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Weston-super-Mare in General

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    25 Reviews
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      27.04.2012 16:30
      Very helpful



      Can't wait to leave this dump!

      I always dreamed of moving to the sea side for years ever since childhood. Then in 2009 Myself and my best friend of eighteen years Melanie decided to come for New Year as her friend ran a Pub we bought four dogs and my touring caravan in tow and stayed for two weeks in the freezing cold.

      What is the place like?~

      Weston Super Mare is in North Somerset on the coast having Bristol and Wales just a short journey away. It has an array of shops takeaways fantastic fish and chips from the take away Papa's. A theatre Sea world centre Museum Weston is very good for holidays. You have another beach just down the Road just ten minute drive away called Sand Bay, it has a private beach looked after by the National Trust. Uphill is also a National Trust Beach. In the summer we have our very own big wheel which shows fantasic view. You can't swim or paddle in the water here one it is sinking mud and two the water is filthy we have one of the dirtiest beaches in the south west.

      My option~

      As mentioned before I came for a short beak in 2009. In 2010 Melanie and I decided to move here as we we were both single my marriage ended and She was Living with her folks we both decided to take the plunge. On the way to moving to Weston with the four dogs in tow and A large touring Caravan we was thrilled at the new life we was going to have in Weston. Then..... everything changed that fateful morning. We was travelling down a A Road just out side Tamworth in Staffordshire when a lorry caused my caravan to snake as it gave off a gust of wind. Melanie had fallen asleep in the passenger seat then woke up telling me to stop messing about I said I am not. I kept calm knowing not to break as the whole lot would of turned over we eventually hit a barrier on the near side. the caravan was written off but we where fine. One problem though we had no where to stay. All our belongings where destroyed we where devastated our dream was over....
      Kindly Mel's friend Helen put us up for a couple of months until we found some where to live.

      Awfully I had to Part with my babies as no one would let us rent any where it broke our hearts. At first we loved Weston but all that changed a few months ago when druggies moved in next door. They where dealing to young Kids up all day and night and making our lives hell. Weston is a very rough place has lots of rehab centres and high crime. We have both decided to leave and move back to Yorkshire where I once lived. I can't wait to move. I am looking for property to rent as we speak.

      Now I'm up dating this review, It's August 2013, I now live in Rugby Warwickshire. I'm going back to Weston Super Mare to collect the rest of my belongings, bring to my new home that I live at with a very good friend of mine who I've known since the nineties. She has a spare room going and said I was welcome to move in for company. So glad I did we get on great never argue, have peaceful time with her two cats and my little poodle Daisy.

      I will say tears did hit me today as I'm going back to the place I thought would be a new life for me when I moved there with my best pal Melanie, sadly Melanie left for personal reasons. I felt there was no point being there any more. All my family live in Coventry. My parents recently moved back near Coventry to a place called Exhall.

      It's good bye Weston Super Mare, hello Rugby!


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        30.09.2011 09:52
        Very helpful



        A superb place to visit for all of the family

        A place I've enjoyed visiting ever since I was a toddler is Weston-Super-Mare, which is in Somerset and more commonly known as simply Weston. My parents would regularly take my younger sister and me to Weston, particularly as we have quite a few family members living there and as a result, it holds some very special memories for me. Weston is a very popular holiday destination, particularly for older persons, which is due to the fact that it is all on the flat and there is so much to see and do within a small radius. However, saying that, Weston is suitable for everyone, as it welcomes families and all needs are catered for. I have probably visited on 500+ occasions, as I lived there for a few months in my late teens and it is not too far from my home, so the 100 mile return journey is made several times each year and I would like to share my experience with you.


        Before I start discussing Weston itself it was only when I began writing my review that I learned of where the name came from, which was something I had never thought about before. Weston has a considerable history, which I do not intend discussing in my review, but my research taught me a lot about the town. I discovered that the name "Weston" is made up of two Saxon words that mean the "west tun" or "settlement". The "Super-Mare" is medieval Latin with "super" meaning "on or above" and "mare" meaning "sea". The additional two words were used to differentiate the area, particularly as there are a few other places in Somerset named Weston.

        ~~ THE GRAND PIER ~~

        The most eye-catching landmark in Weston is the Grand Pier, which originally opened in 1904 and became a Grade II listed building in 1974. Unfortunately, the beautiful pier was totally destroyed by a devastating fire in 2008 caused by an electrical fault. News stories showed the pier engulfed in flames and black smoke, which was a total tragedy, particularly as many people flock to Weston solely for the enjoyment of the pier, which in my opinion, is the best pier I have ever visited. However, in 2010 the pier reopened and can now be described as simply magnificent and state of the art. Whenever we visit Weston our first port of call is always the pier, which is easily accessible and is located in the centre of the town. Admission is free and you can either choose to travel on the pier's train or simply stroll on either of the outer areas or walk through the central part, which is undercover.

        Uplifting and happy music plays constantly at a reasonable level and it is these sounds that always whisk me back to my childhood, as I can vividly recall the long walk to reach the amusement area located at the end. The calming whooshing sound of the waves of the sea in combination with the happy music always uplifts me and sends me to that very special place where I can vividly recall holding my father's hand whilst I enjoyed my luscious ice cream adorned with a chocolate flake. I've never had a head for heights and would constantly find myself looking downwards and seeing the vast amount of sea looming below. Fortunately, the wooden slats on the pier are now located much closer together and I no longer feel the constant need to look down! My husband and I always choose to amble slowly down the length of the pier, which generally takes us about half an hour, but could easily be walked at a brisk space in around 5 minutes.

        However, we favour sitting on one of the numerous seats, which run the entire length of the pier, where we take in the picturesque views where we peacefully watch people enjoying themselves on the beach with their metal detectors, people laughing and swimming in the clear sea waters, the donkeys and the jet skiers. The centre of the pier is scattered with small kiosks where you can obtain lollies, snacks and holiday gifts, but during our last visit these were not all manned. The amusement area located directly at the end of the pier used to be my favourite attraction, as I would love collecting a plastic cup full of pennies in exchange for a pound note and piling the coins into various slot machines. Unfortunately, penny machines have long since been replaced with 10p machines, so we tend to simply walk through these areas, particularly as they are very noisy and crowded although my husband and I love the shooting games where we can hit targets that will disperse a huge jet of water and that's when I generally get soaking wet, as I always lose!

        Whilst this is not an area we have visited, the pier now boasts a 4D cinema experience where seats will move, water is sprayed, legs are tickled and air is blasted. This is definitely on our list for our next visit, which hopefully, will be before the end of the autumn. You can choose to enjoy an exciting ride on one of the indoor go karts or for those of you who prefer a simple sit down and some refreshments, a cup of tea and a piece of cake or a delicious meal can be purchased in the luxurious restaurant situated directly behind the huge amusement area. Unfortunately, I am unable to speak of pricing, as I have never eaten in there. There is a large outdoor seating and table area located directly at the end of the pier where you can simply gaze out and watch the sea, which is something we absolutely love doing.

        My favourite ice cream of all times is sold on the pier, as I adore 99's with the swirly whirly ice cream and a visit to the pier is not complete without one. Toilets are available within the amusement area and they are always clean and tidy and well stocked with liquid soap and hand dryers. Facilities are available for baby changing and for those with disabilities. Following our visit to the pier we like to take a short stroll down the extremely wide promenade until we reach the entrance to the shops, which is located on the opposite side of the road.


        I am an avid collector of Betty Boop figurines and despite having visited Weston hundreds of times it was only during a visit in June that we discovered a slightly hidden shop full of the gorgeous collectables. Unfortunately, the shop owner informed us that she was due to close, as the entire area was being knocked down and I believe she informed us it would soon be a huge bowling complex. The main shopping area is considerably wide as well as being pedestrianised, which I find makes my shopping experience much more pleasant and it is here that you will find stores such as Poundland, Smiths and Boots. There are plenty of benches where you can sit down and rest your feet as you trudge from one store to the next and we will often treat ourselves to a cake from one of the gorgeous cake shops and enjoy eating it in the beautiful warm sunshine.

        I particularly like The Sovereign Arcade, which is entirely undercover and houses a large amount of high street stores, such as Currys, Savers, Fish Spa (where you can enjoy small fish nibbling at your feet!), Orange, Ann Harvey, Birthdays, Marks and Spencer, Wilkinsons, The Body Shop, Card Factory and the 99p store. There are a few places to eat and drink, such as Burger King and Costa Coffee. There is a large café situated at the end of the Arcade, but I cannot speak of the quality of food or drink, as I've never eaten in there.


        Somerset means "land of the summer people" and is famous for its' apples, which in turn are made into thirst quenching Somerset cider and you will be able to find many shops selling scrumpy, which I had considerable experience of tasting during my younger days! Of course, Cheddar cheese originates from nearby Cheddar where you can watch the creation of this delicious cheese. Weston is scattered with numerous places to eat and drink where you will find many cafes, fish and chip shops and restaurants located along the sea front and within the town itself. I cannot speak of my experience of recently eating in any cafes or restaurants, as these days, both my husband and I choose to enjoy some traditional fish and chips from the chip shop located directly opposite the entrance to the Grand Pier. The chip shop offers a small seating area and we are often lucky enough to obtain a seat where we sit underneath one of the sun umbrellas whilst we enjoy our food. There are dozens of pubs and clubs situated throughout the town centre and along the sea front, but again, my experience of frequenting them is from my younger days.


        Located almost the entire length of the road directly opposite the pier are all of the amusement arcades, which can be heard from the end of the road. I can't say that I'm particularly fond of these areas, as they are so noisy and will simply gobble my money although I will often find myself pushing a £1 coin into the slot of one of the grabber machines to try and win a soft toy. There are shops galore selling candy floss, ice creams and the usual sticks of rock, buckets and spades and other bits of tacky holiday bits and pieces. However, a seaside resort would never be a seaside resort without the odd tacky gift shop selling a "kiss me quick" sunhat! After our browse around the shops and following a bite to eat we will head back to the promenade and take a leisurely stroll where we are always overtaken by the land train that runs on the promenade and it is always filled with happy holiday makers. I'm unsure of the cost to travel by this means having never used it before.

        The promenade has a fairly low stone built wall running the entire length, which separates the beautiful sandy beach from the pavement and we often sit down and take a breather. The donkeys gather in a location near to the pier where little ones can enjoy a short walk on their choice of four legged friend whose names are displayed on a band on their heads. Ever since my childhood the beach has housed large trampolines, which are intended solely for children, so I cannot discuss any recent experiences of my bouncing up and down! Weston is often the location for an absolutely spectacular sand sculpture festival where you will be amazed at the perfect displays created from the golden sand. The World's well known artists gather at Weston for this fantastic event and seeing is quite simply believing, as it is so difficult to comprehend the fact that the skilled professionals are chiselling into the sand to create the most breathtaking sculptures. The event for this year has now finished, but if you are interested in attending a future event the best place to check would be on the website for the Somerset Tourism Association.

        There are so many other places to see, such as the Winter Gardens Pavilion, which is situated on the sea front where, during my childhood the comedian Bernie Winters would regularly perform. My apologies to the younger readers who have never heard of Bernie Winters who became well known for his comedy acts and his adorable St Bernard, named Schnorbitz. Winter Gardens is a centre that regularly holds plays, offers conference rooms and special events. Located a short walk from the centre is a large expanse of grass where, during our last visit we witnessed people walking inside huge clear balls and I have absolutely no idea what this is called. I was very tempted to have a go, but the £10 charge for only a short ball walk was rather off-putting, so I changed my mind. Situated along the long sea front are dozens of Bed and Breakfasts and hotels, but as I've only stayed overnight in Weston many years ago I am not in a position to advise of what's good and what's not.

        However, there is considerable information provided on the official website for Weston where you will be able to research a large variety of places to stay. There is a second pier in Weston named Birnbeck, which is currently under construction, as it was literally crumbling away and falling into the sea. Through a little online research I learned that it is the only pier in the world that is attached to an island. It was built in 1897 and is a Grade II listed building, but unfortunately, it has been closed to the public for many years due to its' current state. This pier is the end of our promenade walk and it is at this point that we enjoy a drink and yet another ice cream from a kiosk that sells numerous drinks and snacks.

        Located a short distance from the Grand Pier and situated on the beach is the Sea Aquarium, which is a chargeable attraction that allows you to witness a variety of sea creatures. I have never visited myself, but have seen the Aquarium from the outside and would advise that after viewing the creatures you can relax and enjoy some refreshments in the sea view tea room. One of the newest attractions to Weston is the 40 metre tall Observation Wheel, which costs £6.50 for adults and £4 for children over the age of 14. There is a long list of prices, dependent on the size of your party where family tickets are more cost effective. The Wheel is similar to that of the London Eye where you can witness the most spectacular views and on a clear day I have learned that you can see as far as Cardiff, which is 40 miles away by road, but just a short distance across the sea. There are dozens more attractions to see; some of which will involve a car journey, such as Wookey Hole, Cheddar Gorge and its' magnificent caves, Fleet Air Way and the Helicopter Museum and I intend reviewing some of the attractions over the forthcoming months.

        ~~ PARKING ~~

        There is adequate car parking situated around Weston Super Mare where if you are lucky, you can park on the sea front, but we've only once been able to obtain a space, as these are highly sought after. There are a considerable amount of disabled parking spaces and if my memory serves me correctly, particularly as my husband holds a blue badge, the first hour is free and then normal charges apply, where we paid just over £10 for the day. Whilst a few years ago we would park in a side street, the entire area is now either permit parking or is double yellow lines with kerb markings, so blue badge holders are not able to park there.

        There is a large indoor car park suitable for 850 cars at The Sovereign Arcade, which is located within a few minutes' walk from the sea front and Grand Pier with charges starting at £1.20 for an hour and increasing in increments of approximately £1 per additional hour. However, the most economical if you are intending on staying more than 5 hours would be the £5 charge, which will cover you for up to 12 hours. The car park uses yellow recyclable tokens, which have recently replaced the paper parking tickets. Overnight parking is allowed and is charged at a rate of £5 per night and you have the assurance of your vehicle being safe, as the car park has been awarded the "Park Mark" Safer Parking Award, which means their safety methods have been assessed by the Police. There are several outdoor car parks situated on the outskirts of the town although some of them involve a short walk, which may not be suitable for those with mobility problems.

        ~~ TRANSPORT LINKS ~~

        Weston-Super-Mare is easily accessible by car, rail and bus and many coach companies offer regular bus trips to the beautiful seaside town.

        A visit to Weston-Super-Mare comes with my full recommendation hence my visiting time and time again.

        I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.

        This review will appear on both Ciao and Dooyoo under the same user name.


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          20.08.2011 18:11
          Very helpful



          I love it!

          A year and half ago I made some life changing decisions. I had a friend that needed to move out of her home in Yorkshire pronto and me, well I was living with my parents in Coventry in at the grand old age of 35. I had no job, no boyfriend apart from the odd dalliance and a raging eating disorder that was threatening to destroy my life. Then my best friend who ran a pub up here in Weston asked me to come to her News Year Eve bash and me and my friend who I previously mentioned decided to come in a caravan and we stayed a whole month and loved it here.

          In that time I fell in love with Weston Super Mare and so did my friend. After a month we had decided to do a flat-share but where to live was of major discussion and together we wanted to come back here after being bored back at hers in Hull so I broke the news to my parents I was moving out and me and my mate left to come to Weston back in her caravan to find somewhere to live. On route though we had a major car crash where I got injured and she lost her car and caravan so we ended up living at my mates pub and then we found the flat I live in now, we did together for a year and a bit but sadly it didn't work out with us sharing we moved in and I been here ever since and it was the best move I ever made.

          Why Move Here?:

          Well I'm a West Midlands lass and its shocking just how many brummies are here so I feel rather at home really. Not being far away from the Midlands many people moved here after many a day triip and holidaying at the place when they were children. I'm sure there are more people from the midlands than anywhere else even people from Weston here, its friendly though I have heard other people who are outsiders like me complain but me, well I made many new friends here believe me and never had a problem with locals at all.

          What you get with Weston is a muddy but sandy beach that overlooks Cardiff. Our beach apart from the water is great with a fantastic pier with all the usual and amusements on it. Recently rebuilt due to a fire with a chip pan it is full of places to eat, rides, clean loos a bar and its always busy, especially on warm sunny days and it really is a very impressive building indeed.

          We have the winter gardens which houses exhibitions and weddings, Sea world and so much to do and see on the beach its great. Regularly there is a punch and Judy show, lots of fish sellers and donkey rides for a pound a go plus little beach stalls for all your souvenirs. We have the Playhouse theatre too which we recently had Jethro visit, Grove Park which has a statue dedicated to Jill Dando who comes from here and is a lovely park, a huge new adventure playground on the seafront, lots of parking areas, buses and cabs.

          We have alot of old fashioned hotels and caravan parks and b + b's too. All of which I have seen need a flipping good revamp but it all adds to the 1970's charm of the place in my opinion. We have lots of places to eat too and have a really good Greek section to which I can highly receomend Seawards Hotel for its lovely Greek cuisine (open to non patrons but a little on the pricey side but oh so worth it) and Nicks Bar which does all sorts of fare with Bazaar (another Greek restaurant right next door to it) which is mazing. Of course we have lots of take aways and bars too as well as posher restaurants like The Cottage and The Flute De Paris, if you want a decent fish and chip place I do recommend trying The Regent Café to eat in to which fish and chips is Abbot £6.00 and gorgeous though The Waterfront (jst opposite the pier) is a take away offering fish and chips (and other things too) at just £3.95 (providing you don't mind a few bones and skin on the fish that is!).

          The bars and nightlife here is so so. We have many late bars here some open as late as 5.30 with free entry plus a club called Vision that does a foam party once a month, a bikers friendly bar and allsorts there really is something to suit everyone. Because of the pier we have a lot of displays and exhibitions in the town plus on a Thursday night a bikers meet on the seafront.

          The negatives includes the one way system around the town and the shops. If your looking for decent shopping opportunities don't bother and save yourself from coming is my top tip....in fact divert yourself to Bristol. The shops here are rubbish and the fashion is awful. I'm damned if I can find a nice going out dress anywhere in this town but if your looking for cheap and/or tacky souvenir shops you won't be disappointed as there are loads of them lol.

          Just off the beach road you have Clarence park which is pretty, free to wander round with toilets and ice cream available. There is a little shack of a café which does a great brekkie for £2.50 and is always friendly.

          In Short:

          I think this place is great for a day, worth going on the Weston Wheel for views over and beyond Weston for a fiver a person and often there is a steam fair on the beach. I'm pretty sure young children would be bored for more than a couple of days here, you can't really swim in our water but this place is warm and charming in its own right if not a little old fashioned and laid back. We have all ages visit, it goes very quiet in winter and the sand sculptures (small fee to get in) are incredibly popular to view as is the small train that goes up the prom for £2.50 each.

          I'm glad I live here, love seeing the holiday makers enjoying themselves and just just wish I could take a swim!


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            26.04.2011 11:33
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great holiday can be had here!

            I have been going on day trips to Weston Super-mare for a long time. I have relatives that live in nearby Burnham-on-sea, so i have often caught the bus into Weston. A word of warning; local buses cost a fortune! So it may be best travelling by car.

            Brief History

            Weston-supermare is in North Somerset on the Bristol channel. It became a seaside town in the 19th century. It has had its ups and downs over the years, going through periods of prosperity and periods of decline. Sadly there was a huge fire on the Grand Pier in the height of summer in July 2008. At the time everyone was devastated. The pier first opened in 1904 and the terrible thing also was that the owners had recently been updating the facilities on the pier. Prior to this, the last time the pier had burnt down was in 1930.

            Fortunately, it didn't actually take that long in my view to rebuild the pier and what a fantastic job has been done. It cost a fortune to do (£39million) and reopened to the public in October 2010. The new pier is great and boasts the first lazer maze in the UK. (I think there should be more of these). They are great fun for kids and adults. I took my children there about 5 months ago and we all had a go in the lazer maze; they loved it!

            There are some great things inside the pavillion; loads of fruit machines; a fantastic go kart track the type of which you won't find anything similar in the UK. Their is also a mini rollercoaster; a 4d cinema; a mirror maze; childrens soft play area; ghost train;; dodgem cars and much more!. There is also a super souvenir shop. You need to purchase tickets from machines to go on the rides/attractions.

            The Pavillion has ample places to eat and drink with about 4 cafes; a bar; an ice cream parlour; tea rooms and a coffee shop. You can of course get your fish and chips, hot dogs and donuts on the Pavillion too.

            The pavillion looks very modern with a glass front building. There is a huge amount of seating available. It really is a fantastic place inside the pavilion for children and teenagers with plenty for them to do. Its great also for older people who want to relax and take in the views and the lovely sea breeze, especially away from the noise of the inside. I went there again recently with my partner. Fortunately the weather was great ; the pier was fairly quiet, so we sat outside, enjoying a nice coffee in the warm sun. Bliss!

            I would expect the pier to be very very busy in the summer months. it is very popular. I highly reccomend this pier. it is certainly the best one i have ever been to.


            You will find plenty to do here and to entertain the kids. There are the traditional donkey rides; other smaller rides on the beach; a miniature railway; Seaquarium and the now famous Weston Wheel, which is a smaller version of the London Eye. It looks quite good actually.


            The Winter Gardens; Antiques, Arts and Crafts, collectors fairs, junior music festivals, dances.
            The Playhouse Theatre;plays, shows, musicals, childrens shows, pantomimes


            Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859);The famous British civil engineer responsible for the design of many bridges, dockyards, tunnels, steam ships and the Great western railway. He came 2nd in the BBC poll of 2002 for the '100 greatest Britons' He lived in Weston for some months whilst working on projects.

            Jill Dando (1961-1999) ;former presenter of Crimewatch uk . Sadly and tragically murdered in 1999. You will find her memorial garden in Grove Park at Weston super-mare; its lovely and peaceful.

            John Cleese (Born in Weston 1939-) ; comedian/writer

            Jeffrey Archer; (Born in Weston in 1940); former MP and Author


            There are plenty of shops in the town which is only about a 4 minute walk from the pier. You will find plenty of well known shops; There is the Soverign shopping centre which has 38 shops(including currys,JD Sports, Evans, Waterstones, Clinton card shop, F.Hinds (jeweller), Halifax, Claires accessories, Bon Marche) with places to eat/take away food. Its not actually very big, but there are plenty of shops surrounding this centre. Marks & Spencer, British Home Stores, Mobile phone shops, fashion stores, eateries and cafes. The area around here is pedestrianised. There is a also a large Tesco, which is very close to Railway station.


            There are plenty of bed and breakfasts and hotels around, from the value ones to the more expensive. There are also 2 Premier Inns (2 of which i have stayed in and recommend); Premier Inn at Hutton Moor Lane and Premier Inn at Lympsham; buses go past these hotels.


            There is loads to see and do. Burnham-on -sea, Wookey hole, Brean Sands, Bristol (with far too may things to do to mention here!). Cheddar Gorge, Glastonbury and Clarkes Village (with great outlet shopping; highly recommend this).


            Weston-super-mare railway station is only a 5 minute walk from the town centre. There are buses (first group); you can catch buses to most local places but they are not always that frequent depending on the time of year. You can get more information from the First Group buses; http://www.firstgroup.com/ .

            Weston supermare is a great seaside resort really and there is plenty to do for all age ranges. The beach is a real beach; no pebbles! but beware of the mud in certain parts; this is very dangerous, but there are warning signs; never go beyond a red flag either.

            Personally i like to go to Weston for a day trip or possibly a weekend break. There are some unsavoury areas of Weston (but these are away from the tourist area); you should still be careful, as always, whilst on holiday, watch your handbags etc. However this is a good place for families to holiday with plenty to do and loads more around and about.


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              27.07.2010 22:08



              Exploring Weston Super Mare

              Exciting times are happening in Weston at the moment as it is going under the current Regeneration. Since the pier burnt down the town has been going under transformation. The new pier being built which is privately owned by the Michaels family has cost 55 million and is due to open in August 2010. Whilst the new pier was being built the front has been under going a revamp and the whole of the pavement stone has been replaced with granite slabs and there is a new arch. Also a new childrens playing area has been developed. There is Weston version of the London eye where the views are amazing. Also worth a look is the helicoptor museum where you can take a trip in the helicopter for ten minutes with outstanding views. The drive into Weston the big retailers have hit all the side roads which includes a newly opened Waitrose. Whilst there is still some grotty areas when you starting looking around Weston you can discover some wonderful buildings of architecture left over from the Victorian Era espicially if you head up towards Knights Island. Also Weston has become famous for holding the T4 on the beach each year and the beach races. Although one thing Weston cannot get away from is the brown sea when it comes in but on a Sunny day it aint a bad place to be. You watch Weston will be upcoming soon


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              20.04.2010 17:24
              Very helpful



              Traditional seaside fun

              Weston-super-Mare (henceforth simply "Weston", as most people who know the place refer to it as a rule) is an old-fashioned sort of seaside resort. For some people that might be considered an insult, but I certainly don't mean it as such. Personally I get a little bit tired with the constant striving of certain other resorts to compete head-on with the likes of Tunisia and Queensland. I've got news for those places: you can't. You look silly. It's like the infamous Bobby Charlton-style comb-over trick. Stop trying and start being something distinctive rather than just aping a random hot country.

              Weston is another matter. I used to be taken here by my grandparents when I was a kid, and although my memories are somewhat hazy and mostly consist of looking for interesting mini-beasts on the edge of the mud flats, my warm feelings towards the place are not entirely due to its association with my relatives. (That does remind me, though: on no account should you wander randomly out on those mud flats. There is plenty of quicksand out there, on top of which the tide can come in very fast and from odd angles, cutting you off before you know what's happened. People can and do die when that happens.)

              I've been back a few times since those days, and most recently spent a day there during the Easter holidays. We (there were two of us) went by train, which is very straightforward and if you're lucky with the services can be both quick and inexpensive too. Weston station is rather unpromisingly situated next to a big roundabout and an even bigger Tesco superstore, but thankfully there is both a large map and a fingerpost out front, so it's not difficult to find your way to the seafront. (Not that it is anyway in most seaside resorts: just go in the direction where there are no buildings on the horizon!)

              The promenade is a bit of a mess at the moment. The Grand Pier is in the final stages of restoration after the devastating fire of a couple of years ago, and has not yet been reopened to the public; that's expected to happen in the summer. There's also a lot of building and repair work going on all along the seafront, on top of which a large public open space on the other side of the road from the pier is also being completely redone, so it wasn't exactly quiet with all the diggers and drills hammering away. Still, Weston is not really about peace and quiet anyway; if you want that then you'd probably be better off going to Clevedon a little way along the coast.

              The main attraction for families is very probably going to be the great sweep of the main beach. Although as I mentioned above the mud flats can be very dangerous, the beach itself is safe and well watched, and is an excellent place for children to run about, make sandcastles, play beach cricket and all the myriad traditional entertainments which make a seaside holiday what it is. If you're looking for something a bit more organised, there are donkey rides, carts pulled by heavy horses and a small funfair which makes up to some extent for the lack of access to the pier. It's worth noting at this point that I found the toilet blocks on the promenade to be encouragingly clean and well kept.

              If you walk for a few minutes northwards along the promenade, past the striking Weston pavilion building, you will reach the Marine Lake, a separated-off body of water with its own small beach which is ideal for younger children. Unlike the rest of the beach, it is also dog-free even in low season, so you shouldn't have to worry about your kids treading in any mess. One of the great attractions of the lake is that it always contains water; the flat nature of the beach here means that at low tide the sea itself can be much too far out to reach!

              A bit further north, past an interesting semi-tropical rock garden (once again, being repaired when I was there!) you come to Anchor Head, where there are several points of interest. The first is a small RNLI shop, which contains a good variety of "Lifeboats" merchandise as well as second-hand books and suchlike. The reason this is here is that the local RNLI station is on Birnbeck Pier just around the headland. Unfortunately this pier has been closed to the public since the 1990s, and is in an increasing state of dereliction. Plenty of proposals have been put forward to save it, but unless someone actually puts one of them into practice - and soon - I should think it will become entirely beyond saving. More happily, just past the lifeboat shop are steps down to a small shingle and mud beach which has an attractively hidden feel.

              As befits this traditional resort, your options for food and drink are dominated by the old staples of fish and chips to start, with ice cream to follow. Many of the chippies are pretty basic in terms of decor and facilities, but most of their fish is of perfectly good quality and the portions are usually large. Where ice cream is concerned, my favourite place is a little hut almost opposite the pier: it advertises "20 flavours" but in fact is a bit more interesting than that. For a start, you can (unusually) get many flavours in soft-whip type ice cream as well as simply as scoops (soft lemon ice cream is amazingly refreshing). Its glories, though, are the amazing sweet-studded things that are more like icy trifles than anything else!

              Whether there's that much point in going to Weston if you're not interested in the seafront is debatable, though the headland of Brean Down at the southern end of the bay is well worth a look and there are some nice walks to be had on the hills above the town. The centre has an identikit shopping centre with most of the usual suspects being in residence, but it's not one that is likely to stick in your mind for more than about, ooh, two minutes after you leave it. Finally, there's a big wheel of the sort now found in many cities, though I didn't have the opportunity to ride it myself on this occasion.

              I've deliberately concentrated here on attractions for the day tripper, since I've never stayed overnight in Weston and so can't sensibly comment on its hotel accommodation, but there are certainly some bargains to be had when it comes to B&Bs, especially out of the main season. The Icelandic volcano has reminded people that perhaps we take international travel a bit much for granted nowadays, and I think it's a shame that people don't more often stop to take a look at what's on offer here in Britain. Weston won't suit everyone, and if you want exotic then this isn't the place to go... but it really does have its own genuine character.


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                14.09.2009 17:39
                Very helpful



                excellent place for a family break by the sea

                I have been going to Weston - super - mare since I was a small child. We stayed in near by Sandy bay because of it being quieter and good for recuperation. The transport in the area is good with excellent priced all day tickets so you can explore local areas. Apart form that there is both train and bus network to access Bristol for those who wish to have a day in a city. The general area is clean but very busy with tourists in high season. In Weston its self you have the old pier which is now closed and can not be accessed and is almost falling into the sea. You then have the newer pier which was brilliant for children and adults alike with lots of things to do however the pier was recently burnt down but is being re-built to open hopefully spring 2010. The new pier promises to have the same entertainment as the previous pier lets hope it is as good! The beach its self has sand however care should be taken because of the sinking mud in the area, dogs are allowed on the beach. There is a small area at the top of Weston were dogs are not allowed which is were many families stay. The main beach has donkeys for children along with other entertainment. Weston holds many events on its beach through out the year the most recent of this being T-4 on the beach which is an annual music concert. There is also the annual Weston carnival at the end of the season. The town its self has a verity of shops for those who like to shop, it has a large supermarket near the train station also. Has excellent motorway network around so easy access to the town. Overall Weston is a tourist town in the south of Briton with excellent transport links and has everything that a family requires for a British break.


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                  13.07.2009 01:49
                  Very helpful



                  Brilliant base, great local people, rubbish council -not always safe after dark!!

                  My review of West Super Mare.


                  One of the great British seaside resorts, named by the Romans no less -lol!! (Mare means sea in latin) and nestled on the English side of the Bristol Channel in North Somerset - WSM is ideally placed for a short or long holiday.... but I do have some reservations (pun intended -lol!!)

                  My Opinion/ Features

                  I've been holidaying in WSM since I was a kid -somehow I always find myself coming back... It's not for the town of WSM itself which the local council have allowed to become a little shabby and run down...

                  For instance the council have allowed WSM to become a bit of a haven for druggies over the past few years, so I seriously don't recommend hanging round the town centre at night. Don't misunderstand me; there are some great places to visit after dark; friendly pubs, the Playhouse theatre etc... but when the night's entertainment is over go straight to your car/ bus stop and get back to where ever you're staying... unless you want to meet the town's more 'colourful' residents and semi feral child/teen gangs, who seem to operate in a near police fee zone -lol!

                  Also you'll see a lot of unfinished projects/ closed down attractions; like the world famous Birnbeck Pier (the only pier in the world connected to an island, site of secret D-Day planning in WW2 and a place so beloved of the Victorians that it had it's own special currency printed!!). Sadly Birnbeck; known locally as the 'old pier' is in a sad state of disrepair, which is a crime in my opinion.

                  Another sad development is that more and more beeches etc are off limit to dogs... When I first came to WSM you could walk the dog almost anywhere, it was one of the few places you could happily take your dog away on holiday to with the minimum of hassles.

                  But, alas those days are gone -and while the local council don't seem to mind hypodermic needles, antisocial behaviour and broken glass in the kids paddling pools and on the beach -they seem greatly offended by the common canine...

                  So on the negative side; WSM council have worked very hard to drive away the very people who made it such a vibrant place in the past; families and dog lovers... I personally don't spend much money in WSM for the above reasons; I'm a big fan of voting with my wallet...

                  Now you might think from what I've written that you should avoid WSM like a case of swine flu... but now I'd like to point out the good stuff;

                  Yes WSM is naff (nowadays!) but it's the most brilliant base to explore from... There are so many woods, fields, little peninsulas and secluded coves within a few miles radius, fee from the idiot council's grasp - that even the most energetic dog and owner will be happy :-)

                  There are so many beautiful walks - both short and long to enjoy across the devastatingly awesome Somerset Levels.

                  For days out there are a wealth of places to visit; Glastonbury with it's ruins, legends, famous tor and large middle aged American women running round in pointy hats under the impression that they're real 'witches' -(honestly it's worth going for this site alone - methinks they've seen one too many Harry Potter films -lol!!).

                  There's the city of Wells - supposedly the smallest city in England, worth visiting just to see the Cathedral and it's amazing carved facade... it's free to stand in the grounds (it's also technically free to visit inside the Cathedral too, because the fee is actually a donation request... so give what you feel it's worth; not what the 'man' tells you -lol!

                  The legendary Cheddar Gorge is only about 7 miles out of WSM; if you haven't visited the caves; I really recommend it -they are spectacular. If you're on a budget you can walk right round the spectacular gorge walk for free (just ask a friendly local for the quickest way up onto the cliffs)... and if you're really lucky you might see some of the 'mental' mountain goats, climbing up and down the near sheer cliffs ...I've even seen them climb trees...I kid you not! (another of my terrible puns -lol!!). You can sample the cider for free down in the town, and there's a brilliant home made sweet shop (though the sweets are a tad overpriced).

                  Another site worth visiting in the WSM area is Wookey Hole, with it's impressive caves, and Victorian fair... I still love the mirror labyrinth. I took my father and my nephew in once and had to go and 'rescue' them after a while as they took forever to find the way out... Brilliant stuff!

                  ... and that's only about 1 percent of the stuff on offer for holidaymakers/residents who stay/live in or near WSM... and I haven't even mentioned the excellent restaurants and great friendly locals!!

                  My Verdict
                  WSM is in my opinion, through neglect at a local government level, no longer a great place... but as a place to stay and explore the seemingly endless wonders of the surrounding area from; WSM is second to non.

                  If I won the lottery I'd probably move near (but not in) WSM cuz it simply has so much to offer... but it could be a thousand times better than it is, with just a little better management.

                  Hope you found my review helpful and interesting; and good luck with your bargain hunting!!

                  Best wishes,


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                    22.06.2009 12:24



                    come and see

                    I moved to Weston-super-mare 6 years ago and I love it.
                    Ok so the pier burnt down, but in spite of this, Weston is rising from the ashes.
                    The Pier is being rebuilt and is due to be opened next year. The local museum has an exhibition on the fire and the rebuild.
                    There is always some event happening, sand castle building on a grand scale, the largest Off Road Motorcycle races, with international solo riders. T4 on the beach, with celebrities, performing live. Water sports
                    This year there is a Wheel, like the London Eye, where in a clear day you can see Wales.
                    The beaches are good and there is a land train which goes along the seafront, as far as the Marina, where there is a another good sandy beach.
                    There are donkey rides and trampolines for the kids, and so much more.
                    The town has many excellent resturants, at reasonable prices, plus a good shopping centre. There are plenty of places to park near to the shops and beach.
                    Many very good well maintained parks with great play areas and activities . Jill's Garden dedicated to the TV personality Jill Dando, this was designed by the program Ground Force, is in Grove Park which is well signposted and within walking distance of the sea front.
                    The Playhouse theatre has many top celebrities appearing all year round
                    Weston has so much to offer, come and see for yourself.


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                      05.05.2009 17:26
                      Very helpful



                      The place for all seasons

                      ~ That'll Do Donkey ~

                      This Monday bank holiday a few friends and I decided to go on abit of a road trip and we eventually after getting bored of our first destination Cheddar came to Weston Super mare. As a downfall the weather turned out to be rubbish and we typically choose the Monday to go visit the town which was annoying as the rest of the weekend was pretty nice. Anyway not really planning on going there it was the next place that was near Cheddar that I could think of that had plenty to do and see. I have been to the sea side town many of times before as I used to go every year at some point when I was younger but I hadn't been there for about three years prior this visit. I have always liked Weston Super Mare as I think it has a variety of attractions for all age groups and it can be a brilliant beach resort when the weather is good.
                      I drove me and my friends to Weston and by the time we got there it was about 2 o'clock. We did spend a good three hours there and even though it was really windy and slightly cold we still found certain things to do to keep us entertained. For those of you who have not ever been to Weston here is some general information below for you-

                      TOWN INFO

                      Weston-Super-Mare is a small seaside town in North Somerset found about 18-20 miles from Bristol. The town is close to junction 21 on the M5 motorway. Weston has a lot of history and buildings can still be found from as early as the Iron Age (1700's). The town is one of Britain's most popular seaside resorts for tourists and it has many attractions and entertainment features to cope with the high demand. There is a large town centre which like anywhere that has many tourists visit, a good sized shopping centre. The beach provides a place to lay and relax in the sun and even there, there are attractions for the children if they get bored such as donkey rides and the tea cup rides. All of which I will go into more detail.
                      The population in the town is over 70,000 people who live amongst the tourists every day.
                      Town Address- Weston-Super-Mare, BS22 and BS24.

                      As I drove from Cheddar it only took me twenty minutes to get there but normally from Bath where I live it takes about an hour to get to Weston, either using the motorway or by B roads. When we arrived a little after two the next trouble was parking.


                      There is actually quite a lot of choice on where you can park but during peak season it will be difficult to find somewhere if you do not turn up early. Even though it was a bank holiday weekend, because of the weather there were not a lot of tourists about but there were still enough cars around to make it slightly difficult to fins a space. The main parking is a line of spaces right on the beach front. There are spaces running all the way down the front which provides quick, easy parking with the best access to the beach if you're planning a whole day or most of the day on there. As this is always the first place people look it was full up when we got there so we decided to try the town centre as we wanted to do some shopping anyway. There are a number of car parks in and around the centre some small short stays and some which we used, large multi story car parks where you can stay for long hours. The car park we used was right in the centre of town attached to a shopping mall.
                      The car park was huge and there were plenty of spaces available. It was also only a five minute walk to the beach so you can't go wrong with this car park.
                      The prices were reasonable. Well living in Bath where the prices are ridiculous I was pretty happy with the £1 an hour charge to park in the multi story car park.
                      Other than this there are spaces along roads and even the pubs have some decent sized car parks all providing tourists with places to stay.


                      If you are not driving then there are other ways of getting to and around the town. There is a railway station close to the centre and is a ten minute walk from the beach and most trains go from major towns such as London. I know I could have got a train from Bath to Weston quite easily. There are also other stations in nearby villages which all have services to London Paddington, Bristol and Cardiff.
                      If you fancy the bus this is the main option in the town with many services running. Most bus services are provided by First and there is a service that even runs to Bristol airport and for those rich people (which is not many of us I can assure you), there is a heliport at the town's Helicopter Museum.


                      ~ The Beach ~

                      The beach is the main attraction of the town and has so much to keep you entertained for a brilliant day. The sandy beach stretches over two miles.
                      There are many social events hosted on the beach which also makes it popular, these include- T4 on the beach. The channel 4 weekend show T4 host a music festival on Weston's beach front every year with famous artists which attract over 40,000 music fans and is shown on TV. This year the beach will host stars such as Alesha Dixon, Dizzee Rascal and the Saturdays. For more information on T4on the Beach visit- http://www.channel4.com/entertainment/t4/microsites/O/onthebeach/index.html

                      Another event hosted is the motocross beach races which stage on the beach with crowds reaching to 20,000. This is an annual event which takes place on the beach every autumn.
                      For a different age and culture there are garden shows run by The Playhouse which provide sea front talks, exhibitions and flower shows. The Playhouse is suited right on the beach front and has events and attractions all year round.

                      Weston has quite a nice beach, even though it is not anything like foreign beaches. I particularly like this beach because it is very British and it has a lot of other activities for children to do in case building sand castles becomes boring. The beach has a lot to offer a wide ranged tourist group.
                      One of these which are voted one of Britain's top attractions is the Donkey Rides. I always remember Weston for its donkeys and no other place gives another service like this. The donkey rides are for small children up to about the age of 13. It gives the children a chance to ride on the Donkey's up the beach and gives parents more time to relax. Let your children see the famous Weston donkeys.
                      The Weston beach is designed also for water sports and boat trips which could be another option for you. This includes the whole family and adults can have fun too. These are mainly in peak seasons.
                      The attractions on the beach front are expanding and there are new rides such as the tea cups, slides and swings and the new Weston Wheel. The Weston Wheel is a small London Eye type ride which mainly for children gives you a better view of the beach.
                      As well as this the Beach has also won several awards for its good condition, quality of entertainment and the hard work that goes on improving it further.

                      - The Grand Pier -

                      As many of you are aware the famous Weston Grand Pier was burnt down in accident last year which devastated local residents and many who come to see the Pier every year. After the disastrous fire in July 2008 the Pier is set to be opened again in the summer of 2010 after being rebuilt since summer of 2008. The Pier fire can be seen on the net and as it was a huge memory for me as a child and for many others it was horrible to see the news report come in that it was completely destroyed. The Pier was originally opened in 1904 so you can see why it was a huge town landmark.
                      The new pier is under construction as like the original it will provide more fun facilities for tourists. It will include fantastic views of the beach and sea with many relaxing spots to sit and ponder on the amazing sea area. There will be a range of games and entertainment with arcades, rides for children of all ages to enjoy.
                      Replacing the old a new restaurant will be open including all the area's best food like fish and chips with also sweet treats such as popcorn, candyfloss and doughnuts. I hope it will be as good as the original Pier as it was a memory to everyone who had been and local residents. It is not Weston without it and this was the first year I had been to Weston without it and I could say it was disappointing.

                      ~ Other buildings ~

                      The Helicopter museum is a place where I haven't actually visited while been gat Weston and I will make a day to do so. The collection is one of the largest in the country and there are displays every year on the beach. The museum has many crafts ranging from helicopter's used for the Queen. The site allows you to take a walk around these fantastic aircraft and talk to the pilots who operate them. There are also café's, a gift shop and spaces for free parking, (which is a bonus). I think it would be worth a visit and I don't know why I haven't been after all the times I have been to the town.

                      Nearby this is the Sea Aquarium which I can remember visiting as a child.
                      The attraction offers a world of Weston's sea creatures and fun for children to see what lives under their feet. There are a wide range of sea creatures to see and exhibitions to educate your children. School trips use this a lot and I am sure it is worth another visit. The creatures there are amazing especially the sea horses which I love and there are sharks and sting rays which are also very interesting to me. The Aquarium also provides a café and a Seaview tea room for those wanting a relaxing drink with the beautiful views.

                      Opening Times
                      7 Days a week. 10-5.

                      Adults- £6.25
                      Children- £5.25
                      OAP- £5.25
                      Disabled- £5.25
                      Family ticket - £22.00

                      For info call- 01934 613361.

                      ~ Town Centre ~

                      The town centre provides a heaven for those shoppers and provides a huge range of shops, café's and restaurants. We did walk around the place for a while and there are plenty of shops to cater for everyone. Some of these include-Peacocks, New Look, Burtons, M&S, D2 and several toy shops for the children. The town has a variety of eating places, some fast food places including MacDonald's and other more exquisite including Chinese and Tai restaurants which looked lovely. Those visiting without children there are many bars and pubs suited around the town which provide local food and a good atmosphere. The smell of fish and chips was everywhere to bad we had eaten in Cheddar before!
                      The town like many sea resort villages has a selection of arcades which provide many games to keep you busy, a certain way to get rid of those 2p coins!


                      If you wanted to stay overnight or for a long weekend in Weston there are plenty of choices for B&B's and hotels which provide a great service for you.
                      The local hotels offer cheap rates and great rooms with sea views. I haven't yet stayed overnight in the town but have heard it should be done. As one of my work friend's lives nearby I know that Weston has a good night life too. The range of bars gives it a perfect place to spend a few days and there are also a number of night clubs for younger adults who want a fun filled weekend. I also know there is a rock club on the beach front which looks really good and have been told it provides amazing gig nights and is always buzzing. May have to look into staying there for a long weekend in the summer.

                      There is also a land train which helps visitors get a feel of the area and takes them on a tour along the Marine Lake and the Beach front.

                      Weston is famous for entertainment alongside the sites and events of theatres, cinemas, sea life and shops.


                      My opinions of Weston-Super-Mare are very high. I really love the sea side town and will be going there a lot more in the future. As it is only an hour away from me it is a great place to go for a day trip and relax with friends and family. We have been going there every year and in my opinion even without the famous Pier it still has a lot to offer you and your family. The atmosphere in the place is really nice. A mixture of fun, laughter and relaxing sea sounds.
                      Whatever the age you will always find something to entertain you there. Even though it was a cold, windy day on Monday there were still things to see and do. I will be looking forward to the brand new pier opening next summer and hope it will be as famous as the original.

                      I would highly recommend this town for those who want a day trip, relaxing or fun weekend away.

                      Thanks for reading- Blackmagicstar4. Published on Ciao and Dooyoo x


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                        09.02.2009 18:18
                        Very helpful




                        Weston-Super-Mare is a well known place especially to tourists! I have lived here my whole life and to me it's not amazing but its home. When I was younger the Tropicana was along the sea front which was an open swimming pool, it was great fun but has now been closed for a number of years, though it is getting turned into a huge building with a hotel, bowling alley, shopping centre and cinema in which will be good!

                        Of course everyone was always on the beach in the summer even though the water is a horrible mud colour! That certainly doesn't dampen people spirits. There you can find children enjoying donkey rides and having an ice cream on the beach. We also had the pier here which was always packed with people. It was a cheap fun day out and you could go on ride such as the ghost train, go karts and 2p slot machines. Unfortunately it burned down last summer but is on the mend again now!

                        Also along the seafront is a range of clubs for the people who are into the nightlife scene! We also have a few mini golf ranges which again are in need of some work as your balls will always get stuck in the same holes each time you play. Though it's only about £3 each and is all good fun.

                        The town centre itself is usually filled with shoppers, not to mention the young chavs that hang around harassing people (which is so annoying). Some of the shops we have in Weston are New Look, Peacocks, Burton, Top shop, D2, Thornton's and Dorothy Perkins. A large majority of these are female shops and I think it would be good to see some male shops in the spaces of the shops that the credit crunch has wiped out.

                        We have a bowling alley and a cinema also which again could do with some work. Bowling is around £5, which I think is a bit high for the quality, though they do have special offers like 3 games for £7. Whenever we go we regularly get moved to another lane because ours freezes and stops working, and when I went last week it just kept only giving people 1 go instead of 2! The cinema only has 3 screens, the first is one where people see the new films so it's really big, and the other 2 are relatively small. You can always hear other films playing from the screen your sitting in which gets really annoying.

                        In the week there are a lot of young teenagers around as well is Weston College is just 5 minutes away from the town centre. To myself I don't mind Weston but if I came from somewhere else as a day trip I'm not sure I'd be too impressed!


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                          12.04.2007 21:47
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                          a grand seaside town

                          Living in the Vale of Evesham has its real benefits…asparagus, the Cotswolds, the most beautiful scenery and fantastic motorway links. The only thing is, it just not by the sea. But Weston Supermare is and given our fantastic motorway links it’s really easy to get to!

                          Weston is a typical English seaside town that was first made popular in the 19th Century when its population soared from that of a tiny village of 100 to a thriving town of 20,000. The Victorians were great believers in bathing in salt water and they flocked from Bath and Bristol to Weston. The Birbeck Pier was built in 1867 during the seafront development and a 2-mile long prom and seawall was built along the seafront. In 1890 a second pier was added to cope with the increasing amount of visitors to the town. The Grad Pier, prom and seawall still remain today.

                          So what is Weston like today?

                          Firstly getting there is really easy. Weston is just off junction 21 of the M5. There is a dual carriageway that takes you into the town. Just follow the signs to the Seafront. This will take you through the typical out of town shopping centre and a bit around the town, but don’t worry it is just so that the council can keep the traffic moving. Weston does get incredibly busy at peak times!

                          Just past the golf club you are able to drive straight into the seafront parking. This stretches for about a mile and means that you can park right opposite the beach. Parking costs £5 for the whole day and you just pop your money into the pay and display machines (there are loads of these dotted along the way) and display the ticket in your car. Until a couple of years ago there were parking attendants who took your money, but as this system has now ceased, don’t forget some change for the machine.

                          The 2-mile long promenade stretches the length of the seafront with a little way that separates it from the beach. The prom is dotted with cafes, seating and ice cream vendors. You can also hire a desk char if you wish to do so. There is a small train that runs along the length of the prom and costs 50p each way. The seafront also is home to the Tropicana. This used to be an out-door swimming pool complex. It has been closed for a while now but plans are under way to renovate it completely. There are a number of public conveniences, all of which are exceptionally clean and kept to a very high standard. The SeaQuarium (similar to a SeaLife Centre) is also accessible from the prom.

                          The Grand Pier is sited half way down. The pier opens at 10am each day. You can take a miniature train ride to the end of just have a wander down. At the end there is a large amusement arcade, and a couple of cafes. A lovely place to just watch the world go by.

                          On the opposite side of the road is the main town, which is home to the typical cafes, numerous hotels, B&Bs, bars, touristy shops and attractions that you would associate with an English seaside town. The architecture is quite grey as most of the grand Victorian buildings are made from an incredibly dark stone. Just behind the front there is a small shopping centre full of the usual high street shops for those of us who cant go anywhere without doing a bit of shopping.

                          At the far end of the prom is the old Birbeck Pier, which has been derelict for many years but is now under going a huge renovation to turn it into luxury apartments and bars.

                          The beach is very clean but if you are expecting golden sand and a dip in the sea then you well are going to be really disappointed. The sand is not really golden, more of a muddy brown. The sea (when it does come in!) is very shallow as Weston is really sited on a very large mud flat that goes out for miles. The water is murky and there are notices up advising of sinking mud. It is recommended that you do not swim in the sea at Weston. However the beach is very clean (it is raked and cleaned every morning) and does go out a long way before the mud warnings start. So there is loads of room for everyone. All along the beach there are stalls selling ice creams, a seafood stall, donkey rides (don’t worry the donkeys are really well looked after and have plenty of food and water) and there are also designated dog free areas and area set aside for a children’s play zone.

                          The whole of Weston is very buggy and wheelchair friendly as the prom is completely flat and there are ramps down onto the beach.

                          Weston can be really busy during the summer and I would recommend getting there early as traffic can jam up from the M5 and it can be hard to find somewhere to park. We went on Good Friday and managed to get there for 8.30am so had no problems at all.

                          When we visit Weston we like to get there early and have breakfast over looking the prom (£4.95 for a full English with a free refill of coffee/tea). On this occasion we had a lovely walk a long the prom and then went and played on the pier for a while. The pier has a great selection of old 2p slot machines along with the more modern simulation games (around £2.50 a go). Ice creams cost around £1.50 for a 99. We always make sure that we visit the seafood stall as my husband loves Whelks (yuk!!!) and I love Pinks. At £2.50 for a small cup they are not that cheap but they are always really tasty and fresh. We very often it on the beach and watch the world go by, read a book or get the kite out. The best way to end the day is by having fish and chips wrapped in paper, sat on the seawall (they cost around £3 per portion).

                          Go on give Weston a go. It’s a great day out and really cheap!


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                            29.08.2006 23:31
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                            SEEING THE KIDS ENJOYING THEMSELVES



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                              Ok, so it was more of a day trip than a holiday, but my outing to Weston-Super-Mare was still fantastic, and the best time out I?ve had in a long time! Weston-Super-Mare is located in North Somerset, South England, UK and with thousands of visitors a year flocking to the long sandy beach and the one-mile long grand pier, this is definitely known as a top day out. So after almost two years of being together and realising that my fiancé and me hadn?t yet been to the seaside together, I decided on my birthday we would go for a day trip somewhere nice. With my birthday being in August it was ideal for a beach location and Stephen recommended Weston-Super-Mare. Now he did warn me however before we went that it was known as Weston-super-mud but if I?m honest I really didn?t care, all I wanted was a beach! *** Directions *** We decided to travel there by train as neither of us drives and the coach takes longer. It was also quite cheap I thought at £23 for the both of us for a return ticket. If you do want to travel by car however here is the route you would have to take: 1) Firstly you have to find your way onto the M5 where you will be heading for junction 21. 2) Once you reach Junction 21 you turn off and head towards Weston on the A370 Westbound. 3) Follow the A370 straight into Weston and depending on where you want to park you can follow the signs for the seafront (which aren?t very hard to find!). *** Directions Once There *** If you have travelled by train you will find your way around quite easily from the station. There are many signs pointing you in the direction of everything and if for any reason you are still unsure, you just follow the many other visitors who got off the train in front of you
                              as they always seem to know where they are going :) If you are bringing your car, you can park on the seafront or in a couple of nearby car parks. I have heard it is quite expensive though so be warned! *** Things to see and do *** (Please note: For the rest of this review, to save time I will be referring to Weston-Super-Mare as Weston). I was amazed when I got there at how big Weston actually was! We got there at 12:15pm and decided the best thing to do would be to have some dinner. Now before I?d even set off I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner, and that was seaside fish and chips. I always find seaside fish and chips far tastier than the ones I get from other chip shops, there?s just something about them that makes my mouth water. So off we went in search of a fish and chip shop. Logic told me that there would probably be one on the seafront, so that?s where we headed. It took roughly around ten minutes to get to the seafront from the station, and that was only due to having to cross a fairly busy road, and also, getting stuck behind some fairly slow pedestrians! Once at the seafront we were faced with an extremely long road, which reminded me of a dual carriageway for some unknown reason. Anyway, after finally getting across we found a café, which did take away food as well as eat in and included on that menu was cod and fries. They were priced at £3.60, which was quite expensive, but I already knew food was more expensive at a tourist place so I was well prepared. My fiancé wasn?t though and he was quite shocked and reluctant to hand over his money lol. We did notice a bigger fish bar on the opposite side of the road after we had got our food but we didn?t go and see how much we?d been ripped off or if in fact there was a better deal in there. However, I was far too excited to
                              worry about the prices of things, and I gladly followed the yummy coconut suntan lotion smell down to the beach. ** The Beach ** Everybody goes to the seaside mainly for the beach. There?s nothing better on a hot summers day than sunbathing and getting a nice tan on gorgeous white sand. Well Weston has almost got it right! The sand is quite nice. It doesn?t seem to be mucky but I did think that it was harder than most sand I?ve felt. It wasn?t as nice as it could have been on my feet, so I quickly found a place near the top of the beach to place my towel and eat. Now I?ve been to some places where there are lots of little bugs bothering you while you are eating on the beach. Luckily there were no bugs but what there were plenty of, were hornets! There was always at least two buzzing around us and at first it was quite frightening thinking they were wasps, but once I?d calmed down fear was quickly overcome by anger and I spent most of my time swatting the damn things away! People have said that the beach in Weston is one of the biggest beaches around. This is due to the fact that the sea goes out a long, long way! There has been a joke going around that the sea goes out so far, you wonder whether it is going to come back (not very funny but hey, I didn?t make it up!). They aren?t wrong though. You really could see for miles! I couldn?t see the sea from where we were though so I opted to go right to the sea and paddle in it?BIG mistake! Once you have passed through the vast array of donkeys and horses giving children some entertainment, you finally break through and come close to the sea. We hadn?t taken any swimming gear with us, so we were only going to paddle in the sea meaning we only had to roll our trousers up. Now seeing my fiancé worrying about his jeans had me in stitches. He
                              was walking like he had really bad constipation all the way to the sea, panicking when they slipped a little and quickly pulling them back up above his knees lol bless him! Just as we were nearly there, the sand turned into a funny kind of texture. It felt slimy and sticky! It was seriously like walking through thick, gooey mud. At that moment in time it hit me? Weston-Super-Mud! I finally understood what people were talking about. To be honest when I heard people referring to it as that I never thought it would be as bad as it was! I found it quite funny though and insisted we still go further into the sea and get more mud on us lol. We managed to get covered up to the top of our calves in mud before we finally reached the sea. I was a little disappointed that the sea wasn?t clearer and in fact it was still a load of mud mixed with more water! However I was quite happy staying there for a while jumping up when the waves reached us and splashing my fiancé?s legs with even more mud, just to see him panicking more lol. Finally after having enough of mud we decided to make our way back up to the top of the beach where there was a nice beach shower where you could scrub off any mud/sand before making your way off the beach. However, there was quite a big queue so my fiancé suggested using the showers in the toilets. I agreed and so we went into the toilets in search of the showers. I couldn?t spot any so I just went straight into a cubicle and decided to use tissue to wipe it off instead. This didn?t work too well though so I reluctantly tried to wipe it off with my towel. I managed to get a little off but it still wasn?t budging so I finally gave up and just put my socks on over the sand. Then to my horror, I realised the mess I?d made on the floor with the sand/mud I had managed to get off. I could hear a supervisor outside but did
                              n?t think anything of it because surely this happened to other people too? So I casually strolled out of the cubicle and washed my hands and headed back outside. Once outside I read that you are to wash your feet before you go into the toilets and there isn?t actually a shower in there, instead you should use the beach shower. So I quickly ran to meet my fiancé and hoped that noone had noticed it was me that made all the mess! We then decided it was best to stay away from the beach and maybe go on later at night if we wanted to where there wouldn?t be as many people using the shower. All in all I?d say I enjoyed the beach. I sunbathed a little but cursed myself for not wearing something smaller. I?m not a very outgoing person and I?m quite wary of my body so I just wore a t-shirt and some trousers. Once there however it was probably the hottest day this year and most people were wearing bikini?s and tank tops. Nobody was looking at anybody else; they were all too busy enjoying themselves so I would have been fine wearing something smaller. So now I?ve made a mental note to take swimming gear next time! The only two disadvantages I can really think of was the mud and the donkeys/horses. It really was too warm for them to be there and even though they were getting hosed down and being given hay etc, I still felt it was really cruel to have them carrying children on their backs all day in that kind of heat. Another thing to quickly add is that you can hire deck chairs at the beach for £1.50 each all day. I thought this was a fantastic price and definitely something I?ll do in the future! So now it was time to experience the SeaQuarium, which was also situated on the seafront. ** The SeaQuarium ** I?ve always wanted to go to an aquarium type place. You know the ones, adv
                              ertised on TV where you can see the fish swimming around you. The main one that I want to go to is the one in Orlando, Florida, that looks amazing with the killer Whales etc. However, seem as though we didn?t have the money to go to Orlando, I figured the SeaQuarium in Weston was a good enough compromise! SeaQuarium has it?s own pier. It has access for the disabled and it?s a fantastic place to take the kids. The price to get in I thought was great too at £4.75 per adult and £3.75 for OAP?s and children. This price includes all day entry so you can go in again later if you want to without any extra cost?bargain! You do have to get stamped for that though so be careful of washing it off if you do decide to leave and go back later. When entering the beginning of the seaquarium, you notice there?s a few tanks with fish and a bigger environment with some nasty looking members of the alligator family. I wasn?t too happy about being near them for long, as they definitely knew how to give you the dead eye! The fish were quite funny to watch and I was happy enough to move onto the next section. Unfortunately the next section wasn?t much bigger and in fact the experience ended far too soon for my liking! I was actually quite disappointed at the size of the seaquarium. I thought it would be a lot bigger, especially seem as though it prides itself on having its own pier. The tanks looked a little too cramped too and some of the tanks were only little circular shapes as big as cabin holes on a ship. The water also didn?t seem that clean to me but maybe it was supposed to be like that? You do see quite a varied amount of fish though with the famous clownfish which you will all know as ?finding nemo?. My favourites were the seahorses, as I had never seen one before and they really do look beautiful. My
                              fiancé?s favourites were the hermit crabs. We?d seen a documentary on them the week before and he found them really funny to watch. The biggest sea life they had was the sharks but they were only tiny compared to what I thought they would be. They seemed to be the most popular attraction though and they were in a big tank with stingrays and all different kinds of rays. In one section of the seaquarium, you could see them swimming above you and right next to you. This section didn?t last long though and if it had been busy in there you would probably have to struggle to get to see anything. The piranhas were quite scary looking too and I felt a little uneasy being around them. That?s mainly all I can remember form the experience so it couldn?t have been that great if I didn?t remember any of the other fish! It would however, have been a great experience for children. If you do have children they do a few discovery trails where your children will learn a little about different sea life. They also have a face painting section and a children?s activity bit in the café including a ball pit. As you will have just noticed I said they have a café. They also have a little gift shop, which I didn?t know about until it was too late. So we didn?t go in the café or the gift shop but apparently they are both quite cheap. So now with that experience out of the way it was time to hopefully have a better time at the grand pier! ** The Grand Pier ** It was now roughly 3:30pm and my feet were slightly starting to ache. Whether it was to do with the fact that I?m not used to walking that much or due to the sand in my socks I had no idea, but either way I didn?t fancy walking the whole mile to the pier. Luckily some nice person had already thought of a solution to this?a mini train that runs from the bottom of t
                              he pier to the top for a measly 30p each. So, after giving my legs a little rest for a couple of minutes we finally reached the pier and I was amazed at the ?free entry? sign. I was also amazed at the time it stayed open until?10:30. Now I knew we wouldn?t be staying that long but it was nice to know we didn?t have to rush around everything there! Upon entering, you first see a lot of food and drink shops as well as a couple of gift shops. We ignored these and went straight into the arcade section. There I was absolutely dazed. It was heaven in my eyes lol. Hundreds of memories from childhood came back to me with the two pence slidy machine things and the teddy grabbers! There was so much to do it was huge! There was also a lot to do for children too including some fairground type rides including a Ferris wheel and something that goes up in the air then drops you down. We didn?t see all of it as we got hooked on some 10p machines where you win tokens. My first go saw me win 150 tokens, which came flooding out of the machine so fast they were all over the floor lol. Being more prepared next time I caught them and placed them in our carrier bags. We had absolutely no idea what they were for so we just kept them and carried on playing. We finally found that you could swap your tokens in the token shop near the entrance of the arcade, for lots of different things. However, unless you want some bubbles or a Winnie the pooh stamp, you need at least 1000 tokens for something really decent. We ended up spending around £15 and got a knife and fork set lol. I was disappointed I couldn?t get the huge saint Bernard teddy for 3000 tokens! Another thing I wasted my money on was the teddy grabber machines. I swear those things are fixed! I almost won one as well but it dropped it right near the end. So then I spent another £6 trying to
                              get the damn thing and failed miserably! So then I wasted even more money on some two pence slidy machines lol. It really was a good laugh! We stayed in there until my legs couldn?t take anymore. We decided it was time to do some shopping at 5:35pm. ** Shops ** I was really looking forward to going shopping, as there seemed to be quite a few shops there. However my brain didn?t take in the fact that the shops all shut at 5:30 and we had just missed them :( Oh well I thought, lets have a look what shops they have anyway. They seem to have a few popular shops like boots and new look etc so this would be a good place to get everything you need. They also had a couple of gift shops but these were quite small and cramped. The gift shops are open a little later than the rest of the shops though! The main shops that I saw were actually food shops and although my fiancé offered to buy us some tea from anywhere I wanted, I had to think of my aching feet and finally retreat home. However I did notice the following places to eat if anybody needs to know: 1) Perfect Pizza ? I have eaten from our local perfect pizza before and I highly recommend the barbeque pizza, yummy! 2) Regent Omelette Bar ? Now this is somewhere I?d definitely like to go and eat! 3) Hot Cuisine ? With 3 different menu?s to choose from you?ll be spoilt for choice here :) (Choose between English, Exotic or Indian). There are also many other places to get food from but I didn?t manage to put a mental note into my head about all of them! There are however little shops on the beach which sell food and also something a bit different like crab sandwiches. Not something I will be trying but I?ve heard they are quite nice! *** My overall Opinion *** I definitely enjoyed my day out in Weston and am keen to repeat it again next year! I would obviously prefer it if they moved the mud and replaced it with real sand near the sea, but that?s not going to happen so I?ll just have to grin and bear it :) It?s a nice cheesy place, which smells like the seaside as soon as you get off the train. They have everything you need there including a Tesco?s in case you need any shopping, and you are spoilt for choice for places to eat. The grand pier is a place I will definitely be going again and spending more time on the beach with a deck chair is a must! I think I will give the SeaQuarium a miss mind, as that is more of a place for children. I think in order to really enjoy Weston to its full extent; you have to stay there at least one night. That way it would be less tiring and you can enjoy yourself a lot more. We got home at 8:05pm and were absolutely knackered! So we?ve agreed to book ourselves into a cheap bed and breakfast next time (if we can find one). So if you haven?t been here yet, I?d say give it a try! I had the best time and I will remember it for a long, long time to come. Thank you baby for taking me there! Aimee xxx Capital letters courtesy of: http://www.chuckleweb.co.uk/fixit.php


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                                Hi everyone.My son and I needed a short break so i booked up at a holiday village just outside Weston Super Mare.I thought i might just check the weather for the 3 days we would be down there.It read......RAIN,RAIN AND MORE RAIN.So I looked on the internet for things to do if it rained.First I realised there was more to Western then the beach!!I booked tickets at the odean for Stuart Little 2, making plans to visit the Helicoper Museum, and the Animal Farm Adventure Park.So if that dont make up for the lack of sun, i dont know what will.If people have any other ideas on what you can do in weston, feel free to email me. BE LUCKY Stylee


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