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Withernsea (England)

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Withernsea is a seaside resort town and civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, and forms the focal point for a wider community of small villages in Holderness. Its most famous landmark is the white inland lighthouse, rising around 127 feet (38 m) above Hull Road.

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      08.08.2008 00:17
      Very helpful



      Great stuff!

      Well, firstly I should probably confess that I'm a little biased towards Withernsea, I've holiday-ed there with my family from being a year old right up til the present day, so I'll admit, I think the grass is preverbally greener and I love the place like it was home!
      To begin with, Withernsea is a very quaint, very quiet seaside town (village). Its very much a community, but I always found myself warmly welcomed rather than looked upon as an outsider.
      There are a number of arcades, and between them these include a high quality (and huge) soft play area for little ones (ball pools, slides etc... think Jungle Jims), a bowling alley, numerous cafe's Although all apart from one are more sort of diners, providing tea, coffee and basic meals, that one is good quality and not too expensive, they offer lots of different choices of food and are also licensed for alcohol, so you can have a beer while you bowl. Incidentally, the big soft play area, bowling alley and bar are all situated within a few feet of each other, so it's no problem keeping your eye on the kids.
      The beach isn't really sandy, more like pebbley and in areas can be quite stoney and rough, so definately wear sandals!!!
      There's a picturesque high street with many different shops, including a Woolworths no less! There are quite a few pubs, but they aren't at all noisy, more like conservative clubs (but not, if you know what I mean?) and great for either a lunchtime pint, or a few beers at night when there are generally some sort of live act on in most of them.
      There was recently a Tesco built, and whilst it may be convenient it does look VERY out of place, far too modern!!!!
      But it's handy, and it's right next to one of the largest and more popular camp sites in Withernsea, just as you enter the town.
      Speaking of campsites, there are so many to choose from you might be stuck for choice!
      My gran had a caravan on each park over the years and they were all of very high quality, all very quiet and peaceful and I'm quite sure that there is a small bar on each one for the use of the campers / caravanners.
      There are lots of bed & breakfasts available if you don't fancy roughing it in a caravan! Some are set right on the very sea front, on the promanade, and then there are quite a few set a little further back into town. As far as I know, all are reasonably priced. The Alexandra Pub also offers accomodation in the form of some newly built chalet's, various sizes...but they do seem a little pricey, although, I imagine, worth it.
      There's a huge leisure centre near the market, which includes swimming pool, sports courts, gym facilities and it isn't expensive at all...although I can't comment on quality as personally I've never used it.
      The open market is available 3 days a week (I'm not certain of the days but Saturday is definately one of them) and is basically a flea market, although that doesnt detract at all from the nice-ness....there are a couple of 'new stock' stalls where you can pick up new kitchen goods, or new clothes but overall it's probably more general bits and pieces than anything else, but it's a lovely, calm and relaxing way to spend a few hours.
      The weather tends to be quite blustery as Withernsea is based on the very edge of the North Sea, there's still plenty of sunshine but it seems to always be accompanied by at best, a slight breeze (draft) and at worst, it can blow a real storm (there were tornados a few years back!!!).
      Access is easy enough, travel the M62 until Hull, and then it's literally a straight road from the end of the 62 to Withernsea, and I mean literally, it's straight on at every roundabout and there are no turns! And as an added bonus, there are some beautiful views and villiages between Hull and Withernsea.
      Overall this is a really peaceful town, and well suited to families. Plenty for the young children, plenty for the older children / teens and still enough to keep us grizzly old parents interested!
      Above all else, it's a genuinely wonderful place to just go to get away from it all, it's like stepping out of the busy real world for a while.
      But as mentioned, that's just my own personal opinion of the place!


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