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Ustronie Morskie (Poland)

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    1 Review
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      14.11.2012 15:05
      Very helpful



      Not a bad coastal resort

      Ustronie Morskie is the first big seaside resort after Kolobrzeg in the direction of Gdansk on the Baltic Coast.We wanted to view as many of the coastal towns as we could during our visit in August whether they were small or large resorts. My husband had told me that this particular resort was popular with some of his students so I was intrigued to see how it differed from Grzybowo and what made the town so popular.

      The day we visited was a very warm day. I think the temperature was around 25 degrees centigrade which is unusual for the end of August. We drove straight down the main road and found a car parking area with an attendant. The space was opposite a handsome church which of course I had to investigate later. We didn't have any change and thought the attendant wouldn't let us park the car because of this. Poland is notorious for never having any change. Fortunately, we were in luck. He let us park up and said we could pay him later.

      Off we went to view the town and beach. I immediately thought that the town had a French feel to it. A lot of buildings had been newly built in French style with little towers and arched windows. The main street was another two sided thoroughfare of outlets selling anything from earrings, buckets and spades, scarves, amber, jokey name plates and Haribo sweets. Every other outlet was an ice cream kiosk selling multi-flavoured lody at 2.50 (50p) zloty for a single cone and 4.50 (87p) zloty for a larger cone. Goffrey's were on sale everywhere and I saw many a small gleeful child holding the famous fruit and cream waffle securely so as not to let it fall to the ground and be wasted.

      Once you have walked through a Baltic resort main street it is difficult to observe anything distinctive or new. This street looked like all the others we had seen that week.

      Walking at the back of the town was a different experience. Here, was a shaded wooded path/cycle path that led to the beach.

      The beach is a vast expanse of silky, white sand with hundreds of bodies; lying, sitting, stretching or playing. Obviously, this is a popular family beach but in my opinion the beach is more beautiful, naked. Highlights of the beach are, the newly erected wooden pier. You are able to walk underneath and paddle in the water as the waves slowly come tumbling in. The pictures the water paints as it rolls over the sand and underneath the pier are mesmerising. I wanted to stand there all day, watching the images.

      Wooden groins stretch all along the beach and into the sea. At the far end of all the groins sit friendly seagulls staring into space, taking in the view of the rippled waves and the beach beyond, like old men sat in deckchairs.

      Standing on the second pier made from concrete and steel, painted buttercup yellow, I spied two cheerfully painted boats parked upon the sand. The scene reminded me of Norfolk and its golden sandy beaches. The boats didn't look like they were in use, they created a pretty scene with the sandy bay and pine forest as a back drop.

      Along the forest side of the beach were rows and rows of huge, heavy concrete triangular stones forming an image of a land that could have belonged to Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. I have no idea what these stones are and how they arrived in this spot. They are too heavy for a man or woman to lift and must have been transported to that spot by heavy machinery. Some people might view them as being an eye sore in such a pretty coastal area but I thought they were interesting to look at. Dead tree trunks that had dried with the scorching sun and salt from the spray of the sea were also intermingled amongst the concrete triangles. These scenes were some of the best of contemporary art.

      As a beach to sit on, I wasn't too keen but I loved all the other features.

      Walking back through the forest we came to the church again and could see its tall tower from the path. It looked spanking new with bright red bricks and sculptured gardens.

      I am glad we drove out to visit Ustronie Morskie. I wouldn't like to stay at this resort for more than a few hours as it isn't my thing but I can see why it appeals to families. There is everything here to keep a family entertained and plenty of restaurants which looked to be cheaper yet more sophisticated than other resorts. Prices of fancy goods seemed to be cheaper too although that could be because the season was drawing to an end and salespeople needed to sell off their wares.


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