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Coleraine in General

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    1 Review
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      15.02.2001 03:15



      Coleraine- city of sin It is an okay place in some ways. After all, there are three coastal towns in close proximity with relatively unspoilt beaches. Unfortunately litter is a big problem. It's not for the lack of bins; it is sheer ignorance. Great place for intolerance and hypocrisy. Ranks as one of the worst places in the North as regards wages. However, it has thriving BMW and Mercedes garages and there are no shortage of their products on the road. The main growth industry (as in so much of the North) is corruption. It is endemic. You name it, Civil Service, business, politics, education...... Talk about any of this kind of stuff in the open and you can kiss goodbye to job prospects. If you talk about any of the seedier aspects you could kiss by to your very existence. Big place for flags. Union Jack (schools, civic buildings, state buildings), UVF, UDA (railway station, private houses, council property) Orange Order (as UVF, UDA). No shortage of God botherers. You name it, it has 'em. Latter Day Saints, Jehovahs, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Presbyterians, CofI.... Then there are those other boys, you know the ones that don't have an advertising hoarding in the church grounds to say what denomination they are (shh Catholics). Lotys of shops here. Quite a number of very expensive ones. Which is funny when you hear about the level of unemployment in this area. Still, as long the well off are okay that is all that really matters. And make sure to keep voting for the same people to make sure it stays the same.


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