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Sango Sands Camp Site (Durness, Scotland)

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The most north-westerly village on Britain's mainland offers a variety of outdoor activities and attractions for camping enthusiasts.

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2008 20:45
      Very helpful



      Well worth the trek!

      Ok so I'm going to bend the truth a little bit here. I havent really stayed at this campsite as it is now. I stayed there in 1990. Oh my god is that 17 years ago. Oh god Im closer to death as each day passes!
      Im writing this review more about Durness than the campsite because...we.....its just worth talking about. It is a total gem! Ok..So thats not technically "helpful" but bear with me, Im reminiscing here!

      The story is that we were doing a two-week mapping exercise in the area around Durness as part of our Geological Sciences Bsc. So already you can imagine the sight of 25 cant-be-arsed students descending on this place in the middle of July with our hammers, dreadlocks and frankly dirty habits. In my opinion we were a fantastic bunch of people with a huge range of backgrounds and we were after having a bit of a laugh whilst trampling the mountains of this beautiful part of Britain. Drunken poker nights and mucking around by the sea were our priorities but we did actually enjoy the geology as well - we were quite dedicated to it.
      Durness is just in the middle of nowhere. We coached up from Leeds, stopped in Perth and then Inverness on the way and it just seemed to last for ever. As usual we had to stop to whack rocks in obscure places en-route but still - this place is just at the end of the earth. It's nestled on the Western side of the North coast of Scotland, near the headland of Cape Wrath which is used as a bombing target by the RAF. When we were there there was a joint RAF-Naval exercise going on so we could hear the boom as bombs exploded 10 miles away and we could see the ships out to see. Very exciting.

      The stunning thing about this place is the sea. It is crystal clear. Absolutley beautiful. I had always thought of Scotland as being a bit grey and drab so it was a tad surprising to find a beach like you see in the Bahamas without the palm trees. The beach is totally unpolluted. Because it was the middle of summer we were still on the beach in daylight at 1.30 in the morning! How cool is that?
      Durness itself was small but really friendly. really really. The old chaps in the pub that never seemed to close were chatty and the lady in the little shop didnt ban us as soon as she saw us. There you go. thats Durness summed up. There was a little bit more, a few houses, a village hall but that was really about it.

      We stayed on what I THINK was the site of the campsite Im alledgedly reviewing. At the time there were only a few static caravans there - I dont even know if they were available to the general public!
      The surrounding area is stunning. The coast road worms its way around the sea lochs,taking about 2 hours to go 30 miles - you know the sort of stuff - you have to reverse every time a car comes the other way to let it squeeze through. To the west is the Western most community on the coast at Balnakiel where there is a craft complex selling wares. It has the feeling of a commune!

      This is the sort of place for people who just love the outdoors. It is a chill out zone where you can just escape from well, everything. Totally. The reviews of this campsite seem very good and I can assure you that if the weather holds you can bring the kids for some unadulterated beach fun. It is just so safe!
      On the other hand - if youre the sort of person who likes clubbing and copping off, and you arrive on Saturday, you will have shot yourself by Sunday evening. So dont go. Thats night-clubbing by the way. Not clubbing seals.

      i loved it and would love to go again, rocks or no rocks.
      More info about Durness and the locality can be found here: http://www.durness.org/

      And some good reviews of the campsite can be found here: http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/sites/reviews.asp?revid=2910
      thanks for reading. I know its only a quickie.

      originally posted on Ciao by myself - dhillcrest


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