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Bath (Somerset, England)

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Bath is a unique city and one of England's most beautiful places to visit; it's hot springs, Roman Baths, splendid Abbey and Georgian stone crescents keep luring visitors.

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    8 Reviews
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      05.01.2012 08:03
      Very helpful



      The City of Bath is a World Heritage City and has top 7 attractions.

      The City of Bath is located in the south-west of England. It is one of the greatest cities in the world and has been attracting visitors for over 2000 years. The Georgian City is a World Heritage City and its history goes back to the Roman era. There are some unique places to see in Bath.

      1. The Roman Baths

      The Roman Baths are the heart of Bath's heritage and one of the finest near intact thermal spas of the ancient world that you can still see. It is an amazing place to learn about Roman history and their bath culture. It was built over 2000 years ago and has four main features: the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman bath house and finds from the Roman Bath. The temple was the house of the statue of the cult goddess Sulis Minerva. You can take a tour around the whole complex and at one spot even experience the touch and feel of the hot water.

       2. Bath Abbey

      Bath Abbey is situated in the centre of the City of Bath, close to the Roman Baths. It is not the original church. In 757 an Anglo-Saxon Abbey Church was built on the site. However in 1090 the Norman conquerors of England pulled down the church and began to build a massive Norman cathedral. Sadly by the end of the 15th century the cathedral was in ruins. The present Abbey church was founded in 1499 and completed in 1611.

      Bath Abbey is a working Christian church. You can visit to worship and you can also visit to hear a concert, see an exhibition or simply have a look at the building.

      3. The Royal Crescent

      The Royal Crescent is a crescent shaped residential road of 30 houses built on top of a tall hill in Bath. John Wood the Younger, inspired by Stonehenge, designed this famous Georgian piece of architecture. The houses were built between 1767 and 1774 and have been home to various notable people like Thomas Brock, Francis Burdett and William Hargood. Because its facade remains much as it was when it was built the Royal Crescent has been used as a location for several films and television programmes including The Wrong Box, Persuasion and The Duchess.

      4. The Fashion Museum

      The Fashion Museum is a world-class collection of contemporary and historical dress. In 1963 Doris Langley Moore, who was a collector, costume designer and author gave her personal collection to the city of Bath. It became the first collection of the Museum of Costume. In 2007 the museum changed its name to the Fashion Museum. The collection at the Fashion Museum includes examples of menswear, womenswear, accessories, dresses, coats, jackets, and more. 

      The earliest pieces in the collection are embroidered shirts and gloves from about 1600, but the most famous are 'The Diana Dresses' special exhibition, which features ten selected dresses worn by Diana, The Princess of Wales, from her late teens through to her mid 30's.

      5. Pulteney Bridge

      Pulteney Bridge is a bridge that crosses the River Avon in Bath. Like the Royal Crescent it is designated by English Heritage as a grade I listed building.

      Pulteney Bridge was designed by Robert Adam and is named after the heiress, Frances Pulteney. The bridge was completed in 1773 and is one of the few bridges in the world with shops across the full span on both sides. The bridge is now a pedestrian's zone and best-known for its Georgian architecture.

      6. Jane Austen Centre

      Jane Austen was a great English writer and Bath's most famous resident. In 1801 she moved to Bath with her retired father. Her novels Northanger Abbey and Persuasion are based on her experiences of living in Bath.

      The Jane Austen Centre is located in Gay Street, Bath and is a part of a block of Grade II listed buildings. It is a permanent exhibition reflecting Jane Austen's experiences. In the centre you can explore how living in the city of Bath affected her life and her writing. You can also enjoy splendid rooftop views over the city in the centre's Regency themed Tea Rooms.

      7. The Kennet and Avon Canal

      The Kennet and Avon Canal runs from the Severn Estuary near Bristol to the River Thames at Reading. It's over 100 miles long with more than 100 locks. You can see some of the most beautiful countryside in southern England as you walk along the canal in the Avon valley near Bath.

      There are two routes to explore the canal. One is a cycle path along a disused railway between Bath and Bristol. The other is the canal towpath running between Bath and Bradford on Avon. If you take the towpath you can see Hampton Row, one of the last semi-derelict terraces in Bath; you can also visit Bradford on Avon, a small, pretty town with a fascinating history. There are many other fascinating attractions both natural and historical.


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        14.05.2010 21:10
        Very helpful



        I want to move there

        Bath is located in Somerset and may possibly be the most beautiful UK City.

        I went to bath for the weekend last week, Me and my partner decided we wanted a mini trip and made a list of beautifil cities we would like to see. I then browsed through the Travelodge website looking at sales and found Bath Central Travelodge at £19-00 a night for 2 nights, not bad. However i did miss that there is no Car Park, which for around 48 hours was £19-00, still cheaper than the average hotel room.

        We got to Bath on the Sunday afternoon, our hotel was located bang in the Centre of the city which was great, very usefull. The nearest Carpark was only a short stroll away from the hotel, so wasn't really a big deal that we couldn't park closer.

        Bath has lots of places to eat and drink, ideal for people of all ages. You can even find student bars like revolutions and o'neils if u have discount cards!

        What drew us to Bath was the Spa. We got up at 9 on Monday morning and went off to Thermae (which I have already reviewed). The spa was amazing, a definate must do place if you ever visit Bath. We then walked back to the hotel and got dressed and off we went to Sally Lun's.

        Sally Lun's is the oldest building in Bath, builnt in the 1400's. It is listed as a must visit place in Bath, and is home of the Bath Bun. Which i tried. I had for £6 a sally lun bath bun, which is a bun with jam and clotted cream with a cup of tea. This was very expensive, but absolutely delicious. My partner had a gammon toastie, which was really a ham toastie, quite a rip off!

        That afternoon we went off to the Roman Bath's museum another must-do place, which I have also reviewed seperately.

        After the museum we wandered around and found a nice park over looking a canal, we sat here and had a pot of tea for 2 which was a cute thing to do.

        That evening dinner was at Jamie's Italian, where I had the most delicious meal I think ever had i shall review it for you all. We paid £45 for 2 people no starters which is pretty pricey! But totally worth it, the Lamb Lollypops were beautiful.

        The shopping in Bath was really good. There is something for everyone. i particuarly enjoyed raiding Cath Kidson and the boutiques!


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        07.12.2009 14:56
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A lovely city that I can wait to visit again

        I have just come back from a weekend away in Bath and what a lovely weekend it was. As soon as we arrived in the city we were blown away by how beautiful it was with the little streets and straight buildings. We had actually hired a mini bus so found a long stay car park on Charlotte street (this only cost £18 from Fri - Sun). There are many nice hotels but money saving matters we chose to go in a hostel, £17 a night for a 16 bed dorm.

        We visited Bath on one of the busiest weekend as the Christmas market was on. Although this looked really pretty we chose not to look round it as it was too busy to even get to the stalls. The nice thing about Bath is that it is so nice to just walk around, to organise our aimless walking around I printed off an hour walk free of charge from a tourist website. This takes you round the main tourist sites of Bath for free..... The Abby, Roman baths, The Pump Rooms, Guildhall Market, The circus, Royal crescent and Pulteney Bridge. Although if you do want to go inside anywhere you have to pay, only £2.50 for the Abby and about £10 to go in the Roman baths. If you are a little too lazy to do the walk you can get on one of the many hop on hop off buses that run around Bath.

        We started off our Saturday night in Belushis, the bar below the hostel. The drinks were nice and cheap anyway but we got an extra discount for staying there. There are a lot of nice bars and pubs in Bath and we found the bouncers on all of the doors really nice and helpful in telling us where to go next. I cant wait to visit Bath again.


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          07.12.2009 01:28
          Very helpful
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          As it is nice and quaint, it is a good day trip out from London to get away from the crowded and di

          I love going to Bath.

          Bath is a quaint, beautiful city. The buildings there are built of nice solid big blocks in pale brown/grey which gives it a very clean look. There is a treasure trove of vintage stores, tourist attractions and it is located near the national rail station such that there is no need to drive into Bath.

          Most of Bath's tourist attraction is located in Bath central itsef. This means that it is possible to use any public transport the whole day you are in town. The Roman baths is UNESCO site, rightly for a good reason. The baths are naturally heated (geothermal reasons) and remains heated to this day. The Romans, then the English royalties later continue to use the water as it is believed to have healing properties. The audio guide is one of the best audio guide ever although it feels like there is a bit too much information at times.

          The fashion musuem is also worth a good look. I had a great time in there drawing my own Victorian outfit. The exhibition is fairly well curated with some interactive exhibitions and putting in a few more bits about the periods the clothing come from. it also exhibits a specific designer at times to increase the visitor's understanding. BUying the ticket for entry at the musuem with the roman bath at the fashion musuem is cheaper than buying the ticket for both at the Roman baths.

          Food wise, Bath is rather good for eating cream teas and just looking for food in the central in general. Prices are decent and sally lund buns are apparently highly recommended.

          As it is nice and quaint, it is a good day trip out from London to get away from the crowded and dirty feeling that one gets from London. I will recommend going there and i will be definitely going back there.


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            06.10.2009 10:42
            Very helpful



            The City of Bath

            ~ Bath ~

            The City of Bath has been my main home for all my life. Even though I live just outside of Bath it has always been the closest big city where I have spent a lot of time. I used to go to college there and work but now I do not visit the City so much and only go in for meals and rugby matches. Never the less it is still a fantastic place to visit. The Georgian City is beautifully structured has is set amongst the countryside. It has many places to visit and much to learn about the history of the town. Bath is one of the world's greatest cities and is a huge tourist attraction to everyone around the globe. Even though I cannot understand why so many people come to the city I do think it is a great place with a lot of beautiful views.

            Bath is a unique City and has so many features to form its beauty. It has been attracting visitors for over 2,000 years because of its historical features. The history of The Roman Baths, bath Abbey and the surrounding areas of the Royal Crescent have been popular sites for hundreds of years. These are amongst the finest buildings in Europe to be built. Bath is near many other interesting towns such as Weston Super Mare, Wells and Frome. It is easy to get to and there are many relaxing places to stay.

            ~ HISTORY ~

            The City has been through many eras and this can be shown by the different buildings and features added over time. The first time Bath became known was in the Roman era which is why it is famous for the Roman Bath's. There is a legend that Bath was founded in 860bc by a King Bladud. The Romans built the baths for cleansing and the hot springs came a healthy ways for the town to be clean. It was also a dedicated to the Goddess of healing. As the Roman towns became decreased Bath still had occupants in huts that were built around the Baths.

            The Saxons also took over the City when the Romans decreased in popularity. They occupied the City for a while and this was the time were there was much lost from previous eras. In the middle ages the Abbey was rebuilt bigger and it became a religious place. The springs were still used where many people thought they could be cured of diseases from the water.

            16th and 17th century were the times of Henry VIII who closed the Abbey and demolished many roman features of the City. After this there were many who tried to save Bath including Queen Elizabeth who cleaned it up and made new houses. Bath has suffered through many plaques and civil wars and it is a shame there is not more buildings that survived. Most of the newer buildings such as The Royal Crescent and The Circus were built in the 18th century as there were attempts to draw in rich visitors.

            In the modern times Bath has now many features from every era saved, which is why it is unique. Population has gone over 70,000 people and it is a thriving shopping and attractive place. Even though many buildings were destroyed from WW2 it can still enjoy the new and old products of Bath.

            ~ SITES TO VISIT ~

            The City has so many things to see and do you will be lucky to fit everything in. There are places of historical interest and just generally nice places to go and see.
            I have chosen a couple out of the whole place which I would recommend you see if you only have a while here. These few places are for those who want to site see and find out some more about the history of buildings.

            - The Roman Baths

            The springs are an amazing place to visit and I have seen them over five times. BANES residents get in for free so it is a good place to waste a few hours for me.
            This is the centre of Bath's heritage and has so much history and character. The complex consists of the outside springs, ancient paving and statues, and the temple. Built over 2,000 years ago you learn a lot about the Romans and the hot springs. You can touch the hot water at one section and it just feels so warm and clean. There are auto guides to tell you everything you need to know and a children's guide to help them learn and have fun.

            OPENING TIMES

            1 Sept - 31 Oct
            Every day including bank holidays- 09:00 - 17:00

            1 Nov - 31 Dec. 1 Jan - 28 Feb
            Every day including bank holidays- 09:30 - 16:30

            1 Mar - 30 June
            09:00 - 17:00

            1 July - 31 Aug
            09:00 - 21:00

            - Prices -

            Adult- £11
            Children- £7.20
            Family (2 Adults & 4 Children) £32.00

            Contact - 01225 477785
            BA1 1LZ.

            - The Bath Abbey

            The Abbey is one of my favourite places to go in Bath. Built in the 15th century it is an outstanding image. Over the last few centuries it has been destroyed and parts rebuilt with over four different occupants. The present Abbey has been rebuilt from being demolished by Henry VIII. The building is beautifully made and is amazing to see at night when lit up. There are many services held at the Abbey at Christmas and New Year and you can guided tours every day of the week bar Sunday. It provides many spectacular views and you can even sit inside the clock face. There are many stories to be heard and many sights inside to be seen.

            OPENING TIMES

            1 April - 31 Oct
            Mon - Sat - 09:00- 18:00

            1 Nov - 31 March
            Mon - Sat- 09:00 14:30

            - Prices -


            - You can find many upcoming events held at the Abbey by following the link-

            Other places include- The Royal Crescent, Grand Parade Gardens, Pultney Bridge and canal.

            ~ SHOPPING ~

            Bath is a good place to do some shopping and has a great range of shops to suit all. Currently the Southgate shopping centre is being rebuilt and will be opened early next year which will be better for shoppers. The centre is easily found and the shops are all in the same location. Discover all the different areas of shopping. I don't really shop much in bath as I never have the money too anymore but it does have some great sales and a Christmas market in December, which is lovely. You can find a gift for pretty much everyone. I don't visit the market much as there are always too many people about. I don't like shopping really so get really annoyed with all the people who get in your way and stand about right in front of you. Bath is not that big compared to other towns like London but it is still easily just as annoying.

            A negative of this great place is that as many tourists and visitors like to come here the parking at the moment is quite bad. As The Southgate is being rebuilt a car park has been lost but will be twice the size when the site has finished. The prices for parking are quite high so you may need to plan in advanced to get there early. There are not a lot of places for free parking and as there are many residents living in the centre spaces are limited. However there are park and ride services around the town and local bus services. The train station is also in the heart of Bath so you could travel down by train.

            ~ Nightlife ~

            To be honest the only times I am in bath now is the evenings. Sometimes I will go out for meals in the vast variety of restaurants, but most of the time it's going there for a night out. There are loads of different pubs and clubs for all kinds of people. There are some really nice pubs and I tend to stick to a few that I know well. There is some trouble around in Bath and even though there are many things said in the paper I have never had any trouble where I have visited. If you stay in a big group and go to your familiar places its fine. The weekends are extremely busy, like any other city, most places get full quickly. Pubs include chain places such as Weatherspoons, Slug and Lettuce and All Bar one, but there are some nice places to go if you just want to go to a few pubs. It can be quite expensive depending on where you go so expect dear prices.

            Other than just going out to get drunk there are other things you can do at night time in Bath. It has a theatre and cinemas so you can enjoy your night a different way. The cinemas have always got a wide range of films to watch and it is surrounded by restaurants so you can make a night of it. The theatres offer a selection of performances which can attract any aged person. As well as this Bath has a great comedy club this has different stand up comedians though out the week. I have not been here yet as it is fairly new but I have spoken to people who say it is really good so I will go there soon. There are many different ways to enjoy at night out in Bath.

            ~ TOURS ~

            Like many other big cities or historical towns, bath offers a tour on buses around all of the fantastic views and buildings. This is a great idea if you have never been here before and I enjoyed my trip in the summer sat on an open top bus. These bus tours are very regular and take 45 minutes. The tickets are about ten pounds for an adult whom I think is quite expensive. Other than buses, Bath offers walking tours for those who to get out and about, or boat trips along the canal. The boat trips are really nice and for a price you can enjoy a trip down the River Avon. There are about six different boats, but they are all situated along the canal and cannot be missed.
            There are many stories and secrets of Bath to be heard and I would defiantly recommend the boat trips.

            ~ RUGBY ~

            You cannot visit Bath properly until you have enjoyed one of the City's favourite games- Rugby. The Rec is Bath's home ground and when there is a home game on the whole town is buzzing. There is a brilliant atmosphere when games are on and all the pubs are full with laughter. The Rec is the heart of Bath and is my favourite place. Bath has several Rugby shops surrounding the grounds which are always great to look in.


            ~ INTERESTING FACTS ~

            - The first King of England was crowned in Bath.
            - You can purchase a Bath Visitor card which you received discount on a range of attractions and shops.

            ~ THE GOOD ~

            - Beautiful sights and attractions
            - Plenty to see and do
            - Nice places to stay
            - Bath Rugby
            - Variety of shops
            - Historical interests and stories

            ~ THE BAD ~

            - Parking!!!!!
            - Number of shoppers

            I hope you will come and visit Bath if you haven't already, I would recommend a trip so you can see and explore the City of history. Thank you for reading.

            ~ WEBSITES ~


            Also on Ciao x


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              19.07.2009 23:26
              Very helpful



              A very artistic city

              Until I was eleven, I only ever holidayed in this country and I learnt to love several weekends away in a year rather than a long holiday once a year and nothing else the rest of the time- so I have visited many locations in England. I do have long holidays but just not annually.

              Bath soon became one of my favourite cities in the country- it is England- as England should be- not one of the towns that all are practically carbon copies of the one you have just driven out of and the one you will next drive into.

              I have been going to Bath since I was younger, doing the normal tourist route- Bath Abbey, The Pump Rooms, Royal Crescent, The Circle, The American Museum and the Jane Austen Museum etc; etc; Also enjoying very relaxing river trips and the array of beautiful architecture in Bath stone.

              The shopping is wonderful as aside from the normal shops, there are both small and large outlets that you won't in many places, if anywhere else at all.

              I have been back and enjoyed the summer concerts at The Rec and several wonderful productions at The Theatre Royal.

              I have walked and relaxed in Royal Victoria Park, taken the tour bus around the city and gone back to lap up the atmosphere of the Bath Christmas Market and luxuriated in the wonderful Thermae Bath Spa.

              It is a direct line train run from London Paddington in one and a half hours.

              Bath is an inspirational city, I can walk for hours, sit for hours and my mind has so many thoughts- it makes me feel so good.

              It is a very cultural city and there doesn't seem to be a day that there isn't something going on.

              There are so many restaurants that you will be spoilt for choice, and the best tea shop I have ever come across, serving a menu that goes on for pages listing so many unusual teas- most of which I had never heard of.

              A couple of years ago I was leaving Bath on the way back to London and as the train moved further and further away - all I could think was " I want to go home"- meaning back to Bath. So, that is my forward plan, I want to move there, because I think I am in love with the City and we shouldn't be apart.

              If you haven't been there put it on your list of places to go, take the city bus tour and then just enjoy the city- don't worry about trying to see everything there is to do in one day- you'll be back.


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                24.02.2009 14:16
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Worth visiting at least once in your lifetime

                I decided to plan a trip to Bath for Valentine's Day having asked for suggestions at work of where to go. I didn't plan much stuff beforehand, but checked a few things I was interested in food-wise (!) and how easy it would be to travel around.

                - Getting there and getting around -

                We went for the day by train. As I live fairly close it was very inexpensive, and we found Bath very easy to walk around as it's generally flat and pedestrian friendly. We did see a lot of buses however, so I'm assuming that using public transport would be almost as easy, though it would be unnecessary if you were just staying around the city centre.

                On leaving the train station there were at least 2 maps of the local area which were quite useful.

                - What to do and see for free -

                There are beautiful gardens to see in Bath, and a bridge great for taking photos and looking down the brook/river. In fact, you don't have to go far to get a sense of Bath's history as there are lovely remnants of Roman Britain with plaques and signs. There's also a nice church in the centre which is worth a look from the outside if not the inside.

                Further out of the city centre, there's a 'castle' called 'Sham Castle' up a steep hill, and there is also the Bath Skyline walk if it's a nice day.

                - What to do for a small cost -

                Bath has all the typical high street shops you'd expect anywhere, but many of the shops are old (or look it), and the shop fronts all look aged and different to other places - in a nice way! It was good to see familiar shops with an older look, makes them a bit more interesting.

                There are lots of side streets with quirky little shops. There are lots of small bookshops that have lists of visiting authors that are worth checking out.

                Of particular note is the handmade fudge shop located near the big church, which stocks a variety of fudge and chocolate, and we also saw it being made on a giant table in the shop (it smells lovely!). There is also a retro sweet shop with glass jars of all the old favourites. Many of these shops are very small and can get crowded, so they aren't really suitable for pushchairs, prams etc.

                In the centre we also went to the amazing Italian ice cream shop - and yes it does taste like real Italian ice cream! As well as the range of flavours on offer, you can also choose from a selection of mouth-watering crepes. It's hard to miss as it has a bright pink front. Next door is also an Italian pizza place which looked lovely.

                There's also a small shopping centre nearby which has a shop of children's wooden toys, including lovely brightly painted versions of all the plastic stuff you see today like kid's pretend cookers and beautiful mobiles.

                Bath is also home to the Jane Austen Centre, which we didn't visit, but apparently they had love poetry recitals there for Valentine's Day and often have events going on if you're a fan.

                - What to do if you're rich! -

                Like many of the UK's tourist cities, Bath offers a tour bus ride where you can get on and off at the stops you wish in order to see things of cultural or historical importance. This isn't particularly well-priced and you could use Bath's normal buses to do your own tour if you wanted to plan it in advance. This may be especially good for families/groups with a car because otherwise it will work out very expensive for the bus.

                There are also the Roman Baths which are now a Spa I think, great for a day of pampering!

                One of the things on offer in Bath is hot air balloon rides, which you can google if you're interested. Though they are fairly expensive, you have the chance to have private or group trips, and apparently they do fairly short notice rides too so that might be worth looking into if the weather's good.

                All in all, I had a fantastic day in Bath and it's a great day out because there's something to see and do for everyone, no matter what their budget is. If you're anything like me you'll end up spending a lot more than you intended though!


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                  13.10.2008 16:56
                  Very helpful



                  Bath - great place to go for a relaxing weekend

                  Bath is a fantastic city with lots to do. I went there for my anniversary in September and would definitely return. We arrived by train and the train station is about a 5-10 minute walk from the main shopping street.

                  Bath has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and when you get there you will understand why. The buildings are fabulous and the jewel in the crown is the Thermal Spa located in the centre of the city.

                  We wandered in and out of quirky shops and bars. To be honest we were so relaxed we didn't pass much heed on the names of pubs, but there are loads and they are all central. My advice is to do the same and stumble upon them.

                  We also went to the Thermal Spa (twice!!!), which was really relaxing and definitely the highlight of my trip. We went for the Twilight Package, which cost £35 each and included a light supper, glass of wine and 3 hours in the spa , plus slippers, robe and towel.

                  There are other things to do as well such as:

                  *The Roman Baths - you can see the water's source and walk where Romans walked on the ancient stone pavements.

                  *Jane Austen Centre

                  * Sally Lunn's Refreshment House and Museum

                  *Bath Aqua Theatre of Glass

                  The Little Theatre Cinema is central and is independently owned. I would have loved to go there as it looked so cosy but unfortunately there was no time. The cinema shows quirky, art-house films.

                  For food we went to Fishworks, which was amazing. It was so good I have written a separate review about it.

                  If you like a weekend wandering around and relaxing by stepping in and out of quirky shops and cosy bars, then this is the place for you!


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