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Camborne in general

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    1 Review
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      20.06.2001 03:11
      Very helpful



      Now I admit I am biased in this opinion because I am from Camborne and am very proud of that, but I will try and be as objective as possible .. I promise!! Camborne is a small town in West Cornwall and to those who don't know where it is I tend to decribe it as being inland between Newquay and Penzance. It was a major town during the tin mining era - a once wealthy and booming place. The tin mines have all ceased to work and now they are there for ornamental value, but for those who live in Camborne tin mining is still a strong part of their heritage and some still hope it will resurrect in the future. For those interested in history Camborne is well worth a visit. As with all towns that loose a major industry, Camborne suffered from social deprivation - unemployment, crime, teenage pregnancy, drugs, alcohol. Some say it is still suffering, but I think things are improving slowly. The problem is that people from Camborne are the first people to put themselves down, so why should anyone else praise them? Camborne itself is a fascinating place - different to the sun, sand, sea places that most people associate with Cornwall. It has history, it has true ('proper') Cornish people, lots of nice pasty shops. Some say it is not a tourist area - which I suppose it is not, but if you want to see a true Cornish place then this is how it really is without the tacky souvenir shops, the theme pubs, the surf shacks etc. Camborne also has loads of pubs - The Tyacks, White Hart, Plough, Wagonners, red Jackets to name a few. It also has a nightclub - "Euphoria", or "The Berkeley Centre" as I know and love it! I always thoroughly enjoyed the night life when I lived there! Shopping is not very exciting, mostly high street shops. There is a couple of fish and chip shops, Chinese, and an Indian. Mostlocal people eat out at "The Meadery" in Redruth or "Tricky Dickies" near Redruth.
      Every year at the end of April "Trevithick Day" is held where the whole town is shut off from traffic, and celebrations are held in honour of Richard Trevithick - the man who invented the steam engine ( I think! Please correct me if I am wrong). There is dancing, steam engine rallies, stalls, music,and everyone turns out for it. People travel from all over to visit. All I will say is if down in Cornwall give it a go, don't listen to all the bad stories about it, and see it as a true part of Cornwall - for now untouched by the tack of tourism.


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