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    3 Reviews
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      08.08.2008 08:16
      Very helpful



      Norfolk plenty to do and see.

      Norfolk in Genereal

      There is so many things to do and see in Norfolk I have only just highlighted just a few.It is on the East Coast and very easy to get to from London.Ideal for a weekend trip.

      Oxburgh Hall is in Norfolk and it belongs to the Bedingfeld Family since 1446.

      The National Trust oversees the property.

      I visited this several years ago but can recall that this was a fine Medieval Country House.

      The first thing which I can recall is when you approach Oxburgh Hall you will find that it is surrounded by water.

      Sir Edmund Bedingfeld was the first owner and the house had many Royal connections. King Edward 1V gave permission for the house to be built in the first place.

      The only part which remains the same since 1482 is the Gatehouse. The was a drawbridge over the moat but in 1710 it was dismantled and the bridge was built which is what anyone who visits there now will walk over when they visit Oxburgh Hall.

      Once when you have walked over the bridge you will then approach a courtyard where there is a Sun Dial and above the door you will also see a statue of an eagle which appears above the Bedingfeld Family Crest.

      The Great Hall was at the far side of the courtyard but in 1775 it was taken down by Sir Richard Bedingfeld who built extra bedrooms and replaced the roof of the house.

      There were continuous changes in the Victorian Era; the walls around the courtyard which were once covered open walkways were bricked up in 1839.

      You will enter the house through a set of double doors which were built in the nineteenth century.

      Sir Richard who was the fourth Baronet built the Saloon to house his picture collection and also to to provide a main reception room to replace the Great Hall. He was best known as "Hooknose" he nearly died of smallpox but he did survive and he married Mary Browne who was the daughter of Viscount Montague.

      Above the fireplace there is a picture that shows the 2nd Baronet with his sister. Also there is a large Oak Buffet which was made in 1851 and a lovely decorated sideboard which is covered by marquetry. There is a different coloured piece of wood which was glued on into the cut out parts of the wood. Also you will see the large silver bowl which was used for family christenings.

      Then we approached the Old Drawing Room with amazing ceiling. It is decorated with many types of Coats of Arms. There is also a portrait of Lady Charlotte who was the wife of the 5th Baronet and the mother of his eight children. Charlotte was lady in waiting to Queen Adelaide who was the wife of King William 1V; he was the uncle of Queen Victoria. Also a portrait of the 2nd Baronet who was wearing a wig and suit of armour. He was know as the 'Great Sir Harry 'and he was very popular with everyone. You will see there are many cabinets which hold interesting things which came from all parts of the world. There are cabinets which have a large collection of different fans from a number of different countries. Also in the cabinet that is opposite the fireplace there is a pair of scissors which are shaped like a monkey.

      Then we leave the Drawing Room and you will see another portrait, this is the portrait of Frances Whigham who was the housekeeper to the Bedingfelds and would push the 4th Baronet, Richard around in his wheelchair which is on view to the public just by the staircase.
      There are very unusual wall covering which it was embossed and painted leather. This was made in Spain in the seventeenth century and installed in the house in the 1830s.

      In the library the decoration still looks Victorian and around the fireplace it has the different family crests and a carved oak over mantel. The over mantel was made in the fifteenth century taken from churches from the continent.There are also two clocks one is French and the other is English.
      The family were Catholics as you will see that there is a Catholic Missal or prayer book also displayed in this room.

      In the small Dining Room you will see that the decoration was around 1830s and there are two hidden doors which you would have walked through one of them to get to the Dining Room. Again there is a fireplace with crest details of the family around it and also the dates on the woodwork. You then can form a picture when you see the dates and it shows us how the wood panels were bought into the house at different times and used in many of the rooms going back maybe as far as the Great Hall when that was demolished. On the mantle piece there is a shaving bowl also a lovely display of decanters.

      As you leave the room you will go up the North Staircase, again more portraits you will see.
      This staircase leads the way to the North Bedroom.

      In the Tapestry Room there are embroideries going back to the 1761. The tapestries were used once as bed hangings amazing to see.

      Eventually you walk into the King's Room which is above the Gatehouse and it has been the King's room since Henry V11 stayed there in 1497.You will see that the walls are decorated with pike staffs and helmets dating back to the Civil War. You walk through a small chamber which has a high vaulted ceiling which leads you out of the Kings Room and into the Priest Hole which was built in 1589.
      If you were Catholic you had to practice your faith in secret and when the place was searched the visiting priest could hide there.

      Then there was the Queens's Room where the Elizabeth of York, HenryV11's wife slept there. There is a large Tapestry Map which shows Oxfordshire, Berkshire, London and many other places in the area in 1647.Also there are trumpet banners that belonged to the 7th Baronet who was the High Sheriff of Norfolk in 1882-3 these are displayed on either side of the fireplace.

      As you go out of this room you will see a left-handed spiral staircase this is made of brick which will take you up to the Gatehouse roof. From up there you will see amazing views of the surrounding countryside and the gardens.

      Doves were kept in the north-west tower as it was vital for them to have fresh meat over the winter months.
      You will also see where the armour is kept which was used in the Civil War.

      Eventually you will get back to the outside of the Hall and if you have time search for the plaque which then will tell you when the house was built. Also it will show you the Bedingfeld Badge.

      There are many events which go on in Oxburgh Hall which cater for all types of people and taste.

      There is an Open-Air Theatre, children's events and also Musical events. Also there are lunchtime lectures and Christmas events.

      The gardens are amazing as well with guided tours and country walks with a woodland explorer trail.
      So as you can see this is a place to visit as there is so much to see and do for all the family what ever the age.

      I certainly enjoyed my day there where I took my family and at the time my children were quite small but they certainly found it a most enjoyable time. Perhaps one day when I have time I will visit it again.

      I have several holidays to Norfolk which offers plenty to do and see. When I was there I also visited Blickling which is a 17th century Jacobean house and it is well known for its extra long gallery , amazing ceilings that has the incredible plasterwork and several collections of furniture,pictures ,books,tapestries and gardens.

      Also another place to visit when you visit Norfolk is Sandringham House Museum and Gardens.This was built in 1870 by the Prince and Princess of Wales who later became King V11 and Queen Alexandra. This house was once described as being the most comfortable house in the whole of England.It is now being used as a Retreat for the Queen and the Royal Family.

      Also while you are in Norfolk you can take Boat Trips out on the Norfolk Broads there are several boat companies that do organised trips so it is best to have a look at what they can offer

      Norfolk has the most amazing coastline and many villages which look attractive along the coast.
      Also a visit to Cley where there a nature reserve and there is a windmill here as well.
      A trip to Cromer which is a major town which again is worth a visit.
      If you like walking the Norfolk Coast Path is worth doing.

      Visit a resort, such as Hunstanton or Great Yarmouth .

      Explore one of the churches, such as Happisburgh.The only downside I may have is the weather as our British weather is so inpredictable but that may be a good thing.


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        05.09.2004 21:59
        Very helpful



        • ~~~~

        Originally heralding from the county they call Norfolk, I thought it was about time I gave my views on it. For those of you not aware of your UK geography, Norfolk is on the East Coast around 100 miles north from London. Although considered as in the South, it is level with Birmingham, considered as the Midlands. Norfolk is reasonably easy to get to. By car you can come in from the A47, A11 and A14. But don’t ask about Motorways, we don’t have them! You can get the train from Liverpool Street in London direct to Norwich, or National Express coach from Victoria Station. There is also the world-renowned* Norwich International Airport which you can fly into from Edinburgh and Manchester as well as a couple of European cities. *Ok, I made that bit up. Norfolk is quite a large, open county. Quite hill-less so bike riding is very popular especially through the woodlands of Thetford Forest. Norfolk has a long coastline stretching from The Wash near Kings Lynn (North facing) to Lowerstoft (The East facing, and just outside the Norfolk border). ~Norwich Norfolk only has one City. That being Norwich. Norwich is home to the only major successful football team (Norwich City FC), Norwich Castle, The Forum (A huge new glass library and entertainment building) and everyone’s favourite fictional DJ, Alan Partridge. Norwich also has a permanent market in front of the City Hall and some good shopping areas such as The Castle Mall, The Riverside, St Stephens and a new development being built just off that. Norwich attracts bands and artists to the usual venues of The &#
        87;aterfront and The UEA (The Uni). Bands that have played in the past and an idea to what you can expect: Placebo, Ash, Muse, Pitchshifter, Fatboy Slim, Dizzee Rascal, Keane, Jules Holland and Embrace. Tickets are about £12 to £18. ~ UEA Norwich is where you will find The University of East Anglia. The UEA is a respected Uni which can be found at www.uea.ac.uk ~ Coastal Destinations Norfolk has many seaside resorts. The most famous one is probably Great Yarmouth. There you can find a nice, clean beach, pier, pleasure beach (mini-theme park) and various typical seaside entertainment such as amusements and arcades. Other resorts worth checking out are Wells-next-the-sea (I love these catchy names), Sheringham, Cromer (Yep, where the crabs come from. Crab Fishing is very popular) and Hunstanton (known affectionately as Sunny Hunny). ~ The Broads You will find the broads flow through Norfolk between Norwich and the coast. Apparently there is over 200km off waterways. Boat Hire is easy and well priced and most people start at Wroxham or Potter Heigham. They Broads have many riverside pubs so certain members on dooyoo would manage (!). ~ Other Towns Many Norfolk towns are deep in history and you can find many small museums, places of interest and the like. In central Norfolk you will find Dereham and Swafham. Downham Market and Fakenham are also nice places to visit for the day. Most have their own Market Days. ~ Thetford Forest Thetford forest is the largest lowland pine forest in the UK and has up to 1.5 million visitors every year. It was
        planted soon after the First World War and also has its own pieces of history including a Desert Rats Full Size Tank Statue. The forest itself is over 20,000 Hectares. ~ Lotus Cars Lotus have their factory in Hethel which is just outside Norwich. They also sponsor Norwich City FC and normally have a stand at The Royal Norfolk Show (a half sponsorship half agricultural show that takes place yearly) and also have occasional open days. There is a race track at their grounds and certain events take place throughout the year. ~ Bernard Matthews Probably the most popular thing non-Norfolkians are aware of when Norfolk is mentioned. Yeah, his factory and grounds (the big house on the logo) are here. No, no more jokes please. ~ The Weather Well, you can’t predict this one. But I can give you averages from the Met Office. Because Norfolk is sitting on the East Coast, the days are longer and also sunnier, only beaten by Cornwall (Averaging nearly 4.5 hours of sunshine per day). And the rain? Norfolk receives just a mean annual rainfall of just over 600mm. Now, to compare that to say Cornwall (1150mm), Blackpool (800mm) or the Lake District (1800mm!) ~ Holidaying Many families go to Norfolk on holiday. For kids there are lots of places to go such as Pleasure Wood Hills Theme Park Dinosaur Park Banham Zoo Thrigby Hall Wildlife Park As well as all the beaches to choose from. Caravan, Chalet prices are not absurd but like everywhere, shop around. ~ Overall Norfolk is a great place to visit. Just for the day is you live within a reasonable distance or
        maybe a weekend if a little further off or come here for the week. There is always something different to do. My sister is going there today to go canoeing, I hope she enjoys it! Thank You For Reading ©tbsgt Capital Letters Courtesy of: http://www.chuckleweb.co.uk/fixit.php


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          24.05.2002 03:29
          Very helpful



          Pick up any map of the British Isles and you can't fail to see Norfolk. Even if the map hasn't got any names or numbers, Norfolk is easy to find. It's the bit in the right that sticks out y'see. You could of course be looking at the map upside down and be looking at Wales, but for the duration of this opinion, I'm going to assume that you aren't all stupid :-P Anyhoo .... Instead of letting you in on the delights of a couple of the tourist attractions that the fine [!] county of Norfolk [Naaar fik to the locals] has to offer, I'm about to embark on a trip to cover several of em. An A to Z of fun things to do for the whole family if you will. Well, I say an A to Z but don't be surprised to find a couple of the more obscure letters of the alphabet missing. I'm working on Q but I don't give much hope of finding J, K or X!! *[A]* AFRICAN VIOLET CENTRE Situated just 5 miles from Kings Lynn off the A17, the African Violet and Garden Centre is a unique working nursery of African Violets [I'm guessing that's where the name came from?] Not only can you browse the nursery but also take a few of the house plants, hardy shrubs, seasonal plants and terracotta stoneware home with you [after paying of course]. There is a visitors centre, a gift shop, a Courtyard Cafe and Children's play area. Open every day. Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm. Sun 10am 5pm. Closed Christmas, Boxing, and New Years day. Free admission. For more information Tele~: 01553 828374. Or visit: www.africanvioletcentre.ltd.uk *[B]* BURE VALLEY RAILWAY An 18 mile round trip on the longest narrow gauge preserved line in East Anglia will start at either the Aylsham or Wroxham station. The train, one of those 'dinky little steam things' rather than the 5.15 from Norwich to Liverpool Street, will take passengers through some of Norfolk's most unspoilt countryside. An all inclu
          sive ticket is also available for the boat train connecting with cruises on the broads. There is a gift shop and Whistlestop restaurant, and free coach and car parking at both stations. Departure and Station opening times vary considerably so ring before travelling. For more information Tele~: 01263 733858. Or visit: www.bvrw.co.uk *[C]* CASTLE ACRE PRIORY AND CASTLE If ruins are your thing, take a trip, and audio tour around Castle Acre Priory , 5 miles north of Swaffham. Here you'll find in a peaceful village location extensive ruins spanning seven centuries. A priory with an elaborately decorated Norman façade, and a modern herb garden recreated from old plans to grow medicinal and culinary herbs. And nearby you'll find Castle Acre Castle with its two moats. Open 29th March - 30th September 10am - 6pm daily. 1st - 31st October 10am - 5pm daily. 1st November - 31st March 10am - 4pm Wednesday - Sunday. For further information Tele~: 01760 755394. *[D]* DINOSAUR ADVENTURE PARK Head 9 miles out of Norwich while following brown signs along the A1067 and there's very little chance of you missing the Dinosaur Adventure Park. With a whole array of 'big green scaly animal' related attractions, this is a great day out for the whole family. Dinosaur Trail, play areas, Jurassic Putt, Raptor Racers, Fossil Workshop, Deer Safari, Fossil Dig, and a Climb-a-Saurus to name just a few. There is also Dippy's Diner, and Dinostore. Open from 10am - 5pm March - Oct [dates subject to change] For further information Tele~: 01603 870245. Or visit: www.dinosaurpark.co.uk *[E]* ECOTECH If your little ones, or even the big ones of your family are into Scientific and Enviromental discovery, you need to make a trip to Ecotech. Head towards Swaffham and then follow the signs off the A47 and A1065 and you'll know you've arrived when you see the Ecotricity
          Wind Turbine. If the tour up the turbine [limited availabilty and height restrictions apply] doesn't 'float your boat' take a walk around the Discovery Centre, or the Organic Garden. Or pig out in the café, or spend some money in the gift shop. The Ecotech is a charity so your money is going to a good home [as is your 3p .... Me :)] Open from Easter - End of October 9am - 5pm. For further information Tele~: 01760 726100. Or visit: www.ecotech.org.uk *[F]* FRITTON LAKE If you live in the town or the city, escaping to the countryside once in a while must be high on your list? And with 250 unspoilt acres to explore, Fritton Lake Countryworld is the ideal place for you to visit. Situated on the A134 near Gt. Yarmouth and boasting a Boating lake, Putting and Par 3 Golf, a Childrens Farm, Course Fishing, Heavy Horses, a Falconry Centre, an Adventure Playground, a Miniature Railway and various eating establishments there is no way you won't enjoy yourself on a day out here. With craft displays and a Licensed Restaurant, there should be enough to keep the whole family happy? Well, it the idodoyou clan anyway! Open daily 10am - 5.30pm from Sunday 24th March - Sunday 29th September. Weekends and Half Term in October. For further information Tele~: 01493 488208. Or visit: www.frittonlake.co.uk *[G]* GRIMES GRAVES 7 miles north west of Thetford and you'll find some graves. Morbid? Not really. Interesting? Very much so. 4000 years ago prehistoric man dug some holes. Out of these holes came Flint. He dug some more. These holes became mines. Today, 4000 years later, you can descend the 30 feet by ladder into an excavated shaft. You can see the exhibition. Or spend some money in the gift shop. Open 29th March - 30th September 10am - 6pm daily. 1st - 31st October 10am - 5pm daily. 1st November - 31st March 10am - 4pm Wednesday - Sunday. Closed 1 - 2pm throughout the year. [Lunch time
          I reckon!] Special flint knapping days : 21st April/26th May/27th July and 25th August. For further information Tele~: 01842 810656 *[H]* HOLKHAM HALL AND BYGONES MUSEUM Still staying with the past, although not quite so far back as the 4000 years we had a slice of in [G], [H] finds us at Holkham Hall and Bygones Museum. Housed in one of Britain's most majestic stately homes you'll find a collection of 4,000 items from years gone by. With a restaurant, a gift shop, Nursery Gardens, a lake, a Deer park and an Art Gallery all to be visited and admired, an enjoyable day can be lost here without much trouble at all. Head for Holkham, near Wells-next-the-sea on the North Norfolk coast and just follow the sign posts. Open May 26th - September 30 Sunday to Thursday [inclusive] 1pm - 5pm plus March 31/April 1st/May 5th & 6th/June 2nd, 3rd & 4th/August 25th & 26th 11.30am - 5pm. Restaurant, shop, and gardens open from 10am. For further information Tele~: 01328 710227. Or visit: www.holkham.co.uk *[I]* INSPIRE HANDS ON DISCOVERY CENTRE Situated in the city of Norwich, St Michaels Church, Coslany Street you'll find the Hands on Discovery Centre. Here you'll find exhibits, shows and special events all pertaining to Science. There is also a shop and a café. Open 7 days a week 10am to 5.30pm. For further information Tele~: 01603 612612 [J] Just can't think of anything, or anywhere that begins with J. Sorry. I've failed you all ... :( [K] Kessingland. Knapton. Kings Lynn. Places, but no specific attractions beginning with K. This failing thing is not fun. *[L]* LANGHAM GLASS AND RURAL CRAFTS North Norfolk boasts a whole array of attractions for the fun seeking family, and not least Langham Glass. Housed in a collection of restored 18th Century barn workshops you'll find not only Glass-making but
          other traditional crafts on display. There are live demonstrations, Didgeridoo Crafts [Boomerangs and the like] Pottery Throwing, a small Museum, a factory Glassware shop, a Walled Garden and maze, as well as a Tea Room and an Adventure Playground. The glass making thing never fails to amaze me, and I could watch for hours. Open 7 days a week 10am - 5pm. The Long Barn, North Street, Langham, Near Holt. For further information Tele~: 01328 830511. Or visit: www.langhamglass.co.uk *[M]* MUCKLEBURGH COLLECTION Staying on the North Norfolk coast if you head 3 miles west of Sheringham, on the A139 coast road you'll come across Britain?s largest working Military collection. Privately owned and under cover, you'll be able to visit 8 exhibition halls and see Tanks, Armoured Vehicles, guns, Missiles, old uniforms, Aircraft and model ships. There is also a large gift shop. [I must admit, I was bored senseless when we visited this place a couple of years back so if you ain't into this sort of stuff ... I wouldn't bother!] Open 10am - 5pm everyday February 17th - October 27th. For further information Tele~: 01263 588210 *[N]* NORFOLK SHIRE HORSE CENTRE If you happen to find yourself in Cromer [and if you've just visited the Muckleburgh collection you're pretty close] head for the Norfolk Shire Horse Centre. Although, if you ain't horsey minded, this maybe isn't the best place to spend the day! With Heavy Horses working daily, a Childrens farm, Mares and Foals, a Museum, Café, Shop and Picnic area, there is plenty to do if you are equine inclined. Open 10am - 5pm Sunday 24th March - Sunday 27th October. Closed Saturdays [which I thought was strange considering it's one half of the busiest times for such attractions?!] For further information Tele~: 01263 837339. Or visit: www.norfolk-shirehorse-centre.co.uk *[O]* OXBURGH HALL 7 mile
          s south west of Swaffham and signposted from A134 at Stoke Ferry you'll find this medieval moated manor house. Take a walk round the restored kitchen garden, or take a peak at the Tudor tower, the priest hole or the Kings and Queens bedrooms. Or just admire the views from the roof. There is a restaurant and a gift shop. Open from 23 March - 3 November Sat - Wed. House 1 - 4.30pm. Garden 11am - 5.30pm [daily in August] Shop and Restaurant 11am - 5pm. For further information Tele~: 01366 328258 *[P]* PETTITTS ANIMAL ADVENTURE PARK Billed as 'The family Park with everything' I think it just might be? Pettitts, which you can find on the B1140 just off the A47 between Norwich and Gt. Yarmouth, boasts '3 parks in 1'. With live shows and fun rides, not forgetting the animals, this park will supply you all day entertainment with a capital E. Ample free parking, gift shops and restaurants galore will ensure that you have all you need on hand. Open 7 days a week. Times vary with the seasons. For further information Tele~: 01493 701403 *[Q]* (THE GREEN) QUAY OK, so you're thinking that I've cheated a bit on the [Q] thing, but c'mon, Quay begins with Q so I figure I haven't really cheated, but bent the rules a touch!! If you find yourself in Kings Lynn, and at a loose end. Head for Marriotts Warehouse South Quay. Here you'll find an interactive Discovery Centre all pertaining to the Wash and its fish and wildlife. Not really a day out venue, but certainly enough to do for an hour or so. For further information Tele~: 01553 818500 *[R]* ROOTS OF NORFOLK (Roots of Norfolk ..... that's what its called honestly. I didn't just make it up to fit in with my [R]) If taking a walk back into the past is how you care to spend your days, or more realistically, mornings or afternoons, head for the Norfolk Rural Life Museum in
          Gressenhall 3 miles north of Dereham on the B144. Here, amongst 50 acres you can amble along the countryside trails, visit the Farm animals, wander around the gardens or stay indoors and witness life as it was in an old work house. Kids are catered for too with a playground. Open daily 10am - 5pm from 24th March - 4th November. For further information Tele~: 01362 860563. Or email: gressenhall.museum@norfolk.gov.uk *[S]* SOMERLEYTON HALL Where are you if you have 12 acres of beautiful gardens, and an early Victorian Stately Home to wander around? Well, you are either meant to be at the beach and very lost, or at Somerleyton Hall. Just off the B1074 between Lowestoft and St Olaves. With a gift shop, picnic area, a Miniature Railway and a café you can quite easily pass the afternoon here if you are so inclined. Open Easter Sunday - Sunday 27th October on Thursdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, plus Tuesdays and Wednesdays in July and August 12pm - 5.30pm. For further information Tele~: 01502 730224. Or visit: www.somerleyton.co.uk *[T]* THRIGBY HALL WILDLIFE If wild animals are your thing, and I don't mean the kids or the husband, you'll be needing a Zoo, or a Wildlife Garden. As I'm on [T] and Thrigby springs to mind ... You'll have a Wildlife Garden and be grateful :) Situated on the A1064 at Filby [near Gt. Yarmouth] Thrigby Hall has a myriad of animals, wild or otherwise along with the usual Childrens play area, café and gift shop and free parking. Open daily from 10am but closing times vary with the season. For more information Tele~: 01493 369477 [U] You, your family, and friends. All you need for a great day out. Get in the car. Head towards to Norfolk and pick an attraction. There is bound to be something for [U] all to enjoy? (I tried with the [U] thing .... really I did) *[V]* VILLAGE EXPERIENCE If you happen to b
          e driving along the A1064 between Acle and Caister with nothing much to day for the day, drop into The Village Experience. With rides, fast and slow, a haunted Conservatory and Old Hall Cellars and a Maze to name just a couple of the attractions, there is something for the whole family. Dump the 'old bids' [soory, very unPC of me there! Of course, I mean old folks ...] in the Tea Room, lose the kids in the Maze you can head for the traditional pub. Either that or just escape into the 35 acres that there is to explore with a pic nic. There are also gift shops and shows to be enjoyed. This is a pay once, then all rides are free park and a family ticket [2 big kids ;) and 2 little ones] will set you back approx. £20.00 Open 7 days a week from March - October. For further information, as well as opening times [they vary] Tele~: 0870 5134890. Or visit: www.thevillage-experience.com *[W]* WROXHAM BARNS Situated approx. 10 miles from Norwich, and about a mile and a half from the centre of Wroxham you'll stumble across Craft Workshops, a Junior farm, a traditional Fair, Gift shops and a Tea Room. Whether you want to watch the traditional and contemporary craftsmen at work, watch the 'little ones' pat the array of animals or just stop and have a cream tea, a morning, or afternoon soon disappears when you visit Wroxham Barns. Admission and parking are free. Juniour Farm £2.25. Under 3's free. The traditional Fair is seasonal, 11am ? 5pm and all rides are individually priced. Open all year round 7 days a week 10am - 5pm. Closed 25th and 26th December and 1st January. For further information Tele~: 01603 783762. Or visit: www.visitbritain.com [X] (e) Xitement comes in many shapes and forms. What I consider to be fun, exciting, and worthy of a day out will differ from yours. Not all the attractions that I have listed here would make me rush to the car and head for them. Howe
          ver, there is a bit of everything for all in this list I reckon? And I told you I'd never be able to think of an [X] :) *[Y]* YARMOUTH STADIUM Whether it be the Dogs, or Banger Racing that gets your hearts pumping will depend on when you visit Yarmouth Stadium, which you'll find if you head out of Yarmouth towards Caistor. If you hit the roundabout .... you've gone too far! And ... How an earth did you miss it? As East Anglia's premier Greyhound racing venue [and probably only Greyhound racing venue!], Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights see's hoards of screaming punters egging on lean mean running machines chasing a bit of brown fur. Even more so if they have money riding on the lean mean running machine [and the majority do]. Other evenings will see grown men, and women destroying the hell out of each others cars. It must be fun because there are several meets and they all go back for more! Greyhound Racing from 7pm throughout the year. For further information and dates of Banger Racing Tele~: 01493 720323 *[Z]* ZOO ~ BANHAM If 'Which' magazine has voted Banham Zoo as one of the top 3 Zoo's in the UK, it must be good ? If you don't want to take 'Whichs' word for it, and wish to see for yourself, head towards Attleborough and Diss, and don't miss the signposts on the A11 and A140. Once there you will find all manner of wild and exotic animals. There are also feeding talks and flying displays. An undercover 'Rainbuster' route, which I think you'll agree with me, is something that all out door tourist attractions in the UK needs! A Safari Roadtrain, and a Tarzan Towers adventure play area. Open all year. Daily from 10am. For further information Tele~: 01953 887771. Or visit: www.banhamzoo.co.uk Right then, that's me done and dusted for another posting. If there are any fellow 'Noor fikians' out
          there that can suggest an attraction for [J] [K] [U] or [X] please mail me and I'll willingly add. Cheers me dears ....


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