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Glenrothes (Scotland)

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2012 01:50
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      Glenrothes - The Bland but Homely Town

      Pronunciation: Glen- roff-iss

      Around 1940's as a post-world war new town. Primarily planned to house miners from the Rothes Colliery. The Mine never took off however Glenrothes became an industrial town and still remains so. The first town to build Glenrothes was Cadham Village which is close to where I was brought up.

      Is based in the heart of Fife in east Scotland and is around 1 hour's car journey away from both Edinburgh and Dundee.

      1. Glenrothes is the 3rd largest settlement in Fife
      2. The name comes from the Earl who owned most of the land and 'glen' comes from the Scottish word for valley.
      3. Glenrothes is the Fife Administrative capital and houses both Fife Council and Fife Constabulary.
      Population: 38,679 as of 2001.
      4. Big employers are Bosch Rexroth, Amazon, Adam Smith College, Fife Council, Fife Constabulary and Fife Fire Service, Tullis Russell and retails shops within the Kingdom Centre.
      5. The Kingdom Centre is Fife's largest shopping centre however it has severely went downhill over the last five years with most of the shops closing due to the economic climate.
      7. Celebrities to come out of Glenrothes are Dougray Scott who is an actor. Having appeared in Mission Impossible 2, Desperate Housewives, My week with Marilyn and Hitman to name a few.

      ***How the town looks***
      The town has won awards for 'Beautiful Scotland 'and 'Britain in Bloom' and I do have to agree looks really pretty in the spring and summer. These 'blooms' can also frustrate those who live within the town. As we see things that could be improved and constantly hear about people being turned down for things that are very much needed it can be frustrating to see so much of the government budget doing into the horticulture just so they can add more awards to their C.V.

      ***New for 2012***
      The Town regeneration has started and this will see some of the larger eye sore buildings come down and eventually be replaced with a new Tesco's and new retails stores (if any actually want to come to the town) the Fife Institute is also undergoing a major lift and should give the teenagers, young children and families more options for things to do.
      Glenrothes also has two golf courses, a theatre, cinemas, libraries, numerous bingo's, pubs and a small local club called Styx.

      **How I came to live in Glenrothes**
      I was in fact born here however my parents were from the Glasgow area of Scotland. Glenrothes was not supposed to be a Glasgow overspill town unlike Cumbernauld however; it ended up taking on this role in the 1950's. My parents were one of those Glasgow tenants needing a move due to overpopulation in their Glasgow house and were offered a new house in the 'New town' of Glenrothes. They obviously jumped at the chance to do so and we have stayed here ever since.

      **My thoughts and feelings about the town**
      When I was younger, like most teenagers I couldn't wait to get out of the town and into the big wide world. Having done so at 15-16 years old I couldn't wait to return a few years later. I found that going away and coming back allowed me time to re-evaluate life in Glenrothes. Although Glenrothes is quiet, boring and bland it is also safe, secure and small enough that you know where everything is, sort of like an organised underwear drawer. Now as I've become a parent I know I won't move away from Glenrothes not even if I won the lottery. I know my children's friends parents so have a fair idea if they are hanging out with a 'bad bunch'. I know how their education works; I know where they will be out playing and as they get older and their punctuality slips, where they will possibly be. My mum stays down the road, my cousins no more than five minutes away, and although I don't see them every day or even weekly I know they are there and this in itself is priceless.

      As a parent it's nice to tell my children that mummy went to that school or to teach them games I used to play, to go to the Fife Institute and play football on the astro turf like daddy did or to take them to football practice and for them to be taught by the same people that taught my husband. Now with society changing and more people living further away from their families I feel that I have a gift that not many others have.

      Most places are easy to commute to either through car, bus or train and jobs can be found quite readily either locally or in the capital Edinburgh. The education is fantastic and the houses are quite spacious.
      The Council make repairs without having to be asked and have been working their way around the town putting in new windows doors, fitted kitchens (the same as bought house type kitchens, think brushed modern steel handles, faux marble tops and wood grain cupboards with a slight bevel) Last year it was new recycling bins, light-bulbs and insulations so we don't fair to badly I feel.
      The downfalls of Glenrothes are that it has gone hugely downhill over the last five years. There is not much for children and teenagers to do and a huge amount of retail shops have closed or re-allocated due to the economy. Crime has got a bit worse with their being a few drug related deaths and a couple of murders, this is something that we haven't seen in Glenrothes and is a worry especially since i hope it isn't going to get worse as my sons get older.

      All in all Glenrothes is a great town to live in and bring up children; it's a good basis for stability although if you were not born here I wouldn't advise moving here as there is nothing to do.


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