth seeing and are set off at various times of the day to music. You have to see them at night too.
      The Lions at the MGM are worth seeing, but it can be a bit of a let down, if there is only one of them and no action, but it is a case of striking lucky!
      If you can, see a show at Planet Hollywood, you get some good ones and the place itself is worth going to in itself.

      We were lucky with our trips, as we pre book them. I recommend that sincerely, as your money will go further if you do. There are so many sites to go on, just a case of shopping around, such a saving.

      These are just a few of my personal favourites. There is so much more to do and it isn't just gambling, though, you can't go to Las Vegas and not have at least one go on the tables or slots!!


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        04.04.2010 16:01
        Very helpful



        There is nowhere else quite like it!

        Its 3am in the morning, your sitting in your plane seat, not a lots happening except for Betty the airhostess offering you some au de toilette from her cart. You look out your window and all you can see is darkness. You can't possibly anticipate what's coming. All of a sudden the "fasten your seat belt" sign comes on and you take another longing glance out the window. Like magic, millions of little lights of all different colours begin to come into view and the butterflies start to churn in your belly. You're almost there, you're almost in Las Vegas, everyone's favourite adult theme park. Never has the "fasten your seat belt" sign been more appropriate.

        From the moment you step off the plane and into the airport you will be surrounded by slot machines and massive billboards advertising the best shows Vegas has to offer. Whether its Celine Dion of Lance Burton that tickles your fancy they'll all be staring down on you from on high as you navigate the airport.

        A taxi from the airport to the main strip will set you back between $20-30 plus tip depending on which casino your staying at. If you fancy treating yourself on arrival, get your taxi driver to take you all the way along the main strip. If you opt for this just sit back and let your jaw drop. The lighting on show and the enormity of some of the casinos will leave you speechless. I'd be surprised to hear if you didn't get a good tingle of excitement down your spine.

        On my first visit I made the error of staying a couple of blocks off the strip. My advice is don't. The casino hotels are outstanding in quality and value. You'll definitely save in the long run as taxis in and out from the strip aren't cheap.

        Each casino has its own little niche and one might take your fancy more than another. My advice is to have a gander at a vast selection before you settle on one in which to gamble and dine and vary your selection daily as they all have something different to offer. The main casinos such as the Mirage, Bellagio, MGM Grand and Caesar's Palace are all centrally located and within a 5-15 minute walk from each other. There is very little to choose between them. Their gaming floors and buffets are all exceptional and the value for money is excellent.

        However if you're looking for luxury then look no further than the Wynn and the Wynn Encore. Its marble decor, stylish shopping area and attention to detail is phenomenal and definitely worth at least a nosey. It in my opinion is the star of the show, which is saying something.

        If gambling isn't your thing don't worry you can still have a ball. The amount of shows on offer is ridiculous. You could spend an entire morning riffling through all the brochures. They can be pricey with some of the cheaper tickets still coming in at around $120 a seat. Don't worry too much however as there are numerous half price ticket selling booths along the strip where you can get really good deals. Shows include famous singers, comedians, magicians and group performances and each casino has its own Act. My girlfriend and I treated ourselves to the "Blue Man Group" at the Venetian Casino for about $90 a ticket. It was visually amazing. I don't want to use the cliché of "words can't explain" but I have to. It's impossible to explain without going to see it for yourself. My advice would be to read a review or two on the net or go on youtube and watch a trailer.

        Other casino highlights for me were the roller coasters at the Stratosphere, the Bellagio fountains and the Sirens of Treasure Island. The Stratosphere provides you with an amazing view of the strip from the highest point in the city and you can also go on one of the thrill rides at the top of the tower. Pick the ride called "Insanity." It dangles you off the edge of the tower, which is over 1000 feet in the air and spins you round the outside of the tower. Shaking legs and adrenaline rush guaranteed.

        One of the things Vegas is most famous for is the Bellagio fountains. Now to be honest before I seen them I thought this might be a big old fuss over very little. How wrong was I? Very! I was catching flies every time I had the pleasure of seeing it. Simply take a walk down to Bellagio anytime of the day. It's on every 15 minutes or so.

        I chose the Sirens of Treasure Island as that was the hotel I stayed in when I vsited Vegas for a second time. Please see my review of Treasure Island Casino/Resort for greater detail. The Sirens appear 4-5 times a night and put on about a 20-minute show. Its basically 15 or so scantily clad ladies dancing on a pirate ship which gets approached by 15 or so scantily clad males on another ship. Basic story but a hell of a good laugh!

        For the outdoor types who want to see more than just the casinos then take advantage of the area surrounding Vegas. Why not take a trip and see the impressive Hoover Damn. It's a mammoth piece of engineering situated no more than a three quarters of an hour drive from Vegas. It is a towering figure that holds back the world famous Colorado River.

        Visiting the Grand Canyon is a must. Before I went a friend of mine asked me, "is it not just a big hole in the ground." Indeed it is but what a hole. The enormity of the canyon, the scenery and the rock formations are breath taking. My advice is to fly either by helicopter or light aircraft. If you opt for four wheels then it's a long day with between 8 and 12 hours driving and that's not including the time you spend actually at the canyon itself. My girlfriend and I flew with a company called "Maverick Tours." We flew for under $600 for the two of us and the service was outstanding.

        If you choose to go then please go and visit the "Sky Walk." This is a horseshoe shaped glass platform that you can walk out on and look down into the canyon. You know its stable and you know its safe but if you can get round the circumference without walking like a tortoise or crawling like a baby then I'll be impressed! At just $30 per person its exceptional value.


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          30.11.2009 04:29
          Very helpful
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          Great place to people watch.

          I have been to Vegas many times. I have been to every casino and played almost every slot machine in Vegas. At least my pocket book feels like I have. I have been all over the strip walked from one end to the other and have seen lots of strange and wonderful things during my times visiting the strip.

          Walking up and down the strip you can see many things. There are people out there that are trying to make a buck you can tip them for a photo opp. This last trip out I was able to get my daughter and a man dressed up all in gold like a statue on video. It was pretty cool. We were also able to get some video of her holding a monitor lizard, thats all cool but its not what makes the Las Vegas Strip so wonderful.

          The Las Vegas Strip has so much to see. Its a virtual wonderland in the desert. As you walk up and down the strip you are surrounded by many other tourist that are out to have a good time. If you are a people watcher like me then this is the place to do it.

          I have seen some very weird things as I people watch on the strip. Men that are very much manly men that are dressed as women. You would think that these people would not want to be photoed but they do. You can actually tip them to have them pose with you. I have seen a man dressed as a cheerleader, a man dressed as Captian America, a man dressed all in gold he was painted gold. There was also a man with his monitor lizard that you can have your picture taken with. Now these people are not gonna get up in your face if you dont tip them but they will be much friendlier getting the pose right if you do tip.

          As I walk up and down the strip it seems a lot shorter when you start but by the time you have walked down and are on your way back up you realize that the 4 city blocks you walked are about 4 miles all together. I don't know the length of the strip as every time I walk it I never get to the end its too far.

          Walking the strip you get to see the true beauty of the strip and the hotels that driving past does not give you the same chance your just going to fast. When I walk the strip I look at the flowers it seems there are flowers every where no matter what time of year it is. They are in the middle of the road and all around where you walk.

          The part of the strip that I hate the most is the porn peddlers as I call them. They are the men and women that hand you the cards with the naked woman on them wanting to show you a good time in your room. What really gets me is that they stand on the corners just off the property and pass them out. They are not allowed to be on the Hotels property so they make do. Now that I have a child with me we avoid those like the plague but on occasion have had a run in with them.

          I now have trained my daughter to glare at them as we walk by they don't dream of giving them to her daddy when she is walking with him holding his hand and giving them the evil eye. I have had a experience with them that really makes me sick. This last time out my daughter was on the other side of my husband away from the peddler and he gave him one my husband did not take it but it made me mad. I turned around and went back and yelled at the guy. He told me I needed to chill out I told him that he needed to get a life and stop passing his porn out to men that are walking with there children. About 50 people were there with me and they were making a scene telling him that I was right. Needless to say after that they packed up and left. Scared of what a crowd was capable of doing.

          The strip is a great place to see the city as it husles and busles along. You can see the city as it works people going to and from work. You can see tourist as they make there way from one casino to another. You can see just about anything you can even see someone famous if your in the right spot at the right time.

          I love the strip and make it a must on our trips we enjoy walking up and then down the strip taking in all the sites that you miss when you are wizzing by in a car.

          Published on Igougo. User name Autumnrose2008


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            28.11.2009 22:23
            Very helpful



            Defo a place to go!

            When I was planning my round the world trip, I knew that I wanted to include Las Vegas. I'm not entirely sure why, I just wanted to!

            We stopped in Las Vegas for two nights. As we stopped there on a Trek America tour we didn't have a hotel on the strip. I wish we had just left the tour for those two nights and paid for a hotel on the strip. I know friends who've got hotels there for £20 ish which would be an amazing experience. We stopped about 5 minutes walk from the strip so it wasn't really far out and was fine.

            When we arrived, it didn't really hit me in the minibus but walking down the main road (strip). It kinda hits you that you're in Vegas - Vegas Baby! What struck me first of all was that it wasn't as tacky as I thought it would be. The strip is lined with hotels which are also casinos - each with their own theme. Alongside these are eating places and a few shops.

            As some of our group were under 21, it made things a little difficult, with the drinking age being 21. We went on a limo tour to the Freemont Experience (which is a laser light show and well worth seeing), the Vegas sign and the white wedding chapel.

            We went into nearly every hotel/casino to see what they were all like. Each has it's own kind of attraction, the MGM has the lions inside with a glass bottomed cage! The Bellagio has the famous fountains, Circus Circus has the circus (of course!) and Treasure Island has a little scence from Treasure Island playing at certain times in the evening.

            Like I've said I found Vegas to be less tacky than I thought it would be but I did also find it quite surreal. As the license is for the whole state rather than individual outlets you're fine to walk the streets drinking alcohol, then just walk into a hotel, all really bizarre! The other strange thing is people drinking at goodness knows what time in the morning!

            It's just a strange place - I do want to go back though!


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            18.11.2009 23:04
            Very helpful




            Ok I am writing this review to tell you why the Vegas strip is the most fabulous place on earth and we loved every single minute we were there and would love to go back if we get the chance. It was a fantastic part of our Honeymoon and it was our favourite place we have ever visited. The Vegas strip is amazing and here is why.

            Firstly I will tell you what the Vegas strip is. It is the main place in Vegas that tourists go to and it is the main place that you see in films and TV shows. The strip is the brightest, loudest 24 hour place I am sure on Earth and it attracts so many people each year simply because word of mouth gets around how cool it is and people see how cool it looks so want to go.

            I will now take you through my 5 main reasons why the Vegas strip is brilliant and it will also let you know exactly what the strip is like in general.

            5. 24 Hours and Very Bright
            The first thing about the Vegas strip that it was so bright. Seriously the buildings from the outside and when you go inside are spotlessly clean. They all look brand new and in the day everything looks very bright. At night though and this raises the bar quite a little as everywhere puts it lights on so all hotels, casinos, shops and basically everywhere in Vegas.

            Whenever you see Vegas on films or TV it is guaranteed that at some point you will see some shots of Vegas at nigh and this is because there are just so many lights. The Hotels look amazing and even the signs on some hotels have hundreds of lights. Plus if you have been to Vegas you will know how big everything is so imagine massive buildings covered in lights and you have the Vegas strip. It looks bright by day and night so fantastic!

            The next thing you should know about the Vegas strip is that it is a 24 hour strip. We noticed this on day 3 as we had to get up at 4am for a Grand Canyon trip. Well it was like it was the busiest part of the afternoon with all of the people around still gambling and having food and drinks. It is truly a place where you can be nocturnal if you want to. The only thing I can see that closes is some of the shops but apart from that you can go mad.

            I like this about the Vegas strip as it makes you feel comfortable no matter what time of the day and there is always an electric atmosphere on the strip.

            4. Things to do
            The Vegas strip is renowned for lots of things to do so you will not be bored at all. You may think it is just a strip of Hotels but it is so much more as each Hotel is an attraction on its own. As they are so big you are bound to find shopping malls, entertainment, restaurants, bars and casinos in most hotels and they can take a couple of hours to go round properly so you not be bored here at all which is great.

            Then each Hotel does have its own theatre so you could watch shows for ages. Plus some hotels have their own big attractions such as the Luxor has some exhibitions including a Titanic one and the Mirage has the dolphin habitat.

            Then apart from all of the amazing hotels you have all of the casinos and shops on the strip including the huge 4 floors of M & Ms world which was great!

            3. Casinos

            This is what Vegas is famous for - gambling. Let me tell you, you will not be disappointed at all if you like to gamble some money. There are so many casinos as every hotel has a massive one and there are also some stand alone casinos on the strip. Trust me you will only probably be in Vegas for 5 minutes before you stumble into a casino as they are everywhere.

            For gambling there is nowhere better because there are thousands of slot machines, hundreds of gambling tables where ou can play black jack, roulette etc... They also have lots of tournaments going on that anybody can join in with and then there are the private rooms where the serious gamblers go.

            I am not a big gambler but love the slot machines and wanted a go on roulette. It was great and I felt comfortable enough to have a gamble which was nice as in the UK you feel like you are being watched constantly in the casinos. In Vegas though there is a great atmosphere.

            2. Hotels

            The Hotels are one of the most amazing things about Vegas strip. They are huge and all have their own theme and every single one different and you immediately want to go and explore them all. The good thing about the hotels is I can guarantee they don't look like any hotels you have seen before due to the appearance and definitely how big they are inside.

            The appearance of the hotels is what I loved the most as they all looked so wacky. You have Excalibur which is a huge castle, Luxor which is a huge pyramid and then the New York New York which is replica New York Buildings with a huge roller coaster running around and through it. Where else would you find this - nowhere that's where!

            The size of the hotels is one to be marvelled at and this is because they have their rooms but then massive casinos and shopping malls and all sorts. You usually find one restaurant in a hotel but in these it's not uncommon to find 5! Craziness!

            1. Over the Top

            The final thing you need to know about the Vegas strip is that it is the most over the top place I have ever heard of, seen or been to. It is glamour in a whole new manner because sometimes it looks posh and swish and then other times it looks very tacky but it all looks amazing and when at the strip you just want to take pictures of absolutely everything.

            In conclusion the Vegas strip is fantastic and I have given you a taster of what you can expect if you go. The one thing I haven't said and I think I should is that the strip feels very safe because of the sheer amount of people and I loved this about it as safety is what I worry about every time I go on holiday.

            I loved the strip, would jump at the chance to go again and would recommend to everybody.

            Thanks for reading



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