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Villages & Resorts in Lincolnshire (England)

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    2 Reviews
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      17.02.2008 23:00
      Very helpful



      Nice Place to Live

      A review about my village of Kirton in Lindsey.
      On 27th feb 2008 Kirton had an earthquake of 5.2 on the ricter scale.

      I have lived here since I was 5, when I was younger I didn't really like living here as I always had to rely on the local bus service to take me anywhere and to be honest it's not that good, well the times aren't that good either too early or too late.
      Now I'm older I find it a lovely place. Its fairly quite unless a lorry drives by the house or a loud Motorbike, and there's not really any crime if you don't include the fact the Local bank just had it's machine robbed out of the wall.

      I also find it good because it's about 45mins drive from some fairly big towns if I ever want to go out for the day and don't want to go to far.

      Kirton in Lindsey is a small town situated approximately 10 miles from Scunthorpe and 16 miles from Lincoln. It is near the A15 which leads to the M180 motorway which goes to towns such as Grimsby, Doncaster and Sheffield all within a 45 minute drive.

      In the Village there are a few places to visit these include

      The Mount Pleasant Windmill (on North Cliff Road) there is a tea room here for a quick snack and tea,
      The Garden Centre,
      The RAF Camp,
      Town Hall,
      And the local Saint Andrews Church

      In Kirton there are plenty of shops these include

      A good sized Co-op which sells general food and drink,
      Mills a newsagents which sells mags, food, drinks, cards etc (cash machine here)
      Holts a general store which is open until about 10pm most nights,
      A Butcher and a Bakery,
      There are Four hairdressers, 3 are in the high street and the other is in the lower part of the village.
      There are a couple of furniture shops too. One specializing in kitchen units.

      If you find your self here there are plenty of food places to

      A Chip Shop (high street)
      A Chinese (high street)
      An Indian restaurant and take away (high street)
      And a pizza shop (Bottom of station road)

      There are 4 pubs theses are

      The Royal Oak
      The Queen's Head
      The First and Last
      The George Hotel (This is now a pub restaurant )

      Other places include an optician, library, a pottery and a HSBC bank also there is a local skip in my village for when your house bins get to full with the new bin collections because they only collect every other week now.

      There is a Comprehensive School here for the 11 to 16 yr olds, and a primary school for the younger ones, and there are two children's nursery to.

      Scunthorpe is the closet big town and it has most things you`d expect in a town along with a museum, cinema and there is Normanby Hall a country park/stately home which has Deers and Peacocks and a tea room and shop.

      Lincoln has got the Cathederal and Castle to visit if you ever find yourself in my Village, I would recomend my village as a place to either live in if you find yourself wanting to live in this area or for visiting.


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        03.07.2001 01:00
        Very helpful



        Marvellous Mablethorpe,’ is how the local council describe the town in their advertisements. I am afraid that I don’t think I would go quite so far as that! Granted it has a long stretch of clean, sandy beach, which is ideal for people with young families when the weather permits. The sea is not so inviting though, although the same has to be said for many resorts in the UK I suppose. There are an enormous number of arcades for such a small area. From the traffic lights at the corner of Victoria Road and the High Street, virtually every establishment is an arcade. This is certainly not a great asset if you have young children. Plenty of cafes and restaurants abound, but many are not of good quality. Most aim to serve quick, easy food, often microwaved and usually with chips. One exception to this is The Marlborough Restaurant, which is on Fitzwilliam Street parallel to the seafront, where the Italian chef serves up a delightful range of home-cooked Italian and English food. Surprisingly the food there is also amongst the cheapest of the town. Accommodation is either bed and breakfast or caravans. Haven has a large caravan site to the north of the town and offers a full range of amenities and entertainment. Bed and Breakfast establishments vary in quality and price but an average guideline is around £15 to £18 per night for reasonable quality. Shopping is usually done at three main supermarkets, namely Co-op on the High Street, David’s on George Street and Lidl on the High Street although there is also a small Heron frozen food store too which offers a good cheap range. Going out of town, in the direction of Skegness, you come across Lord Bros cash and carry which is also reasonable for shopping. During the summer there is a market on Mondays and Thursdays and in the winter just on a Thursday. There is a park and sports centre but there are limited activities only in the sports centre
        , although it does have an adequate gym. No public swimming pool exists in the town, which causes much debate and protests from the local people. A cinema with 2 screens is open afternoons and evenings and does usually get top films quite early. This is along Quebec Road which is the sea front road to north end. North end boasts a very fine animal and bird gardens and really must be visited if you holiday in the town. A seal hospital is part of the complex and children and adults alike are fascinated by the whole place. Reading back through this, I am thinking to myself, “Why do you dislike the place so much then? The answer is simple, everyone seems to be dreary and miserable there, giving an air of despondence and lethargy to the place. You almost feel like a black cloud is permanently hovering above the place.


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