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SPT Daytripper Ticket (Strathclyde, Scotland)

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Take off with the family for the day with a Daytripper ticket. With unlimited travel for one day by rail, Subway, most buses and some ferries throughout Strathclyde, the savings are enormous!

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    2 Reviews
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      18.09.2011 16:16
      Very helpful



      a good way to get around Strathclyde

      The SPT Daytripper Ticket is the ideal way to travel around the Strathclyde (Scotland) area.

      This ticket offers unlimted travel on one day in and around the Strathclyde area. It covers bus, train and certain ferry services. The companies who accept this ticket include but are not limited to First (bus and railway), Stagecoach, Whitelaws and also Kilkreggan Ferries.

      The ticket allows you to travel to various locations in Central Scotland and up or down the coast. Destinations include Helensburgh, Largs, Ayr, Prestwick Airport, Eastkilbride and also Lanark amongst others. You can use different routes or means of transport to reach your destination providing the ticket covers the company.

      ~Important Information~

      The tickets can be purchased online, in a staffed railway station or an SPT travel centre. Monday to Friday, the tickets are valid from 0900hrs but at the weekends, they can be used anytime. They do not cover excursion trips or night bus services.

      There are 2 different tickets available. One is suitable for 1 adult and 2 children (aged 5-15) and will cost £10.20. The other offers travel for 2 adults and up to 4 children (aged 5-15) and will cost £18.20.

      The ticket itself is paper backed and has a cream and burgandy colour design. The amount of travellers allowed to travel is clearly shown at the top. The front of the ticket has a grid showing 3 years, 12months, 31dates and then a row of 7days. The idea is you scratch off the relevant date you will be travelling and then peel back the paper to reveal a seal which covers the scratched areas. You then simply show this to the driver or conductor. The back of the ticket has a map detailing where you can travel, what transport can be used and some relevant information and conditions.

      ~My Thoughts~

      We like to go day trips when the weather is good and often purchase a day tripper ticket. Although our son is under 5 and therefore doesn't pay to go on Thomas or Percy, the cost of tickets is rather expensive for myself and my fiance. Whenever we plan on going a trip, I purchase a day tripper ticket from my local train station and keep it by. That way we can use it on the bus going to the station and save ourselves £1.80 already!

      We normally opt for the more expensive ticket as we need it to cover 2 adults. Whenever we go out with family, we often need to purchase one of the more expensive tickets and one of the cheaper tickets to accommodate us all. We have 2 children over the age of 5 and 2 under though I do feel you get more value for money if you have older children. My parents used to take myself and my friends away for the day and this saved them a fortune on individual fares.

      ~Where Can We Go?~

      Scratching the ticket is easy though you need to double and triple check you are marking off the right date otherwise it is invalid. First Buses are regular where we stay though the drivers locally, look at my ticket a little funny like they aren't used to them! On the trains, the conductors take a quick glance and thats us sorted. One thing I will mention is the new barriers at Glasgow Central as I can't see how this ticket would go through the machine at the underground and these barriers aren't always staffed - may have an issue there.

      I keep my ticket safe in my purse and only bring it out when needed. It is so much easier than carrying lots of individual tickets. We normally decide where we want to go prior to leaving our home but our son isn't fussed as long as we go on a few trains! You can go to lots of places with this ticket with many routes needing a change over at Glasgow Central. The map is easy to understand and you can pick up additional leaflets.

      Our favourite trip is normally to Ayr where we can have fish and chips, go shopping, to the park and to the beach. It is down the coast and from our home, we need one bus journey and 2 train journeys before arriving. The ticket can also take us to Craig Tara which is a Haven so extra value for money. We often go to Irvine and Troon which is on the same route. We have went further afield and up the coast to Helensburgh and also to Largs. I suppose we like the coastline!

      Using the ticket is very straightforward and we can simply hop on another bus or train to another destination if we get bored. The more journeys we make, the more value our ticket is. If we were going local like Glasgow or Eastkilbride, it is cheaper to purchase a bus all day ticket or train return so really, you do need to make the most of your ticket. The ferry services run from Helensburgh and Gourock though we have yet to experience this.


      The daytripper ticket from SPT is a great way to treat a family to a day out especially if on a budget. I wish they would offer one for just adults as well though as before having Ryan, myself and my fiance had to purchase a family ticket despite there being only 2 of us. The choice of places to go is good and with many main locations being accessible by the train, you can use the local buses to go further afield to certain attractions.

      I recommend this daytripper ticket as it represents good value travel for families.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        21.07.2006 12:08
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Travel by train, underground, bus or ferry in and around Strathclyde for a very low cost!

        Getting around in the Strathclyde is easy for me now that I have discovered the daytripper ticket from SPT.

        I have never learnt to drive and so taking my two children for little day trips was always a bit of a chore for me, either having to rely on other people to give us a lift, paying through the nose for buses, trains or even taxi's to take us places worked out very expensive and so meant that we couldn't get away for the day as much as we would have liked to.

        First of who are SPT?
        (Strathclyde Partnership for Transport)

        They are the regional transport partnership(RTP) for the West of Scotland, and are one of 7 RTP's for the whole of Scotland.

        And what is a daytripper ticket?

        The daytripper ticket is a ticket which is available in 2 formats,
        * 1 adult and up to 2 children = £8.50
        * 2 adults and up to 4 children = £15.00

        It is valid from 9am onwards Monday to Friday and all day at weekends. It is only valid for one whole day.

        The ticket is actually a scratch off card, you can buy it from any manned train station or any of the local travel centres in Strathclyde area, To use it you have to lift up the plastic cover, scratch off which year you want to travel, which month, which date and which day of the week. Once you have scratched it off you MUST use it on that day…so it is a good idea not to scratch it until you are actually positive you will be using it that day.
        After you've scratched all the correct parts you must peel back the paper backing and stick the plastic covering over the ticket to protect it from being scratched further as this makes the ticket invalid!

        The ticket enables families to travel at a much cheaper cost, this is an example of a saving I made yesterday buying the £8.50 ticket for me and my 2 children to go on a trip to the seaside.

        Normal cost of the trip would have been £12.80 in total for a return for myself and a return for each of my children saving me £4.30 right away! We live quite near the railway station so didn't need any buses in this instance, and needed none at the seaside either.

        Other occasions have seen me saving over £6! And that was only on the train journey alone…not including the bus journeys!

        The one gripe I do have is that not ALL bus companies accept this ticket. I have listed at the bottom the ones who do!

        You can even travel on some of the ferry services with this ticket, although I haven't as yet, so can't comment on those!

        The trains are fairly regular to most destinations in Strathclyde and there are many beautiful places you can visit.

        *Glasgow…heaps to do and see in and around Glasgow including the outskirts. Museums, Art Galleries, Shopping Centres, Eateries, and the Nightlife is amazing!

        *Motherwell…this is close to Scotland's biggest theme park M&D's at Strathclyde Park, a place which my own kids love! Buses can take you to the park from the railway station too.

        *Irvine…lovely beaches down the West Coast, and Irvine also has the superb Magnum Leisure Centre where you can Ice Skate, Swim, and go to cinema too amongst other things.

        *Ayr…visit Rabbie Burns cottage? Or just go browsing around the high street shops, or stay at the nearby former Butlins caravan site now called Haven.

        * Greenock….former shipbuilding community with the indoor Green Oak Shopping Mall, Waterfront Leisure Centre or go to the superb Battery Park.

        *Saltcoats…This is the place I took my children to yesterday and we had a swell time. They have an outdoor open market every Wednesday and all the usual high street shops are here too. There are the usual amusement arcades, with the one on the waterfront being the best in my opinion, it also hosts a cinema. Right beside that is a little funfair which you have to purchase tokens to go on the rides, which can be quite expensive at around £1.50 per child per ride! There is also a free play park for the children just beside the fairground and then a vast beach for you to spend the whole day playing!

        *Largs, Ardrossan, Prestwick, Troon and Stevenston…. Another few seaside towns which I visit during the summer holidays, each offering different things for the children to do. Stevenston also has a caravan site called Sandylands, which I remember staying at as a child!

        * Balloch…a gorgeous town which lies on the banks of the Loch Lomond…well worth a visit if the weather is nice!

        Those are just some of the places that you may want to visit, there are many more!

        Most of these towns are only a short train journey of around half an hour to an hour from Glasgow Central station! The trains as I said before are generally quite regular. Although now and again(especially in hot weather) there are short delays, sometimes due to signalling problems or expanding tracks! I have never experienced a delay of more than 15 minutes though, which although a pain when children are excited and train is busy, still isn't all that bad.

        Another problem with the trains are the toilets! Some of the trains have adequate toilets and others are just plain disgusting! Either they don't open, or don't close properly, or the train just doesn't have them at all! The conductors are always usually quite friendly in most of the trains I've been on, can't be the best job in the world walking up and down a train all day long!

        With the SPT daytripper ticket I mentioned you can also travel on some of Strathclyde's bus services, here is a list of the companies which accept them

        First Glasgow
        First Edinburgh
        Garelochhead Minibuses
        Henderson Travel
        Hutchinsons Coaches
        Irvine of Law
        Rowe & Tudhope Coaches
        Stagecoach Fife
        Stagecoach Glasgow
        Stagecoach Western
        William Stokes & Sons
        Stonehouse Coaches
        Stuart's Coaches
        Weirs Tourlink
        Whitelaw Coaches
        WIlsons of Rhu

        A good idea if you are planning to travel anywhere would be to check out Arriva's timetable first…as they cover a lot of the west coast!


        And the Ferry services which accept are

        Clyde Marine (between Gourock, Kilcreggan and Helensburgh)

        Renfrew Ferry (between Renfrew and Yoker)

        To plan your rail journey and get times of trains check the journey planner -


        Also check the SPT website if you need further information.


        I hope this review has been of some help to anyone with a desire to visit the West of Scotland, especially those with families!

        Thanks for reading
        Michelle (July 06)


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