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Bembridge, Isle of WIght

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Country: Isle of Wight / Country: England

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    1 Review
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      21.07.2010 18:43
      Very helpful



      A pretty place to visit

      Bembridge is a large village on the eastern tip of the Isle of Wight and is one of the most largest villages in Europe.
      Its roughly a square mile and has a large, natual harbour on the north of its boundary. This harbour is the home of around 20 boat house owners. All the boat houses are all different and there is even a B&B one!

      I have often wondered why its still called a village and not a town its that big! Its population is 5,000 and in the summer its a lot more! The village apparentley started off as 5 hamlets and used to be called Beambridge.

      Bembridge is known to Islanders as a very posh and expensive part of the Island and I can esure you is far from that when you actually live here and have to deal with the real Bembridge folk! Its a very 'clicky' village amongst the real villagers. They don't like to welcome new people and it's what I call a gossipers village. I have lived here since 1992 and still feel that I am not one of them and to be honest I don't want to be!

      However I am so very lucky to live here and so is my daughter. Right behind my house I have a field full of horses then a cliff path then the sea and beyond.

      It's a fantastic view especially at night when all the boats go by and the lights reflect on the sea, its so pretty.

      Bembridge is so popular with second home owners so the summer is manic! This is the reason its known as 'posh'. My Mum and Dad sold a beautiful 3 bedroom victorian house on a stoney road and no parking for £68,000 in 1997. Its been up about 5 times since with new owners as high as £345,000! Yes I told my parents and they were sickened!

      You can buy a one bedroom flat here today for 145,000. I look after a mansion in Bembridge and it has 10 bedrooms most are en-suite a huge kitchen, a huge dining room, 2 huge reception rooms, a flat as the entrance of the house a study and so much more. Outside the house they have stables, swimming pool, tennis courts, a farm, and a house at the beginning of there drive and I am lucky enough to be able to use these facilities! This is just a holiday home! This is the kind of money that makes Bembridge posh.

      Bembridge has a lovely big church
      a windmill,
      2 small churches,
      five pubs,
      2 hotels,
      a vet and a pet shop,
      a pharmacy,
      2 Deli's,
      a barbers,
      3 hairdressing salons,
      3 beauty salons,
      2 co-op's,
      a jewellers,
      Lloyds bank,
      fruit & veg shop,
      village hall,
      community centre,
      pre school,
      primary school,
      middle school,
      shoe shop,
      3 different type of emporiums,
      a bakery,
      fish and chip shop,
      1 chinese resturant,
      1 chinese take away,
      5 estate agents,
      english restaurant,
      there own airport!,
      art shop,
      Parish council shop,
      2 yacht clubs though technically one is Bradings (another village) but is in Bembridge?
      1 peoguet dealer,
      Funeral directors,
      2 camp sites,
      1 laundrette,
      natural food shop,
      a lifeboat station,
      a shop along the harbour that sells boats, jet ski's and yachts,
      A few yachty shops and I believe thats it?! Around 110 businesses!

      Where Bembridge is situated there is several ledges. There is always a lot of boat disasters and shipwrecks that even the Nab tower or the warner lightships do not prevent ships grounding. All the imports and exports that come in and out of Pomey and Southampton come pass Bembridge.
      Only a short while ago 3 men went missing and not long after that they were found dead. Also a young lad and a young girl had a accident in a rib and died. Constant sound of helicopters over and around our house.
      This is why Bembridge has a inshore and offshore lifeboat station. In the last year they have knocked one down and building a lot bigger one (at present) that should be ready later this year (2010). 1867 was the first lifeboat to be launched at Bembridge.

      We do however have the only survivng old red phonebox in the south of England and its still working! They came about in 1921 and has been standing there since.

      We often take our doggy for a walk at the beautiful 'Bembridge Windmill' that was built in 1700. This was a working mill till the Great war, producing flour, meal and cattle feed. During the Great war it was used for the volunteer reserve and in the second world war it was used as the local home guards headquarters. It is now the property to the National trust and is open to the public.

      We have a very well known pub to Islanders and visitors called the Crab & Lobster and has won many of the 'pub of the year'. This has changed hands and I feel its gone slightly down hill. We also have the 'windmill' this is a fab pub/restaurant that uses local products, yum! The 'village Inn' is full of village idiots! lol. If you're not from around here then you'll turn a few heads! The pilot boat is fun and fab. Last of all we have the 'Propellor' this is ok but on a hot day wow a perfect place to sit as your right by the airports runway!

      The re-furbished community centre has a basketball court, football pitch, a cricket ground and a new playground. This is where all the recycling bins are.

      I do not know how old the Library is or its history nor can I find any information on it! I do know it used to be school around 35 years ago and is an old building. Its undergoing some repairs at the moment and soon to be finished.

      Well I think thats about it! I hope I haven't forgotten anything?

      Thank you very much for reading and hope that it has been of some use :-)


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