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Fantasy Island Fun Park (Weymouth, Dorset)

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Address: Bowleaze Coveway / Weymouth DT3 6PW / Dorset

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    1 Review
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      10.07.2012 14:02
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      Fantasy Island Fun Park, Weymouth!

      Me and some of my family recently went away to Weymouth for a week and he house where we were staying had lots of leaflets about places to visit and things to do in Weymouth, one of them was a funfair which was a short car journey away and during the evenings it was something called Happy Hours which meant the rides were cheap to go on. My nephew has never been a huge fan of going on any type of ride; how-ever we decided to visit there to see what it was all about as it sounded great.

      ~ Fantasy Island Fun Park ~
      The fantasy Island Fun Park is located in an area called Bowleaze Cove which is in Weymouth Dorset. Between 7pm - 9pm all tokens to go on rides are just 40p each which is why they call this 'Happy Hours'. The park is said to be a bucket load of entertainment for the whole family. There are a large range of rides including classic rides such the spinning teapot, big wheel, helter skelter, bumper cars, flying elephants and more. There are also amusements with slot machines, penny arcade machines and more. There are also plenty of refreshments available including fish & chips, ice cream and sweets. As the park sounded like there was plenty to do and of good value we drove here on a Tuesday evening to see what it was all about. It took us approximately 10-15 minutes to get here in the car, and we were staying just outside the main town in Weymouth.

      We had to pay for parking which cost approximately £1.50 for 2 hours which wasn't too bad as we thought we would be here for at least an hour. To get into the park it's free and you just have to pay for the rides or to play the arcade machines so we thought this was fantastic. As we walked into the park, we walked past the helter skelter and a few other rides. There was a small train ride which goes around a track and under a small bridge. There were a few children on this ride and they looked like they were on enjoying it. There were also flying elephants and another card ride as well as the spinning tea-pot ride. There is a large area towards the back which is where the arcades are. This area is full of toy grabber machines and penny drop machines and other things. There is a small over 18's area which has slot machines in. My nephew enjoyed putting some coins into the penny drop machines and winning a few keyrings. A few of us went on the toy grabber machines; how-ever these toys are almost impossible to get out. The claws which grab the toys seem to loosen once it has picked up a toy meaning that the toy drops into the machine again. I know this is bound to happen a few times, how-ever we went here last year and came away with at least 5-6 soft toys and this time we didn't even get one. I know the grabbers can be adjusted so this is what they must have done to make you put more money in the machine. In the end we all gave up on this and looked around at the other rides. As we walked out the other side of the arcades there was a small boat ride for children and a large area for the bumper cars. A few of us wanted to go on these so me and my boyfriend went in one car and my sister's boyfriend went in another car. We had to have 3 token each for this ride which meant it cost us £1.20 each to go on here. The tokens can be purchased from a kiosk in the amusement area. We were the only cars on here so the man who was in charge let us drive round for a good 5-8 minutes before stopping it and letting us get off. We noticed that they were building a new ride which was going to be a Ghost train, we only knew this because we read it on a leaflet before going to the park and from what we read we thought it was already open. We tried to get my nephew onto a few of the rides but he wasn't interested, so we decided to leave the park and go back home.

      ~ Overall Opinion ~
      After reading the information both in leaflets and on the internet about the Fun Park it sounds a lot bigger than what it actually is. In terms of size the park is actually very small and there are probably a total of 7-8 rides which children can go on. In terms of value, it's not bad value at all, especially as it's not the type of place I would go to regularly. As we went in the evening there wasn't actually anywhere open where we could buy something to eat or drink. They had drinks machines near the amusements but that was it. The shops and places to eat only tend to be open during the day here which was disappointing as we may have sat and had something light to eat or drink after visiting the park. As the Fun Park is located on a hill in Bowleaze Cove it does have a beautiful view when you walk out of the park and further towards the grassy area which looks onto the sea. It's a shame that the Ghost train wasn't open as we thought as we would have also gone on this to bring back a few child-hood memories. In terms of value it's not too bad if you going during happy hours otherwise tokens are normally 80p each and some rides you need at least 3-4 of these. The rides are not under-cover so do not go here when it's raining as a lot of the rides probably don't operate during this time. When visiting Weymouth again I'm not sure we would go back here as it's really not as good as it sounds and is only a very small fun park.

      ~ Other Information ~
      In terms if transport links, I'm not sure if there is a bus that goes this way or not so the best way to get here is definately by car.

      For more information visit: http://www.fantasyislandweymouth.co.uk/

      (review also on ciao)


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