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      04.03.2008 11:21
      Very helpful



      a little town situated on the outskirts of surrey

      Yes, I have lived in Horley for more than three years now, I really did not have much choice. It was either I lived in Derby or Horley and I just had to chose Horley, why I didn't chose Derby is another story.
      Horley is a small town situated on the outskirts of Surrey and isn't as posh as other Surrey towns.

      At First I did use to hate Horley for the reasons that I grew up in a noisy town. However I got used to it quickly as I learnt that a bit of quietness isn't too bad.
      I think Horley is mainly quiet because there is a lot of old people who wouldn't really make noise (maybe).

      In Horley there is a small Leisure centre which can be used by anyone at a small fee. However there isn't much to do in the Leisure centre, the gyms are really small and so are the swimming pools. Next to the leisure centre are the huge football fields, were all the local football is played, the children's park and a basketball court which is very small and disappointing.
      There are also huge tennis courts and more children play areas scattered around Horley.
      However, during the summer it is always good to go in the fields and sunbath (I can't do that) eating your ice-cream etc as it is very peaceful.

      I would say travelling to Horley for a holiday would be crazy as it's not a town for holidays; there aren't any attractions to see at all. Though there is a lot of accommodation. When you enter Horley coming from Gatwick you will be greated with hundreds of B&BS and they all look lovely from the outside.
      There are also two major Hotels (Holiday Inn & Renaissance) for those who are posh or travelling for business. However, if you want to see the town for yourself and you live far away, you could use Air travel and land at Gatwick which is the second biggest airport in England and is two minutes away from Horley.

      If you are into history, then you might want to come around the summer when all these old cars are driven around the town all day for people to see, i really don't know the name of the event but all i know is it's very annoying annoying and causes congestion as some of the cars don't travel more than 30miles an hour.

      == The Library ==

      The Horley Library is situated in on the outskirts of the town centre. The library has recently been refurbished and everything is now done electronically. If you want to borrow a book from the library you can do it yourself by using the provided computer. I have tried the new feature and it's very easy to use all you got to do is scan your library book and follow the screen instruction, then scan the book.
      That is also the same thing you do when returning the book, however you can always give it to the library assistant when bringing it back.

      The main thing that I love about the Horley Library is that using the computers is free and so as the internet though they only have 11 computers in the whole library (it's not a very big library). You can use the computers for a maximum of two hours a day. However you have to book a computer either on the day or a few weeks in advance.
      You do have to pay to print any documents. The library also has a self service photocopying machine (10p a print) which I have used a few times when my home photocopier broke.
      Moreover if you visit the area for a few days and you want to borrow a book or use the computer they will give you a temporary login and a temporary card.

      God needs to forgive this town for real. If you love shopping then Horley is a place to avoid. The town centre basically has no clothes or shoe shops, there are loads of charity shops, loads of banks, house agents and less than five shops for clothes or shoes. It is rather embarrassing and yet sad.
      Whenever I want to do some clothes or shoe shopping I never waste my time going to Horley town, I always have to go to the nearby town (Crawley) or take a train to London.

      Food shops are not too bad as there is Lidl, Iceland, Waitrose and a huge Tesco. However the Tesco is situated on the outskirts of Horley and it is very hard to access the Tesco by foot. Therefore you ought to have a car when going shopping in the Tesco. The Waitrose, Iceland and Lidl are situated in the town centre and are easily found as the town is very small.

      Shopping in Horley is very disappointing as there isn't a very huge range of shop. I don't even remember the last time I shopped in Horley.

      ==Night Life & Restaurants==

      The night life in Horley is very good. When you go out in the Town centre it is rather relaxing as there aren't a lot of people out in the night. I think there is only two clubs in Horley including the new one that opened the end of 2007 which is rather big and is also a pub, therefore opens in the afternoon as well.

      There are quiet a few places to dine in were they save different kind of foods. Many restaurants and pubs are found in the city centre. I have noticed that there are a lot of Chinese restaurants and kebab shops. There are also restaurants that specialize in curry foods and other foreign foods.
      The popular restaurant in Horley that you may all know is 'Favourite Chicken' which I've only used once since I started living in horley and the staff in there were rather rude, which is why I never went back.
      If you are a party animal like I am then you might want to try another town, because the clubs are not hyper like liquid etc.


      Transportation in Horley is not too bad there are quiet a few buses servicing in Horley including the metrobus number 20, 100, 526 etc. The buses are rather expensive costing £1.50 one way for the adults and half price for the children. However the Surrey council have made it easy for the students whom are over 16 years old but less than 19 years old by providing students passes which you have to pay £10 for.
      I've actually got a student pass and it allows me to get half price fares from Surrey to West Sussex.
      There is also a train station in Horley, but I hardly use it because it's not big therefore trains hardly stop at the station. I tend to use Gatwick railway station to travel by train.

      Of course, like any other town there is also an option of using taxis. Travelling by taxi in Holey is rather expensive, when i travel from the horley town to Gatwick which takes less than five minutes i had to pay a whole £5.50 (rip off!!)


      Overall I would recommend people to live in Horley rather than visit for a Holiday as there isn't much to do at all.
      If I had to describe Horley in one word I would call it a Hole for the reason that it s a town to live in and when you want to Party you can visit the nearest Cities such as London, Brighton etc and when you finish partying you can go back to you little hole were it is quiet and relaxing.
      Living in Horley has been ok, but i know there are better towns out there.


      ---There are no Mcdonalds restaurants in Horley

      ---Horley is a very quiet Town.

      ---It is rather expensive to live in Horley.

      ---There are no cinemas or theatres in Horley, which is a shame.

      ---There used to be loads of news on crime scenes around the courtlodge area. The crime scenes have now declined, as the boys who used to cause trouble have now been disciplined.


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