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Hartlepool in general

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    3 Reviews
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      04.05.2009 20:16
      Very helpful



      Our next home!

      Whilst I am firmly based in Doncaster, I do have a lot of family that live in Hartlepool so feel I am in a good position to review the town. Hartlepool is a small sea side town just north of Middlesbrough on the A19. On entry to Hartlepool, you can quickly see that it has strong industrial connections but that is something that gets less and less prominent the more you look and the deeper you dig.

      Hartlepool has many nice housing areas that almost everyone would be proud to live in, but it does have some very dodgy parts too, but then, where doesn't? The trick is to know where these are and stay clear of them if possible. This is not a huge negative for me though as the pros far outweigh the cons.

      The fresh sea air is what hits me first when entering the town. You immediately know that it is a sea side town and by going to the nearby beach at Seaton Carew (part of Hartlepool) you can sample the usually kind of things that you would associate with a sea side. By this I mean arcades, bars and shops etc... I won't glamour this up and say the beach is wonderful and golden because it isn't, but a pleasant walk can be had.

      Hartlepool is a thriving town that has seen lots of great new shopping areas go up over the last decade and is home to the impressive marina which is a regular night time venue for stars of Newcastle United, Middlesbrough and Sunderland. This is due to the stunning scenery and the bars will no doubt have a part in it too.

      One of the other reasons I visit Hartlepool, other than to see my family, is to watch my beloved Doncaster Rovers play against Hartlepool United. Pools have a lovely little football ground and the locals are really friendly towards away supporters. In fact, the locals of Hartlepool are generally really friendly no matter what the circumstances are.

      Hartlepool is a really small place in terms of miles from one end to the other and that is something I really like. I am not able to drive and find my time in Hartlepool to be un-restricted by this as you could literally walk from one end to the other in around 1 hour. It is nice and flat for pushing pushchairs on and there are plenty of amenities around.

      With the housing prices in the town being really low compared to lots of other places, including Doncaster, it is the intention of my husband and I to end up living there in the next few years as we grow our family and seek new adventures. Hartlepool is a great and manageable place to do this and my husband, Doncaster through and through, feels the same way.

      The one gripe I do have, and it is not something that Hartlepool can do anything about, is that it is just always so cold!!!!


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      17.08.2008 16:38
      Very helpful



      Great town and I recommend visitng the Marina and Historic Quay

      I have lived in Hartlepool all of my life, and even though Location, Location, Location stated it was the 20th worst place to live in Britain, I love it and will be spending all of my life here.

      Hartlepool is a relatively small town when compared with others and is located on the North East coast, about 16 miles North of Middlesbrough. The town grew on the back of the industrial revoltion with aid of boat construction and chemical plants. Hartlepool has a vast history as it contains the Headland, which is where Hartlepool started. The Headand is one of the oldest towns in Britain and we even has Time Team come here to dig up a skeleton.

      Hartlepool has plenty of things to do and visitm including our award winning Marina. It has been been developed over the years and now looks stunning, especially in the summer, when you can sit outside of Vibes bar with a crisp, chilled pint and look out over at all of the boats. There are also plenty of fine restaurants and the town centre bars and clubs are pretty good as well.

      The town also has walk paths (Hart to Haswell), a rock climbing and bike track (Summerhill) and many other great out door activities. We also have a good meuseum called the Historic Quay. This is a meuseum about the growth and development of the shipping industry and other historical events. It homes the Tincomalee, which is Europes oldest floating warship, and it quite stunning to walk around.

      Hartlepool, like everywhere, has all walks of life living here. From some pretty rough areas to some very rich and large homes. West Park and Throston is one of the nicer areas to live.

      I have also noticed that house prices here tend to be alot cheaper than compared to other places. In Hartlepool you can buy a 6 bedroom, three floor house, with seperate garage and overlooking a beautiful golf course for roughly the same price as a one bedroom flat would cost in the centre of London.

      But, as I have lived here all my life I might be slightly biased, but I would recommend you visit here. You will only really need a weekend to see everything. I would recommend staying in the Grand Hotel, which is right in the centre of the Town, or the Staincliffe, which is located in Seaton Carew overlooking the ocean (you might get to see John Darwin's canoe).


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      09.07.2008 16:42
      Very helpful
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      Tall ships come to Hartlepool

      Hartlepool is a small town on the north east coast of England. It has a population of around 88,611

      On 28 June 2006, Hartlepool celebrated after winning its bid to host the Tall Ships competition in 2010, where 125 tall ships will be finishing their long race here.

      Hartlepool has recently been a large focus on the news with the story of John Darwin, the man who disappeared after going out in his Canoe and then turned up years later. This story gave alot of publicity and news reporters were everywere asking your opinion.

      **Things to Do in Hartlepool**

      There are plenty of things to do in Hartlepool, a lot of these are charged however

      Historic Quay and museum - Nice place to visit if you are interested in history, there is an admission charge
      Seaton Carew Beach - Nice beach, lots of arcades and a bar on the sea front
      HMS Trincomalee - A boat on which you can go onaboard, free of charge
      VUE Cinema - Supports orange wednesdays offer, close to fast foot outlets, KFC, Pizza Hut, and McDonalds
      The Rank Group#Mecca Bingo - Near to the Marina, surrounded by take away outlets, near to asda.
      Church Street - Lots of bars, places to drink, eat and takeaways
      Marina - Lots of boats to look at, some lovely bars and resturants.
      Middleton Grange Shopping Centre - Hartlepools indoor shopping centre, parking around here costs £1.20 per two hours
      UK Superbowl - You can also do Quazar here.
      Mill House Leisure Centre- Swimming, Gymnasium, tennis, usual sports are available.
      Hartlepool United FC - Hartlepool football ground.
      Summerhill - Some nice walks, a cycle route and a visiting centre.
      Headland - Nice place to visit, was previously known as west hartlepool and has featured on Time Team in the past

      **Popular Places to Stay**

      The Grand Hotel - 5 mins walk away from the Marina
      The Staincliffe - Situated on Seaton Carew sea front
      Travel Inn - Marina

      **Places to Eat**

      American - Burger King, McDonald's, KFC, Subway (All situated close to the town centre)
      Chinese - The Lotus Garden, Mandarin Palace, The Chinese Buffet King , Welcome Chinese Takeaway ,
      English - The Marine Hotel, Brewers Fayre, The Merry-Go-Round, The White House
      Seafood - Ocean, Mariner's Restaurant
      Indian - Cafe India, M.A.S Agraa Palace, Cafe Bangla, Indian Cottage, Spices, Poppadoms and Dilshad
      Thai - Thai Harbour (Marina), Thai Pan
      Italian - Marco Polo, Joe Rigatoni's, Pizza Hut, Lungomare
      Mediterranean - Krimo's, Portofino Bistro Pizzeria
      Spanish Tapas - Casa del Mar (Marina)
      Night Clubs - Bar Paris, Yates, Lighthouse, Lloyds Bar, Time 'n' Tide, Jaxx, Nexus, Fever, Bar 1 (all close to the marina)
      Cafe Bar- North Star (Marina)
      Coffee Bar - Coffee Rappor Bar (Marina)
      Japanese - Fujiyama (Marina)

      Hartlepool was featured on channel 4 in previous months where it was voted the 20th worst place to live in the Country.


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